Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3939, Destination


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After Yang Kai entered the secluded room, the door was closed once again. He couldn’t see anything as it was pitch dark inside.


While he was puzzled, he suddenly saw a light expanding right in front of him. After a glance, he realised that the floor had lit up as a complicated and massive array was gradually outlined.


Knowing what was going on, he strode towards the centre of the array. As soon as he stopped in his tracks, a buzzing sound could be heard, which suggested that the array was now operating.


A faint pull could be felt coming from the array, and upon that realisation, Yang Kai hurriedly performed a hand seal and focused his mind. Clearly feeling that his own aura was attracted to the array, he reckoned that it was trying to record some of his unique information.


The buzzing sound was continuously heard as the array continued running.


A long time later, the buzzing sound slowly died down, and the light of the array faded. Eventually, the room became completely dark again.


After carefully sensing it, Yang Kai realised that a connection had been established between somewhere in the temple and him; however, he wasn’t sure how to make use of that connection as he had never learned the Universe Transference Law. Judging from what had happened though, he should have successfully left behind an Imprint.


In fact, he was curious about what the Universe Transference Seal looked like. He thought that he would see it after entering the room, but it was nowhere in sight; instead, he only came into contact with this array.


Since the Seal wasn’t around, there was nothing else he could do. After pacing around in the room for a while, Yang Kai realised that there was nothing special, so he pushed the door open and left.


Bai Qi asked, “How was it?”


“No problems,” Yang Kai didn’t feel any discomfort like what Bai Qi had described, figuring it had something to do with the fact that he was a Master of the Dao of Space. Those who couldn’t use Space Principles might feel uncomfortable when they came here for the first time.


“Good!” Bai Qi heaved a sigh of relief before turning to cup his fists at the cultivator in golden armour, “Many thanks, Sir.”


That person nodded dispassionately, “Fighting is forbidden inside the Universe Temple, violate the rules and you will be executed.” After finishing his words, he sealed off the room and turned around to leave.


He was only responsible for bringing Yang Kai to this place to leave his Imprint, not caring about the rest. As for when Yang Kai and Bai Qi would leave, it was up to them, as those from the Universe Temple wouldn’t interfere with that.


“Let’s buy some stuff while we’re here,” Bai Qi said and took Yang Kai’s arm before walking in a particular direction. He seemed familiar with the routes, so it was apparently not his first time here.


There were all sorts of things that Bai Qi had to buy, obviously purchasing supplies for the inn, so Yang Kai followed him and looked around.


“After leaving an Imprint here, you’ll have to cultivate the Universe Transference Law. Once you’ve learned it, you’ll be able to come here as you please. Of course, the prerequisite is that you’re in the same Great Territory. However, you have to remember that you must be within a safe distance. Once the Universe Transference Law is used, you’ll directly come to this place. Given your cultivation now, if the distance is too far away, you won’t be able to take the strain and might even be crushed to death.”


Yang Kai nodded to indicate he understood.


“There’s one more thing you have to remember. There’s a delay after you use the Universe Transference Law, so it’s not like you can use it to flee immediately. You have to take the delay into consideration. If you’re being hunted down by your enemies in the future, don’t use it in front of them; otherwise, you’ll be killed before you can escape. You must only use it in a safe place.”


Yang Kai asked, “How long is the delay?” He had to have a clear idea about it.


Bai Qi shot him a glance, “Given your cultivation now, about five to six breaths. Certainly, the more powerful your cultivation is, the shorter the delay becomes; however, it’s impossible to eliminate.”


“Who should I learn this Universe Transference Law from?” Yang Kai asked.


“I’ll teach you later.” Bai Qi grinned, “But you’ll have to pay me a fee.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai immediately covered his Space Ring and replied vigilantly, “I have no money!” He still owed the Proprietress 10 million pills, so who knew when he would be able to clear his debt?


Bai Qi said, “It’s fine even if you have no money. You even snatched that Golden Crow corpse from the Golden Crow Divine Palace, so you must have some Sun’s True Fires or even Sun’s True Golds on you,” As he spoke, he winked at Yang Kai.


“Nonsense!” Yang Kai replied resolutely.


“Don’t be such a stingy man. I’m not picky at all, so you can just give me a random Sun’s True Fire.”


“Forget it. I’ll ask the Proprietress to teach me the Universe Transference Law. Your help is not needed.”


Bai Qi was speechless at that.


One hour later, they flew out of the Universe Temple and returned to the ship. The First Inn’s ship was still anchored for them at a nearby place, so after they landed on the deck, the Proprietress summoned them to find out how things went. Upon learning that they had achieved their goal, she said nothing more and simply waved her hand to motion for them to leave.


Before that though, she tossed a jade slip at Yang Kai, “Since you’ve left behind an Imprint, you’ll have to study the Universe Transference Law. You’re an expert in the Dao of Space, so this Secret Technique shouldn’t be difficult for you to master. Go and cultivate it now.”


Yang Kai thanked her and left the room with Bai Qi. After closing the door, Yang Kai showed him the jade slip in his hand with a smug smile on his face.


Seeing that, Bai Qi appeared frustrated.


For the following ten or so days, Yang Kai stayed in his room to cultivate the Universe Transference Law. Just like what the Proprietress had said, it wasn’t difficult for him to learn this technique; after all, he was already familiar with Space Principles. Technically speaking, the Universe Transference Law was also a kind of Space Secret Technique; however, one had to rely on the Universe Transference Seal to use it. Anyone could use the Secret Technique without being a Master of the Dao of Space, which was why it was attractive.


