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Martial Peak – Chapter 3923, It’s Her!

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Right after those from Perpetual Province left, Yuan Xiao Man whooshed towards Yang Kai and took a seat on his left before looking smilingly at him.


Yang Kai called out to Bai Qi and pointed at the finished dishes in front of him, “Take them away and prepare new dishes!”


Bai Qi glared at him as they had just had a chat over a drink in his room. Just when he thought they were friends, Yang Kai bossed him around like he was an ordinary shop hand, which was intolerable. Nevertheless, he had no other choice as that was indeed his job. After taking the finished dishes away, he stepped into the kitchen and told the chef to prepare some dishes.


Meanwhile, three more people rose from their chairs. One of them was a burly old man whose face radiated a pinkish glow, another was a cold-looking man in tight-fitting clothes, and the last person looked like a scholar with an elegant fan in his hand. 


Following that, they shuffled towards Yang Kai and took a seat at the same table.


Presently, all four Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were staring fixedly at Yang Kai. Honestly speaking, he did feel pressured, but he wasn’t afraid of them. The Proprietress was gazing at them from the second floor, so no one would dare to make a scene here. Knowing what Yang Kai was doing, Madam Lan sported a gloomy expression; however, in order to protect her business, she wouldn’t allow the reputation of First Inn to be spoiled.


“Little Brother, you’re really something.” Yuan Xiao Man was the first one to speak. She seemed interested in Yang Kai, as though she had just found a new toy, “No one could’ve expected that you’d return to First Inn safely.”


Yang Kai gazed at her with a tilted head and took a brief look at her plump chest before grinning, “What’s your name?”


“Yuan Xiao Man!”


Following that, she pointed at the others and introduced them to Yang Kai. It was only now that he learned the names and backgrounds of these people who had been chasing after him for days.


“Little Brother, are you interested in joining Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land? It’s obvious that you’re new to the Outer Universe and it’s hard for a newcomer to gain a footing here. Life will be easier if you have some support.”


A curious Yang Kai asked, “How do you know I’m a newcomer?”


Those from First Inn could find out about his background because their job was to gather information, but it was unlikely that Yuan Xiao Man could do so as well. Moreover, he didn’t think he had accidentally exposed anything.


Yuan Xiao Man covered her lips and giggled sweetly, “You didn’t even know about the Universe Transference Law and you walked right into a trap by coming to First Inn. Do you even dare to deny that you’re a newcomer?”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened when he heard that. It was definitely the biggest humiliation in his life and a taint in his cultivation journey. When he was in Seven Wonders Land, no one had told him about the Universe Transference Law, so he wasn’t aware of its uses and mysteries. When he saw Madam Lan outside the inn some time ago, he even thought she was her twin sister.


All of a sudden, the chubby Old Hong snorted, “Brat, I only have a question for you and you’d better answer me honestly. Otherwise, you’ll bear the consequences.” 


Yang Kai shot him a look, “Save your breath. I won’t tell you anything.”


“You court death!” Old Hong bellowed.


Hearing that, Yang Kai landed a slam on the table and stood up straight before glaring at him, “I dare you to make a move on me then!”


A shocked Old Hong stared at him with widened eyes as he had never expected that Yang Kai would react in such a way. At that instant, he was rooted to the spot and felt slightly embarrassed.


On the second floor, the Proprietress, who was munching on some strange seeds, gnashed her teeth together as she stared resentfully at Yang Kai, knowing that he was regarding her as a safety charm.


No one would dare to make a fuss in First Inn. He must be fully aware of it, which was why he had the gall to confront Old Hong like this; otherwise, as an Emperor Realm Junior, he wouldn’t have the guts to do such a thing.


To the side, Yuan Xiao Man parted her lips in shock, while Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing were astonished as well. In the dining hall, the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters all gave Yang Kai an admiring look.


“Shut your mouth if you don’t dare to make a move.” Yang Kai took a seat again and shouted at the kitchen, “Are my dishes ready? What’s taking so long?”


Bai Qi could be heard saying, “The dishes will be ready soon. Stop urging us!”


Old Hong was so enraged that his face turned pure crimson and there seemed to be some steam billowing from his head. After taking a deep breath, he said grimly, “Brat, you’ve got guts, I’ll give you that! This Old Master advises you to stay in First Inn forever; otherwise, I’ll rip you into ten thousand pieces!”


He was truly incensed as Yang Kai had embarrassed him in front of so many people in the hall. He had never been humiliated in such a way before.


Yang Kai was unperturbed as he had already offended the old man before, so he wasn’t worried about displeasing him one more time.


Zhang Qi frowned as he had seen through Yang Kai’s temperament. Thus, he summoned a Space Ring into his hand and pushed it towards him before saying, “Little Brother, this King also has a question for you.”


A surprised Yang Kai gave him a strange look. Although he couldn’t be certain what was inside the Space Ring, he reckoned that there could possibly be Open Heaven Pills. Could he also sell information now?


An elated Yang Kai took the ring and scanned it with his Divine Sense. Upon releasing that there were 10,000 Open Heaven Pills inside, he grinned from ear to ear and nodded, “Sure. Sure.”


At that instant, he thought that a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was indeed generous as Zhang Qi directly gave him 10,000 pills. Although the pills were only equivalent to ten days worth of lodging fees at this bandit’s inn, it was still a substantial amount.


