Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3929, The Light at the End of the Tunnel


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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This was the question everyone was trying to figure out. It was difficult for them to pry the information out of the Proprietress, so Yang Kai could be the point of breakthrough, and it was easier to make a move on him. However, Yang Kai had been sheltered by First Inn previously, so they couldn’t interrogate him. Now that First Inn had made their stance clear, they had no more worries.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t give him an honest answer; however, just when he was pondering on whether he should lie, he realised that he couldn’t even have that idea. The young man in front of him who was surrounded by Demon Qi seemed able to see through his thoughts, making it impossible to deceive him.


Was this the pressure from a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master? When Yang Kai faced Si Tu Kong, the latter didn’t give him this kind of pressure; however, in front of this young man, he realised that even breathing seemed to be a luxury.


Cold sweat streamed down his forehead as he turned to look at the young man with difficulty. There was a faint smile on the young man’s face as he gazed dispassionately at Yang Kai. It was as if a giant ferocious beast was behind him, ready to gobble him up at any moment.


Yang Kai’s entire body trembled and his bones cracked as he was engulfed in the aura of death.


[I’ll die!] The murderous intent wafting from the young man made Yang Kai realise that if he couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer, this guy would make a move on him.


At the most critical moment, Yang Kai had no other choice as he roared and snuck into the Six Fated Paths Bag.


He didn’t have a choice as he wouldn’t dare to expose the Sealed World Bead, and it was useless to use Instantaneous Movement. By hiding inside the bag, he could stand a chance to catch his breath; however, what he had done was no different from a turtle hiding inside its shell or drinking poison to quench his thirst.


The moment Yang Kai disappeared, the young man arched his brow and cried out, “The Golden Crow!”


Following that, he extended his hand towards the bag. As soon as the bag was opened earlier, he could detect the Golden Crow’s aura, which immediately made him realise that the carcass was still in Yang Kai’s hands.


He was swift, but other people’s movements were even quicker. While the bag was still in mid-air, the shadows of several hands appeared out of thin air as they too reached for it.


The young man cackled, “What a shameless bunch!” Suddenly, his Demon Qi surged and exploded outwards, causing the furniture in the room to turn into dust. The young man shot forward like a Flood Dragon that had dashed out of the ocean.


*Hong hong hong…*


World Force clashed as many top cultivators traded moves in the void at that instant while grunts could be heard from time to time.


Following a loud crash, the inn, which had stood in the void for thousands of years, collapsed. Dozens of figures shot out in different directions, all of them descending into an intense battle as they showcased their Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities.


With a livid expression, Madam Lan was hovering somewhere in the void as she gazed at where the inn formerly stood. Gritting her teeth, she held Bai Qi in one hand and the accountant in the other hand as a cold aura swirled around her.


Bai Qi opened his mouth so wide that a fist could be stuffed into it. The incident happened so suddenly that he had yet to come to his senses. It wasn’t until this moment that he exclaimed, “Proprietress, they’ve destroyed our inn!”


The accountant widened his eyes, “What should we do?”


Since First Inn’s inception, no one had dared to make such a scene here. Those who had the guts to do so were all killed afterwards; however, the people making a fuss here were different. Some of the great forces they represented weren’t afraid of First Inn at all. The inn was practically gone for good as no one would compensate them in any way; after all, the owner of First Inn had also made a move.


“Smelly brat, I’ll skin you alive for this!” Madam Lan said through clenched teeth.


If it weren’t because Yang Kai kept hiding the carcass from them, the inn wouldn’t have suffered such a calamity. If he had given up the carcass earlier, none of this would’ve happened. Now that things had become serious, no one knew how to handle the situation.


Six High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were trading moves in the void as the Six Fated Paths Bag flew back and forth amongst them. Even Madam Lan couldn’t interfere in a battle of this level, so she could only watch from afar.


The Mid-Rank cultivators from the Second Class forces were doing the same. After some of them suffered serious wounds while attempting to snatch the bag, they all backed off. Knowing that the Golden Crow carcass would eventually fall into the hands of one of those High-Rank Masters, they stopped wasting time and energy.


Even though the carcass was invaluable, it was still not worth risking their lives for.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai, who had been hiding in the bag, was having quite a peaceful time. Although the High-Rank cultivators’ moves were world-shaking, they still tried their best to protect the bag. That was because they knew that if the bag was destroyed, the carcass inside it would most likely be lost to the Void. By then, it would be impossible for them to look for it.


Yang Kai secretly opened a gap and released his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings, but before he could detect anything, he felt an excruciating pain in his head as his Divine Sense was shredded by the violent force.


At that moment, he seemed to have caught a glimpse of the top Masters trading moves.


Upon seeing that, he was dumbfounded. Earlier, he was forced to sneak into the bag because he was threatened by that young man with thick Demon Qi, and he had no idea what happened next. He reckoned that the top Masters in the inn must have started trying to snatch the bag.


Yang Kai wondered whose hands the bag would fall into in the end, and what his end would be.


At this point, he secretly hoped that Si Tu Kong could get his hands on the bag. At the very least, Si Tu Kong seemed to be a reasonable person who was willing to negotiate with him. On the other hand, Demon Qi could be seen swirling around the young man, so it was apparent that he was a malevolent fellow. If he managed to snatch the bag, Yang Kai expected his end to be miserable.


It was impossible for Yang Kai to leap out of the bag now as the mere fallout from the ongoing battle would be enough to vaporize him.


As he heaved a sigh, Yang Kai felt a throbbing headache. He wasn’t used to this feeling of leaving his life at the mercy of others. However, he was still far away from the Open Heaven Realm as he needed to gather the Power of the Yin-Yang Five Elements first. 


