Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3961, No Money


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After the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire was won by Yang Kai for the price of 3 million Open Heaven Pills, the next two Fifth-Order materials also fell into his hands, which surprised no one.


The auction, which had attracted many people to attend, ended in an awkward atmosphere. Be it the individual bidders in the hall or the shopkeepers in the private rooms, they had their horizons broadened on this day.


They had never attended such an auction before. Other than the first few things, the rest of the items were purchased by only one person. More surprisingly, he was just an Emperor Realm Junior, yet he had spent over 10 million pills in total.


All of them wondered which great force Yang Kai was from and why he possessed so many Open Heaven Pills? Those shopkeepers at the scene could only control a few million pills, and they didn’t have the right to use any amount that was over 10 million freely.


Only a small number of them could recognise Yang Kai; after all, he had been demanding repayments from 19 shops recently, and he had met several shopkeepers in the process. Some of those shopkeepers had attended the auction on this day.


In a room that was reserved for important guests in Wind and Cloud Auction House, Yang Kai and Bai Qi were seated across from one another as they tasted the aromatic tea they were served. Many things had already been placed in front of them. Despite that, maidservants continued streaming into the room and putting down more items.


These were the items they had bid for during the auction. The rule in the auction house was that they would only collect the Open Heaven Pills after the event. Since the auction was over, it was time for the successful bidders to pay the bill.


The auctioneer with a curvy figure was standing in front of them. Every time an item was sent into the room, she would smilingly introduce it to Yang Kai and inform him of the price he had offered.


To the side, there was a man who looked like an accountant who continuously made calculations with his abacus as he added all the prices up.


As the maidservants entered and left the room, more and more items were placed in front of them. Although Bai Qi was drinking tea, he kept stealing glances at Yang Kai as he felt guilty.


That was because he had never done such a thing before, to say nothing of the fact that they were in an auction house. He couldn’t even imagine how they would end up once this was all over.


A moment later, the accountant was finally done with the calculations and reported them. The auctioneer then looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “Sir, the total price for the things you’ve bid for is 11,360,000.”


Then, she turned to look at Bai Qi, “Sir, the total price of the things you’ve bid for is 930,000.”


Compared to Yang Kai, Bai Qi had bid for far fewer things, which were mostly some cheaper items. That was because Yang Kai was swift every time he made an offer, so Bai Qi didn’t have a chance to make a bid.


“Pack them all up together,” Yang Kai didn’t even bat an eye.


Hearing that, the auctioneer took a look at someone beside her, whereupon a shop hand put all the things into a Space Ring. The auctioneer held the ring with both hands and presented it to Yang Kai.


After taking it, Yang Kai didn’t even bother to take a glance at it. As he rubbed his fingers together, a tinge of Space Principles undulated, upon which the ring disappeared.


Following that, he rose from the chair and spoke to Bai Qi, “Let’s go.”


The smile on the auctioneer’s face froze as she stood in his way and said politely, “Sir, have you forgotten something?”


Yang Kai looked around and stared at her, “I don’t think so.”


The auctioneer forced a smile and said in a soft voice, “You’ve forgotten to pay the bill.” There was an aggrieved look on her face.


“I have no Open Heaven Pills,” Yang Kai stared frankly at her while Bai Qi, who was standing behind him, had the corner of his brow twitch.


After batting her eyes, the auctioneer suddenly covered her mouth and giggled, “Sir, you’re too funny.” Old Yu had inspected Yang Kai and confirmed that he had enough Open Heaven Pills to bid for the items; otherwise, he would’ve been kicked out of the auction house. No one would believe him if he said he had no Open Heaven Pills at this point.


“I’m not joking.” Yang Kai looked dispassionately at her, “Your auction house owes us 10 million Open Heaven Pills, so I’ll just regard these items as collateral. I’ll only return them to you when you pay me the 10 million you owe.”


The auctioneer became rooted to the spot as she gaped at Yang Kai and asked hesitantly, “Sir, what do you mean by that?”


She was just an auctioneer, so she had no idea what had happened behind the scenes. That was the reason she was puzzled now. She didn’t even know that the auction house owed someone 10 million.


“Your shopkeeper understands what I’m talking about. Right, Manager Yun?” Yang Kai shouted the last sentence at the door.


Although he couldn’t detect Yun Zhen Hua’s aura, he reckoned that the shopkeeper must be just outside the room; after all, not long after he and Bai Qi were kicked out of the auction house, they managed to sneak back in. Furthermore, they had swept most of the items into their pockets with exorbitant prices during the auction. As the shopkeeper of this auction house, there was no way Yun Zhen Hua wasn’t aware of such an incident.


In that case, there was no doubt he was waiting outside the room at the moment.


With a creak, the door was pushed open from the outside; however, the person who entered the room wasn’t Yun Zhen Hua. Instead, it was Old Yu, who had inspected Yang Kai earlier.


Presently, there was a grim expression on Old Yu’s face. He placed one hand behind his back and his other hand on his belly as he stared fixedly at Yang Kai, “Little friend, I suggest that you don’t risk ruining your future.”