Zhang Qi put on a smile, and just when he was ready to speak, Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him and turned to look at Yuan Xiao Man and Ji Tian Xing, “Do you have any questions as well? This is your only chance. By the way, I’ll only answer the question of the one who will offer the highest bid, and I’ll only answer one question. So, you’d better decide what it is you want to know most.”


At that instant, the corners of Zhang Qi’s brow twitched.


Ji Tian Xing and Yuan Xiao Man were also struck speechless. As Fourth-Order Open Heaven Masters, they were not the most powerful people out there, but they were some of the most famous figures in the neighbouring Great Territories. However, on this day, they were led around by the nose by an Emperor Realm brat.


Old Hong sneered, “Boy, it seems you’ve been unlucky lately, and it looks like you will fall into danger soon.”


“Shut up! This is none of your damn business!” Yang Kai growled, “Stay away from me!”


Then, he turned to look at Ji Tian Xing and Yuan Xiao Man, “Are you sure you have no questions for me? In that case, I’ll answer Senior Zhang’s question now.”


Ji Tian Xing and Yuan Xiao Man traded glances before gritting their teeth; however, they indeed had a question they had to ask, so despite the fact that they were reluctant, they still tacitly fished out a Space Ring.


Yuan Xiao Man put on a smile that wasn’t a smile and asked, “Little Brother, aren’t you worried that you’ll be burned by the hot potatoes you’re about to take?”


Yang Kai immediately snatched the ring from her and sneered, “I’ve taken hotter potatoes, so why should I be afraid now?”


Hearing that, Yuan Xiao Man was rendered speechless. After giving it a thought, she realised that since Yang Kai had the guts to snatch the Golden Crow carcass right in front of so many Open Heaven Realm Masters, why would he be afraid to take their Space Rings? Obviously, he was someone who treasured money more than his own life.


After scanning the rings, Yang Kai became ecstatic, then he gazed at Ji Tian Xing, “Senior Ji has offered the highest bid. Good, what is your question? I’ll tell you everything I know.”


Hearing that, Zhang Qi and Yuan Xiao Man turned to stare at Ji Tian Xing.


An unfazed Ji Tian Xing secretly spoke to Yang Kai via Divine Sense, “Where’s the Golden Crow carcass now?”


Yang Kai was startled upon hearing that. Although he knew that their questions must be related to the Golden Crow, he hadn’t expected to hear this kind of question. He almost spurted out that the carcass was in his hands, but was the question even necessary for them to know that? However, he soon realised something and became astounded.


The fact that the carcass was in his hands was only known to the Proprietress and him, while all others could only guess. At that time, no one else was outside First Inn. They only knew that he had fled to the inn and was intercepted by the Proprietress outside the building before being wounded.


However, if he thought about it from the perspective of an outsider, he would have speculated that the carcass might have been taken away by Madam Lan. After all, given his strength, it should be impossible for him to escape or outmaneuver a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It should have been a simple matter for Madam Lan to snatch something from him.


Upon that realization, he finally understood why Ji Tian Xing had asked this question. Apparently, Zhang Qi and Yuan Xiao Man had the same question. It was all because they still hadn’t figured out where the Golden Crow carcass was.


Many ideas flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he pondered on the pros and cons of every one of them, and after just a short moment, he pounded the table furiously and jumped to his feet. With a face twisted in anguish and unwillingness, he pointed at the Proprietress on the second floor and screamed, “It’s her! Her! She snatched the treasure I spent so much effort to obtain! Those from First Inn oppress me because I’m the weaker one. This is a bandits’ inn! A bandit’s inn I say!!”


His roar reverberated around the hall as everyone could hear his accusation that was filled with blood and tears. Following the direction he pointed, they turned to look at the Proprietress.


A dumbfounded Madam Lan’s jaw dropped as a seed slid off her red lips. A moment later, she clenched her teeth and bellowed, “Smelly brat, you must be sick of living!”


Although she didn’t hear what question Ji Tian Xing had asked, she had guessed it without the need to actually hear it. He must be trying to find out the whereabouts of the carcass.


Yang Kai’s accusation at this point had dragged her into this mess, and it was pointless for her to deny it. Judging from the gazes of those people in the hall, she knew that they already had this speculation, and it was ‘proven’ by Yang Kai at this moment.


Hence, there was no way she could clear her name. It wouldn’t have mattered if she had really seized the carcass, but the problem was that even though she had made a move, Yang Kai pulled a trick on her and managed to sneak into First Inn.


Instead of getting any benefits, she had invited trouble to herself. She was so incensed that flames nearly shot out of her eyes. She had never seen a man as vile and shameless as Yang Kai before. If she could, she would’ve made him feel regretful of the fact that he was ever born right this instant. Nevertheless, she was the Proprietress of First Inn, and she had an obligation to protect the inn’s reputation.


“Proprietress, why are you showing such thick murderous intent? Do you want to silence me by murdering me!?” Yang Kai bellowed.


“Shut your mouth!” Madam Lan was so infuriated that she hurled the snacks in her hand at him.


“You may be able to silence me, but you can’t silence everyone here! Justice lies in everyone’s heart, and the Heavens see all we do! Proprietress, you’d best watch yourself!”


Madam Lan’s chest heaved heavily as she felt her blood boiling. She clenched her fists so hard that her knuckles started turning pale, but still she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


She had the urge to go downstairs and rip this little brat’s mouth off.



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