Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3953, Won


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The people in the stands around the arena were unable to see what was going on in the battlefield as the entire arena had been engulfed in blood-coloured flowers. They could only faintly see two figures flying around and hear some noises.


Despite that, it didn’t stop them from becoming even more fervent as they kept cheering. Many people were chanting Yu Luo Sha’s name, so it was apparent that she was popular in this arena.


She was a powerful woman with an alluring face and an hourglass figure, which was why she had many male supporters.


Inside the private room, Pei Bu Wan stared fixedly at the battlefield with a grim expression. Given the fact that he was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could clearly see what was going on in the battlefield. Considering Yang Kai’s current cultivation, if he were in his shoes, he would have no other choice but to admit defeat. Presently, Yang Kai couldn’t even find out the whereabouts of Yu Luo Sha’s real body, so how was he going to win the battle?


He would only stand a chance to win the match by finding her; however, did he have such sharp vision?


Meanwhile, in the arena, Yang Kai found himself in a dilemma. Unless it was necessary, he didn’t want to reveal his trump cards; after all, many people were watching the battle and some of his methods might invite trouble for him.


However, Yu Luo Sha wouldn’t even reveal her whereabouts now, which made him powerless to do anything.


Thus, he lowered his head as the fringe of his hair cast a shadow on his forehead. Despite the fact that the flower petals were coiling around him and a murderous intent permeated the air, he remained unperturbed.


A strange noise was heard again as the flower petals surged and formed into a Killing Array before striking at Yang Kai. Behind the array, Yu Luo Sha’s figure was faintly visible, her gaze void of any emotions.


It wasn’t until the sea of flowers came near him that Yang Kai abruptly lifted his head and surged his Qi. In an instant, Void Cracks swam around him like fish.


The sea of flowers collapsed while the Void Cracks dispersed. Following that, Yu Luo Sha raised her hand and landed a palm on Yang Kai’s chest.


Ignoring her attack, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to look in a particular direction, a golden glow radiating from his left eye as he grinned, “Is it so fun to keep hiding?”


After he finished speaking, he charged in that direction as he raised his hands, rapidly forming a set of hand seals. At the same time, he muttered, “Time Flows on Infinitely, like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


Then, he pushed out his palm. Presently, Yu Luo Sha was hiding among the sea of flowers. Her pupils contracted to the size of needles as though she had come across something horrifying. She couldn’t understand how her opponent managed to find out her whereabouts.


Lifting her head, she realised that his left pupil had become a golden slit. His pupil appeared so majestic that it was as though it could look deep into her Soul and dig out all her secrets, which caused her to feel incredibly unnerved.


It was then she realised that he must have cultivated a profound Eye Technique. It was no wonder he could achieve such a thing.


She wanted to dodge the attack, but her mind suddenly turned blank for a moment. When she came to her senses, his palm was already right in front of her. Following a deafening howl, the sea of flowers seemed to have received an order as they spiralled around her to form a protective layer.


When the Time Flies Seal struck, the sea of flowers collapsed and revealed Yu Lu Sha’s real figure. There was a tinge of fluster on her face.


If it was the Time Flies Seal he had initially cultivated, it might not be able to exhibit such a might; however, Yang Kai had witnessed the battle between Flowing Time Great Emperor and Mo Sheng countless times in the ancient battlefield, allowing him to observe and emulate many profundities and incorporate their essence and experience to form his own Martial Truth. Currently, Yang Kai dared to say that he had mastered the Time Flies Seal, making him a match for Flowing Time Great Emperor when using this particular Secret Technique.


“You’re dead,” Yang Kai grinned at her. Right after he spoke, a white lotus flashed across his Demon Eye of Annihilation. 


Blossoming Lotus!


Yu Luo Sha fell into a dazed state as her Knowledge Sea defences became as weak as a piece of paper. A gigantic lotus could be seen expanding in her vision while at the same time, her Spiritual Energy was rapidly draining.


Although Yu Luo Sha had also condensed her own Dao Seal, she was still in the Emperor Realm; therefore, she was no match for Yang Kai when it came to Soul cultivation. With the nourishment from the Soul Warning Lotus over the years, Yang Kai’s Soul was much stronger than that of the cultivators in the same realm. Also, after plucking Yu Ru Meng’s Primordial Yin in the past, his Soul had been enriched, and his Spiritual Energy surged in both quantity and quality.


Although the power of his Soul might not be comparable to that of an Open Heaven Realm Master, it was definitely on par with that of a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master.


Feeling an excruciating pain in her head, Yu Luo Sha roared and instinctively pushed her Spiritual Energy to resist; however, as she tried to exert her Divine Sense, the white lotus only expanded even more rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the lotus had fully bloomed, appearing as clean as a jade and other-worldly beautiful.


There was more to come, however, as a golden glint flashed across Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation as he used a different Secret Technique. 


Sealed Lotus!


Blossoming Lotus absorbed the opponent’s Spiritual Energy like nutrients to allow itself to bloom. On the other hand, Sealed Lotus caused the white lotus to close and wrap up the opponent’s Soul, cutting off the connection between the enemy’s Soul and body.


It could be said that once a person was struck with Sealed Lotus, they would become a living dead until they could resolve the Secret Technique.


The white lotus rapidly folded and engulfed Yu Luo Sha’s Soul in it. If she was still at the peak of her strength, she might have been able to break free of this seal; however, she had been struck with Blossoming Lotus just now, which siphoned off a good portion of her Spiritual Energy. Therefore, she wasn’t able to free herself.


