Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3959, Are You Here to Stir Up Trouble?


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The auction went on as the auctioneer said in a clear voice, “The next item is a Sun’s True Fire. I’m sure many of you have heard that a Sun Star died in a particular Great Territory some time ago. This Sun’s True Fire is from that dead Sun Star.”


After she finished speaking, a maidservant emerged from the backstage with a round bowl in her hands. A flame could faintly be seen flickering from the bow as a hot wave swept across the hall.


Upon hearing what the auctioneer had said, everyone in the hall broke out into a commotion. Yang Kai could also feel that many powerful Divine Senses shot out from the private rooms and scanned the Sun’s True Fire.


In fact, Yang Kai was surprised as well. He had never expected that a True Fire from that Sun Star would appear here; after all, this place was quite far away from that Great Territory. After giving it a thought though, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising; after all, many people had obtained Sun’s True Fires at that time. Wind and Cloud Auction House was backed by one of the Seventy-Two Paradises, so they naturally had the power to obtain a Sun’s True Fire to be put up for auction.


However, a Sun’s True Fire was at minimum a Fourth-Order material while there were also Fifth-Order ones. It wasn’t certain what Order the True Fire, which would be up for bidding, was in. 


Shopkeepers like Pei Bu Wan and Gong Sun Hong were only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm while there was a possibility that a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could be raised using a material in the same Order, which was why they paid extra attention to it.


Yang Kai realised that the items that were up for auction earlier were just things that those Emperor Realm cultivators, who hadn’t condensed their Dao Seals, needed. The items that were up for auction now were the things that people like him craved.


“A Fourth-Order Sun’s True Fire. The starting price is 100,000 with the minimum increase being 5,000.” The auctioneer extended her hand with a smile.


Following that, seven to eight people were heard making offers. All of them sounded eager to obtain this item, which surprised Yang Kai. He thought that only those in the private rooms would be interested in the item that was up for auction now, but he hadn’t expected that those individual bidders in the hall had the money to bid for the item as well.


Soon, their voices were suppressed by someone from a private room, “150,000!”


Hearing that, everyone in the lower hall fell silent.


For a Fourth-Order Open Heaven material, 150,000 was the average price. When Yang Kai was in Seven Wonders Land, Dié You had told him that a First-Order material was worth about 150 pills, while the price of a Second-Order material was ten times more than that of a First-Order material, and the price of a Third-Order material was ten times more than that of a Second-Order material.


The Stainless Golden Dew he bought in Seven Wonders Land was a Third-Order material, which cost him 15,000 Open Heaven Pills.


However, in an auction, items were generally sold for above-average prices. If there were any wealthy people who weren’t lacking money, the prices could be pushed much higher, not to mention that 150,000 was just the average price.


As expected, someone else from another private room then made an offer of 160,000. The people who were seated in the private rooms were all big shots in the Star City, so it was expected that they had more than a million Open Heaven Pills with them for this auction. They were all Open Heaven Realm Masters, so they didn’t need the Sun’s True Fire, but their disciples and family members could use it. It was rare for a Fourth-Order material to appear in an auction house, so they wouldn’t want to miss it.


The Sun’s True Fire was so popular that the two guests in the private rooms soon pushed the price to the 200,000 mark. Presently, the first person in the private room had fallen silent. Apparently, the price had exceeded his limit.


It wasn’t that he didn’t have the money; however, in order to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, a cultivator had to condense all seven of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. If one material cost 200,000, all seven materials would be 1.4 million. Furthermore, the cultivator might not even succeed in the end, so it was too hefty a price to pay.


“Shopkeeper Sun, you have my respect.” The second person from the private room was heard guffawing.


Shopkeeper Sun snorted and fell silent.


“Bang the gavel now,” the person was heard saying again.


With a smile, the auctioneer looked around and raised the gavel, “200,000 going once, going twice…” For some reason, she subconsciously took a look at Yang Kai and wondered whether he’d make an offer at the last moment. Earlier, he and another guy had basically stolen the show. They had bought all the items that came after the Grand Dao Pills, and no one else could outbid them.


However, after she counted to two, she realised that Yang Kai didn’t seem to have the intention of making a bid. She smiled helplessly and wondered what was wrong with herself. Since he had bought Grand Dao Pills, it suggested that he hadn’t condensed his Dao Seal; therefore, it was pointless for him to buy a Fourth-Order material. Even though he was wealthy, he wouldn’t squander his money in such a way.


Right when she thought so though, Yang Kai raised his hand and called out, “300,000.”


The auctioneer’s gavel froze mid-air as she stared at Yang Kai in disbelief. The people in the hall also broke into a furor as well.


Earlier, Yang Kai and Bai Qi practically dominated the auction, allowing no one else to bid against them; however, those items were not valuable, so only the Emperor Realm cultivators were trying to snatch them. The amount of money was nothing in the eyes of the truly rich people here.


Nevertheless, this time was different. Yang Kai directly offered an increase of 100,000. Was he trying to make things difficult for himself or something?


“Brat, which great force are you from?” The Open Heaven Realm Master, who made an offer of 200,000, was infuriated. Looking down from the private room, he found Yang Kai to be loathsome. This brat gave him a surprise at the last moment, which greatly humiliated him.


