Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3954, A Furious Proprietress


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After they waited in the main hall of Hundred Refining’s Hall for one hour, Pei Bu Wan was heard laughing riotously from outside, “Where’s Little Brother Yang? Where is he?” Previously, he called Yang Kai ‘brat’, but after making a great fortune, he started calling him ‘Little Brother’.


Before he even finished his words, he stepped into the hall and stared at Yang Kai with a pair of glowing eyes. Then, he walked up to him and heavily patted his shoulders, “Little Brother, you’re my lucky star!”


Yang Kai snorted, “I think I’m more like your saviour.” He couldn’t help admiring this thug’s courage. How did Pei Bu Wan have the gall to bet ten million on him? What if he lost the match?


“Same thing!” Pei Bu Wan waved his hand and took a look at Yang Kai’s tea cup before frowning, “Take this cup away and get him the best tea!”


“Enough nonsense, just give me the money now!” Yang Kai cut him off with no trace of politeness and extended his hand.


Yang Kai didn’t want to have anything to do with this thief again, so he was eager to take the money and leave quickly.


“Don’t worry. You won’t get one pill less. I’ve got the money,” Then, Pei Bu Wan took a seat and put down a Space Ring on the table before pushing it forward.


After picking up the ring, Yang Kai scanned it with his Divine Sense and started counting.


To the side, Pei Bu Wan looked smilingly at him, “Little Brother Yang, I never expected that you’re so good at fighting. Even Yu Luo Sha was easily defeated by you. Are you interested in taking part in more matches?”


Yang Kai multitasked by counting the pills and shooting him a cool glance.


Pei Bu Wan went on to say, “Yu Luo Sha was only ranked 4th on the Mortal Rankings. Although she’s not bad, she’s still no match for the three people above her. If you’re interested, I’ll make an arrangement for you to fight with those guys. If you can win those matches, you’ll earn a lot of money.”


In response, Yang Kai waved the ring in his hand and declared, “I have money now. So, no thanks.”


Pei Bu Wan replied with a smile, “Do you seriously think you have a lot of money? You have to hand in 10 million, so you’re only left with 1 million. If you listen to me and win more matches, I’ll give you 20% of the winnings.”


Ignoring his suggestion, Yang Kai rose from the chair and said, “The issue has been settled, so I’ll take my leave now. You don’t have to see me off.” Then, he led Luo Hai Yi to shuffle out of the hall.


“Wait a moment, there’s room for negotiation! I can give you thirty percent!” Pei Bu Wan hurriedly stood up and said.


Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t show any signs of stopping, he quickly offered a higher percentage, “Forty percent! That’s the maximum. I’ll have to bear the risk of losing my capital, so you can’t expect to get fifty percent of the money. That would be outrageous.”


Oblivious to him, Yang Kai disappeared from the place.


“This brat…” Pei Bu Wan pressed his lips together. If Yang Kai were someone else, he would’ve forced him to stay as he was practically a money tree. If he could make good use of Yang Kai, he could easily gain lots of money from Asura Arena. However, Yang Kai was from First Inn, so he couldn’t force the issue. Since Yang Kai wasn’t willing to take part in more matches, there was nothing Pei Bu Wan could do.


After Yang Kai was gone, he felt slightly dejected, but he soon became overjoyed because of the fact that he had won a massive amount of money today; then, he took a seat and started counting his winnings.


He had made a bet of 10 million, and he had won 40 million! After giving Yang Kai 11 million, he still had about 30 million left. Not only could he make up for the discrepancy in the shop’s accounts, but he also had a lot leftover to play with. The trouble that had been haunting him for days had finally vanished, so he was naturally joyful.




After leaving Hundred Refining’s Hall, Yang Kai passed a Space Ring to Luo Hai Yi. Seeing as she was staring puzzledly at him, he explained, “I’m returning what I borrowed.”


It was then she took the ring, but upon scanning it, she exclaimed, “It’s too much, Sir!” When Yang Kai was buying a Universe Chart some time ago, she had lent him 20,000 pills, but after only one day, he gave her 30,000 in return, which was a lot of money for her.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Any excess is your compensation.”


“That’s still too much.” She shook her head, “I can’t take it, Sir. My service isn’t worth so much money. Please take it back.”


Then, she tried to return the ring to him.


Yang Kai examined her, and upon realising that she was serious, he burst into laughter before deciding to respect her wishes, “Good. Deduct the money you’ve lent me and then return the remaining to me.”


Luo Hai Yi nodded and started getting busy. A moment later, she returned the remaining pills to him.


After taking it, Yang Kai realised that it was still early in the day, so he said, “Why don’t we visit more shops?”


“En, this Mistress won’t have anything to do if I go home. We can visit as many shops as Sir wants today.”


After he stepped into Hundred Refining’s Hall on the previous day, Yang Kai was made to fight against Yu Luo Sha in Asura Arena, so he hadn’t managed to visit more shops. He reckoned that it would still take him three to four days to finish this errand.


For the following shops, Yang Kai didn’t come across any thugs like Pei Bu Wan again. After he presented a notice of debt, expressed his purpose of visit, and fished out the Proprietress’ Faith Token, most shopkeepers treated him politely.


As usual, they were given a time limit of one month and in the blink of an eye, night had descended upon them again.


The previous night, Yang Kai had no money and didn’t want to return to First Inn, which was why he stayed over at Luo Hai Yi’s residence. Now, he had earned 11 million pills, and he was eager to let the Proprietress know about the good news, so he told Luo Hai Yi to go home first.


