Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3949, Going Back on His Word


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Did this King ever say that?” A puzzled Pei Bu Wan looked around him.


“No!” The people around him all replied loudly.


With his hands behind his back, Pei Bu Wan looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “You see, they said no. I’m sure I’ve never said that.”


Yang Kai’s face twitched as he stared at him in disbelief, “Shopkeeper Pei, are you serious?” 


[How could he play dumb at this point?] Yang Kai had never seen a person like Pei Bu Wan before. He was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as well as a shopkeeper. Usually, business people treasured their integrity. If someone like him could run a profitable business, Yang Kai would get his surname changed to match his.


Luo Hai Yi was right to say that he was a thug.


Without replying to him, Pei Bu Wan chuckled.


“Junior has been enlightened today,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned around to leave. Although he was incensed from getting tricked, there was nothing he could do as he was in the other party’s territory, and there was a huge gap between their powers. He swore that he would immediately tell the Proprietress about it so that she would teach this thug a lesson.


Stroking his stubble, Pei Bu Wan stared at Yang Kai from behind and said, “Brat, fight against someone one more time, and I’ll definitely give you the 10 million pills.”


Yang Kai didn’t even slow his pace. Once trust was broken, it was hard to be repaired. He had been fooled once, so he wouldn’t believe Pei Bu Wan again.


“This King will personally give you an extra 500,000 Open Heaven Pills!”


Yang Kai still ignored him.


“1,000,000!” Pei Bu Wan said through clenched teeth.


Seeing that Yang Kai was about to step out of the inner court, Pei Bu Wan gritted his teeth and shouted, “I’ll swear on my Grand Dao!”


Yang Kai had one of his feet firmly pressed against the ground outside the inner court, but he became rooted to the spot upon hearing that, as though someone had used a Binding Technique on him.


A moment later, he slowly turned around and ambled forward.


Pei Bu Wan grinned, and upon seeing that Yang Kai had taken a seat, he did the same and extended his head, “Brat, after the fight, I’ll immediately give you 11 million pills.”


“Take an oath first,” Without looking at him, Yang Kai held the teacup in his hand, no emotion on his face.


Pei Bu Wan said, “It’s not so hard to take an oath, but there’s a condition. The prerequisite is that you have to win the battle. If you lose, not only will you not get the 11 million pills, but this King will also not let you off.”


Yang Kai shot him a glance and realised that there was a tinge of ferocity behind his gaze. It seemed that the situation was more serious than he first thought. With a frown, Yang Kai asked, “Are you going to make me fight against an Open Heaven Realm Master or something?”


Pei Bu Wan replied, “Don’t worry. Your opponent is not an Open Heaven cultivator. The person won’t even be a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm cultivator. You’ll be equals.”


“Alright, you can take an oath now,” Yang Kai nodded.


As long as his opponent wasn’t an Open Heaven Realm Master, there was nothing Yang Kai had to worry about. Furthermore, the person whom he had never met wasn’t even a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Are you so confident?” Pei Bu Wan was astounded. He did all he could to make Yang Kai accept this fight, but he became apprehensive upon seeing his casual reaction.


“If you trust me, take an oath now. If you don’t, I’ll leave,” After taking a sip of the tea, Yang Kai put down the teacup and rose from the chair.


With a scowl, Pei Bu Wan appeared hesitant, but just a moment later, he stood up straight and said solemnly, “I, Pei Bu Wan, swear on my Grand Dao that as long as… What’s your name?” He was asking Yang Kai about his name as he probably didn’t pay attention to him when he was introducing himself.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai told him his name again.


Pei Bu Wan went on to say, “As long as Yang Kai can win this fight, this King will give him 11 million Open Heaven Pills. If this King goes back on my word, may my Grand Dao shatter and my future be cut off!”


A calm Yang Kai said, “What about my opponent’s cultivation?”


Hearing that, Pei Bu Wan gritted his teeth and took an oath one more time to include Yang Kai’s demand. Then, he looked down at him and said, “That should be enough. Don’t go too far, brat!”


It was only then that Yang Kai nodded his head, “That’s enough.”


Since the thug had sworn on his Grand Dao, he could be trusted as no one would dare to make such an oath on a whim. If Pei Bu Wan went back on his word now, a blemish would be left on his Grand Dao which would surely hinder his future in the Martial Dao. Yang Kai was curious about why this thug wanted him to fight against someone so badly. Would he gain any benefits from it? If there were no benefits, why would he offer 11 million pills?


Yang Kai didn’t think he could ever understand a thug like Pei Bu Wan though, so he stopped thinking about it and stood up, “Where’s my opponent? You can summon that person now.” He wanted to go back quickly.


Pei Bu Wan grinned, “Your opponent isn’t here. Why don’t you stay overnight here to take a rest? I’ll bring you to a place tomorrow where you can make a scene.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai furrowed his brows as he realised that he had thought about it too simplistically. Judging from what Pei Bu Wan had said, it seemed that they were going somewhere to make a fuss.


[Did I fall into a trap?] Yang Kai had a bad premonition all of a sudden; however, since everything had been agreed upon, and 11 million pills were deathly attractive to him, there was no way he could back down now.


And so, Yang Kai sent a message to Luo Hai Yi and told her to go back first as they’d meet up again the next day. Then, he followed a servant from Hundred Refining’s Hall to a room.


The staff treated him very well, giving him a lot of medicinal food and pills for treating his injuries. The pills were obviously high-quality and worth a lot of money.