Yu Luo Sha’s vision dimmed, as though she had plunged into an endless darkness. She kept falling like there was no end.


The sea of flowers disintegrated, whereupon those around the arena could finally see what was going on. Presently, Yang Kai and Yu Luo Sha were slightly apart from one another in the desert. Both of them remained unmoving.


Seeing that, no one could tell who had won the battle.


Certainly, Luo Hai Yi was unable to make any judgement as well. Since the sea of flowers appeared, she had become unable to see anything. Unable to hold it in anymore, she asked, “Shopkeeper Pei, did Sir Yang… win?”


All of a sudden, Pei Bu Wan turned his head, which shocked Luo Hai Yi. That was because, in just a short moment, his eyes had turned bloodshot.


She couldn’t help but take a few steps back and tense up.


With a ferocious grin, Pei Bu Wan said, “He won.” Then, he guffawed, “Hahaha! He actually won!” He excitedly raised his hands as though he was the one who had defeated the opponent.


It couldn’t be helped, as he already had no money left. Although he had borrowed some money to balance the accounts, it was still not enough. Left with no choice, Pei Bu Wan resorted to gambling, but he hadn’t expected that he’d really turn the situation around.


Now, he wouldn’t have to worry about those from the headquarters coming over to check the accounts anymore.


While he was laughing ecstatically, Yang Kai, in the arena, raised his hand and gently tapped his finger on Yu Luo Sha’s forehead, causing her to collapse to the ground. Her eyes were wide open, but her gaze had lost all light.


Before she could resolve the Sealed Lotus, she couldn’t reconnect her Soul with her body and regain her senses.


Seeing this, the spectators immediately realised what had happened as they broke into a commotion. Yu Luo Sha, the number 4 on the Mortal Rankings, had been defeated by an unknown brat. The problem was that they couldn’t even see how she lost the match.


Those who had bet a lot of money on Yu Luo Sha started cursing and claiming that those from Asura Arena had used some dirty tricks behind the scenes. Naturally, those from Asura Arena ignored them.


Soon after, the announcer proclaimed Yang Kai the winner.


The terrain in the arena changed as the desert disappeared, upon which two platforms on both ends reappeared. A woman dashed into the arena and shot Yang Kai a glare. After that, she carried Yu Luo Sha up and left hurriedly. It seemed that she was eager to treat her.


A calm Yang Kai returned to the passageway he came out of earlier. Inside the passageway, the man, who had led him to this place, nodded slightly at him.


Yang Kai saluted him back before re-entering Pei Bu Wan’s private room.


“Senior Yang!” Those shop hands from Hundred Refining’s Hall immediately approached him as they appeared passionate and even slightly obsequious.


Yang Kai scanned his surroundings and frowned, “Where’s your shopkeeper?”


Presently, Pei Bu Wan was nowhere in sight in the private room. Could he have run away? That wasn’t possible though as Hundred Refining’s Hall was still in the city, so there was nowhere else he could go. Moreover, he had sworn on his Martial Dao, so he wouldn’t go back on his word.


Luo Hai Yi hurriedly explained, “Shopkeeper Pei left the room to collect his winnings.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was shocked.


Luo Hai Yi took a look at those shop hands and explained, “Shopkeeper Pei placed a bet on Sir Yang’s victory. Since Sir Yang won the match, Shopkeeper Pei also made some money.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Was he so confident in me? How much did he bet?”


Luo Hai Yi shook her head as she had no idea.


Seeing that, Yang Kai gazed at those shop hands. One of them said with a fawning smile, “It was quite a bit.”


A relentless Yang Kai questioned, “How much?”


In response, the shop hand stuck up one finger.


Yang Kai arched his brow, “1 million?”


The shop hand shook his head.


“10 million?” Yang Kai was astounded.


It was then that the shop hand nodded.


Yang Kai tutted as he couldn’t help but admire Pei Bu Wan’s boldness. He wasn’t familiar with Yang Kai, but he had the guts to bet 10 million Open Heaven Pills on him winning this match.


Following that, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and asked with a frown, “What were the odds?”


In an instant, the shop hand became embarrassed and scratched his face. He wasn’t willing to talk about it, but it was impossible to hide this as Yang Kai could find out about it after leaving the room. So in a small voice, he muttered, “Four to one.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai gasped and clenched his teeth, “Seems he made a great fortune!”


With the odds four to one against Yang Kai winning, Pei Bu Wan made 40 million from his 1o million bet.


It was no wonder that Pei Bu Wan was so generous when he promised a million pills to Yang Kai if he could win a match in the Asura Arena. After winning so much, Pei Bu Wan could not only easily afford the 10 million pill repayment, but even throw in an extra 1 million.


1 million was nothing compared to 40 million. It seemed that Pei Bu Wan had already done some calculations in advance. At that instant, Yang Kai felt frustrated as he was the one who risked his life to fight against his opponent in the arena while someone else gained most of the benefits. However, there was nothing he could do as everything had been agreed upon beforehand. He couldn’t change a thing now.


“Senior Yang, Sir Shopkeeper said that he wouldn’t come back so soon, so he wants us to return to Hundred Refining’s Hall first. Don’t worry. He’ll definitely give you the 11 million.”


Yang Kai snorted, “He wouldn’t dare to go back on his word!”




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