Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3958, Dominance


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Luo Hai Yi had said that a Grand Dao Pill could be bought at a price that was between 10,000 to 20,000. This price was nothing to Yang Kai, but it was a hefty sum for an ordinary Emperor Realm Master. It was probably all the money a person at the bottom of the social hierarchy could earn after hundreds of years of work.


Despite that, the auction price still soared from the base price of 5,000. In just ten breaths’ time, the price had broken the 10,000 mark. Luo Hai Yi appeared anxious as she had failed in her attempt to make a bid twice. Many people were heard bidding for the Grand Dao Pills, which went to show that the pills were truly popular among the Emperors present.


Soon, the price hit the 20,000 mark and was about to reach 30,000.


A moment later, Luo Hai Yi clenched her teeth and made an offer of 30,000, but the next instant, someone else made a higher offer, which caused her to feel dejected. Then, she stopped making any offers as she had apparently given up on this one. After all, there were 10 batches of Grand Dao Pills, so she still had a chance.


After the price hit the 30,000 mark, fewer people were heard bidding for the pills. It seemed that Luo Hai Yi was right. A Grand Dao Pill was worth about 10,000 to 20,000. A price of 30,000 for two pills had exceeded the budgets of many Emperor Realm Masters present, which was why few people bid for it now.


When someone made an offer of 34,000, no one else was heard offering a higher price. The person who made the offer was a young man who was seated just in front of Yang Kai. Presently, he appeared nervous as he balled up his fists and yelled at the auctioneer, “No one else is making an offer now. Bang the gavel quickly!”


Hearing that, the auctioneer flashed a smile at him and lifted the gavel. Then, she looked around and asked smilingly, “The highest bid for the first batch of Grand Dao Pills is 34,000. Is there a higher offer?”


Right then, Yang Kai raised his hand, “40,000.”


In an instant, the cultivators around him turned their heads and gazed at him in disbelief. The young man who made an offer of 34,000 was especially fuming.


It couldn’t be helped. Although the price soared quickly as the Emperors bid for the same item, every additional offer was only about 500 to 1,000 more than the previous price; after all, it wasn’t easy for them to earn Open Heaven Pills, so they were reluctant to offer an exorbitant price.


However, Yang Kai directly raised the price by 6,000, which was unprecedented.


To the side, Luo Hai Yi also turned to look at him in shock. She was aware that he had condensed his Dao Seal, so Grand Dao Pills were practically useless to him; therefore, she hadn’t expected that he’d bid for the pills. At that instant, she looked away and started blushing. Apparently, she had misunderstood something.


“This friend has offered 40,000 for the first batch of Grand Dao Pills. Is there a higher offer?” The auctioneer asked with a smile, and upon confirming that no one else made a new offer, she gave a three count and banged the gavel.


“The starting price for the second set is 34,000. Please make your offer now.” The auctioneer extended her hand. She had mentioned before that the starting price for the next batch would be the second-highest offer of the previous batch. Since the second-highest offer for the first batch was 34,000, the starting price for the second batch would be the same. The auction house wouldn’t want to make a loss.


“34,000!” The young man in front of Yang Kai clenched his fists and shouted, making the same offer as earlier.


A nonchalant Yang Kai lifted his hand, “40,000.”


Just like the incident earlier, the same thing happened again. The young man turned his head and glared at Yang Kai, who didn’t even spare him a glance.


Gritting his teeth, the young man shouted, “41,000!” This was the highest price he could possibly offer. He wouldn’t be able to make an additional offer if someone else offered a higher price.


“50,000,” Yang Kai said dispassionately.


“You!” The young man turned his head with a hideous expression. It seemed that he had the urge to bite off a piece of flesh from Yang Kai.


The other Emperor Realm Masters around him appeared hostile as well. Many of them were here for the Grand Dao Pills, so Yang Kai directly raising the price to such an unprecedented level would make them suffer losses as well. Some of them even suspected that he was hired by the auction house to hike up the prices. Nevertheless, this was unlikely as Wind and Cloud Auction House had a good reputation, so they probably wouldn’t do such a despicable thing.


Other than the young man and Yang Kai, no one else had made an offer for the second batch, so it was soon sold.


Following that, it was the third batch’s turn, but before the auctioneer could finish her words, Yang Kai raised his hand again, “50,000.”


The young man in front of him was unable to hold it in anymore, so he bellowed, “What’s the point of buying so many Grand Dao Pills? If your aptitude is not good enough, it’s useless no matter how many pills you buy!”


Generally, if a cultivator was lucky enough, all it took was one Grand Dao Pill for him or her to successfully condense a Dao Seal. Most of the cultivators would need two pills. If the cultivator was diffident, they might need three to four pills. Any additional pills would be of no help.


Yang Kai had bought two batches, so it was more than enough for himself. Supposedly, he didn’t need to bid for the third batch.


“I have too much money to spend, and it’s none of your damn business what I do,” Yang Kai scoffed.


The young man felt his lungs almost exploding as he thought that Yang Kai was immensely detestable. If it weren’t because fighting was forbidden here, he would’ve taught him a lesson.


“51,000!” Just then, someone was heard making a bid. Apparently, that person couldn’t take it anymore either. Yang Kai had bought the first two batches, and he seemed determined to purchase even more. There were only ten batches in total, so if all of them were bought by Yang Kai, there would be none left for them.


