Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3927, Refining the Golden Crow’s True Fire


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The sudden change in the Small Sealed World shocked Yang Kai.


Instantly, many ideas flashed across his mind and he soon realised the reason behind this phenomenon. The capacity of the Small Sealed World was limited, similar to the theory of the World Bottle in the Star Boundary, where only ten Great Emperors could exist at the same time. There would never be an eleventh Great Emperor because this was how the world protected itself, an innate restriction related to the strength of the World Principles.


There was a limit in the capacity of the World Bottle in the Star Boundary, and it was the same case for Small Sealed World. Furthermore, Small Sealed World wasn’t comparable to the Star Boundary at all. Simply put, the Small Sealed World couldn’t hold a powerful being like the Golden Crow carcass.


The carcass alone was able to destabilise the Small Sealed World, so if a living Golden Crow entered the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai reckoned that it would be burned down in an instant.


The Small Sealed World was no longer the same as it was in the past because the second region and the third region had been separated from it. Now, only the original first region was left, so its capacity was rather limited. That was the reason the sudden change took place when Yang Kai took out the carcass inside of it.


Upon understanding this, Yang Kai hurriedly opened the Six Fated Paths Bag and put the carcass inside it.


It was only then that the world stopped shaking and became calm again as the chaotic Principles began mending themselves. The change proved that his speculation was right. With a frown, Yang Kai fell into his thoughts on the same spot.


If he hadn’t put the carcass into the Small Sealed World on a whim, he wouldn’t have discovered this. The carcass alone was able to make the Small Sealed World descend into chaos, so what if he put an Open Heaven Realm Master into the Small Sealed World?


An Open Heaven Realm Master contained a complete world within their body. Depending on the Order the Master was in, the power of the Small Universe World in his body also varied. Yang Kai reckoned that if the capacity in the Small Sealed World was larger than that of the Small Universe in an Open Heaven Realm Master, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, if it was smaller, such a change would happen to the Small Sealed World again.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai came to the realisation that he shouldn’t put an Open Heaven Realm Master in the Small Sealed World as he pleased; otherwise, he might suffer immense losses.


The Small Sealed World couldn’t even bear it, so nothing need be said about the World Beads he refined as imitations of the Sealed World Bead. World Beads weren’t even comparable to the Sealed World Bead because they were refined from Dead Stars and asteroids which didn’t have any World Principles of their own. Yang Kai reckoned that a World Bead he had made couldn’t even accommodate the weakest of Open Heaven Realm Masters. If such a person was forcefully kept inside the bead, it would instantly explode.


Therefore, it seemed that the Six Fated Paths Bag was indeed extraordinary. It was a storage artifact, but it could forcefully keep an Open Heaven Realm Master inside of it. Unlike the Small Sealed World, what was inside the Six Fated Paths Bag wasn’t a Sealed World but an adjustable space.


Yang Kai wondered who created this bag, and how it ended up in Old Xu’s hands; however, all that didn’t matter anymore as the bag belonged to him now.


Since he couldn’t test out his theory in the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai decided to leave. After storing the Sealed Word Bead, he plunged into the Six Fated Paths Bag. Fortunately, he had fully refined the bag, so the space inside it could be adjusted accordingly. Although it wasn’t as spacious as the Small Sealed World, it didn’t feel cramped for him to stay inside with the Golden Crow carcass.


The Golden Crow was imposing when it was still alive, but there didn’t seem to be anything special about it after its death. After releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai could sense a faint ferocious aura wafting from it but that was all. Next, he circled around the carcass several times before standing in front of it. With his arms crossed, he attentively examined the carcass.


Yang Kai wasn’t sure how he should start. One of the reasons he could condense his Wood Element was that he had already refined the Immortal Tree, and Zhang Ruo Xi had given him some guidance, so the process was rather smooth. Now that he was alone with no one else to rely on, he didn’t know what to do.


After pondering on the issue for a long time, he decided to simply try things out first. According to the Proprietress, the Golden Crow’s True Fire was truly horrifying, so Yang Kai was especially careful.


First, he extended his hand and pressed it against the Golden Crow’s forehead. With his eyes closed, he tried to sense it in silence and draw out the True Fire inside. Initially, nothing happened, but soon Yang Kai felt a scorching heat on his palm. An aura that seemed able to burn down everything in existence came right out of the carcass. At the same time, he had a feeling that he was standing right in front of a great Sun. The scorching power seemed able to melt him at any moment.


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he hurriedly stepped backwards, but his hand was already engulfed in a dark flame. The smell of burned flesh permeated the air, and a piercing pain caused him to groan like a wounded beast.


Yang Kai hurriedly circulated his Emperor Qi in an attempt to stop the black flame from expanding, but was stunned to realise that his Emperor Qi had simply turned into fuel for the fire. As his Emperor Qi surged, the black flame became even more vigorous as it soon reached his elbow.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai was shocked. Although he was fully aware that the Golden Crow’s True Fire was extraordinary, he realized now that he had still underestimated its power. At that instant, he felt remorseful and seriously wondered if he would be burned to death today?


At the critical moment though, he suddenly recalled what the Proprietress had said. Only a strong Wood Element could suppress the Golden Crow’s True Fire, so he hurriedly drew out the power in his Dao Seal.


