Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3928, Carrot and Stick


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Standing in front of Yang Kai was a slim yet energetic-looking elderly man. He was clad in a short sleeve shirt and a pair of short pants. With his bony arms and calves exposed, he looked like an ordinary farmer who had just returned from his field.


However, Yang Kai could see that the elderly man had a deep and profound gaze. It was as though he would plunge into it and be drowned in it forever if he stared too long, causing his chest to tighten as he realised that this elderly man was no ordinary Master.


Madam Lan, who had been harassing him recently, stood three steps behind this elderly man as she stared at Yang Kai while gritting her teeth.


“Little friend, do you mind having a chat with me inside?” The elderly man asked with a smile. Despite his gentle tone, he gave off an imposing air that made it impossible for Yang Kai to refuse. Only a person who had been in a position of authority for a long time could give off this kind of feeling, and Yang Kai was familiar with that.


Yang Kai shot a glance at the Proprietress, knowing that he couldn’t reject, before nodding and stepping aside to allow the elderly man to pass.


The elderly man thanked him and shuffled into the room, followed by Madam Lan.


After closing the door, Yang Kai turned to look at Madam Lan and asked doubtfully, “Proprietress, this is…”


With that said, he already had a speculation about the elderly man’s identity.


A solemn Madam Lan replied, “He is the owner of First Inn.”


The elderly man smiled and nodded his head, “My surname is Si Tu, and my given name is Kong.”


His identity was just as Yang Kai had expected. The moment he saw the Proprietress, who was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, standing respectfully behind this elderly man, he could already figure out his identity. Upon Madam Lan’s introduction, he knew that his speculation was right.


Si Tu Kong was the owner of First Inn who always remained behind the scenes. This man must be a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, though Yang Kai wasn’t certain what Order he was in.


“Junior Yang Kai greets Senior Si Tu. Please forgive me for any disrespect I have shown.” Yang Kai cupped his fists before gesturing politely, “Please have a seat.”


Si Tu Kong nodded and directly took a seat while Madam Lan took up a spot behind him.


“Have a seat as well,” Si Tu Kong looked around before motioning to Yang Kai.


Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t dare to sit. Even a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was standing, so he had no right to be seated. As such, he told the elderly man that he wouldn’t dare show such brazenness and was fine with standing.


Si Tu Kong didn’t dwell on the issue and simply continued, “This Old Master has heard about what happened to you. Little friend, do you know how many top Masters have gathered in my inn now?”


“Junior is unaware,” Yang Kai shook his head. He wouldn’t have been surprised if Si Tu Kong directly asked for the Golden Crow carcass, so what the latter had just said baffled him.


Si Tu Kong went on to say, “There are thirty-two Mid-Rank cultivators, and excluding this Old Master, five High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Over twenty First Class and Second Class forces are now represented here.”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded upon hearing this number, knowing that things had truly become serious. So many High-Rank cultivators had come to this tiny inn, which showed just how attractive the Golden Crow carcass was.


After a pause, Si Tu Kong went on to say with a smile, “Do you understand why First Inn can do business here peacefully?”


A puzzled Yang Kai asked, “What does Senior mean?”


Si Tu Kong explained lightly, “Some time ago, you tried to divert everyone’s attention to Xiao Lan by saying that she had taken the carcass from you. Whether or not it was true, everyone would try to ascertain the truth. Xiao Lan is from First Inn, so they wouldn’t dare to make a move against her as they have to show adequate respect to us. So, the best way for them is to pry the information out of you to find out where the carcass truly is before coming up with a plan. However, you’ve stayed here for quite some time, but have you ever been harassed by anyone?”


“No,” Yang Kai shook his head as he could somewhat grasp what the elderly man was trying to say. 


In a probing manner, he asked, “Does Senior mean… I’ve been protected by First Inn?”


Si Tu Kong didn’t directly answer his question as he continued, “Some of those out there are righteous, while some of them are wicked; however, none of them are easy to deal with.” 


Naturally, Si Tu Kong was implying First Inn had been extremely accommodating to Yang Kai.


At this point, the Proprietress spoke, “Yang Kai, although First Inn is fairly powerful, we can’t possibly offend so many people for you. Whether or not you will sell us the carcass, you must give us an answer now.”


Yang Kai looked up at her and asked, “Can you give me more time to think it over?”


The Proprietress frowned, “What else is there to think over?”


Yang Kai braced himself and made an attempt, “Ten days. Please give me ten more days. After that, I’ll give you an answer you can accept.”


The Proprietress shot him a glare, “No. We can’t possibly wait for ten more days. Do you know how much pressure we’ve been under because of you? We’ve already offended many people by fending off those who’ve tried to look for you. Too much can happen in ten days.”


It was pointless for the discussion to go on if Yang Kai couldn’t stall for more time. He reckoned that he would need ten more days to condense the Fire Element and by then, the carcass would be useless to him.


“Three days,” Si Tu Kong suddenly said, “This Old Master will give you three more days to think it over.”


After finishing his words, he didn’t give Yang Kai a chance to speak as he rose from the chair and left directly. This was his ultimatum.


Yang Kai pleaded with them from behind, “Proprietress, Senior, please extend the deadline for me! I might not be able to make up my mind in just three days.”


