Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3935, Smelly Brat, It’s You


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The Proprietress remained unfazed on the wooden bed, so after waiting for a moment, Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned around to leave.


Upon returning to his room, he sat down with his legs crossed and started adjusting his breathing. Now, he had condensed the Fire Element in his Dao Seal. Although its Order did meet his expectations, he needed more time to stabilise it. This was not a process that could be rushed.


Furthermore, he wasn’t even sure where to look for an Earth Element material, so he reckoned that he’d stabilise the Element he had just obtained while he was waiting.


He could clearly feel that the Fire Element in his Dao Seal contained an aura that could burn down all existence. This kind of power was horrifying when used against enemies, but unfortunately, the features of Golden Crow’s True Fire were too conspicuous. It was different from his Wood Element, which mainly worked internally, so others wouldn’t notice it. His Fire Element might be exposed if he was not careful, and if that happened, it would be hard for him to explain himself.


Therefore, Yang Kai secretly decided that unless he was left with no choice, he wouldn’t activate the Fire Element in his Dao Seal. Just like his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, this power had become one of his hidden trump cards.


Two points of light, one green, one black, continued swirling around in his Dao Seal, forming an abstruse picture.


While he was meditating, Yang Kai suddenly heard a strange voice, which prompted him to open his eyes and carefully listen. The voice was indistinct at first, but after listening to it for a while, he realized that it was a woman who was weeping; however, the cry sounded suppressed. If it weren’t because Yang Kai’s senses had become sensitive due to the fact that he was fully focused, he wouldn’t have heard it at all.


Why was a woman heard crying in this expansive void all of a sudden? Furthermore, her voice sounded mournful, as though she had experienced some kind of deep, sorrowful tragedy. At that instant, Yang Kai had goosebumps all over his body.


He wanted to ignore it at first, but the voice just wouldn’t stop reaching his ears, which made it impossible for him to focus on his meditation. With a frown, he got to his feet and pushed the door open before looking for the source of the voice.


A moment later, he stood on the deck of the ship and looked up at the room on the top floor, thoroughly astounded. The woman’s cry was clearly coming from the room on the top floor; in other words, it was the Proprietress who was weeping.


Yang Kai thought that he had sensed it wrongly. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the Proprietress could be considered one of the top cultivators in the entire 3,000 Worlds, so how was it possible that she’d be secretly sobbing? However, the voice was indeed coming from the top floor.


“Serves you right!” Yang Kai snorted. He had been tormented by the Proprietress for the past few days, and although he had no idea why she was so sorrowful, the sobbing was like music to his ears, causing him to feel gleeful.


After listening to it for a while, he folded his hands behind his back and returned to his room in a calm and collected manner. At that moment, he no longer felt so irritated about what had happened these past few days.


One day later, Yang Kai, who was meditating on his bed, appeared incensed as he looked up at the ceiling with clenched teeth. [Is she not done yet?] He wondered what this crazy woman had come across that made her cry for the entire day. Although she was just secretly sobbing, she still unintentionally affected the others around her due to her powerful cultivation. Yang Kai was unable to keep calm and meditate, which was why he was currently grinding his teeth in annoyance.


Exasperated, he leapt off the bed, and a moment later, he appeared in front of the Proprietress’ room and knocked on the door, “Proprietress! Proprietress!”


She didn’t respond to him, but her sobbing was still heard coming from the room.


“I’m entering now,” Yang Kai said and directly pushed the door open.


After entering the inner room, he took a glance at his surroundings as his face twitched. The room, which was originally spotless, had become a mess with fruit pits scattered everywhere. All the tables and chairs had been turned upside down, and a thick smell of alcohol permeated the air.


Then, he looked to the side, only to see that half of the fruits in the basket were gone. Apparently, the Proprietress had eaten them; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many fruit pits on the floor.


Yang Kai wondered how the Proprietress managed to eat these fruits since they were so bitter and sour. 


Following that, he turned to look at the wooden bed and frowned. In the corner of the bed, the Proprietress had her arms wrapped around her legs, and she had buried her head between her knees. As she was sobbing, her shoulders could be seen shaking.


Yang Kai had never expected to see such a sight. At this moment, the First Inn Proprietress looked so frail that it was as though she was a small kitten with no place to call home.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly affected by this scene and secretly heaved a sigh. What had happened to her? Why did she end up in such a state? It seemed she was a woman in the end; despite her incredible strength, she would still be vulnerable at times.


At that instant, he no longer took pleasure in her misfortune as he began putting the tables and chairs straight while cleaning up the fruit pits and empty wine bottles.


After he was done with that, he stood in front of the wooden bed and gave it a thought. However, he still had no idea how to console her mainly because he didn’t know what had happened to cause all this. Thus, he sighed and clapped the Proprietress’ shoulder, “Proprietress, misfortune is a part of life. Let go of the past and stop crying.”


The Proprietress, who was sobbing, lifted her head and gazed at him. As their eyes met, the corners of his eyes twitched.


Presently, the Proprietress appeared extremely sorrowful as her alluring eyes were as swollen as a pair of peaches. Her face was covered in tears, and there were still teardrops wetting her long eyelashes. Moreover, her face had turned scarlet. By just looking at her, one could understand what it meant to be heartbroken.


Yang Kai forced a harmless smile as he looked down at her. The Proprietress’ vision slowly focused, and her frailty was soon replaced by ferocity as she pressed her lips together and then said through clenched teeth, “Smelly Brat, it’s you!”


