Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3952, My Turn


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The series of attacks from Yu Luo Sha were successive and clean-cut, which dazzled her opponent. It was no wonder that she could make a name for herself in the Asura Arena and achieve such a high rank.


Given the moves she had showcased, rarely anyone below the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm could parry her attacks, and any slight negligence would cause her opponent to lose their life.


Yang Kai felt his blood boiling suddenly. Since he arrived in the Outer Universe, he had not had a proper fight. The people he had come across were mostly far more powerful than he was, so there was no chance he could defeat any of them. The only opponent that was in the same realm as him was Fang Tai, but at that time, Yang Kai was just tagging along with two Open Heaven Realm Masters, so there was no question about the outcome of that battle. It was the same case in Hundred Refining’s Hall on the previous day.


For someone like Yang Kai who had grown his power through constant battles, he felt quite constricted after a long time of not fighting.


Although he had suffered a setback in the first exchange, Yang Kai’s gaze had brightened instead of dimming. It was as though his fighting spirit had been ignited. After brushing away the blood from his mouth, he lifted his hand and beckoned to Yu Luo Sha. With his chin up, he appeared quite haughty.


Seeing that, Yu Luo Sha narrowed her eyes and there was a faint smile on her usually emotionless face.


No one had challenged her in such a brazen way before in the Asura Arena, not even the three people ranked above her. Although she was 4th on the Mortal Rankings, she was just as strong as the three people above her. Any one of them would have to use their full strength when dealing with her.


However, at this moment, there was this rookie, whose name wasn’t even on the Mortal Rankings, who dared to be so impudent in front of her. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips as though she had come across a delicious dish which stimulated her appetite.


The next instant, the sand erupted and a crater was left on the ground. Yu Luo Sha had charged forward like an arrow leaving a bow. Her afterimages flickered in the air as she appeared behind Yang Kai. With Emperor Qi swirling around her leg, she raised her leg and swept it at his head.


The power of her kick was horrifying. Even a mountain would break apart if it was struck by her foot.


As though a pair of eyes had grown on the back of his head though, Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed her ankle, then he chuckled in a small voice, “Where do you think you’re going?”


Right after he finished speaking, his expression changed because the ankle in his hand became slippery and slid out of his grip. Following that, he felt a warm body crawling on his back. Although the body was soft, it gave off a terrifying feeling. It was as though a python had climbed onto his back instead of a woman.


Her legs and arms contorted in an inconceivable way as she forced him into submission, making it impossible for him to use his power effectively.


Then, he felt a hot breath on his ear. Despite her soft voice, she sounded more like the reaper of death as she whispered, “How would you like to die?”


Before Yang Kai could reply to her, she widened her mouth and attempted to bite his neck.


It was the first time Yang Kai had come across such a move in this kind of life-or-death battle, filling his heart with awkwardness; however, that didn’t stop him from raising his hand to grasp at her hair and forcefully pull on it.


Yu Luo Sha grunted as she failed in her attempt to bite his neck, and then she became unable to lift her head again due to the pull. A cold glint flashed across her eyes as she infused her Emperor Qi into her hair and forcefully straightened it.


After a gasp, Yang Kai quickly retracted his hand, but it was too late as countless cuts had formed on his palm. Nevertheless, it was thanks to this moment of breather that he managed to surge his Qi.


An immense power gushed out from him and pushed Yu Luo Sha away; however, she was relentless as she wrapped herself around him. Her slender hands turned into countless shadows and her hair flapped in the air as she launched an attack on him from all possible angles.


Looking from afar, Yang Kai seemed to remain in the same spot as a figure swirled around him from every angle.


Loud bangs were continuously heard as his clothes were torn apart in an instant.


Although he appeared to be at a disadvantage as he had suffered multiple setbacks since the beginning of the fight, he remained calm and collected, which went to show that his temperament was truly sturdy. Despite the fact that Yu Luo Sha could hurt him, her force was limited. Unless she could damage his vitals, she wouldn’t be able to severely injure him.


On the other hand, if he managed to land a fist or a kick on her body, she would fall into a miserable state.


Inside the private room, Pei Bu Wan stood by the window with his hands behind his back as he watched attentively. The shop hands of Hundred Refining’s Hall beside him kept cheering as they seemed mesmerised by the match.


“Shut up! Why do you keep making noise!?” Pei Bu Wan suddenly bellowed.


The shop hands shuddered and immediately covered their mouths.


A worried Luo Hai Yi asked, “Shopkeeper Pei, do you think Sir Yang can win?” Given her vision, she could only see that Yang Kai was at a disadvantage, but she wasn’t sure about what was really going on in the battlefield.


Pei Bu Wan chuckled, “No one can be certain about it before the end of the battle. He’d better win; however, if he cannot shake off Yu Luo Sha, it’ll be difficult for him to defeat her.”


Right after he finished speaking, Pei Bu Wan suddenly arched his brow and grinned, “He’s really something.”