The Proprietress turned around and snapped, “Then focus on your own safety, and I’m sure you’ll be able to make a sensible choice.” Having said so, she slammed the door shut as though she wanted to lock Yang Kai inside.


After they were gone, Yang Kai appeared crestfallen.


There was no way he could condense his Fire Element in just three days; however, since they had given him the ultimatum, there was no room for negotiation. Three days later, his life would be turned upside down.


Now that he was tight on time, Yang Kai didn’t dare to waste any time despite his worries. After turning on the room’s barrier again, he plunged into the Six Fated Paths Bag.


For the next three days, Yang Kai repeatedly entered the bag to absorb the Golden Crow’s True Fire, not even caring if he was overburdened. Although he had sped up his progress, more time was still needed to fill up his Dao Seal.


After three days, the Proprietress stepped into the room again. This time, Si Tu Kong didn’t come with her, which was expected. Although the Golden Crow carcass was priceless, it was just material in the end. As a High-Rank Open Heaven Master, he had shown enough regard for the carcass by coming all the way here in person, so the Proprietress could handle the rest.


Inside the room, the Proprietress stared at Yang Kai and declared, “Owner has said that if you can give me the carcass, our two offers will not change and we’ll even grant you both at the same time. In addition, before you enter the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, we will ensure your safety so that no one can harm you.”


The benefits had more than doubled for Yang Kai just like that. Previously, although the offers given by the Proprietress were attractive, Yang Kai could only choose one of them, which didn’t seem generous enough. Now, he could get both offers at the same time. Honestly speaking, any Emperor Realm Master would have agreed to it when tempted in such a way.


However, Yang Kai had already made a resolution that he wanted to become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, and he had discovered that he could absorb Golden Crow’s True Fire. That was the reason he didn’t agree.


Now, a bright future was within his grasp. If he agreed to this deal at this point, he would lose an opportunity to reach the peak of the Martial Dao. He didn’t want to regret a rash decision on this day in the future.


“I believe no other great force can provide you with such offers. Smelly brat, if you still refuse, I’ll have no other choice.”


Yang Kai replied, “I can feel how sincere First Inn and Senior Si Tu are, but…”


“Enough of this nonsense! Just tell me whether you agree or not!” The Proprietress cut him off as she was fed up with his stalling.


There was apparently no room for discussion as she appeared determined. Yang Kai clenched his teeth and said, “Good, I agree.”


Madam Lan was startled for a moment before she became elated, “Good, it seems you do know your place.”


“But, can you give me a few days more?”


Her face fell as she examined him doubtfully, “What are you up to? Since you’ve agreed already, why do you want to wait for a few days more?”


“I can’t tell you because it’s a private matter,” Yang Kai said calmly, which infuriated her, “However, I can assure you that I’ll give you the carcass after that.”


He thought that he could stall for more time by saying so, but Madam Lan shook her head decisively, “Even if we can wait, others aren’t so patient.” She gave him a meaningful look, “You’d better prepare yourself.”


Then, she turned around and left.


Yang Kai chased after her and called out from behind, but she didn’t respond to him. Right after he stepped out of the room, he froze on the spot because, at that instant, dozens of powerful Divine Senses locked onto him, creating a pressure like several worlds were piling on top of him, making him feel small and insignificant.


Yang Kai shuddered and hurriedly returned to his room. After a gulp, he still appeared to be reeling from shock. Recently, he had been hiding inside his room so although he knew that many top cultivators had gathered together outside, he never understood just how serious the situation was as he had never seen them. It wasn’t until this moment that he realised what it felt like to be surrounded by so many top Masters.


In this situation, he could only be safe by staying inside his room. It was too dangerous outside. While he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly felt that something was off. After looking around, he almost couldn’t stop himself from cursing. That was because the barrier around his room had been deactivated. Obviously, it was Madam Lan’s doing. Normally, he could use his room token to control the barrier here, but as the First Inn Proprietress, Madam Lan naturally had the ability to interfere, and of course she could override his commands.


In other words, since Madam Lan had turned off the barrier around his room, he could not turn it on again.


Right after the barrier lost its effect, he could feel dozens of Divine Senses targeting him. Without the protection of the barrier, those Divine Senses penetrated the room and thoroughly examined him.


At that instant, he felt cold all over his body, and all his bodily hair was standing on end.


With a creak, the door was pushed open as a burly-looking young man appeared at the door and grinned at Yang Kai.


A horrified Yang Kai called out nervously, “Who are you?”


The young man entered the room without any hesitation, a thick Demon Qi swirling around him, which made him look extremely wicked. In an impassive manner, he said, “You don’t have to know who this King is. I’ll only ask you one question, so you’d best be honest with me.”


Without a pause, he went on to say, “Is the Golden Crow carcass still with you? Or has Madam Lan snatched it?”




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  1. Yang Kai’s own demon qi just suddenly disappeared, yes it won’t matter because no other race besides Dragons cared about their own, but maybe might do a slight change if he still has it.

  2. It’s not actually nonsense. As Subbota said, they care about their reputation to be tainted. The problem is YK when given an inch he asks for a yard, then a meter till a mile. If I was in that inn owner’s shoes being pressured by many strong others, I’ll give YK a lesson as well like what they did now deactivating his protection.

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