Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3920, Returning One After Another


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“You still have some energy left to curse me?” The shop boy chuckled and straightened himself up. Then, he placed the Space Ring on the counter and motioned for the accountant to get a room for him. After that, he asked, “Who was it that hurt you? Your injuries look quite serious.”


“A crazy woman!” Yang Kai replied through gritted teeth.


“Who are you calling crazy?” A figure shuffled into the inn, her face pale and blood still leaking from the corner of her lips.


“Proprietress?” The shop boy was stunned, “What happened to you?”


He was fully aware of the Proprietress’ power and was certain no one in the neighbouring Great Territories could possibly hurt her. Furthermore, there was something wrong with the way she stared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai snapped back at her by saying, “I’m just calling the one who wounded me a crazy woman!” Earlier, he had safely arrived at his destination, but he hadn’t expected that not only would he be intercepted by Madam Lan, but he also had to waste another golden tail feather from Mie Meng. There was simply no way he wouldn’t complain.


A malevolent aura exuded from the enraged Proprietress as she inched closer to Yang Kai and said smilingly, “Smelly brat, you’re pretty brazen.”


Seeing this, the shop boy hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Proprietress, please calm yourself. Don’t ruin our reputation!” If the Proprietress made a move on their customer here, the good name of First Inn would be severely tarnished.


Hearing this, Madam Lan frowned and stopped in her tracks. After glaring at Yang Kai for a while, she suddenly broke into a fit of giggles.


An exasperated Yang Kai said, “What are you laughing at? Aren’t you worried that your teeth might fall out?”


Waving her hand, Madam Lan took a seat to the side and kept a smile on her face. Although she was hurt after being caught off guard by Yang Kai, it was indeed rare for an Emperor Realm Master to have achieved all this under her watch. Her injuries weren’t severe in any case, and compared to her wounds, she was more interested in finding out more about Yang Kai.


In the 3,000 Worlds, no other Emperor Realm Master could have achieved what Yang Kai had done in the past few days.


As though alerted by the Proprietress’ aura, a few figures soon appeared at the staircase on the second floor.


The person at the front was none other than Meng Hong from Great Moon Province, followed by Old Fang, Dié You, Ah Sun, and the others. Upon receiving Wei Que’s order some time ago, they returned to First Inn and sent a message to the headquarters of Great Moon Province. That was the reason they were in this inn.


Upon seeing the battered Yang Kai, who remained paralysed on the ground, Meng Hong was stunned. However, just when he was preparing to go over and check on him, Yang Kai hurriedly sent him a transmission, “Don’t come over!”


Despite not knowing the reason, Meng Hong still stopped in his tracks.


“Pretend that you don’t know me,” Yang Kai secretly spoke to him, Dié You, and the others before looking away.


Old Fang and the others had heard his voice in their minds, and although they had no idea what was going on, they realised that Yang Kai must be in some sort of trouble.


Just then, the accountant had gotten the room ready so the shop boy helped Yang Kai up and passed him the key, “I’ll help you to your room.”


Without saying a word, Yang Kai just let the shop boy help him upstairs. When they were walking past Madam Lan, she said impassively, “Come to me when you have made up your mind.”


It was indeed noble of her to still keep her word at this point, and Yang Kai was no longer incensed, so he nodded and replied, “Many thanks, Madam. I was forced to make a move against you earlier. Please forgive me.”


Madam Lan waved her hand and fell silent.


After Yang Kai entered the room with the shop boy, he realised that it didn’t look like the best room at all. In fact, it was identical to his previous room in every way except that the price had doubled.


The shop boy helped him have a seat and said, “Just call me if there’s anything you need. I have my own things to do now.”


In response, Yang Kai nodded. After the shop boy left, Yang Kai fished out some pills and stuffed them into his mouth. Before he could refine them though, he heard someone gently knocking on the door.


Upon hoisting himself with difficulty and opening the door, he saw Meng Hong, Old Fang, and the others dashing into the room.


A worried Dié You asked, “Yang Kai, are you alright? Are your injuries serious?”


Yang Kai replied with a bitter smile, “It’s not so serious. I’ll recover in a few days.” 


Certainly, Madam Lan hadn’t used her full strength when she pushed out her palm as she never intend to kill Yang Kai; however, she had apparently underestimated his physical strength, so she failed to completely incapacitate him. Instead, he made use of the force and leapt into the inn.


Any other Emperor Realm Master would have become paralysed after getting struck, allowing her to do whatever she pleased with him. Yang Kai might appear to be battered, but given his physical resilience, his injuries were not so serious.


To the side, Old Fang bellowed, “Who hurt you? Little Brother, just tell this Old Master who it was and I’ll get revenge for you!”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Just forget about it.”


Old Fang refuted, “Little Brother, are you looking down on me? Although this Old Master may not be powerful enough, he is no coward. Even if I have to lose my life, I’ll certainly seek justice for you!”


A moved Yang Kai gazed at him and replied, “Old Fang, since you’ve said as much, I’ll tell you the truth. The person who hurt me is none other than Madam Lan! Go out now and beat her up for me!”


“M-Madam Lan?” Old Fang was shocked, “Which Madam Lan?”


“First Inn’s Madam Lan!”


