Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3924, The Inn’s Reputation


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“The dishes are ready! The dishes are ready!” Just then, Bai Qi dashed out of the kitchen with some dishes and a jug of wine in his hands. Upon entering the hall, he immediately realised that there was something off about the atmosphere, which caused him to be rooted to the spot. Looking around, he didn’t understand what was going on as all he could see was that the Proprietress’ face had turned livid as she was standing on the second floor. Her eyes were closed, and her curvy figure was trembling.


Then, he walked up to Yang Kai and asked in a hushed voice, “What happened?”


“A storm is coming,” Yang Kai replied and took the dishes from his hands; then, he turned around and shuffled towards the second floor. Since he had stirred up some trouble, he reckoned that he’d better leave now and go somewhere safer.


Upon returning to his room, he closed the door and activated the barrier. Unable to hold it in anymore, he started laughing.


Although the Proprietress had been treating him well, she had indeed made him waste a golden tail feather from Mie Meng. Moreover, she had injured him before. Now that there was a chance, he certainly had to get his revenge.


Furthermore, in that kind of situation, diverting the attention to the Proprietress was his best option.


Then, he took a seat at the table and drank some wine. Just when he was pondering on his future, he suddenly heard a loud bang as the door was kicked open.


A shocked Yang Kai leapt to his feet and turned around before bellowing, “Who!?”


[Who has the guts to make a move in First Inn? Is this person sick of living?]


However, when he saw who it was, his neck immediately shrank. That was because the person who had kicked the door open was none other than the First Inn Proprietress, Madam Lan.


A cold aura could be seen swirling around the Proprietress as she stepped into the room. With a sneer on her face, she stared fixedly at Yang Kai. Then, she slightly lifted her foot and closed the door behind her.


“M-Madam Lan…” Yang Kai slowly stepped backwards as his back soon came into contact with the wall. Looking around, he realised that there wasn’t even a window in the room, which made it impossible for him to flee.


He also didn’t even think about using Instantaneous Movement as he wouldn’t have a chance to do so in front of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Ahem… How may this Junior help you, Madam Lan?” A horrified Yang Kai stared at the front as his heart leapt to his throat. He secretly decided that if Madam Lan made a move against him, he would immediately use his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique to warn her off.


Madam Lan sneered, “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. If I do that, I will never be able to clear my name.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai heaved a sigh of relief, but all of a sudden, Madam Lan said dispassionately, “Just because I won’t kill you though, doesn’t mean I can’t beat you up. Brat, are you prepared?”


Yang Kai gulped, “Madam Lan, let’s talk it out instead of resorting to violence. Moreover, we’re in First Inn, and I’m a paying customer. You’re the Proprietress here, so is it appropriate for you to harm your customer?”


“It’s not appropriate,” Madam Lan stepped closer to Yang Kai and soon reached him and he caught a whiff of her alluring fragrance.


Then, she said through clenched teeth, “But this Queen will never soothe the rage in her chest if she doesn’t beat you black and blue!”


“Don’t you care about the inn’s reputation anymore!?” Yang Kai still tried to step backwards, but his back was already firmly pressed against the wall, so there was nowhere else he could go.


“Don’t ever think of restraining me with the inn’s signboard. I don’t care what you say!” Madam Lan balled up her fists as her knuckles cracked. Her malevolent aura seemed able to swallow the entire world and after she finished speaking, she extended her fist towards Yang Kai’s left eye at the speed of lightning.


With a loud boom, Yang Kai felt his vision darkening as all he could see were stars. Even his mind had plunged into chaos.


The Proprietress had exerted quite some force with her fist, which almost knocked Yang Kai out, but before he even came to his senses, she extended her fist towards his right eye, whereupon a loud boom was heard again.


Yang Kai instinctively covered his head and curled up in the corner. As he bore the Proprietress’ fists and feet, he secretly swore that he would get his revenge one day.


She went on to beat him for quite some time. It felt like an instant and a year all at once. Upon realising that the Proprietress had stopped attacking him, Yang Kai turned his head slightly and looked through his fingers, only to see the Proprietress panting with her hands placed on her hips. With a pleased expression, she said, “Cool! Smelly brat, you’d better behave yourself from now on!”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and left.


Yang Kai cursed at her before flopping to the ground, unable to move.


Outside the room, Bai Qi watched the Proprietress leave and stealthily looked around before entering the room. After closing the door, he walked up to Yang Kai and crouched down to gaze at him with a sympathetic look on his face, “Proprietress really went hard on you. It seems that she’s completely incensed. I’ve never seen her blow her top in such a way before.”


A paralysed Yang Kai felt that some of his bones had cracked. Although Madam Lan really didn’t intend to kill him, she had exerted a lot of force with her beating just now. He had only just recovered from his previous injuries and now he was wounded again, which was why he was quite sullen.


“Are you going to just keep staring?” Yang Kai shot a glare at Bai Qi, who had crouched down in front of him, “Or are you going to help me up?”


Bai Qi replied with a grin, “I would’ve helped you up if someone else had beaten you; however, it was Proprietress who had made a move, so I wouldn’t dare to lend you a hand. If she finds out about it, she’ll fire me.”


“What are you doing here, then?” Yang Kai glowered at him.


Bai Qi said, “I’m just here to watch a good show. Tsk… Brat, since you’ve offended Proprietress, you’ll surely have a hard time in the future.”