Yang Kai had a feeling that the battle the next day was extremely important to Pei Bu Wan; otherwise, he wouldn’t have given him such favourable treatment.


It had been a peaceful night, and in the afternoon the next day, Pei Bu Wan pushed the door open and strode into the room. With his hands on his hips, he blocked the door like he was a tower and called out, “Brat, are you ready?”


Yang Kai stood up and said, “Let’s go.” There was nothing to prepare as he just had to fight against someone he didn’t know.


The calmer Yang Kai appeared, the brighter Pei Bu Wan’s eyes became. That was because it suggested that Yang Kai was confident. With a grin, Pei Bu Wan beckoned to him, “Come with me.”


After leaving Hundred Refining’s Hall, Yang Kai immediately saw Luo Hai Yi standing in a nearby spot. He stopped in his tracks and beckoned to her.


A timid Luo Hai Yi took a glance at Pei Bu Wan, who gave off a ferocious air. She felt immensely pressured because of his presence. Normally, if she came across such a person, she’d stay as far away from him as possible; however, since Yang Kai had summoned her, she had no choice but to go over and salute Pei Bu Wan, “Greetings, Shopkeeper Pei.”


Pei Bu Wan took a look at Luo Hai Yi before shifting his attention to Yang Kai, “Is she your woman?”


Luo Hai Yi started blushing and didn’t know how to explain it to him. On the other hand, Yang Kai ignored him and gazed at Luo Hai Yi, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to go back?”


To which she replied, “I came here at daybreak as I thought there would be something Sir needed to do today.”


“There’s nothing for you to do today.” Yang Kai flashed a smile at her before giving it a thought and saying, “If you’re free today, you can accompany me.”


Then, he turned to look at Pei Bu Wan, “Is it okay to bring someone with me?”


“It’s fine. She can tag along,” Pei Bu Wan waved his hand as he had brought some people with him as well. These people were supposed to be the shop hands in the shop. In fact, Hundred Refining’s Hall was in the business of selling artifacts, but business had been terrible for them, leaving basically nothing for the shop hands to do. If this wasn’t the case, Pei Bu Wan wouldn’t have let them tag along.


Yang Kai slightly nodded at Luo Hai Yi to motion for her to come with him.


Two people led the way while the others followed them. Wherever they went, the people on the streets would give way as though scorpions and snakes had appeared. At that, Yang Kai was speechless, knowing that Pei Bu Wan must be an infamous figure in the city. It was no wonder that they literally had no customers. If Yang Kai was the owner of Hundred Refining’s Hall, he would’ve fired Pei Bu Wan long ago.


“Shopkeeper Pei, since the battle will begin soon, is there anything you need to tell me?” Yang Kai said.


Pei Bu Wan nodded his head, “I do need to tell you the rules. Listen up. During the battle, you’re not allowed to use any artifacts or pills. You can only rely on your own strength to fight with your opponent. It’s the most basic rule.”


“We can’t use artifacts or pills?” Yang Kai arched his brow. In that case, he’d have an advantage.


“You absolutely cannot use them.” Pei Bu Wan appeared solemn, “Don’t get nervous and summon any artifacts. If that happens, it will be considered a forfeit even if you win the battle.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Don’t worry. I won’t use any artifacts.” In fact, there were not many artifacts he could use now. The things he had brought from the Star Boundary were not useful here. Of the actually useful things, the Mountains and Rivers Bell had been destroyed, so he was left with Azure Dragon Spear, Six Fated Paths Bag, and Shadowless Veil.


Pei Bu Wan went on to say, “Life or death doesn’t matter in the battle. In other words, you can kill your opponent if you’re capable of doing that.”


An amazed Yang Kai asked, “You can kill someone in this Star City?” He was stunned as he recalled that even fighting wasn’t permitted in this city.


Pei Bu Wan grinned wickedly as he answered, “You’re only allowed to kill other people in that place. However, if either party admits defeat, the battle will stop immediately, and the winner cannot make a move again; otherwise, he’ll immediately lose the battle.” He turned to look at Yang Kai, “Those are the only two rules. Got it?”


“Got it.”


To the side, Luo Hai Yi turned pale as she listened and asked, “Shopkeeper Pei, are you talking about Asura Arena?”


Pei Bu Wan revealed his hideous fangs and grinned at her, “That’s right. We’re talking about Asura Arena.”


Luo Hai Yi immediately pulled Yang Kai’s sleeve and said in a hushed voice, “Sir, Asura Arena is an extremely dangerous place where many people die each day. You’d better not go there.”


Hearing that, Pei Bu Wan guffawed, “It’s too late. He has already promised this King he will fight.”


In an instant, Luo Hai Yi’s eyes were filled with worry.


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “It’s fine. Tell me what kind of place Asura Arena is.” He reckoned that Pei Bu Wan wouldn’t tell him the whole truth, and since Luo Hai Yi seemed to know about this place, he could ask her about it.


After giving it a thought, Luo Hai Yi explained, “Among the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens, there is one called Asura Cave Heaven. Asura Cave Heaven is filled with ruthless and bloodthirsty people who love to fight and kill, so they’re not easy to deal with. They established an Asura Arena in every single major Star City to allow people to fight against one another inside the venue, and killing is not prohibited. Anyone who wins a battle in the arena will win a prize, and if he keeps winning, the rewards will also keep doubling until he or she obtains the top prize that is determined in advance.”




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