Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3937, Guilty


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In the blink of an eye, two of the three men were gone. Only Bai Qi was left standing there.


Yang Kai was puzzled by the change in their attitude. Earlier, he saw them communicating with one another using Divine Senses and shooting him cold glances from time to time, he was quite unnerved. Regardless of what had happened, he had climbed into the Proprietress’ bed and slept beside her for a night. Even though he didn’t do anything, it still wasn’t righteous. He had come up with the answers to the questions Bai Qi and the others might ask him, but never expected to just leave like that.


Bai Qi turned to look at him and nodded, “It seems that it’s just a misunderstanding. We’ve wrongly blamed you.”


Yang Kai nodded his head as well, “Indeed, a misunderstanding!”


“En,” Bai Qi replied with a smile, “Good, why did you enter the Proprietress’ room to console her now? Usually, around this time, we would just go into hiding and stay as far away from her room as possible. It seems I should be blamed for not informing you earlier… Hey! What are you doing?” While he was speaking, he suddenly realised that Yang Kai had turned on the room’s barrier and rose from the chair. Then, Yang Kai punched his right fist against his left palm as he stepped towards him with a hideous grin on his face.


Bai Qi forced a harmless smile at him, “Yang Kai, it’s just a misunderstanding. Let the past be the past. Cultivators like us should look forward and move on… Don’t hit my face!” He directly squatted and covered his head.


“Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding you say? You brought two partners into my room to interrogate me just because of a misunderstanding? Did you know how sharp the chef’s kitchen knife was? If I hadn’t shouted in time, he would’ve diced me into quarters. How dare you tell me it’s just a misunderstanding?”


Yang Kai went on to beat Bai Qi to vent out the grievances he had suffered from in the Proprietress’ room.


After a long time, Bai Qi stood up straight in exasperation and bellowed, “Enough! If you keep beating me up, I’ll fight back! Do you seriously think I’m no match for you? I’m just restraining myself from making a move on you!”


Hearing that, Yang Kai directly landed a kick on him, which caused him to fall to the ground.




“How could you be so ruthless?” Sometime later, Bai Qi, whose face was swollen and livid, was seated and rubbing his wounds as he glared at Yang Kai.


“This is nothing compared to how brutal the Proprietress was.”


“You deserved it!” Bai Qi sneered, then he gasped upon irritating his wounds.


“Does it hurt?” Yang Kai stared at him and asked.


An exasperated Bai Qi replied, “What do you think?”


An elated Yang Kai cackled for a moment before he straightened his face and said in a hushed voice, “I must ask you something.”


“What?” Bai Qi replied with displeasure.


After pondering on how he should phrase the question, Yang Kai said, “Do I look like someone who is close to the Proprietress?”


Bai Qi froze, then he pretended to be nonchalant and asked, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai replied with a frown, “I have no idea…” Then, he recalled what he had gone through in the Proprietress’ room as some of the things she had said bothered him. At that time, she must have mistaken him for someone else, which was why she said that she was glad that he was back, and that he should never leave again. Apparently, she thought she was speaking to someone close to her whom she hadn’t met for a long time.


“Why would you ask this question if you have no idea?” Bai Qi sized him up.


Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain it to him, so he replied vaguely, “She just gave me a feeling that she had mistaken me for someone else. By the way, is she married?” He thought that this crazy woman might have regarded him as her husband.


“No. Proprietress has many admirers, but she’s never been interested in any one of them. I’ve also never seen her getting into a relationship with anyone.” Bai Qi shook his head and tried to change the topic, “What did she do that made you feel this way?”


“Well, nothing much. She basically beat me up and then forced two bottles of wine down my throat. I don’t know what happened next.”


“Didn’t she say anything?”


“She told me not to leave again since I’d come back.”


“Perhaps she was just spouting nonsense after getting drunk?”


Yang Kai nodded as that was the only reasonable explanation.


After they remained silent for a moment, Bai Qi asked, “Didn’t you think about running away?”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai turned to look at him in shock.


Bai Qi explained, “You were told to get some Heavenly Snow Fruits from Nine Nether Continent. Did the idea of fleeing never cross your mind? No one was with you at that time.”


“Where could I go?” Yang Kai snorted, “First Inn is immensely powerful and well-connected, so unless I go into hiding forever, I’ll be exposed and get caught. By then, I’ll end up in an even more miserable state.” Then, he suddenly understood something and stared at him with a frown, “So, it was a test for me by letting me go to Nine Nether Continent on my own?”


“Not really. You’re also a part of First Inn now, so you’re supposed to do something for the Proprietress,” Bai Qi chuckled.


While they were speaking, the door was pushed open from the outside. The chef entered the room and put down a basket on the table, “I’ve prepared some hangover soup. Take it to the Proprietress when she awakens.”


Yang Kai batted his eyes for a moment before he came to his senses, “Me?”


The chef shot him a glance, “Who else?”


A guilty Yang Kai said, “I don’t want to go. Chef, can you take it to her?”


The chef refused, “The Proprietress has said that you’re responsible for taking her three meals a day. I wouldn’t dare to disobey her orders.”


“Old Bai…” Yang Kai turned to look at Bai Qi and pleaded with him.


