Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3938, Universe Temple


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Yang Kai watched attentively as the Proprietress ambled towards the gunwale and looked out at the colourful and endless void. She seemed to have fallen into a dazed state as though she was pondering on something.


Without disturbing her, Yang Kai entered the room and got rid of the bath water she had just used; then, he approached her and said, “Is there anything else you want me to do for you? If not, I’ll excuse myself now.”


The Proprietress didn’t turn her head as she said, “The universe looks beautiful.”


Yang Kai took a look and thought that the view was the same everywhere, so whether it was beautiful or not didn’t matter; however, he wouldn’t dare to respond like that, so he just remained standing behind her.


A long time later, the Proprietress waved her hand, “You may go now.”


After cupping his fists, Yang Kai turned around and left.


There were no more upheavals in the following journey. The only difference was that, since the incident, the Proprietress seemed to have gone through some kind of transformation. She stopped staying in her room all the time and would frequently visit the cabin and have a drink and play some games with Bai Qi, the accountant, and the chef. Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t be spared from joining them.


Bai Qi and the others were obviously used to this, while on the other hand, as a newcomer, Yang Kai was forced to drink after losing the games for the first few times. Gradually, he became adept at the games and started gaining the upper hand.


It could be said that Yang Kai had finally seen the other side of the Proprietress. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she could be considered incredibly amiable for being friendly to mere Emperor Realm Juniors like them.


One day, Yang Kai was meditating in his room when the door was once again pushed open without his permission. It was Bai Qi who barged into his room.


A speechless Yang Kai stared at him. He had told him countless times that he should knock before entering the room, but this guy refused to remember. Yang Kai even suspected that he was doing it intentionally.


“I won’t drink with you today,” Yang Kai waved his hand. He didn’t mind joining them and having a drink once in a while; after all, as long as he wasn’t given the Proprietress’ special wine, he wouldn’t get drunk. However, they had done it too frequently, so he was a little sick of it now.


“We’re not having a drink today. I’m here to take you somewhere,” Bai Qi grinned.


“Where?” Yang Kai looked doubtfully at him.


“A good place. Come with me,” Bai Qi beckoned to him.


Yang Kai frowned, but his interest had been piqued because of how Bai Qi was acting. Since he had nothing to do, he decided to leave the room with him.


Upon reaching the deck, Bai Qi shouted at the room on the top floor, “Proprietress, open the barrier!”


The Proprietress didn’t respond to him, but the next instant, a gap opened up at the light barrier, which had always surrounded the ship. Apparently, the Proprietress was able to control it freely.


“Let’s go,” Bai Qi took Yang Kai’s arm and shot forward. After they were gone, the gap was immediately sealed.


Flying alongside Bai Qi, Yang Kai turned his head and asked, “Where are we going?”


“There,” Bai Qi pointed in a particular direction.


Yang Kai looked in the same direction and soon became amazed. That was because there was a building that looked like a palace in this endless void. The palace didn’t look special, but it was obviously massive. Furthermore, it faintly radiated a golden glow.


“What is that?” Yang Kai asked curiously.


“Haha. You’ll find out about it when we reach our destination.” Bai Qi kept up his mysterious act.


Yang Kai pursed his lips and stopped asking. He reckoned that Bai Qi wouldn’t harm him so he decided to just wait and see.


After flying for one hour, they finally arrived at the palace. While they were still far away from the building earlier, Yang Kai had already seen many people moving around inside this palace, which made the place look bustling. Furthermore, a giant stone had been erected beside the main entrance, and a character had been engraved on it.


‘Universe’ was intricately carved on the stone, with strokes resembling soaring Dragons and flying Phoenixes. Obviously, it was a work by a Master carver.


“Is this a Universe Temple?” Yang Kai suddenly recalled what Bai Qi had told him before, which was why he attempted such a guess.


Bai Qi grinned, “You’re a clever brat. That’s right. This is a Universe Temple.”


“Why did we come here all of a sudden?”


Bai Qi replied, “Proprietress told me to bring you to this place so you can leave your Imprint here. It’ll be easier for you if you want to come back here in the future that way. Although you’re a Master of the Dao of Space, and you’re able to use a kind of teleportation, the void is extremely vast; therefore, the Universe Transference Law is more useful for travelling around.”


An elated Yang Kai said, “I’ll have to thank her, then.” He was already deathly curious when Bai Qi told him about Universe Transference Law and Universe Transference Seal some time ago in the inn. He wanted to visit those Universe Temples as quickly as possible, but he had no idea where they were. He hadn’t expected that he would see one so soon.


A moment later, the duo landed in front of the Universe Temple. Although it was called a temple, it was much larger than any palace Yang Kai had ever seen before. Moreover, he saw many cultivators exiting the temple, with no one entering the place like how and Bai Qi were doing.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that this wasn’t so strange. These cultivators could reach this temple by using the Universe Transference Law, so they didn’t have to fly in from the outside. On the other hand, he had to go in this way because he had never left his Imprint in this temple before. Yang Kai reckoned that many first-timers had to do the same.


Two guards, who were clad in golden armour, stood on both sides of the entrance. One of these imposing men was holding a spear, while the other one had a sword in his hand.


