Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3921, Universe Transference Law


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Supposedly, since Yang Kai had been hurt by Madam Lan, he must have lost the Golden Crow carcass. Most probably, Madam Lan snatched it from him. However, it wasn’t easy to ask about it. Madam Lan would never tell them, and Yang Kai might misunderstand them if he was asked such a question.


Wei Que shook his head and replied with a bitter smile, “No matter where the Golden Crow carcass is, it has nothing to do with us anymore.”


When the Golden Crow Divine Palace appeared some time ago, he immediately realised that the issue had grown beyond their ability to interfere; therefore, he told the disciples to return to First Inn and send a message to their headquarters. He thought that by asking all the Elders from his great force to come over, they could get a share of the treasures; however, the appearance of the Golden Crow had disrupted his plan.


This kind of prize wasn’t something Great Moon Province or the other Third Class forces had a right to covet. Even the Second Class forces would end up in a miserable state if they decided to claim it. The only people who had a right to snatch the Golden Crow carcass were those First Class forces, the Cave Heavens and Paradises!


Moreover, even though those from Great Moon Province hadn’t obtained many treasures on the Sun Star, it had still been a fruitful trip for them. They had obtained some Sun’s True Fires, including a Fifth-Order one, so they had basically achieved their goal. As long as they could make good use of these treasures, they could nurture a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master for their force. By then, the collective power of Great Moon Province would increase and it would be worth it for Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang to have done so much.


“By the way, Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt.” Meng Hong seemed to recall something as he cupped his fists, “There’s one more thing that I need to tell you. When Junior Brother Yang returned to the inn, he was severely injured. I wanted to help him, but he stopped me and secretly told us to pretend to not know him. Is he worried that he’d invite trouble to us?”


Wei Que arched his brow upon hearing that, “He secretly told you all to pretend to not know him?”


“Yes,” Meng Hong nodded.


Tao Rong Fang said in a solemn voice, “He’s indeed meticulous as he could think of such an issue in that kind of situation. It’s no wonder that he had the guts to snatch the corpse in front of so many top cultivators.”


A puzzled Meng Hong asked, “Martial Aunt Tao, you mean…”


Tao Rong Fang explained, “Just like what you’ve speculated, Yang Kai was worried that he’d invite trouble to us, which was why he told you to pretend to not know him; after all, he has offended many great forces. If others find out he’s close to Great Moon Province, we will be in big trouble. He’s concerned about our safety.”


Old Fang frowned, “But we arrived at First Inn with Little Brother Yang, and we stayed here together for a few months. Some people must have seen us spending time with him, so it’s pointless to pretend we don’t know each other.”


Wei Que said, “If so, the few of you shouldn’t show up for the time being to prevent anyone from having their eyes on you. As long as no one sees you, there shouldn’t be any problem.”


Old Fang and Dié You traded glances, and then they nodded, “Yes.”


After they talked for a while more, Wei Que told the disciples to return to their own rooms. When he and Tao Rong Fang were the only ones left in the room, he asked, “Junior Sister, what do you think?”


Tao Rong Fang replied, “He’s a bold yet meticulous young man. More importantly, he’s a kind-hearted person with great promise.” Then, she put on a helpless smile, “Unfortunately, we can’t accept him into Great Moon Province anymore.”


Wei Que fell silent for a moment before he heaved a sigh, “It seems that we share the same thoughts.”


This time, Yang Kai had caused huge trouble, so they were not able to protect him in any way; therefore, they couldn’t take him on as a disciple anymore. It wasn’t that Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang wanted to go back on their word, but as Elders of Great Moon Province, they had to consider the safety of their force above all else. They very much wanted to accept Yang Kai into their great force, but who could deal with the trouble that would ensue? By then, their great force would be turned upside down.


“He even saved our lives,” Tao Rong Fang stared at Wei Que. Back in the main hall, if Yang Kai hadn’t warned them in time, they wouldn’t even be here now, but when Yang Kai found himself in trouble, they were unable to help him, which made her feel frustrated.


An embarrassed Wei Que replied, “We’ll try to make it up to him. If possible, we can secretly assist him to flee to a different Great Territory and go into hiding.”


“That’s all we can do.”


“There’s one more thing. What do you think?” Wei Que asked.


Tao Rong Fang gazed at him, “You mean about the Golden Crow carcass?”


In response, Wei Que nodded his head.


She replied, “Initially, I thought that the carcass must be in Madam Lan’s hands, but now, it seems that it’s possible Yang Kai still has it.”


A smiling Wei Que asked, “Why do you say so?”


She shot him a glare, “Senior Brother, are you giving me a test or something?”


“Heh…” He raised his hands, “I just want to have a chat with Junior Sister to see if you and I share the same thoughts.”


Tao Rong Fang went on to say, “If the carcass is in Madam Lan’s hands now, Yang Kai should supposedly be free of trouble, and he wouldn’t have needed to secretly warn Meng Hong; however, he did so, which suggests that there’s something he’s concerned about. He must be worried that he would drag the others into this mess, which indicates that the carcass might still be in his hands. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that Madam Lan did snatch the carcass and Yang Kai was just being cautious.”


