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Martial Peak – Chapter 3936, Did You Do It?

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Not long after Yang Kai started crawling, he felt a grip on his ankle. He reckoned that the Proprietress must have grabbed him, and in the next instant, he was pulled backwards.


“Let’s drink!” The Proprietress pried his mouth open and poured another bottle of wine into his mouth.


Soon, Yang Kai felt the world spinning around him.


A long time later, he opened his eyes as his mouth felt extremely dry while his throat was burning. At that instant, all he could see were pink bed curtains, which caused him to fall into a dazed state.


A moment later, vague memories from the previous night sprang back into his mind. He recalled coming all the way here to check on the Proprietress, then he was beaten up by her. Following that, he was forced to down several bottles of wine before he passed out.


His memory stopped at the moment when he was pulled backwards and forced to drink the second bottle. As for what happened next, he had not the slightest idea. Yang Kai seriously wondered what kind of wine it was that was so strong it only took two bottles to knock him out.


[Where am I?] After staring at the pink bed curtains for a long time, he came to his senses and realised that he was possibly lying on the Proprietress’ bed; after all, he remembered that these bed curtains were hung around her wooden bed.


Feeling a piercing headache, Yang Kai tried to rub his head to relieve the pain, but he soon realised that something was holding his arm down. After turning his head, he widened his eyes and instantly sobered up. At that moment, he felt extremely agitated.


It wasn’t a thing that had been pressed against his arm, it was the Proprietress’ head! Presently, she was lying beside him with her body curled up. She appeared to be having a sweet dream as there was a faint smile on her face. Yang Kai had no idea how long she had remained in this posture, but he knew it was long enough for his arm to go numb.


At that instant, his expression was transformed by horror.


The situation he was in was terrifying. It wasn’t that the Proprietress was ugly, far from it in fact as she was an alluring lady with a beautiful face and a curvy figure. Any man would have fallen head over heels for her and given anything for a chance to lie in her bed.


The crux of the problem was that she was the Proprietress! Yang Kai had been tormented by her in the past few days, and when he came over to console her, she even beat him up. If she found out that not only had he climbed into her bed, but they had also snuggled for a long time, he would probably be skinned alive.


Fortunately, she was still fully dressed while he, although somewhat dishevelled and battered, was also wearing all his clothes. In other words, they didn’t do anything when they were drunk, which allowed Yang Kai to relax ever so slightly.


The outcome wasn’t the worst at the very least. If they had really done something more, his life would be over. Despite that, they were still in an intimate position. Anyone would have misunderstood them if they saw them lying on the same bed. Whatever the case, Yang Kai reckoned that he’d better run away now.


With his mind made up, he held his breath and carefully pulled out his arm from beneath her slender neck. Following that, he cautiously moved past her and got out of the bed.


Looking around, he realised that wine bottles had been scattered everywhere, and the smell of alcohol still filled the air. Clenching his teeth, Yang Kai recalled hearing from someone before that too much wine could easily lead to trouble. He had always been a disciplined man, so he would exercise moderation whenever he drank, which was why he had never gotten totally drunk before. After getting forced to down so many bottles of potent wine, he finally had a taste of true intoxication.


Yang Kai had no time to clean up the room, so after shooting a glance at the Proprietress, who was still lying on the wooden bed, he clenched his fist at her and began tiptoeing out of the room. After gently opening the door, he dashed out of the room and carefully closed the door in silence. His behaviour was that of a common thief, and if he hadn’t been actively suppressing it, he would’ve heard his own heartbeat.


When he was done, he was finally able to relax. He reckoned that he’d better stay as far away from this place as possible and return to his room quickly. As he re-arranged his clothes, he took a leap forward and directly landed on the deck.


Raising his head, he saw Bai Qi standing in front of him with a bucket of hot water in his hand. As their eyes met, Bai Qi became astounded, “You…”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded as well. He felt extremely guilty when he bumped into Bai Qi, so he hurriedly adjusted his collar and said, “Brother Bai, it seems that you’re busy with work.”


“En,” Bai Qi subconsciously nodded.


“Good, then, I’ll be going back to my room now,” Yang Kai replied, then he placed his hands behind his back and shuffled towards the cabin.


A stunned Bai Qi watched him leave, then he shifted his attention to the room on the top floor. The next instant, the bucket in his hand fell to the ground as the hot water splattered everywhere.


As Yang Kai pretended to be calm, he returned to his room and brushed away the cold sweat on his forehead. Not long after he was seated, he heard a loud boom coming from the door. Following that, three men charged into the room with gloomy expressions on their faces, their eyes seemingly filled with murderous intent.


“What are you doing?” A shocked Yang Kai stared vigilantly at Bai Qi, the accountant, and the chef, who were inching closer to him, as he slowly stepped backwards.


Without uttering a word, the three men tacitly pounced on Yang Kai and pinned him down.


The accountant raised his golden abacus as though he was ready to strike while a glint flashed across the chef’s kitchen knife as he pointed it at Yang Kai’s head. Bai Qi even wrapped a white towel around Yang Kai’s neck twice and tightened it.