Without even turning his head, Yang Kai refuted, “Make an offer if you can, if you don’t have the money, shut your mouth. Which great force I’m from has nothing to do with you.”


The person in the private room was rendered speechless, but as a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it was inappropriate for him to bicker with a mere Emperor Realm Junior.


The young man in front of Yang Kai became increasingly doubtful as he turned his head to look at him.


The auctioneer became startled for a long time before she came to her senses and let out a hollow laugh, “300,000 going once, going twice, going three times!”


She banged the gavel and confirmed that the item was sold. Without stopping, she went on to say, “The next item will be a Fourth-Order material as well…”


Before she could finish her words, someone was heard making a bid from the hall, “300,000.”


The auctioneer became frustrated as she was at a loss for words. With a furious expression, she glared at Yang Kai and wondered what was wrong with him. He should’ve waited for her to finish speaking first at least, but this young man directly made an offer of 300,000 before even finding out what the material was. Could he be out of his mind?


Everyone in the hall and the private rooms fell silent as they stared fixedly at Yang Kai. To his side, Luo Hai Yi felt like she was on pins and needles. With a worried look, she said in a hushed voice, “Senior Yang, that’s an exorbitant price.”


“It’s fine,” Yang Kai put on a smile.


“Do you really have that much?” Just then, someone was heard speaking. It was the young man who was seated in front of Yang Kai. Presently, he was gaping at him with a sneer, “You’ve bid for so many items. Do you even have enough to pay up?”


The reason he took part in the auction was for the Grand Dao Pills. He thought he would be able to purchase one batch at least, but after Yang Kai messed everything up earlier, he had lost all hope. Although he was spared the trouble by Yang Kai later, he was still resentful. Upon seeing that Yang Kai unabashedly bid for so many items, he even suspected that this guy was here to stir up trouble. Unable to hold it in anymore, he decided to speak up.


As long as he could prove that Yang Kai was here to make trouble, the Grand Dao Pills would be put up for auction again, and he would still stand a chance.


With this thought in mind, he rose from the chair and cupped his fists at the podium, “Seniors present today, I suspect that this ill-intentioned person is bidding maliciously. I urge all of you to probe him to find out whether he is really capable of paying for the items he has bid on!”


“I second that,” Someone was heard speaking from a private room. He was the one who had lost the Sun’s True Fire to Yang Kai.


“That’s a good idea. It’s highly probable that this boy is here to make a scene,” someone else from a different private room was heard saying. It wasn’t that Yang Kai had offended them, but if they allowed him to keep raising a fuss, they would have no hope of getting the items they wanted. The reason they took part in the auction was to buy things they needed. Moreover, the items that would soon be put up for auction were materials that were in the Fourth Order and above.


Therefore, after the young man finished speaking, many people in the private rooms seconded his suggestion.


In Room A6, the corner of Pei Bu Wan’s mouth twitched, “This brat is so sinister. Why didn’t I realise it before?” Now, it was apparent to him that Yang Kai was indeed here to create trouble. He wondered what grudges Yang Kai had against this auction house that the latter had to do such a thing during an auction. Yang Kai had basically humiliated them, so there was no way they would let him off.


Yang Kai’s real fortune would be exposed if he was probed, and although Pei Bu Wan had given him a million pills as a reward, the things that he had bid for had exceeded that amount already. 


However, Pei Bu Wan wasn’t worried about his safety; after all, Yang Kai was from First Inn. The worst that could happen was that he would be kicked out of the auction house, and his reputation would be ruined.


On the stage, the auctioneer appeared to be in a dilemma as she looked in a particular direction behind her. An elderly man was seated over there. Since the start of the auction, he had remained unmoving with his eyes closed. He wasn’t Yun Zhen Hua, but he was also a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from the auction house. The reason he was seated there was to prevent anyone from making a scene.


Certainly, he could hear all the demands to probe Yang Kai; thus, he slowly rose from the chair and walked onto the stage.


Just then, someone was heard speaking from a private room, “Old Yu, please check this boy and find out whether he really has the capital to act so wildly.”


Hearing that, the elderly man furrowed his brow. They had never probed anyone during an auction in the past; after all, they were a powerful great force, so no one would have the guts to refuse making payment. All the bidders would only make offers that were within their means.


However, Yang Kai’s actions were indeed suspicious, so he intended to find out the truth as well. After a nod, he moved and directly appeared in front of Yang Kai. Then, he slightly nodded his head at him, “Little friend, please.”


Yang Kai remained seated on the chairs with his hands placed on the armrests. Lifting his head, he stared at the elderly man and grinned at him, “What’s wrong? Is this how you treat a guest in your auction house?”


The young man turned his head and bellowed, “Stop spouting nonsense and let Old Yu inspect you! You don’t look like a man of wealth at all.” If Yang Kai possessed such an immense fortune, he would have had a private room instead of sitting in the lower hall.


The voice from the private room earlier was heard saying again, “Boy, stop wasting our time. If you’re really here to stir up trouble, I suggest that you stop now and leave. At the very least, your reputation will be preserved. If you wait until Old Yu makes a move, you won’t be spared the punishment.”




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