He only found out about who Yang Kai and Bai Qi were after the inspection he performed; after all, it was inconceivable that a mere Emperor Realm cultivator would be carrying 200 million Open Heaven Pills on him, so he secretly informed Yun Zhen Hua about it. Yun Zhen Hua furtively came over to have a look and realised that the bidders causing trouble were the two shop hands from First Inn.


Furthermore, they had demanded repayment from him right before the auction.


After that, Old Yu immediately knew that these two guys were ill-intentioned; however, it was already during the latter half of the auction, and Yang Kai indeed had enough Open Heaven Pills to bid for the items, so it was inappropriate for him to do anything. He decided to see how things went after the auction. Now, seeing as these two brats had no intention to pay up, Old Yu became incensed.


“We have the right to demand repayment from you because you owe us Open Heaven Pills. Since you’re not willing to pay up, we have no choice but to extract compensation from you through other means,” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him.


Old Yu said coldly, “No one has dared to make a scene in our auction house before. Are you sure you want to do this?”


“There’s someone now,” Yang Kai showed no fear. Although the auction house was backed by a powerful great force, he also had the support of First Inn; therefore, he was confident that the inn could compete against the auction house. Furthermore, those from the auction house were in the wrong, so he wasn’t afraid when facing Old Yu.


“Bold!” Old Yu snorted, “But courage is far from enough. Do you think you can get away with this outrage?”


Yang Kai shot him a glance, “What do you want to do, then? Detain us?”


Old Yu scoffed and waved his hand, “Search them.” He secretly mocked these two brats for thinking that they could do whatever they wanted just because they were backed by First Inn. He would retrieve the items first before settling the score with them.


Upon receiving the order, the shop hands beside him marched forward.


Hurriedly, Bai Qi got into a defensive pose, “Don’t come near me. I’ll fight!”


Yang Kai lifted his hand and pressed it against Bai Qi’s shoulder, “Let them.”


In puzzlement, Bai Qi turned a strange look at him. They had spent the past month collecting Open Heaven Pills from many places. Besides Yang Kai, he also had over 100 million with him as they hadn’t handed the Open Heaven Pills to the Proprietress yet.


Yang Kai kept them with him because he was struck by the Proprietress with a feather duster when he returned to the inn to tell her the good news some time ago, which irked him. On the other hand, Bai Qi hadn’t handed it over to her because he had never seen so many pills before, so he wanted to keep it for a longer time.


However, before coming to this place, Yang Kai had told Bai Qi to pass everything to him, so Bai Qi didn’t even have a single Open Heaven Pill with him. There was practically nothing in his pockets right now.


That was why he wasn’t worried about the inspection, but it was a different story for Yang Kai. However, since Yang Kai had said so, Bai Qi lowered his guard despite his puzzlement. More importantly, they couldn’t defeat the people around here as it was enemy territory. Apart from the shop hands around them, Old Yu was able to defeat them with a wave of his hand, so any resistance was futile.


In total, four shop hands walked up to them. Two of them searched Bai Qi, while the other two inspected Yang Kai.


A moment later, they couldn’t find anything, so they turned to look at Old Yu and reported, “There’s nothing with them.”


“Impossible!” Old Yu’s expression changed. He didn’t seem to have made a move, but he directly appeared in front of Yang Kai as he grabbed his shoulder with one hand and searched his body with the other hand.


How was it possible that there was nothing on Yang Kai? Besides the ring that contained almost 200 million Open Heaven Pills, the items that he had bid for were taken away by him not long ago.


How could the items have disappeared for no reason?


After the inspection, there was indeed nothing with Yang Kai. Following that, Old Yu released his Divine Sense and carefully examined every part of Yang Kai’s body. There wasn’t even a single pill with him, let alone any Space Rings. Those items from the auction had disappeared into thin air as well.


Then, he pondered on it for a moment and recalled sensing a faint Space Principle fluctuation when he was outside the room earlier. It felt similar to the fluctuation when the Universe Transference Law was used.


His chest tightened as he exerted more force with his hand and questioned through clenched teeth, “Where have you put the items?”


Old Yu was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he was especially forceful when he was fuming. Yang Kai could hear a cracking sound coming from his shoulder, as though some of his bones had broken.


His expression changed as he held in the urge to groan in pain; then, he stared coldly at Old Yu and said, “I’ve said that the reason we’ve done such a thing is that you refuse to pay what you owe us. As long as you give us the Open Heaven Pills we demanded, I’ll return the items to you.”


“Little bastard!” Old Yu roared. Although the items in the auction were generally expensive, it was a failed event for the auction house. This couldn’t be helped, as most of the things were purchased by only one person, which would affect the auction house’s reputation negatively. When others talked about it in the future, they would say that there were problems with the organisational skills of those from the auction house. Otherwise, such a laughable incident wouldn’t have happened.


It had been many years since Wind and Cloud Auction House was established, so they could still bear the slight damage to their reputation; however, if word got out that they had even lost the items from the auction without receiving any payment, they would become a laughing stock.


An enraged Old Yu released his Fourth-Order Open Heaven pressure and forced Yang Kai to lower his figure. At that instant, Yang Kai felt as though an entire world had been pressed against his shoulder. This couldn’t be helped, as there was a huge gap between their powers. Now that he was captured, he was completely powerless to resist. If it weren’t because he was resolute enough, he would’ve fallen on his knees instantly.




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