It would take the average person half a year or more to learn the Secret Technique, but Yang Kai only needed slightly more than ten days to do so. If it weren’t because it wasn’t convenient for him, he would have loved to try out the Secret Technique.


Although he had no chance to give it a try, when he activated the Universe Transference Law, he could clearly feel that there was a connection between the Universe Temple and himself. However, at the most critical moment, he would cut off the connection lest he really be transferred to the temple.


The ship continued moving forward, but it wasn’t certain where their destination was. One month after they left the original location of First Inn, a loud buzzing sound was suddenly heard as the entire ship shook violently.


A flabbergasted Yang Kai dashed towards the deck, only to see that Bai Qi, the chef, and the accountant were already there. The Proprietress was standing at the bow with a solemn expression as she performed a seal with one hand, her power fluctuating around her.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai asked in a hushed voice.


Bai Qi replied, “Don’t worry. We’re just passing through a Territory Gate.”


It was then that Yang Kai realised that they had reached a Territory Gate as the ship slowly entered it. He had passed through several Territory Gates in the past, but he was protected by Ah Sun’s jade white fox for those times. Except for the last time when the jade white fox ran out of energy, which made the journey become slightly dangerous for them, his other attempts were uneventful.


However, he hadn’t expected that it would cause so much commotion when the ship was passing through a Territory Gate, which made him think that they were confronted by some formidable enemies.


“Are we going to a different Great Territory?” Yang Kai was shocked.


“I think so,” Bai Qi nodded. Judging from what he had just said, it seemed that he had no idea where their destination was either.


The gigantic ship had to endure increased pressure when passing through the Territory Gate. Fortunately, the Proprietress was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so they were not worried at all.


A moment later, the entire ship entered the Territory Gate. With the protection of the light barrier, they didn’t feel any pressure. Looking around, Yang Kai realised that the view around him kept changing in an odd yet captivating manner.


After just a short while, the entire ship shook suddenly and became stabilised. The view around them looked just like any other in the void. Apparently, they had left the Territory Gate and arrived at a different Great Territory.


The Proprietress seemed exhausted after navigating the ship through the Territory Gate, so she returned to her room and took a rest while Yang Kai was dragged away by Bai Qi to have a drink and play games with the chef and the accountant.


A few days later, Yang Kai left the ship with Bai Qi and headed to another Universe Temple. After the first time, he already became familiar with the process, so he soon left his Imprint.


The ship continued moving forward. From time to time, Bai Qi would bring Yang Kai to the nearby Universe Temples. After seven to eight times, Yang Kai became embarrassed and when returning to the ship, he asked, “Old Bai, have I held all of you up?”


Bai Qi turned to look at him with a grin, “Have you only realised it now?”


An abashed Yang Kai said, “If it weren’t because of me, all of you could have used the Universe Transference Law and arrived at those Universe Temples in an instant. The ship isn’t even needed.”


“That’s right; however, you’re now a part of First Inn. In that case, we can’t possibly leave you behind.”


Yang Kai pressed his lips together, “Is this the Proprietress’ order?”


Bai Qi nodded, “Of course.”


“Seems she really is kind-hearted…” Yang Kai scratched his head, “She spent 800,000 pills for me to leave an Imprint in those temples.”


Bai Qi gazed at him and batted his eyes, “Do you think Proprietress was paying the fees for you?”


A stunned Yang Kai asked, “Isn’t that the case?”


Bai Qi grinned, “Proprietress said that she’s just lending you the money. You’ll have to pay her back in the future.”


“What!?” Yang Kai was astonished, “So, I’m the one who has to pay those fees?”


“Of course!” Bai Qi winked at him.


Yang Kai became rooted to the spot. He thought that the Proprietress had paid the fees for him, but he hadn’t expected it to be nothing more than a loan. At that instant, he felt his face twitching.


Seeing that, Bai Qi said, “If you’re reluctant to spend the money, we don’t have to stop the ship whenever we pass by a Universe Temple.”


“Of course I want to go to those Universe Temples!” Yang Kai said through clenched teeth. Certainly, he had to visit those temples as they might save his life in the future. Even if he didn’t come across any danger, he could use them to reach his destination faster. He already had a substantial debt anyway, so it didn’t matter for him to spend 100,000 more for each temple. Compared to the 10 million he owed already, this was practically nothing.


Half a year had passed just like this, and after passing through four Great Territories, they finally arrived at their destination.


Upon learning the news, an excited Bai Qi dragged Yang Kai towards the deck and pointed at a Spirit Province in the distance, “Brat, do you know where this is?”


Yang Kai replied, “How would I know?” 


He was still exploring the Outer Universe that he was unfamiliar with, which was why he had no idea where they were. Looking to the side, he realised that the Proprietress was just standing at the gunwale, her dress gently flapping in the wind, a faint smile on her face. Apparently, she also became extremely bored after doing nothing for half a year, so now that they had finally arrived at their destination, she became cheerful.




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  1. But like… space beacons, small sealed world bead, Old Xu’s bag (that everyone knows about)? any of these would be viable options outside of Universe Temples!!!

  2. yeah, yang kai can use old xu’s six way bag, hid in there and let old bai or somebody hold the bag. and they can use this so called secret technique universe tranfer law. when arrive at universe temple, yangkai can put his print. they don’t even need to sail on ship all the time.

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