Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3933, Nine Nether Heavenly Mountain


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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While the Proprietress was watching Yang Kai, the corners of his eyes twitched as he picked up the wine jug and filled the cup for her. The Proprietress, who was lying on the wooden bed, then extended her slender hand.


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he laughed in exasperation, “Why are you so lazy?”


She was obviously trying to make things difficult for him; however, since he was unable to defeat her, he had no choice but to present the cup to her. A straightforward Proprietress gulped down the wine and rubbed the cup with her fingers, then she shot him a glance, “Are you unhappy with it?”


Yang Kai looked up at the ceiling, “I wouldn’t dare to. Since I’m in your hands now, you can even kill me as you please.”


The Proprietress put on a smile, “Just say it out loud that you’re not happy. There’s nothing to be bashful about.”


Knowing that she loved to mock, Yang Kai decided to ignore her lest she became even smugger.


A languid Proprietress went on to say, “First Inn is famous throughout the entire Outer Universe, and many people are unable to join our inn even if they want to. Many people are jealous of you because you’ve managed to join us. Smelly brat, you should count your blessings.”


Yang Kai turned to look at her and put on a hollow laugh.


Staring at him, the Proprietress said, “You’re my subordinate now. Are you sure you want to treat me with such an attitude?”


An exasperated Yang Kai replied, “What kind of attitude do you expect from me, then?”


She replied, “I don’t need you to be obsequious to me, but you have to respect me at the very least. If others see you treating me in such a way, how am I supposed to discipline them?”


“This is just the way I was born.”


The Proprietress snorted, obviously displeased with his attitude; however, she didn’t reprimand him as she fell silent for a moment, “Where’s your home?”


“I can’t tell you.”


“How many family members do you have?”


“I can’t tell you.”


After getting the same reply over and over again, the Proprietress lost her patience as she waved her hand, “Go back now.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned around to leave.


The Proprietress could be heard saying from behind, “From now on, you’ll be responsible for sending me three meals a day and cleaning my room.”


Yang Kai turned around to stare at her, only to see that she had hung her head low and fallen into a dazed state as she held the cup in her hand, as though she was pondering on something. He wasn’t sure if it was just an illusion, but the Proprietress in such a state made him feel that she was a frail woman, unlike the imposing Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that she usually was.


Gritting his teeth, he replied in a hushed voice, “Understood.”


Then, he returned to his room, and before he even sat down, Bai Qi pushed the door open, entered the room, and closed the door, his stealthy behaviour that of a thief as he whispered, “Did Proprietress make things difficult for you?”


Hearing that, Yang Kai landed a palm on the table and bellowed, “She goes too far!”


A shocked Bai Qi hurriedly took the other man’s arm, “What are you doing? Keep it down!” He was puzzled as to why Yang Kai was incensed, “Why are you mad? What happened?”


Yang Kai replied, “You have no idea how unreasonable she was. She wants me to send her three meals a day and keep her room clean. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she won’t lose her life even if she’s starved for a thousand years, but now, she wants three meals a day? What a joke! I’ve never served a woman before in my life! She’s clearly retaliating against me by making things difficult for me!”


Bai Qi persuaded him by saying, “That’s not true. The Proprietress has nothing against you, so I don’t think she’d intentionally make things difficult for you. She might appear to be sharp-tongued, but she’s actually a soft-hearted person. You’ll get to know her better after spending some time with her.”


Yang Kai sneered, “I’m afraid that she’ll torture me to death first.”


Bai Qi smiled helplessly, “There’s no way that’s going to happen…”


“Forget it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him as he clenched his teeth, “Since she wants to mess with me, I’ll gladly accept the challenge. Let’s see who will be the last one standing.”


Life was peaceful for everyone in the following days. Although the Outer Universe was paved with danger, no one in the 3,000 Worlds had the guts to attack a First Inn ship as its markings were fairly distinct.


Yang Kai was busy every day as he had to send three meals a day to the Proprietress on time, and he would also have to retrieve the dishes and tableware after a while. He wasn’t even sure if the Proprietress had eaten anything as the dishes looked the same as when he sent them into her room.


Although he was frustrated, he still carried out his task in silence and didn’t speak to the Proprietress.


A few days passed just like that when one day, Yang Kai was meditating in his room when Bai Qi entered without permission again and stuffed an exquisite bamboo basket into his hands.


“What’s this?” Yang Kai asked.


Bai Qi explained, “In one hour, we’ll pass by a Universe World called Nine Nether Continent. There’s a place called Heavenly Mountain there. Go over and look for their Sect Master. After passing the basket to him, your job will be done.”


“Am I going there alone?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Bai Qi nodded, “En, you’ll be going there on your own. Come back quickly after you’re done with the task. Don’t mess this up.” Without waiting for Yang Kai to speak, he shuffled out of the room upon finishing his words.


Yang Kai was puzzled as he held the basket in his hand. With a frown, he pondered on the issue for some time, but he still couldn’t understand what was going on. Then, he examined the basket and didn’t find anything special about it. Although the basket was delicately weaved, there was no powerful barrier around it or any kind of imposing aura radiating from it; hence, it was clearly not an artifact. Instead, it looked just like the average basket that a mortal could use to carry stuff.


