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Martial Peak – Chapter 3922, Why Have You Come Down Here?

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Bai Qi explained, “The 3,000 Worlds is incredibly expansive, so it’s not easy to go from one location to another even for High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Cultivators like us shouldn’t waste time simply travelling back and forth between distant places because, if we have the time, we should use it to cultivate our Secret Techniques and Secret Arts instead. The Universe Transference Law was created for this reason. This Secret Technique’s only use is to cross vast distances. For example, there’s a Universe Transference Seal in First Inn with Proprietress’ imprint sealed inside. As long as she’s in this Great Territory, wherever she may be, she can return to First Inn in an instant by using the Universe Transference Law.”


A dumbfounded Yang Kai said, “Is it so amazing?”


He couldn’t help thinking this technique was similar to a Space Beacon. The location of every Space Beacon was a destination, and with a flash of thought, Yang Kai could move to the location of any Space Beacon, so it worked in a similar way as the Universe Transference Law. A Space Array worked in the same way; however, in comparison, a Space Beacon was more convenient than a Space Array while there were advantages and disadvantages when compared to this Universe Transference Law.


“It’s truly amazing,” Bai Qi chuckled.


With a dark expression, Yang Kai said, “So, Madam Lan made use of the Universe Transference Law and returned to First Inn before I did.” It was then he came to the realization that, while he thought he had made an intelligent move, in Madam Lan’s eyes, he was just walking right into her trap. At that instant, he felt frustrated.


Fortunately, he managed to keep the Golden Crow carcass; otherwise, he would’ve spat blood.


“I’ll give you one more piece of information for free.” Bai Qi looked smilingly at him, “In the 3,000 Worlds, there are many places called Universe Temples. Basically, each Great Territory has a Universe Temple, while some even have more than one. After spending some Open Heaven Pills, one can record their aura in those temples, and then use them as destinations for the Universe Transference Law.”


“So, they’re just like Space Arrays.” Yang Kai’s eyes brightened.


Bao Qi replied with a smile, “You’re not wrong to say that; however, there’s a limit as to how far a Space Array can send a person, while the Universe Transference Law is different. As long as you’re strong enough, and your destination is in the same Great Territory, you can reach the Universe Temple where you’ve left behind an imprint.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai nodded his head, “It’s really convenient. I’ll visit those temples if there’s a chance in the future. Which great force do these temples belong to?”


Bai Qi explained, “No one. The Universe Temples were jointly built by the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises. Therefore, disciples from at least one Cave Heaven or Paradise will stand guard at every Universe Temple. No one can cause trouble inside those Universe Temples; otherwise, it’ll be seen as provoking all the Cave Heavens and Paradises.”


A shocked Yang Kai said, “The Universe Temples were jointly built by the Cave Heavens and Paradises?” After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising. Others wouldn’t be able to set their minds at ease if the temples were controlled by just one great force, and no single great force was able to control such an important asset; therefore, it was reasonable that the temples were jointly managed by all Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises.


Judging from what Bai Qi had said, it seemed that if Yang Kai came across any trouble in the future, he could seek refuge in one of the Universe Temples.


“Now, tell me what happened on the Sun Star.”


Since Yang Kai had agreed beforehand, he wouldn’t go back on his word now. And so, he told Bai Qi what he had gone through on the Sun Star. Bai Qi widened his eyes and appeared amazed. He wasn’t surprised at the fact that Yang Kai was able to conceal himself in front of so many Open Heaven Realm Masters as only a suitable artifact was needed to achieve that; instead, he was more interested in finding out how Yang Kai managed to escape the pursuit of so many Masters.


However, Yang Kai just gave him a vague answer that he was an expert in the Dao of Space, and he was especially adept at running away. It wasn’t a secret anyway. When he was hunted down by Madam Lan and the others, he had used Instantaneous Movement several times.


After a long time, a drunk Bai Qi muttered, “Let’s call it a day. I have work to do now. You should be careful as we have had many customers recently. I guess they’re here for you.”


Yang Kai watched him leave, then he appeared crestfallen. Following that, he opened his Six Fated Paths Bag and saw that the Golden Crow carcass was still inside it. Although he had snatched this hot potato, he had no idea how to handle it now. Whatever the case, the treasure was worth a lot of money. At the very least, it could make up for the two golden tail feathers from Mie Meng that he had lost.


If the treasure couldn’t be sold directly though, he would just trade it for a Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold, which was what he originally wanted. When he managed to condense his Fire Element, no one would make a move on him again.


Furthermore, he couldn’t possibly hide inside this room forever. Although he still had some Open Heaven Pills, they wouldn’t last forever.


After pondering on the issue for a moment, he rose from his chair and pushed the door open before shuffling downstairs.


Following that, he swept a glance over the hall and realised that the place was bustling. Initially, there were only seven or eight tables, but now, there were over ten. However, more tables were needed as the hall was packed with people.