Bai Qi secretly spoke to Yang Kai via Divine Sense, “Universe Temples are jointly operated by the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises, so these guards are also from these top forces. They’re all very arrogant, so don’t say anything later. I’ll handle everything.”


Yang Kai nodded to indicate that he understood him; then, he secretly sized up the guards and realised that they were both Open Heaven Realm Masters. He was shocked by the revelation as these top forces made Open Heaven Realm Masters act as door guards. What kind of top cultivator was in charge of this temple? He reckoned that the person must be as powerful as the Proprietress at the very least.


It was no wonder that no one would dare to make a scene here. Who would have the guts to do that if they were not strong enough? Those who were capable of doing so also wouldn’t attempt to offend those Cave Heavens and Paradises. It wouldn’t be fun to be hunted down by them if they joined forces.


The Open Heaven Realm Master on the left, who was holding a sword, stared at Bai Qi and Yang Kai as he bellowed, “What is your business here?”


With a smile, Bai Qi cupped his fists at him, “Sir, my friend wants to leave an Imprint here. Please permit us to pass.”


The person turned his head and swept a glance over Yang Kai. There was no emotion on his face as he had probably seen countless people who were just like Yang Kai. In a dispassionate tone, he said, “You know the rules, right?”


Bai Qi nodded repeatedly, “I know. I know.” Then, he presented a Space Ring to the guard.


The person took it and gently tossed it into the air before scanning it with his Divine Sense. Then, he nodded his head, “Come with me.” Upon finishing his words, he led the way for them.


Bai Qi called out to Yang Kai as they hurriedly followed along.


As they were walking behind the cultivator in golden armour, a puzzled Yang Kai asked, “Why did we have to give him some benefits for leaving an Imprint in this temple?”


Bai Qi shot him a glare, “Don’t say that!” Seeing that the Open Heaven Realm Master in front of them didn’t react in any way, he secretly spoke to Yang Kai in his mind, “Why do you think those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises decided to occupy these Universe Temples? Was it because they wanted to make life more convenient for everyone? If you want to leave an Imprint, you have to pay a fee.”


“How much is it?”




A shocked Yang Kai said, “So expensive!”


He couldn’t believe that they needed 100,000 Open Heaven Pills to leave an Imprint here. In comparison, a Third-Order material cost about 150,000 pills. This was a lot of money for most people and most Emperor Realm Masters couldn’t afford it. 100,000 also wasn’t a small amount of money for Low-Rank Open Heaven Masters.


At that moment, Yang Kai recalled something and asked with a frown, “You said that in this universe, there are Universe Temples in every Great Territory. Some of them even have multiple temples. Does every temple charge a separate fee?”


“That’s right. However, the price is fixed. We have to pay 100,000 pills for every Imprint we want to leave behind.”


Yang Kai gasped upon hearing that. In that case, a cultivator had to spend a substantial amount of money just to leave a Brand in these Universe Temples. However, taking one’s safety into consideration, these expenses were inevitable.


After all, compared to wealth, a person’s life was obviously more important. If someone was unable to escape from his or her enemies, he or she could use the Universe Transference Law to reach any Universe Temple, which was one of the greatest safety charms in life in that kind of situation.


Those who weren’t willing to spend money on it would be hunted down and killed.


“It’s such a good way to make money,” Yang Kai lamented. If a cultivator decided to leave behind an Imprint in 10 different Universe Temples throughout his life, he would have to fork out 1 million pills. There were countless cultivators in the 3,000 Worlds, and everyone would attempt to have some measures to keep themselves safe. Moreover, the rich would certainly leave behind their Imprint in more than ten temples, so the amount of money they would end up spending was astronomical.


These Universe Temples were basically money trees for the Cave Heavens and Paradises. As long as these temples were not destroyed, countless pills would flow into their pockets without any effort on their side.


“Haha. That’s why they have joined forces to manage these places. No single great force can monopolise such a big business.” Bai Qi grinned.


As they moved forward, they continued chatting. Yang Kai realised that there were quite a lot of shops in this temple, and most of them were crammed with customers. As he watched these people move around, Yang Kai had a feeling that this place was just like a city. Although it wasn’t as lively as a real city, it was a rare sight to see so many people in this void.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t so surprising. The people who had come to this place using the Universe Transference Law must want to take a rest upon arrival. Some of them might even be forced to come here as they were hunted down by their enemies, so they needed a break. That was why this place was filled with people. Businesses flourished when people gathered together in the same place. Nevertheless, fighting was forbidden in any Universe Temple; therefore, even though there were many cultivators around, it was a very safe place.


While the cultivator in golden armour was leading the way, Bai Qi and Yang Kai followed him and communicated with one another. Yang Kai also regarded this as a chance to do some sightseeing.


Soon, they reached a secluded room. The cultivator in golden armour stopped in his tracks and turned around, “Go in. After you reach into the array and leave behind an Imprint, you can come out.”


Bai Qi patted his shoulder, “You might feel a little uncomfortable as this is your first time, but don’t worry. I’ll be waiting out here for you.”


In response, Yang Kai simply nodded his head.


The cultivator in golden armour fished out a token and unlocked the barrier around the secret room, whereupon Yang Kai pushed the door open and entered.




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