Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3919, Staying at the Inn


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All of a sudden, a figure shot out from the rear court, which stirred up a gale, and disappeared into the distance.


The shocked shop boy fell from his stool and widened his eyes, but there was nothing in sight.


Behind the counter, the accountant raised his head, and his eyes still appeared sleepy, “Was that Proprietress?”


The shop boy batted his eyes, “I have no idea as I couldn’t see it clearly. Hasn’t Proprietress gone to the Sun Star?”


After giving it a thought, the accountant nodded and fell asleep again.



Presently, Yang Kai was charging forward through the void. It had been a day since he got rid of the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and he was getting closer to First Inn; however, for some reason, he had a foreboding feeling, as if a crisis was slowly creeping up on him.


He wouldn’t dare to ignore this feeling; therefore, he had been careful along the way and kept an eye on the surroundings in the void to prevent any danger.


After observing for a bit, he realised that there was no danger that awaited him. Besides the Mid-Rank cultivators that he had shaken off, he also hadn’t seen any Low-Rank cultivators so far.


At that instant, he suspected that he was being paranoid; after all, he had kicked the hornet’s nest and offended many great forces, creating a crisis he had no way to deal with.


A long time later, he became energised as First Inn, which was hovering in the void, came into sight.


[I’ve arrived at last!] He let out a long breath and decided that he would immediately take a shower and change into clean clothes upon entering the inn. Then, he would take a proper rest. Regardless of how turbulent the outside world was, the Golden Crow carcass was in his hands now. He would just have to look for potential buyers and become wealthy from it.


Not long after he set his mind at ease though, he felt all his bodily hair standing on end. Turning to look in a particular spot in the void, he yelled, “Who goes there!”


Upon finishing his words, he waved his arm widely and shot a Moon Blade towards that spot.


A slender hand appeared out of the void and accurately pinched the Moon Blade. Space Principles undulated around the fair hand, but they couldn’t cause the slightest harm. As the unknown person tightened her grip, the Moon Blade collapsed and disappeared.


Yang Kai felt cold all over his body as it was the first time he saw someone grabbing his Moon Blade with their bare hand. Regardless of who the person was, her power was clearly unfathomable.


Realising that he was unable to oppose this newcomer, he decided to flee immediately, but right then, he felt that the space around him be sealed off, making it impossible for him to use his Space Principles.


[I can’t escape!] Sweat streamed down his forehead as a curvy figure materialised from the void and came into his sight.


Upon making out her face, Yang Kai opened his mouth so wide that it was as though a fist could be stuffed into it. He couldn’t believe his eyes!


The person put on a faint smile as her blue dress perfectly outlined her hourglass figure. She seemed to be happy with his stunned reaction, so her smile became even sweeter.


“You…” Yang Kai stared hesitantly at her and frowned, “Are you Madam Lan’s twin sister?”


Otherwise, he couldn’t explain why Madam Lan would appear here to intercept him. Even though she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, there was no way she could return to First Inn before he did and hide her aura, awaiting his arrival.


The grin on the Proprietress’ face widened as she announced, “I am Madam Lan, and I don’t have a twin sister.”


“Impossible!” Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t believe such a ridiculous statement. As he looked around in a vigilant manner, he made one last attempt to weasel his way out of this predicament, “What is Madam Lan doing here? This Junior would like to return to First Inn now. Please step aside.”


Madam Lan smiled, “You know exactly what I’m doing here. Smelly brat, give that thing to me. My earlier proposal still stands, and I will give you appropriate compensation.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai sized her up like she was a ghost and asked, “You’re really Madam Lan?”


An exasperated Madam Lan snickered, “Could there be a fake Madam Lan or something?”


“But you…”


“That’s none of your business. Since I’m here, there’s no way you can return to First Inn. I don’t want to oppress you, so you’d better do what you’re told.”


An incensed Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “You’re blocking my way, but at the same time, you’re telling me you don’t want to oppress me? Madam Lan, do you know no shame at all?”


Madam Lan’s face fell, “Brat, who are you calling shameless? If I was shameless, I wouldn’t have bothered talking to you at all and instead would have killed you directly.” After that, she calmed herself down though, she continued, “Yang Kai, it’s not a blessing for you to keep the Golden Crow carcass in your possession. I’m sure you understand the situation you’re in. Even if you can get into First Inn, can you hide inside forever? Only a powerful cultivator can protect such a treasure. Since you’re too weak now, the carcass only places a target on your back. Now, you’ve only come across a few Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, but when what has happened in the Golden Crow Divine Palace is made known to others, High-Rank Open Heaven Masters will surely come to investigate, and they won’t be as easy-going as I am.”


Yang Kai knitted his brows, knowing that Madam Lan was right. Just like what she had said, she could have made a move on him if she had intended to do so. Given the fact that she was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, there was no way he could resist even a single attack; however, she didn’t forcefully take the carcass away from him and instead was doing her best to persuade him to willingly give it up. Considering all that, she could be considered a kind and righteous person.