“Scram!” Yang Kai bellowed. He didn’t need Bai Qi to tell him that his life would be difficult from now on. The Proprietress had even disregarded the reputation of First Inn just to vent her anger on him, so it wasn’t hard to imagine that life would be like a living Hell for him soon.


With a grin, Bai Qi got up and said, “Since you still have the energy to chase me away, it seems that you’re alright. Take a rest now and call me if there’s anything you need.”


Then, he turned around and left.


Yang Kai was so exasperated that his lungs almost exploded. Once he could move a little, he felt his entire body aching. After lying on the ground for six hours, he climbed onto the bed with difficulty and recuperated in silence.


However, it seemed his previous act had proven useful. After the incident, everyone’s attention had been diverted to the Proprietress. Although his tone and movements were a little exaggerated at that time, any reasonable person would believe that Madam Lan had snatched the Golden Crow carcass and kept it.


After all, there was a huge gap in strength between Yang Kai and her, and since she had made a move, there was no way she hadn’t achieved her goal.


The next day, there was an elderly man who was seated in a room that belonged to Great Moon Province. Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang were standing in front of him as they reported to him what had happened recently. The elderly man kept silent, only nodding from time to time.


A while later, Wei Que said, “That was what had happened. Leader, what do you plan to do?”


The elderly man was none other than the Province Master of Great Moon Province. Previously, Wei Que told Meng Hong and the others to return to First Inn and send a message to their headquarters. Upon receiving the message, this elderly man brought some people with him and set off to help Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang. Although they had come as quickly as they could, they only arrived at the inn today.


The Province Master nodded, “Both of you have done well. As long as we make good use of the treasures you acquired, the power of our force will significantly increase.”


Although they hadn’t managed to obtain any Sun’s True Gold, they had gotten several Sun’s True Fires, one of which was Fifth-Order; therefore, it had been a fruitful trip for them. Normally, it was difficult for a great force like Great Moon Province to even obtain a single Fourth-Order material, let alone a Fifth-Order one.


By selling the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire, they could purchase some Fourth-Order materials and attempt to nurture a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm disciple. The prerequisite was that this disciple had to be gifted, and they would need to spend a lot of time to achieve their goal.


“Both of you have earned the greatest merit for this operation.”


Wei Que replied, “Many thanks for your compliment, leader, but we only managed to escape from death’s door because of someone’s warning.”


“Oh?” The elderly man arched his brow, “You have to return the person’s favour then. Who was the top Master that had saved you?”


Wei Que said, “He isn’t a top cultivator. It was a brat called Yang Kai.”


Hearing that, the elderly man frowned, “The boy that everyone has been talking about because he has snatched the Golden Crow carcass?”




The elderly man nodded and gently tapped the table as though he was pondering on something. A while later, he said, “I’ve heard that the carcass has fallen into Madam Lan’s hands.”


“That’s what that boy said.”


The elderly man stared at Wei Que and asked, “What do you want to do?”


Wei Que replied, “If possible, I hope you’ll accept him into our great force. He’s new to the Outer Universe with no one else to rely on. More importantly, he is a kind and righteous person. On top of that, he has saved my and Junior Sister’s lives. Now that he’s in trouble, we can’t just stand idly by.”


The Province Master heaved a sigh, “I knew you were going to say that; however, do you realize just how much trouble he’s in now? If we take him in, what kind of consequences will we suffer?”


Wei Que cupped his fists, “I’ve thought this over thoroughly. However, since the carcass isn’t with him now, it shouldn’t matter.”


“It shouldn’t matter?” Boss looked straight into his eyes, “Do you even believe what you’ve said?”


Wei Que parted his lips, but he couldn’t say anything in the end. That was because he indeed didn’t believe what he had said.


The elderly man went on to say, “He said that the carcass is in Madam Lan’s hands now, but it is a rare treasure, so anyone who is interested in it won’t let go so easily. By then, countless top cultivators will interrogate Yang Kai and even scour his Soul. By then, are we even going to be able to protect him? If we try, we will fail, and if we don’t, it will disgrace and dishonour us.” Then, he waved his hand, “We can’t accept him; otherwise, our great force will surely descend into chaos.”


“Leader…” Wei Que became flustered.


“Say no more.” The elderly man interrupted him, “We shouldn’t stay in this place any longer. Pack up now and follow me back to Great Moon Province.”


Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang traded glances. Since the Province Master had made a decision, it was useless for them to say anything else. In light of that, they simply heaved a sigh.


They knew that the leader’s decision was right, and they shared the same thoughts as well; however, they still felt frustrated.


“As for the favour you owe, you can try to come up with a way to compensate him,” the elderly man said.


Wei Que cupped his fists, “Yes.”




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    1. Acting as absolute brat, pushing her buttons, setting her up and badmouthing her business all while relying on her caring about her business’ reputation enough to protect him against hordes of hostiles? And when she blows a gasket and gently bitch slaps him (because a careless blow of hers could possibly murder someone if his level) – he’s “vowing revenge”? YK is turning into the pettiest little sniveling snot ball, whose entire cultivation must’ve gone into thickening his face. Ugh.
      Normally when a character like that shows up in xianxia, the audience can’t wait to cheer for them to get their due comeuppance, usually at the MC’s hands.

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