Old Fang gulped and coughed into his fist before clapping Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Little Brother, it’s said that one is bound for great fortune after surviving a disaster. Since you’re alive and kicking, I think we should put off getting your revenge and come up with a plan first. By the way, why did you go missing on the Sun Star all of a sudden? We were worried about you, and we had been looking for you for a long time, but we still couldn’t find you in the end. Xiao Dié and Ah Sun were bawling their eyes out… Sii! Why did you pinch me?”


Yang Kai replied in a hoarse voice, “It’s a long story. Sorry for making all of you worry.”


Meng Hong knitted his brows, “How did you offend Madam Lan? Why did she attack you?”


“That’s a long story as well.” Yang Kai put on a helpless smile, “Senior Wei and Senior Tao will return to First Inn soon, when they do, you can just ask them about it.”


It wasn’t that Yang Kai wasn’t willing to tell them, but rather that it was useless to do so. Moreover, they would only become more worried. As for whether Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang would tell them what really happened, that wasn’t up to him.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai warned, “I’m in a troublesome position, so from now on, all of you must pretend that you don’t know me; otherwise, you might invite trouble to yourselves.”


Upon hearing that, Meng Hong immediately realised the severity of the matter and nodded his head, “If there’s anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to tell us.”


“Many thanks, Brother Meng.” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


They went on to talk for a while more before Meng Hong and the others took their leave. Yang Kai needed to recuperate, so they figured that they shouldn’t keep bothering him. Before leaving, Meng Hong even put down a bottle of healing pills on the table.


After closing the door, Yang Kai focused on healing his wounds and stopped caring about what was going on outside. Although the healing pills left behind by Meng Hong were not too precious, they were products from the Outer Universe after all, so they were still better than the ones Yang Kai had brought from the Star Boundary. After a few days, most of his injuries were healed.


However, during the same period of time, First Inn became bustling once again.


The Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters successively returned to First Inn and began asking around. Upon learning that Yang Kai was injured when he entered the inn, and that Madam Lan was the next to return, they became frustrated.


Since Yang Kai was injured, it meant that Madam Lan had made a move against him. In other words, she must have snatched the Golden Crow carcass from him, so it was pointless for them to come all the way here. Then, they secretly cursed at Yang Kai for making things difficult for them only to walk into a trap in the end.


Following that, the Low-Rank cultivators, who had survived the Sun Star’s dangers, returned to the inn as well.


Initially, they too had chased after Yang Kai, but due to their slower speed, they gradually lost sight of their target. With nowhere else to go, they decided to return to First Inn; after all, their disciples were waiting for them here.


Upon learning that the Mid-Rank Open Heaven cultivators, as well as the Emperor Realm Master who had taken the carcass, were all in First Inn, they were astonished. However, after giving it a thought, they realised Yang Kai’s intentions and basically figured out what had happened next.


In one of the rooms, Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang were seated, while Meng Hong and the others were standing in front of them and reporting what they had seen.


After the briefing, Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang traded glances, then the former said with a smile, “That brat is indeed quite lucky to have survived.”


“Although he has survived, he’s in some big trouble now,” Tao Rong Fang sighed.


Meng Hong asked, “Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt, what happened on the Sun Star? How did Junior Brother Yang offend Madam Lan to the point she would attack him?”


Wei Que fell silent for a moment. Truthfully, he didn’t want to tell them, but he knew that this incident couldn’t be concealed. Even if he refused to tell them, the incident would be made known to everyone soon. By then, their disciples would also find out about it.


In light of that, he decided to briefly explain what had happened in the Golden Crow Divine Palace.


Hearing this story, Meng Hong and the others were utterly dumbfounded.


A horrified Old Fang stuttered to ask, “Martial Uncle Wei, you mean Yang Kai snatched the Golden Crow’s corpse in front of dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters and escaped with it?”


If it weren’t because Wei Que appeared solemn and serious, he wouldn’t have believed such a fantastical story.


Tao Rong Fang nodded, “That’s right. At that time, many Open Heaven Realm Masters chased after him, but his escaping speed was simply too quick. Low-Rank Open Heaven cultivators like us were quickly left behind by him while the Mid-Rank cultivators kept pursuing him. As for what happened next, we have no idea.”


Old Fang and the others traded shocked glances. Although they hadn’t experienced it, they could imagine what kind of dangers Yang Kai had gone through.


How bold must he be to dare snatch such a treasure from so many Open Heaven Realm Masters? More importantly, he actually succeeded!


Wei Que stared at Old Fang and asked, “Does Yang Kai have an artifact that can conceal him?”


At that time, Yang Kai had hidden inside the hall of the Golden Crow Divine Palace, and if it weren’t because the Golden Crow was pushed towards him at the end, he wouldn’t have been exposed.


Old Fang appeared hesitant as he didn’t think he should expose Yang Kai’s secret.


Seeing that, Wei Que said, “I was just asking. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”


“Many thanks for your understanding, Martial Uncle,” Old Fang replied gratefully. Nevertheless, he knew that even if he didn’t tell them the truth, those Open Heaven Realm Masters had their own speculations.


“There’s one thing we haven’t figured out.” Tao Rong Fang frowned deeply, “Is the Golden Crow carcass still with Yang Kai? Or has it been taken away by Madam Lan?”




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