“Think it over now, but there’s not much time left for you. I’ll be waiting here. Tell me your answer when you’ve made up your mind.” Madam Lan sighed and gave him a sympathetic look. This was the fate of the weak. Even though he had obtained a treasure, he wasn’t powerful enough to keep it.


Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no need to think it over.”


Madam Lan scowled, “What’s your answer?”


“Many thanks for your offer, but I must refuse. I refuse to let someone else tell me what I can and cannot do. If you want the Golden Crow carcass, you’ll have to take it from me.”


Hearing that, Madam Lan was so exasperated that she started laughing, then she stared at him with a tilted head, “Are you sure you want me to make a move against you?”


“Come!” Yang Kai appeared solemn, as though he was determined to protect his treasure no matter the cost.


Madam Lan took a deep breath as her chest heaved, then she parted her lips and said, “Don’t worry. Although you’re not willingly giving it up, I’ll still compensate you.”


What she had said could be considered incredibly sincere, and after she finished speaking, she extended her slender hand towards Yang Kai.


Just then, she had a feeling of crisis descend upon her. Flabbergasted, she instinctively pushed her strength to defend herself. At the same time, Yang Kai chuckled, “Madam Lan, protect yourself!”


As a golden light expanded and her vision turned blurred. Following a series of clucks, a horrifying pressure fell from the sky.


Releasing her Divine Sense, she realised that the illusory phantom of a gigantic golden chicken was right in front of her as it looked down at her with an impassive gaze.


“Mie Meng!” Madam Lan exclaimed and dashed backwards, so infuriated that she almost spat blood.


Previously, Mie Meng’s Divine Ability had appeared in the main hall of the Golden Crow Divine Palace and dealt a fatal blow to the Golden Crow. After that, Yang Kai snatched the carcass and fled from the scene.


She had speculated that the appearance of Mie Meg’s Divine Ability might have something to do with Yang Kai, a kind of trump card that could save his life that he could only use once.


She never expected that he could use the same Divine Ability again.


Even if she was in peak condition, she would still have to retreat when faced with Mie Meng’s Divine Ability, to say nothing of the fact that she had been injured and had expended a great deal of strength to pursue Yang Kai these past few days.


Therefore, as soon as she detected the Divine Ability, she hurriedly retreated.


As Mie Meng was crowing, she extended her neck and pecked in the direction Madam Lan was fleeing. The movement was light, but the attack contained a power that could shatter worlds.


Madam Lan exclaimed as a flash of light descended upon her. After she sprayed out a mouthful of blood, her aura plunged. Fortunately, she had retreated in time and Yang Kai had given her a warning in advance, so she wasn’t at risk of losing her life. Turning her head, she saw Yang Kai shooting towards First Inn, almost at the entrance already.


Madam Lan was so incensed she screamed and extended her hand in his direction, “Smelly brat, you still dare try to flee?!”


Yang Kai, who was charging forward, felt a terrifying force swiftly approaching from behind, and before he could turn around to parry the attack, he was struck. At that instant, he felt his senses go numb as all his bones cracked, prompting him to hurl curses. Still, using the force of the impact, he crossed the last stretch of territory and landed on the front foyer with a loud thud.


Inside the entryway, the shop boy and accountant, who were napping, were stunned as they raised their heads to look around. Soon, the shop boy saw a man lying on the floor before him. Feeling that the figure looked familiar, he walked up to the man and turned him over, then he appeared stunned as he muttered, “Yang Kai?”


Blood streamed out of Yang Kai’s mouth as he coughed violently and waved his hand.


With a smile, the shop boy crouched down and poked him, “Hey, why are you back?”


Yang Kai had just stabilised his breathing when he was poked, which caused him to cough again. He looked like he was about to lose his life. Although Madam Lan hadn’t used her full strength to attack, it was still too much for the current Yang Kai to resist. A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like her was truly formidable.


Grabbing the shop boy’s arm weakly, Yang Kai widened his eyes and said, “S-S…”


“Stop? I have never made a move on you.”


“Stay! I want to stay at your inn!”


Shocked, the shop boy questioned, “You want to stay here? This is a bandits’ inn, are you sure you want to stay? I remember someone who looked a lot like you claiming that he would never come here again when he last left.”


With a pair of widened eyes, Yang Kai gave it a thought and realised that he had indeed said so before. Forcing a smile, he said through clenched teeth, “I’ll stay!”


The shop boy turned to look at the accountant, “Do we have any rooms available?”


The accountant stuck out his head from behind the counter to have a look at Yang Kai, then he understood what the shop boy meant, “Yes, but only the best room is free.”


Then, the shop boy looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “Do you want the best room? It’ll cost a thousand Open Heaven Pills per night, and you have to pay in advance.”


The price Yang Kai had to pay had practically doubled, so how could they say they weren’t a bandits’ inn!? Despite that, he still stuffed a Space Ring into the shop boy’s hand, “Cut the crap! Damn it!” Forget 1,000, even if he had to pay 10,000 pills per night, he would still have to stay here. There was nowhere else he could go apart from First Inn in this wide universe.




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