A green aura exuded from his arm in the next moment and met with the black flame, making for an extremely bizarre sight. The power of the Immortal Tree was indeed incredible and as soon as his Wood Element was activated, Yang Kai immediately felt that his pain had been alleviated and his wounded flesh was slowly being restored.


Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief as he knew that he had made the right move. The Order of his Wood Element must be higher than that of the True Fire; otherwise, things would’ve gone badly for him today.


Now, it seemed that as long as his Wood Element was strong enough, he could safely absorb the True Fire to condense his Fire Element.


As he thought about the issue, Yang Kai wondered how many people there were in the world that possessed such a strong Wood Element. Even if there were such people, their Wood Element was certainly not comparable to the essence of the Immortal Tree.


With his mind at ease now, Yang Kai sat down with his legs crossed and carefully engulfed the Golden Crow’s True Fire with his Wood Element before leading it to his Dao Seal.


After an hour, the originally green Dao Seal was now tinged with a black hue. From the black light, Yang Kai could feel a sense of ferocity and an aura that seemed to want to cause destruction.


Next, he checked the stability of his Dao Seal and upon realising that it was completely safe, he became elated. It seemed he would have no trouble refining the Golden Crow’s True Fire to condense his Fire Element. Furthermore, he could clearly feel that the True Fire was Seventh Order at the very least.


He had never come across other Seventh-Order materials before, but he had seen a Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold in the Golden Crow Divine Palace. The aura of the Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold from back then was even weaker than the Golden Crow’s True Fire, which gave Yang Kai a rough estimate of the True Fire’s potential.


It had only been a year since he arrived in the Outer Universe, but he already had a chance to refine his Fire Element. It could be said that he was extremely fortunate.


Yang Kai stopped thinking over the options the Proprietress had given him and instead recalled Zhang Qi saying that everything else, be it money, women, or status, came second to personal strength.


It was extremely difficult to find materials that were Seventh-Order and above, and since he was an ambitious man, Yang Kai was determined to make it to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in a single bound. Now that the chance was right in front of him, he would not let it slip through his fingers. In fact, he wasn’t really tempted by the offers the Proprietress had provided him in the first place. Even if she could give him an even greater offer, he would rather give all that up in order to condense his Fire Element.


In just a short moment, the Wood Element had restored the wounds caused by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, so Yang Kai took a deep breath and pressed his palm against the Golden Crow’s carcass. Then, he activated his Dao Seal and drew the True Fire into his body again.


After the dark flame was drawn out, it engulfed Yang Kai’s arm; however, thanks to the suppression of his Wood Element, the flame couldn’t harm him one bit.


Half a day later, Yang Kai reluctantly left the Six Fated Paths Bag. It wasn’t that he had finished condensing his Fire Element, but rather that he couldn’t possibly accomplish this in one go. Moreover, he had absorbed enough of Golden Crow’s True Fire on this day to feel bloated, so he needed to refine it before he could continue. Also, he was worried that the Proprietress would barge into his room all of a sudden. If she found out that he had been secretly absorbing the True Fire, she wouldn’t let him off.


For the next few days, the Proprietress would visit him regularly to discuss the carcass. Yang Kai didn’t intend to pass it to her now, so he would appear tempted for a while before chasing her away. Nevertheless, he could feel that the Proprietress’ patience was running out. For the past two days, she had appeared disgruntled when discussing the issue with him. Every time before she left, she would land a kick on Yang Kai’s shin, and since he wasn’t nearly strong enough, he was unable to dodge the attack despite knowing it was coming.


Yang Kai was fairly quick when it came to absorbing the Golden Crow’s True Fire, as with the protection of the Wood Element from the Immortal Tree, he could practically devour large amounts of True Fire without worry. If anyone else had witnessed this, they would surely be astonished.


In the entire Outer Universe, no one could condense such a violent Flame Element in such a short period of time. They would need to spend a few years or even decades to slowly tame and then refine it in order to achieve this.


Without the Wood Element from the Immortal Tree, Yang Kai wouldn’t have dared to be so reckless. It was only thanks to the tree’s power that he could absorb the amount of Golden Crow’s True Fire in a day that others would take a few months to.


As time passed, a fact gradually became clear to him. At his current speed, it would take him another ten days to fill his Dao Seal’s requirement. By then, he wouldn’t need to absorb the True Fire anymore as he would have enough to condense his Fire Element.


Ten days were the key to his success; however, the Proprietress had become impatient, so she clearly wouldn’t give him so much time. Fortunately, the Proprietress would visit him at roughly the same time every day, so his secret hadn’t been exposed yet.


On this day, Yang Kai leapt out of the Six Fated Paths Bag before the Proprietress’ arrival. One hour after he started meditating, he could hear someone knocking on the door.


Apparently, it must be the Proprietress again. A helpless Yang Kai got to his feet and opened the door, only to see the Proprietress standing outside the room demurely. What surprised him was that she wasn’t alone this time. She had brought someone with her.




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  1. If an Open Heaven Realm Master contained a complete world within their body, then after Yang Kai reaches that level, he cannot enter his own Small World. His alternative is to absorb the Small World into his new world.

    1. I suspect by then his space mastery would allow him to both improve the bead and to control the world within himself. That is provided he won’t integrate the bead into his own world.

  2. A few chapters ago, Yang Kai said he risked his life for stuff and luck had nothing to do with it. Ha! Indeed. Anyway, I was expecting the comparison of what Yang Kai was achieving in a day would normally take people 10 years blah…

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