[Nine Nether Continent, Heavenly Mountain…] Yang Kai memorised the names.


After one hour, the ship, which had been flying non-stop for days, abruptly came to a halt. Yang Kai stepped out of his room and looked around from the deck, whereupon a magnificent Universe World from a distance came into sight. Despite the long distance, he could still feel the universe’s aura wafting around him.


[I suppose that’s Nine Nether Continent.] Upon that realisation, Yang Kai clenched the basket and flew off.


The distance between the ship and the continent was just right, half an hour exactly. Yang Kai arrived at the Universe World, and after breaking through the World Barrier, he descended upon the continent.


It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai visited a different Universe World. When those from Seven Wonders Land hunted Fang Tai down, he had the opportunity to experience the customs of a different Universe World. The world before Yang Kai’s eyes seemed to be more powerful than the one he had previously visited, on par with the Star Boundary at its peak.


At the very least, after he broke through the World Barrier and arrived at this world, he immediately felt some strong Divine Senses scanning him.


He was Void Great Emperor in the Star Boundary, so Yang Kai was quite familiar with such auras, knowing that it was the reaction from the Great Emperors of this world who had detected a top cultivator’s aura. That was the reason he felt his chest tightening. Although he was already much stronger than when he had just ascended to become a Great Emperor, he was currently in someone else’s territory. While those Great Emperors had the support of this Universe World, he had lost the Star Boundary’s protection, so the power he could use was limited. If he really got into a scuffle with those Great Emperors here, he would suffer a setback even if he was a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


While Yang Kai was pondering on how he should reveal his identity and purpose of visit, those powerful Divine Senses vanished into thin air.


One of the Divine Senses even showed him some kindness before disappearing, which caused Yang Kai to be puzzled.


While he was wondering what was going on, he saw a figure rapidly approaching from a distance. Following that, an old and gentle voice was heard saying, “Heavenly Mountain Sect Master, Bao Ze Tong, greets Special Envoy. Forgive me for not attending to you earlier.”


The elderly man was still in the distance when he uttered his first word, but by the time he finished, he was already standing in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai lifted his head, only to see a burly old man with a ruddy complexion smiling at him. The old man didn’t look like anything special, but Yang Kai could sense a familiar aura coming from him. Apparently, the old man was a Great Emperor of this world, and judging from his aura, he figured this old man was the one who showed him kindness earlier.


Yang Kai hadn’t expected that the Sect Master of Heavenly Mountain would be a Great Emperor, but that made things easier for him. He was just thinking about whether he should ask around to find out where Heavenly Mountain was, but now that the Sect Master had personally come over to meet him, it saved him the trouble.


However, why did this old man just call him ‘Special Envoy’? Suppressing his doubts, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Yang Kai greets Sect Master Bao. Sect Master Bao is too polite.”


Regardless of what Universe World they were in, only a small number of people could become Great Emperors by obtaining the World’s Recognition and Will. Although Bao Ze Tong appeared ordinary, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to show any disrespect when he was in someone else’s home.


“So it is Envoy Yang!” The smile on Bao Ze Tong’s face was amiable, “You’ve put this old man to shame having achieved such powerful cultivation at such a young age.”


“Many thanks for your compliment, Sect Master Bao,” Yang Kai replied politely before moving the conversation along, “To be honest with you, I’m here to look for you, but I don’t know the reason behind it. Can you tell me why you called me a Special Envoy?”


With a smile, Bao Ze Tong pointed at the basket in the young man’s hand, “The person holding this basket is the Special Envoy.”


Upon that realisation, Yang Kai looked down at the basket, “Things are easier now since you can recognise the basket.” It was no wonder that the Sect Master would come over right after he arrived at this place, that was because Bao Ze Tong could recognise the basket. Yang Kai even thought that Bai Qi had informed this elderly man about their visit beforehand.


Bao Ze Tong said, “Let’s go somewhere else for a chat. Come with me.” Then, he stepped forward and apologised to Yang Kai before grabbing the young man’s arm. The next instant, Yang Kai realised that everything around him seemed to be moving rapidly.


Seeing that, he knew that it must be a Divine Ability exclusive to these Great Emperors. Any Great Emperor born on the Nine Nether Continent could go anywhere as they pleased. This was different from his Space Secret Technique, but had a similar effect.


After just a short moment, the pair appeared before a splendid palace. Many cultivators had been waiting here and seeing the duo, they cried in unison, “Greetings, Sect Master, Special Envoy.”


Their voices were loud, and since so many of them had gathered together, it was apparent that they were well prepared. In response, Yang Kai cupped his fists at them. 


A woman in an imperial dress emerged from the crowd and saluted Yang Kai before extending her hands.


Yang Kai turned to gaze at Bao Ze Tong with an inquisitive look on his face, with the latter replying with a smile, “Your basket.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai immediately passed the basket to the woman and nodded, “Many thanks.”


He had no idea what the basket was for as Bai Qi had not explained it to him; however, those from Heavenly Mountain were obviously aware of its purpose. In that case, he didn’t need to ask any questions as he just had to pass the basket to them.




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