Although the price was unreasonably high, that person still grit his teeth and made a bid for the sake of his future. Right after he finished speaking though, Yang Kai said impassively, “60,000.”


In an instant, gasps were heard around him. Many Emperor Realm cultivators thought that this guy must be out of his mind. They had never seen anyone offering 60,000 for two Grand Dao Pills before.


In Private Room A6 on the second floor, the corner of Pei Bu Wan’s mouth twitched as he looked down at the hall and tutted, “As expected, this brat is up to no good.”


Earlier, he had figured that Yang Kai must have caused some trouble, which was why the latter needed his help to get into the auction venue. Now, it seemed that this brat was trying to make a scene by bidding maliciously; however, what was the point of doing that? He would have to fork out a large amount of money in the end regardless.


On the other hand, Luo Hai Yi was dumbfounded as well. Initially, she thought that Yang Kai had taken part in the bidding to buy the Grand Dao Pills for her, but now, that didn’t seem to be the case. Why had he even bid for three batches of pills?


She speculated that Yang Kai might have some friends and family members who needed a large quantity of Grand Dao Pills, and realising that it was just her wishful thinking that he was buying the pills for her, she felt her face burning.


The third batch of Grand Dao Pills was sold for 60,000, and when it was time for the fourth batch, the auctioneer directly stared at Yang Kai and looked nowhere else. Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished speaking, the young man in front of Yang Kai directly said, “60,000!”


The young man turned to stare fixedly at Yang Kai when he made the offer through clenched teeth. He seemed determined to go up against him.


With a smile, Yang Kai took a glance at him and fell silent for a long time, which caused the young man’s forehead to be drenched in a cold sweat. 41,000 was the highest price he could offer. The reason he even made a bid just now was to irritate Yang Kai.


Just then, Yang Kai spoke to him via Divine Sense, “How will you end up if I don’t make an offer?”


Hearing that, the young man gulped and turned pale. He couldn’t possibly fork out 60,000 Open Heaven Pills. If he really had to pay up, he would become broke. By then, he could only offer up his only life-saving artifact as collateral.


As their eyes met, the young man pleaded with him with his expression.


“60,000 going once, going twice…” The auctioneer’s voice sounded like a curse from Hell, which caused the young man’s face to become increasingly ashen.


With a faint smile, Yang Kai raised his hand at the last moment and said, “70,000.” 


Hearing that, the young man immediately let out a long breath and became paralysed on his chair. It was as though he had just escaped from death’s door.


When it was time to bid for the fifth batch, someone was heard offering a price of 70,000.


Upon hearing the voice, Yang Kai became amused because that person was Bai Qi. He must be thinking that it was outrageous for Yang Kai to purchase so many pills in one go, which would attract immense hatred and attention; therefore, he decided to help him share his burden.


Yang Kai was fine with that. Since Bai Qi had made a bid, he decided to fall silent. For the remaining batches, Yang Kai and Bai Qi basically dominated the scene. The other cultivators stopped offering any bids as these two directly obtained the pills after they made a bid.


Soon, all ten batches were sold. Yang Kai had purchased six while Bai Qi had bought four.


The auctioneer on the stage couldn’t even stop smiling; after all, a price of 70,000 for two Grand Dao Pills was inconceivable. Normally, two such pills would’ve been sold for 30,000 at most, but the price had more than doubled now. Although such an amount of money was nothing to the auction house, they were more than happy to see such fierce competition. After this incident, the bidders would become more fervent for the next items that would be put up for auction.


As expected, the price for the item after the Grand Dao Pills soared quickly as well. The item was a rare defensive artifact that could block a Low-Rank Open Heaven Master’s all-out attack, so it was definitely a life-saving treasure. Therefore, besides the Emperor Realm Masters, even the Low-Rank Open Heaven Masters started bidding for it as well. The competition was rather fiery.


On the other hand, Yang Kai appeared calm and collected. He only started joining in the fun when the price was high enough, and after a few rounds, he defeated all his competitors and obtained the treasure for an unusually high price.


At that instant, many people stared at Yang Kai with weird gazes. When they saw Yang Kai bidding for so many Grand Dao Pills earlier, they thought that he was just a fool with lots of money. Now, it wasn’t certain if he was really a fool or not, but he was definitely wealthy.


Moreover, he hadn’t even reached his limit.


One hour later, the atmosphere in the venue became extremely awkward. Even the auctioneer on the stage had stopped smiling as she furrowed her delicate brow. That was because over ten items had been obtained by Yang Kai and Bai Qi in the past hour; moreover, every item was sold for a price that no one else could bid against.


Could these two Emperor Realm Juniors really possess such immense wealth? After making some calculations, anyone would’ve realised that they had respectively bought over a million pills’ worth of goods. To put it in a different perspective, the average Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be able to take out a million pills even if they sold all their belongings. How did these two Emperor Realm Juniors possess so much money?


Earlier, the young man who was almost framed by Yang Kai couldn’t help turning his head to look at Yang Kai with a doubtful look on his face.


Although Luo Hai Yi had no idea why Yang Kai was madly bidding for the items, she wasn’t worried at all. She was aware that he possessed a million Open Heaven Pills that were given to him by Pei Bu Wan some time ago.




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