Following a loud boom in the arena, Yu Luo Sha was sent flying backwards as she sprayed out a mouthful of blood in mid-air before landing on the ground and staggering.


They were finally separated. 


Yang Kai appeared dishevelled and battered, but Yu Luo Sha wasn’t any better off. There were times when she was negligent as she wrapped herself around him, and after getting punched hard, she found her five viscera and six organs shifted.


“A draw huh.” Yang Kai shot her a glance before grinning wildly, “Well, it’s my turn now.”


He didn’t seem to make a move, but he suddenly appeared in front of her like he was a ghost as he extended one finger towards her.


Yang Kai’s movement was so light that it was as though he hadn’t exerted any force with his finger, but Yu Luo Sha’s pupils contracted as she stomped her foot on the ground and flew backwards. A blood-coloured flower appeared on the spot she was standing earlier. The flower looked so vividly red that it was as if it had been fertilized with fresh blood. At the same time, a malevolent aura wafted from it.


For every step she took, a flower would appear on the ground. After ten steps, all ten flowers took shape on the golden desert. The flowers appeared so ferocious that it was as though they were ready to devour any prey they came across.


Yang Kai followed Yu Luo Sha closely, and when he moved past the flowers, all of them withered in an instant.


The expression on her face finally changed as she performed a hand seal with one hand, causing the withered flowers to fall apart and the scattered petals to rain down on Yang Kai. Every petal seemed able to cut through metal and jade.


Yang Kai stood his ground as Space Principles surged around him. He was surrounded by innumerable Void Cracks, but they were almost imperceptible to others. Before the flower petals could approach him, they were cut to pieces by the Void Cracks. 


Next, he extended a finger, whereupon a Moon Blade shot towards Yu Luo Sha.


The distance between them was short, so it was impossible for her to dodge the attack; thus, she bit her tongue and sprayed out a blood mist, which immediately transformed into a blood-coloured barrier that blocked the Moon Blade.


Seizing the chance, she hurriedly stomped her foot on the ground to widen the gap between them.


Earlier, it was Yang Kai who had to be wary of her, but it was the other way around now. It could be said that the wheel of fortune had been reversed, and the situation was now in Yang Kai’s favour.


Presently, they were several dozen metres apart. As their eyes met, Yang Kai looked smilingly at Yu Luo Sha while her expression was solemn.


It wasn’t until this moment she realised that her opponent was more complicated than she thought. He wasn’t an arrogant pushover like what she had imagined. Since it was difficult to deal with him through close-quarters combat, she decided to use her Secret Techniques instead.


After letting out a breath, she used a hand seal as Blood Qi surged around her figure. A blood-coloured flower suddenly appeared beneath her feet. The flower looked similar to the ones she had condensed earlier, but it was much larger. She appeared as light as a feather while standing on it.


Across from her, Yang Kai quickly lifted his hand and sent out over ten dark Moon Blades at her.


Yu Luo Sha remained unfazed, and when the Moon Blades came near her, the flower beneath her feet suddenly brightened. Following that, a blood-coloured light barrier shot up from the ground and surrounded her.


Whooshing sounds were heard as the Moon Blades slashed at the light barrier and formed many ripples on it, but they were unable to break through.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai was lost for words as he was fully aware of the power of his Moon Blades. He wondered what this blood-coloured flower was as it was able to fend off his Moon Blades. It seemed that that barrier was truly sturdy.


Yu Luo Sha used a different hand seal next as she chanted under her breath. When she spread her arms, countless gigantic blood-coloured flowers appeared and filled the entire arena.


At that instant, Yang Kai was engulfed in a sea of flowers. Other than a sky full of redness, there was nothing else he could see. Even Yu Luo Sha seemed to have disappeared.


He immediately activated his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings, but he was unable to locate her.


There came a moment when a strange noise was heard. As the flower petals swirled, a blood-coloured spear broke through the air at the speed of lightning. The spear was made from flower petals, and although it gave off an enchanting fragrance, it was filled with murderous intent.


Yang Kai surged his strength to parry the attack with his palm, whereupon the spear collapsed. Before he could heave a sigh of relief though, Yu Luo Sha abruptly appeared amidst the swirling storm of flower petals. There was only a distance of one metre between them.


She pushed out a palm that seemed to contain a power that could destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth.


Yang Kai was well prepared, however, so he wasn’t surprised by her move. With a grin, he pushed out a fist and struck right at her figure. However, the next instant, he furrowed his brow because it felt like he hadn’t hit a real body. Following that, he could see that she broke into countless flower petals.


After that, he felt a gale coming from behind him. His pupils contracted as he manipulated Space Principles and disappeared from the spot.


When he reappeared, he was already several dozen metres away. He looked at his previous spot and saw that Yu Luo Sha had appeared with a flower petal in her hand. Using the petal, she shattered her own afterimage.


As their eyes met, they could see the fighting spirit and the desire to win behind each other’s gazes.


Nevertheless, just a moment later, she fell apart again and turned into an innumerable number of flower petals. That was also not her real body!




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