Wei Que said with a smile, “Junior Sister, you’re indeed beautiful and intelligent.”


Tao Rong Fang gave him a dismissive look, but she still said in a charming way, “Senior Brother, do you share the same thought as well?”


A frustrated Wei Que replied, “En. I don’t even know where the carcass is now; however, wherever it is, it truly has nothing to do with us anymore.”



The shop boy entered the room with some food and had a drink with Yang Kai. After some time drinking and eating, both of them became tipsy.


Although Yang Kai had stayed in the inn for four months, he had never asked the shop boy what his name was so he usually just called him ‘Shop-Hand’.


During the chat, he finally found out his name. The shop boy’s name was pretty simple, which was Bai Qi.


“You must have an ulterior motive for approaching me. Just tell me what you want. Has the Proprietress sent you here to pry some information out of me?” Yang Kai picked up some food and shot him a look.


Bai Qi grinned and filled Yang Kai’s cup with wine before replying, “Nothing of the sort. If Proprietress wanted to find out more about you, she wouldn’t need to do such a thing. Gathering information is our speciality, so we can find out about your background by just asking around.”


“What is my background, then?” Yang Kai appeared doubtful.


Bai Qi stared at him, “Do you want me to say it?”


“Come, enlighten me.”


After putting down the wine bottle, Bai Qi grinned meaningfully and replied, “Alright, then. Your name is Yang Kai, you’re a Peak Emperor Realm cultivator. One year ago, you emerged from an unknown Universe World and were brought to Seven Wonders Land by one of their Protector Venerables, Duan Hai. Your job was to take care of fruit trees in their Fire Spirit Land. Half a year later, Seven Wonders Land was invaded by their enemies and amidst the chaos, you fled from that place and brought three people, one man and two women, with you. They’re Fang Bi Qi, Dié You, and Ah Sun. Am I right?”


Yang Kai stared at him with widened eyes, “How many informants does First Inn have!?”


First Inn was able to find out so much about a nobody like him, which went to show that this great force was truly powerful and had a vast network of influence.


Bai Qi grinned, “I also know that you’ve condensed your Wood Element.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “What else?”


“You snatched a precious treasure from in front of several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters and led them on a wild chase for days.”


“Ahaha…” Yang Kai forced a smile and secretly heaved a sigh of relief as First Inn apparently couldn’t find out everything in this world. At the very least, they hadn’t figured out his relationship with Old Xu and what Order his Wood Element was. The things they knew about him were all general and superficial. With that said, they had already gathered so much information about him in very short order.


“Tell me what happened on the Sun Star and how you obtained the Golden Crow carcass.”


“Just ask your Proprietress about it. What’s the point of asking me?” Yang Kai was exasperated at the mention of the Golden Crow carcass. If the Proprietress hadn’t intercepted him at the last moment, he would’ve safely returned to the inn instead of getting struck by her palm.


“Proprietress has been in a terrible mood since she returned. She’ll beat me black and blue if I ask her about it.” Bai Qi’s expression appeared bitter.


Yang Kai wanted to ignore him at first, then he recalled something and said, “There’s one thing I don’t understand. If you can answer my question, I don’t mind telling you what happened on the Sun Star.”


A vigilant Bai Qi narrowed his eyes, “What do you want to know?”


Yang Kai went on to say, “Don’t worry. It shouldn’t be a secret, but if it is, you can choose not to answer.”


Bai Qi nodded, “Go ahead.”


Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “I shook off your Proprietress in a faraway place, and I was certain that even though she is a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it would be impossible for her to catch up to me in time. However, how did she manage to return to the inn before me and even waited in the dark to capture me?”


That was the question that had been troubling him for days. Unless the Proprietress also had something like a Space Beacon, he couldn’t come up with any reasonable explanation.


Bao Qi was elated upon hearing that, “That’s your question?”


“You know the reason behind it?”


Bai Qi couldn’t help but start guffawing as he repeatedly slapped the table, “Did you have nowhere else to go, which was why you wanted to seek refuge in First Inn? You thought that by entering the inn, no one would dare to make a move on you again? Was that why you rushed to our inn after getting rid of Proprietress?”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded as that was what he thought; after all, he indeed had nowhere else to go at that time as First Inn was the only safe place for him.


“Hahahaha!” Bai Qi doubled over with laughter as tears almost streamed out of his eyes.


Yang Kai stared coldly at him as he had the urge to fish out his Azure Dragon Spear to deliver a fatal strike.


Bai Qi seemed to have detected Yang Kai’s murderous intent, which was why he quickly suppressed his laughter and took a sip of the wine before asking, “Have you heard of the Universe Transference Law?”


“Universe Transference Law?” Yang Kai frowned, “What’s that?”


He had never heard of it before, but judging from Bai Qi’s expression, he reckoned that the reason the Proprietress was able to return to First Inn before he did and lay an ambush had something to do with this Universe Transference Law.




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