All of a sudden, an idea crossed his mind as he realised that the man that was surrounded by Demon Qi could possibly come from Myriad Demons Heaven. Duan Hai had mentioned that Myriad Demons Heavens was one of the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens, which were the top great forces in the Outer Universe. Yang Kai also wondered if Mo Sheng had originally come from Myriad Demons Heaven.


While he was deep in his stray thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and stared fixedly at the Golden Crow carcass, whereupon a crazy glint flashed across his eyes.


With these High-Rank Masters trying to snatch the bag, it would surely take them a long time before a winner emerged. For a battle at this level, it might even take a whole year before the dust settled.


That was enough time for Yang Kai to condense his Fire Element. At the thought of this, he became elated. Previously, he had attempted to stall for more time, but the Proprietress didn’t give him a chance. The light at the end of the tunnel came into sight in the most unexpected way.


In fact, he wouldn’t need such a long time. Just five or six days was enough for him to fill up his Dao Seal with enough True Fire to refine his Fire Element. By then, the carcass wouldn’t be useful to him anymore regardless of how precious it was.


It had never crossed Yang Kai’s mind that a move he was forced to make would lead to a chance for him to achieve his goal.


Without hesitation, he hurriedly sealed off the Six Fated Paths Bag. This move was futile as the High-Rank cultivators could easily break the seal if they wanted to open the bag; however, it would be enough for Yang Kai to disguise his activities. He absolutely couldn’t let them find out that he was secretly absorbing the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Next, he sat down with his legs crossed in front of the carcass and placed his hand on the beast’s forehead. Upon activating the power of his Dao Seal, Yang Kai began drawing the True Fire into his body.


As time passed, the scuffle outside the bag continued. No one could have expected that an Emperor Realm Junior would have the guts to make such a move while several High-Rank Open Heaven Masters were fighting for the bag he was hiding in.


One day, two days, three days… The Fire Element in Yang Kai’s Dao Seal was slowly filled up as he was finally able to set his mind at ease. Gradually, he forgot the situation he was in as he focused everything on condensing his Fire Element.


There came a moment when the Dao Seal was completely filled with Fire Element and could no longer absorb the Golden Crow’s True Fire. It was only then that Yang Kai came to his senses, knowing that he had successfully condensed his Fire Element.


Next, he probed the carcass and realised that there was still some True Fire left; however, it was already much weaker than it was in the past. He wasn’t even sure if it was enough for another person to condense their Fire Element.


However, that had nothing to do with him anymore as he was content with the rewards he had reaped for his adventure. Even if someone took the carcass from him without giving him any benefits now, Yang Kai wouldn’t mind. The only question for him was how he could escape from this crisis.


It wasn’t like he could stay inside the bag forever as he had to face the consequences of his actions sooner or later. Moreover, he wasn’t sure whose hands the bag would ultimately fall into. He secretly hoped that Si Tu Kong would obtain the bag, but what if someone else successfully snatched it?


Yang Kai had the intention of finding out what had been going on outside the bag, but he still remembered the horrifying feeling of his Divine Sense being ripped apart previously.


After hesitating for a long time, he made up his mind and gritted his teeth. Then, he opened up the barrier and secretly released his Divine Sense.


He was prepared to get his Divine Sense torn apart again, but after a glance, he realised that the situation outside the bag was different from what he had imagined.


The battle between the High-Rank Masters had clearly ended as it was all serene in the void. He could sense that only a small number of people were left in this place and there was now a chessboard set up in the void. Si Tu Kong was seated on one side of the chessboard while the young man Yang Kai suspected of being from Myriad Demons Heaven was seated across from him. To the side, there were also some people with profound auras.


The Proprietress, Bai Qi, the accountant, and the shop hands from First Inn were standing behind Si Tu Kong.


[What’s going on?] Yang Kai was baffled.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Si Tu Kong suddenly said, “Come out now. Do you think you can hide inside that bag forever?” As he spoke, he shot an impassive look towards Yang Kai. 


Although they were separated by the bag’s seal, Yang Kai could still feel that the elderly man was able to look deep into his Soul.




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  1. I wonder if just refining the elements makes him stronger. It doesn’t feel like he became much stronger after refining the wood element, but he also didn’t fight much since then.
    Because if it doesn’t, then someone with 6 9th Order elements would be weaker than a 1st order open heaven, but after refining one more element he would be among the strongest, which would be a pretty absurd jump in strength

      1. But that was not from the wood element in the dao seal, but from the immortal tree. It was explicitly said that he lost that regeneration ability when he refined the tree as his wood element for his dao seal

        1. He lost the ability to recreate his body after dying, but he instead gained a big boost to his regenerative abilities. So it’s not like the wood element isn’t doing anything. Also saying that’s not the woof element, it’s the immortal tree doesn’t make sense, since his wood element is the immortal tree. I think the item you choose to refine your element has a big effect on your element, in other words not everyone’s wood elements would be the same. This is just my theory though, we will have to see more.

    1. I think he does get stronger get with each element he refines. With the wood element his vitality and regenerative abilities went up alot at the very least. Which is huge boost in my opinion. Now that he absorbed a high order fire element this shood boost his offensive abilities. With every other element he absorbs he should get stronger. Obviously one of his biggest power ups will vote once he absorbs 5 elements and becomes a half step open heaven realm.

  2. I’ve almost gotten used to dumbass Yang Kai and forgotten the old glory days of master schemer Yang Kai
    but this Golden Crow arc has really tried my patience. It’s one thing to act on a whim in the moment but to
    go days without any serious planning or preparation just feels incompetent.

    1. Also, he promised them 10 days. Was fending off the people for 10 more days not easier than having the inn destroyed and fighting over it like this? What exactly did they plan to achieve by forcing him?

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