Soon, he reached First Inn and realised that the place was still crammed with customers. Several shop boys were moving around while the accountant was loudly fiddling with the abacus behind the front counter.


Noticing that someone had entered the inn, the accountant said without raising his head, “We’re fully booked now. Please go somewhere else.”


Yang Kai tapped on the table, “Where’s Proprietress?”


It was only then that the accountant lifted his head, “It’s you. I thought it was a customer.” He pointed at the rear court with his lips pouting, “She’s in her room.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Alright. You can continue doing your things.”


Then, he shuffled towards the backyard.


The accountant watched him leave as he shivered slightly while muttering under his breath, “Why did he even decide to come back at this point? It’s like knocking on the gates of Hell. What’s wrong with him?”


Upon stepping into the rear court, he saw someone in the corner who repeatedly squatted and got up. There seemed to be something on his shoulders.


An amazed Yang Kai walked over and realised that the person was Bai Qi.


As their eyes met, Bai Qi flashed a smile at him and panted, “You’re back.”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded and looked curiously at him, “What are you doing here?”


“N-Nothing!” Bai Qi got up with difficulty as he almost didn’t have the energy to finish his words. It was apparent that the thing on his shoulders was very heavy, “I’m cultivating.”


“Here?” Yang Kai became puzzled as he wondered whether Bai Qi had lost his mind. Even if he wanted to cultivate, he should look for a suitable place instead of doing it in the rear court where the Proprietress lived.


“Is Yang Kai back?” The Proprietress’ voice was heard coming from a room where the candlelight flickered.


“Yes, I’ve returned!” Yang Kai yelled and took a glance at Bai Qi. After shaking his head, he stopped paying attention to him and knocked on the door.


“Come in.”


Yang Kai pushed the door open, but before he could let the Proprietress know about the good news, he saw a white shadow rapidly approaching him. Shocked, he tried to flee; however, the white shadow was unbelievably swift as it grabbed his collar and pulled him into the room. Following that, the door was slammed shut.


An anxious Yang Kai thought that someone had launched a sneak attack on him, but after a glance, he realised that it was the Proprietress who was standing in front of him. It wasn’t so surprising as this was her room, so who else could it be?


At this moment, she was staring coldly at him with a pair of glacial eyes.


Yang Kai shot her a glare, “What’s wrong?” He didn’t think he had offended this crazy woman in any way, but she looked like she was about to skin him alive.


“How do you still have the gall to ask?” After a sneer, the Proprietress extended her hand into the void and fished out something that looked like a feather duster. Then, she attempted to strike Yang Kai with it.


A shocked Yang Kai hurriedly lifted his hand to fend it off. Nevertheless, there was a huge gap between their strength, so his attempt was futile and the feather duster directly hit his head.


It hurt so much that his eyes turned bloodshot, and with his hands on his head, Yang Kai bellowed, “What are you doing?”


“Can’t you see I’m hitting you?” Then, she directly pushed out the feather duster and poked right on his stomach.


[That’s not what I meant. I was asking why you’re hitting me!] Yang Kai wanted to speak, but he was unable to do that as he felt his stomach churning as he bent his back.


The Proprietress landed another strike on his shoulder.


A horrified Yang Kai jumped up and leapt backwards in an attempt to dash out of the room; however, she just grabbed the air and directly pulled him back.


The huge gap in their powers dictated that Yang Kai was totally unable to resist. Presently, he felt humiliated and enraged. In all his life, he had never been hit by anyone in such an insulting way before. More importantly, he didn’t even have the foggiest idea about why he was beaten.


After getting struck several times again, he felt immensely incensed. Infuriated and emboldened, he barked, “Crazy woman, I dare you to lay your hand on me one more time!”


“Crazy woman?” The Proprietress was so enraged that she started laughing. The next instant, her feather duster turned into countless shadows and engulfed him.


At that moment, Yang Kai kept jumping up as he was hit. Gritting his teeth, he reckoned that a man had to yield when it was necessary. Regardless, he had to find out the crux of the problem first, so he hurriedly yelled, “Stop hitting me! Let’s talk it out!”


“I’m a crazy woman, so I’m unreasonable. I can do whatever I want,” Then, she landed more whips on him.


After getting refuted, Yang Kai was unable to even get mad at her anymore; thus, he squatted in one corner and covered his head with his hands.


Seeing that, the Proprietress finally stopped.


Slowly raising his head, Yang Kai looked through the gap between his fingers with a vigilant gaze.


A condescending Proprietress looked down at him with an indifferent expression, “Spill it. Where were you last night? Why didn’t you come back?”


An incensed Yang Kai bellowed, “Did you hit me just because of that?” He slowly stood up.


Seeing her smacking the feather duster into her palm, Yang Kai shrunk back again and secretly swore that if when he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm one day, he would retaliate and make her go through an ordeal that was a hundred times more gut-wrenching than what he had suffered.


“Cut the crap and answer my question!”


Yang Kai snorted, “I was staying over at a friend’s house.”


“A friend?” The Proprietress sneered, “It’s only been a few days since we arrived in this Star City. When did you make friends here? Was this friend a man or a woman?”


[What does that have to do with you?] Yang Kai wanted to refute her, but he was worried that he would infuriate her again, so he replied, “A woman.”


Right after he finished speaking, the Proprietress struck him with the feather duster again. There was a resentful look on her face as she barked, “You’re so young, but you’ve already learned to hook up with random women! You’ve been here for only a few days, but you’ve already stayed over at a woman’s house?!”




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