Yang Kai bellowed, “We can talk it out if you’re not happy with me! Why must you resort to violence!?”


Bai Qi lowered his figure and stared at Yang Kai as their faces almost came into contact. With a hideous expression, he said through gritted teeth, “Brat, I’ll ask you some questions, and you’d better answer me honestly. If you dare to lie, I’ll kill you immediately.”


“Then ask,” Yang Kai nodded. There were three of them while he was on his own, so he was unable to defeat them.


With bloodshot eyes, Bai Qi questioned, “Where were you last night?”


“Where else could I be other than inside a room?” He wasn’t lying as he was indeed in a room, just not his room.


“How dare you try to lie to us at this point? Show him what the consequences are!” Bai Qi shot a glance at the chef, who then raised his kitchen knife.


“Wait!” A horrified Yang Kai finally realised that these guys were serious. He would be seriously injured if he was hacked by the knife.


“You should’ve treasured the chance I gave you. I’ll ask you one more time. Where were you last night?” Bai Qi yelled.


An embarrassed Yang Kai felt speechless at that, “You already saw. Why are you still asking me this question?”


“What I saw might not be the truth. I want you to tell me yourself. Now, where were you last night?”


“I was… in the Proprietress’ room.” With a fawning smile, Yang Kai scratched his face and darted his gaze around. Right after he finished speaking, he felt that the towel around his neck became tighter, and a sharp knife was pressed against his head.


Bai Qi had exerted more force with his hands and with reddened eyes, he puffed out a hot breath through his nostrils and questioned, “Did you do it?”


“W-What do you mean?” Yang Kai found it difficult to breathe as he thumped the other man’s arms.


“I asked you whether you did it or not!” Bai Qi asked again through clenched teeth.


“No, I did nothing! The Proprietress and I did nothing!” Yang Kai defended himself with difficulty.


“Is that true?” Bai Qi didn’t seem to believe him. That was because the sight he saw earlier made him fall into his wild thoughts. It was morning when Yang Kai dashed out of the Proprietress’ room with dishevelled clothes, so Bai Qi couldn’t help thinking that something untoward might have happened between them.


“It’s definitely true!” Yang Kai hurriedly stuck out three fingers and swore to the Heavens.


Bai Qi examined him for a long time before the redness in his eyes faded. Then, he pulled the towel away from Yang Kai’s neck and stared fixedly at him, “Tell us what happened. If you dare to lie to us, we’ll never let you off!” After finishing his words, he clenched both ends of the towel and straightened it.


The accountant shook his golden abacus as the beads clacked with one another while the chef swayed his kitchen knife as a cold glint flashed across it.


Yang Kai covered his neck and coughed for a bit. With an apprehensive expression, he gazed at the three men in front of him and replied in a hushed voice, “Actually, I don’t know what happened either.”


“You don’t know?” Bai Qi glared at him with a furious expression, “Tell us what you do know then!”


A helpless Yang Kai briefly told them what had happened. Last night, upon hearing a woman’s sobs that were coming from the top floor, he went over to have a look. After entering the Proprietress’ room, he realised that she was the one crying, so he instinctively tried to console her; however, he hadn’t expected to be forced to down two bottles of wine, whereupon he passed out. When he awakened, he realised that he was already lying on her bed. As for what had happened when he was unconscious, he really had no idea, and he wasn’t able to recall it.


Upon hearing this, the three of them traded glances and secretly communicated with one another using their Divine Senses.


“Old Bai, didn’t you tell him not to bother the Proprietress recently?” The accountant asked.


An embarrassed Bai Qi replied, “I forgot! After he sent the Heavenly Snow Fruits to the Proprietress, I immediately turned on the barrier around my room, so I couldn’t detect anything.”


The chef and the accountant nodded to mean that they had done the same. If Bai Qi hadn’t messaged them earlier, they would’ve hidden in their rooms for one more day.


With the kitchen knife in his hand, the chef stroked his chin and shot Yang Kai a look, “Do you think we can trust him? Old Bai, you said that you saw him leaving the Proprietress’ room with dishevelled clothes, and his behaviour was stealthy.”


“That’s right. I personally saw it,” Recalling the sight earlier, Bai Qi became incensed as he glared at Yang Kai.


The accountant gave it a thought and said, “I think we can believe what he has said. All of us have tried the Proprietress’ wine before. We couldn’t even take half a bottle before blacking out. If two bottles of wine were really forced down his throat, I guess he wouldn’t be capable of anything else.”


Bai Qi and the chef nodded as they shuddered, recalling how strong the wine was. They never wanted to have a taste of it again.


“Everything is fine, then?” The chef stared at them.


The accountant nodded, “I guess nothing had happened.”


“I’ll take my leave, then,” the chef said, “The Proprietress might awaken soon, so I’ll prepare some hangover soup for her now.”


“I still have some accounts to sort out. So I’ll be leaving too,” the accountant said and shuffled out of the room with the chef.



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