Bai Qi was moving around with dishes in his hands when he saw Yang Kai and asked in shock, “Why did you come down here?”


“Why can’t I come down here?” Yang Kai scoffed.


After he finished speaking, the entire hall fell silent as everyone turned to look at him. At the same time, they rudely scanned him with their Divine Senses. At that instant, Yang Kai felt like he was a white sheep that had accidentally entered a wolves’ den. All his bodily hair was standing on end as he lost any sense of security.


Bai Qi gave him a thumbs-up in appreciation of his guts before continuing on with his work.


Yang Kai looked around and saw some familiar faces. Except for Madam Lan, all the other Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who had chased him down before were sitting in the hall.


The hall was filled with Divine Senses as these ill-intentioned people stared fixedly at Yang Kai. Although the place was completely silent, everyone could feel that a storm was brewing. The weaker cultivators couldn’t help but gulp as they turned to look at the door, as though they were preparing to flee at any moment.


Just as the hostility intensified, a door on the second floor suddenly opened as Madam Lan stepped out of a room and swept a glance over the crowd with her alluring eyes. Staring at Yang Kai, she snorted and leaned against the railing. Following that, she fished out what seemed to be seeds and started snacking on them.


Yang Kai grinned, knowing that since Madam Lan had appeared, no one would dare to make a move on him. Madam Lan must have detected the hostile atmosphere, which was why she made an appearance to calm everyone else down.


The hall was crammed with people, so there were no empty tables. Yang Kai looked around and shuffled towards a table. Three people had been seated at this table. One of them was a handsome young man, and the other two people were old men with profound auras. There was also an alluring woman in revealing clothes who was standing behind the young man. A group of disciples were lined up behind the elderly men. Obviously, they were from the same great force.


The young man wasn’t powerful as he had only condensed his Dao Seal, on the other hand, the old men were Open Heaven Realm Masters. The young man was disdainfully gazing at Yang Kai when the latter sauntered towards him, causing the former to frown as he had no idea what Yang Kai was up to.


“Hello, we meet again! What a coincidence.” Yang Kai flashed a smile at him, “If you don’t mind, why don’t I join you?”


Without even waiting for approval, Yang Kai directly took a seat across from him.


The young man appeared dumbfounded and asked, “Who are you?”


A passionate Yang Kai replied, “It seems that Brother has been busy. We met each other when we were heading to the Sun Star, don’t you remember?”


He wasn’t spouting nonsense as they had really met before. At that time, Yang Kai, Dié You, and the others were heading towards the Sun Star when a ship came at them from behind and almost injured them. After that, this very young man returned with his ship and invited Dié You and Ah Sun to board. However, Yang Kai turned him down.


At that time, he had no idea which great force they were from, but after going through the jade slip given to him by Meng Hong, he realised that they were from a place called Perpetual Province.


Upon Yang Kai’s reminder, the young man said, “It’s you!” Then, his face fell, “Who allowed you to have a seat? Go away!”


An unperturbed Yang Kai chuckled, “There’s nowhere else I can have a seat. There’s an empty seat at your table anyway, so why can’t I join you? Don’t be so petty.”


Just when the young man wanted to say something, he felt that something was off as there were some Divine Senses scanning him. Turning his head, he realised that all the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were staring at him with doubtful gazes. The young man’s face turned ashen as he had no idea why he had attracted so much attention all of a sudden.


The other two old men realised that something was amiss and one of them hinted at the young man with his gaze, while the other gaped at Yang Kai and said grimly, “You can have the table. We’ll take our leave.”


Following that, he rose from his chair.


The young man seemed reluctant to leave, but he was dragged away by the other old man. Without the intention to stay there, they paid the bill and stepped out of First Inn.


A moment later, the young man was standing on a ship as he asked with a dark expression, “Who was that guy?”


The two old men traded glances, then one of them replied, “Young Master, he was the one who snatched the Golden Crow carcass.”


The young man was stunned, “What? He was the one who took the carcass and safely returned to First Inn?”


“That’s right. He’s that guy.”


“Why should we be afraid of him?” The young man bellowed. Yang Kai only sat at the same table, but they immediately left the inn as though they were afraid of him, which made the young man feel quite embarrassed.


One of the old men shook his head and said, “We’re not afraid of him, but we don’t want to be dragged into his mess. The Golden Crow carcass is immensely important and First Inn will soon fall into a state of chaos. We’d better stay out of it.”


The other old man nodded, “That’s right.”


The young man sported a gloomy expression. Despite knowing that they were right, he still felt unresigned.


Knowing what was on his mind, the first old man said, “Young Master, don’t worry. That brat’s days are numbered.”


The young man asked, “What do you mean?”


The old person sneered, “He’s trying to cause turbulence when he’s so weak. He’s bound to go to Hell.”



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