Bai Qi rose from the chair and patted his shoulder, “I’m not supposed to help you. Whatever happens though, you have my blessings.” Before Yang Kai could say anything, Bai Qi shuffled out of the room with the chef. Left alone in the room, Yang Kai stared at the basket on the table and fell into a dilemma.


He had no idea when the Proprietress would awaken, but he reckoned that it wouldn’t take long before that happened; after all, as the weaker cultivator, it had been half a day since he awakened, so there was no way the Proprietress, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, would be knocked out for significantly longer.


After just one hour, the bell in his room suddenly rang out.


Yang Kai was frustrated at the sound of this bell. Since the Proprietress told him to take her three meals a day and clean her room, Bai Qi had installed a bell, and whenever it rang, it meant that the Proprietress was summoning him. If he ignored it, the bell would never stop ringing.


Regardless of how reluctant he was, Yang Kai knew he had to face the music. After taking a deep breath, he picked up the basket and trudged towards the deck. Following that, he leapt onto the top floor and knocked on the door, “Proprietress.”


The Proprietress could be heard grunting in a languid manner. Yang Kai could even imagine what she looked like now.


“I’m entering now,” he said and pushed the door open.


He directly entered the inner room and lifted his head. Just like what he had expected, the Proprietress was seated at her table as she propped up her forehead with her hand as she rubbed her temples.


The room looked just as chaotic as when he left. Fruit pits and wine bottles were scattered everywhere, and the bed was a mess.


Staring at the curvy figure before him, Yang Kai still couldn’t believe that he had slept beside her, feeling extremely fortunate to have survived.


At that moment, he wondered if she remembered what had happened last night, and whether she would find fault with him.


With his heart filled with apprehension, Yang Kai stepped into the room and opened the lid before fishing out a bowl of soup from the basket. Then, he presented it to the Proprietress and said, “Chef has prepared some hangover soup for you. Drink it while it’s warm.”


The Proprietress grunted lethargically and closed her eyes before falling into her thoughts. A long time later, she pulled the bowl of hangover soup towards herself and picked up a spoon. After she puffed out some air to the spoon, she started drinking the soup.


The way she drank soup was elegant. Although she was suffering from a hangover, she still hadn’t forgotten her manners. In a way, she was oddly attractive.


After drinking the soup for a while, she suddenly said, “Give me a massage.” 


“Huh?” Yang Kai was apprehensive when she suddenly said that, so he was unable to react to it.


“I’m suffering from a headache. Give me a massage.” The Proprietress raised her hand and pointed at her head.


A speechless Yang Kai circled around her and started rubbing her temples from behind.


As she continued drinking soup, she questioned, “Why are you so obedient today?”


Yang Kai realised that he appeared overly guilty. That was because he wasn’t sure if she remembered what had happened last night, so he quickly said, “I just don’t want to argue with you since you’re hungover. As a woman, is it appropriate for you to get this drunk?”


After gulping silently, he then asked probingly, “What if someone took advantage of you when you were unconscious? You would be unable to resist.”


“That person would suffer a horrific death then,” she replied dispassionately, but her tone sounded menacing enough.


“I’m saying what if. There are brazenly licentious people out there.”


“You were pretty restrained at the very least.”


Yang Kai froze as he almost coughed up blood. After another hard gulp, he asked, “You… remember?”


“If you remember, how could I not?” She continued having her soup, “But I don’t remember much.”


Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to utter one more word lest he say something wrong. It was said that silence was golden, so he decided to quietly rub her temples. Nevertheless, he felt so anxious that it was as if someone was pointing a blade at his back.


“Don’t tell anyone what happened last night,” the Proprietress warned.


Yang Kai secretly thought that he had already exposed the secret. He was threatened by Bai Qi and the others at that time, so he had no choice; however, he wouldn’t dare to reveal that to her, so he nodded repeatedly, “Of course, I won’t tell anyone.”


After she was done with the soup, she said, “Clean up the room and prepare some hot water for me. I want to take a bath.”


Without saying a word, Yang Kai got to work. Soon, he finished cleaning up the room and left with the basket. A while later, he returned with a basin of hot water and poured it onto her bathtub.


Suddenly, he realised that after the incident last night, he was unable to rebuke the Proprietress anymore as he felt extremely guilty. Although he was bossed around like a servant, he didn’t dare to get mad at her.


While waiting outside the room, he heard the woman taking off her clothes, and following that, the sound of water splashing came from inside. However, he remained calm and collected as he didn’t dare to have any wild thoughts about her. As he looked into the void, his mind drifted elsewhere.


After she was done with the bath, Yang Kai helped her dispose of the bath water. Fortunately, he didn’t have to clean her clothes as she naturally didn’t allow him to. A maidservant from First Inn was responsible for this particular chore.


When the Proprietress emerged from her room, she appeared radiantly attractive. Upon seeing that, Yang Kai fell into a dazed state as though the woman before his eyes and the drunkard from last night were two different people.




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  1. I really don’t like these 10k + year old with a mindset of a 15y o after lost of first love. You wouldn’t ever have the strength to get 100y o let alone 10k yo with such a shallow mindstrength

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