“Huh?” Yang Kai instinctively had a bad premonition. It seemed that the Proprietress was thoroughly intoxicated, but how could a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master even get drunk?


“How dare you come back!?” The Proprietress questioned resentfully, her gaze filled with tears and grievance.


“What?” Yang Kai was no completely baffled.


The next instant, he felt a grip on his arm. He lowered his gaze, only to see that the Proprietress had clenched his arm as a violent force gushed into his body. At that moment, his expression changed drastically as he felt like he was a leaf that had dropped onto a raging ocean. He was completely unable to use his energy, and faced with the imminent storm, he could only be resigned to fate.


He hadn’t expected that the power of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be so horrifying. While he was still shocked and dumbfounded, the Proprietress exerted more force with her hand and hurled him away, which caused him to fall to the ground with a loud crash.


Following that, she leapt off the wooden bed and pressed one hand against his chest to make sure that he was unable to resist; then, with her other hand and two legs, she attacked him like raindrops falling from the sky. As she beat him up, she bellowed, “Little bastard, how dare you come back! How did you even have the gall to show your face here? Why didn’t you just get yourself killed out there? Why did you have to come back?”


Loud booms continuously rang out. Initially, Yang Kai was still able to parry her attacks, but he was soon overwhelmed. Left with no choice, he curled up on the ground and covered his face with his hands as he silently endured the unfathomable assault.


A long time later, the Proprietress seemingly became exhausted as she fell on her backside. While she was weakly thumping Yang Kai, she started bawling again.


Anyone would understand that she was truly heartbroken by just hearing her cry. Her tears streamed down her face like pearls slipping off a string as though she had suffered immense grievances.


Yang Kai lifted his head with a hideous expression, he wanted to curse, but upon seeing that she was in such a state, he couldn’t bring himself to. Resentfully, he questioned, “Crazy woman, why did you beat me up?”


He was well-meaning in his intent, coming all the way here to console her, but he had never expected that she would pin him to the floor and beat him. The fury in his heart couldn’t be alleviated no matter what.


In an abrupt manner, the Proprietress stopped crying. While her tears were still sliding down her face, she stared at Yang Kai and questioned darkly, “Did you just scold me?” 


Her vision appeared blurred, so it was apparent that she wasn’t sober yet.


“So what if I scolded you?” Yang Kai yelled. Although he couldn’t defeat her, it didn’t mean he would meekly submit either, “Crazy woman! Crazy woman! Crazy woman!”


The Proprietress stared fixedly at him and put on a smile all of a sudden. Then, she wrapped one hand around his neck and pulled him towards herself, then she rubbed his head with her free hand, “Smelly Brat, you’re still the same!”


No one had ever rubbed Yang Kai’s head in such a way before, so he felt somewhat humiliated. Although he clenched his teeth and attempted to struggle out of her grip, he was unable to do so as he was going up against a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Since you’re back, don’t ever leave again! Come drink with me!” The Proprietress yelled as she grabbed a wine jar. Regardless of whether Yang Kai was willing to drink with her or not, she clenched his jaw and lifted his head a little before pouring the wine into his mouth.


The cold liquid slid down Yang Kai’s throat, and he immediately felt a burning sensation overwhelm him. In just a moment, a full bottle of wine had been poured into his stomach.


The next instant, Yang Kai felt like his stomach was on fire and he began seeing stars. His only thought was that this wine was ridiculously strong. Even someone like him, who possessed a Dragon Vein, became intoxicated immediately, so it was no wonder that the Proprietress was fully inebriated.


This was obviously no ordinary wine.


“I’m so happy you’re back. Don’t ever leave me again.” The Proprietress was laughing and crying at the same time, so it wasn’t certain what had gotten into her. After making Yang Kai chug a bottle of wine, she picked up a Heavenly Snow Fruit and stuffed it into his mouth, “It’s your favourite. Eat up,” she muttered.


[No! I don’t like such bitter and sour fruit!] Yang Kai wanted to resist, but his body had turned limp because of the wine and his vision had become blurred, so the entire fruit was easily stuffed into his mouth by the Proprietress.


The next thing Yang Kai knew, he was seeing double, then triple. Trying his hardest to stay conscious, he struggled out of the Proprietress’ arms and scrambled towards the door. In a drunken manner, he desperately called out, “Old Bai, save me!”




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  1. I don’t remember how it was exactly or if it was explained why, but didn’t the soul clone of Mo Sheng (or whatever his name was) inside the SWB resemble YK somewhat? Do you think the Madam bumped horns with the ol’ demon god?

    1. From her reaction she’s more likely bumped uglies with him, if your theory holds true, but from the story so far YK must’ve gotten a “shota” tag somewhere, forcing powerful women mistaking him for dead brothers or boyfriends.

  2. Yun Xuan’s little brother in Tong Xuan Realm, Mo Sheng’s soul clone, Madam Lan’s lover(/brother?) and I think there was at least one more person that Yang Kai resembled/reminded people of

    1. I remembered one more: Yang Kai reminded Yang Yan of her friend who was also proficient in space principles (and creator of the sealed world bead and star field master of heng luo star field and thus presumed dead, since he obviously no longer had the star field source, though the latter might be retconned since the friend was mentioned in chapter 3325 and it was said that it’s unknown whether he’s alive)

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