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Martial Peak – Chapter 3962, House Arrest

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“You dare make a move against him!” Bai Qi bellowed. Seeing as Yang Kai almost couldn’t breathe, he surged the Five Elements in his body and pushed out a palm at Old Yu.


As soon as he extended his hand, he realised that he was no match for the old man. He became infuriated because he saw Yang Kai being oppressed, and by the time he came to his senses, it was already too late for him to retract his hand.


“Get lost!” Without even looking, Old Yu landed a palm on Bai Qi’s chest. Following a loud crack, Bai Qi grunted and was sent flying backwards. After he crashed into the wall, the entire room seemed to shake.


Yang Kai turned his head, only to see that Bai Qi had turned pale. Blood was streaming down from his mouth, and there was an indent in his chest. With his head slumped to the side, he remained unmoving. An enraged Yang Kai roared, “Old dog, you must be sick of living!”


He activated all the power in his body and straightened up against the pressure. Following that, he quickly performed a hand seal with both hands before pushing out a palm at the older man.


“What?” There was a tinge of surprise on Old Yu’s face. It wasn’t that Yang Kai’s strike was powerful, but when he was faced with the attack, he realised that his mind had turned blank for a moment as though time had stopped temporarily.


[Has this brat comprehended the Dao of Time?]


Despite this astonishing feat, Yang Kai was still at a great disadvantage because he was much weaker than his opponent, so after a snort, Old Yu raised his hand and pushed out his palm again.


With a loud boom, Yang Kai was sent flying backwards as well. Time Principles swirled around Old Yu’s hand, which caused it to contort and wither; however, just a short moment later, his hand was restored to its original state. There was a huge gap between their powers, so he was able to dispel the Time Principles with ease. Otherwise, he would’ve suffered severe damage.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai hit the wall that he grunted and suppressed the roiling blood in his body. Looking down, he realised that his hand, which was used to trade moves with Old Yu, was trembling violently as the bones in his wrist had broken.


Old Yu shot him a glare, “No one has dared to steal from our auction house before. Those who have the guts to try must die.”


“I dare you to try killing us then!” Despite the fact that Yang Kai was at a disadvantage, he still lifted his chin and appeared haughty.


A murderous intent flashed across Old Yu’s eyes, but after shooting him a glare, he turned around and flicked his sleeve, “Keep watch over them. Don’t let them flee.” Then, he shuffled out of the room.


The auctioneer gave Yang Kai a dismissive look and left the room as well. Before leaving, the shop hands closed the door. It was apparent that they intended to place Yang Kai and Bai Qi under house arrest.


Outside the door, Yun Zhen Hua ran through his beard with his fingers and scowled. Seeing Old Yu, he slightly nodded at him and ambled towards a secret room with him.


After they entered the secret room a moment later, Yun Zhen Hua frowned, “Since they’re injured now, things have become complicated.”


Those two brats were from First Inn. They were rude, and it wasn’t wrong for Old Yu to teach them a lesson, but that didn’t change the truth that he had injured them. Recalling a certain crazy woman who knew no restraint, Yun Zhen Hua felt a headache coming on.


Still infuriated, Old Yu barked, “They’re clearly in the wrong as they stole from our auction house. So what if I beat them up?”


Knowing that Old Yu was an arrogant and hot-tempered man, Yun Zhen Hua shot him a glance before falling silent. Although Old Yu was just a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was extremely ambitious. He couldn’t be blamed for having grandiose aims, but puny abilities as there was a possibility that he could’ve reached the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the past. However, when he was ascending to the Open Heaven Realm, he was deceived by a scoundrel, which was why he ended up in the Fourth Order. It was the biggest regret of his life.


Moreover, it hadn’t been a long time since he became an Open Heaven Realm Master, so Old Yu hadn’t heard of how infamous that woman was. That was the reason he was unafraid of her.


Nevertheless, it shouldn’t matter as these two guys were just shop hands. That woman probably wouldn’t make a fuss for two mere shop hands. In any case, it seemed they had to repay 10 million Open Heaven Pills; otherwise, it would give her a reason to flare up.


At the thought of this, Yun Zhen Hua fished out a communications bead and told his subordinate to prepare 10 million pills. He also told someone else to invite Madam Lan to come over to settle the issue.


Certainly, he was ready to repay the money, but the two shop hands had created trouble by bidding maliciously and sweeping up most of the items during the auction, so he had to deal with Madam Lan now.


While Bai Qi had passed out and Yang Kai bled, a young woman dashed into First Inn. Seeing that, a shop hand of the inn approached her and asked with a smile, “Welcome to First Inn. Are you here to rent a room or have a meal?”


The woman replied anxiously, “I’m looking for your Proprietress, Madam Lan.”


The shop hand sized her up and said smilingly, “I’m sorry, honoured guest. Our Proprietress isn’t meeting guests right now. If there’s anything you need, you can tell me about it, and I’ll pass on your words to her.”


“Sir Yang asked me to come over and said I must directly speak to your Proprietress!” The woman replied.


“Sir Yang? Who are you talking about?” The shop hand appeared puzzled. There were countless people in Star City with the surname Yang.


“Sir Yang Kai!”


The woman who had just sprinted into the inn was none other than Luo Hai Yi. When the auction was over, she immediately left the auction house because Yang Kai had secretly made a request of her, which was why she rushed over to First Inn.


“Yang Kai told you to come over?” The accountant, who had been doing some calculations behind the counter, lifted his head and stared at her.


Luo Hai Yi nodded repeatedly, “Yes!”


“What’s the matter? Where is he?” The accountant asked.


Luo Hai Yi shook her head and pressed her lips together.


Seeing that, the accountant broke into laughter. The woman was weak as she hadn’t even condensed her Dao Seal, but she was rather innocent and adorable. She only wanted to look for the Proprietress because Yang Kai had told her to do so, and she wouldn’t answer anyone else’s questions before she accomplished her objective.


Since Yang Kai had told her to come over, there must be something urgent, so the accountant said, “Bring her to meet Proprietress.”


The shop hand nodded, “Yes. Miss, please come with me.”


Then, he led the way for her towards the rear court.


A moment later, upon reaching the Proprietress’ room, the shop hand slightly bent his back and called out, “Proprietress, this young lady is looking for you. She said that Yang Kai told her to come see you.”


“Show her in,” the Proprietress was heard saying.


“Please,” The shop hand extended his hand.


After taking a deep breath, Luo Hai Yi thanked him and pushed the door open, whereupon a delicately decorated woman’s room came into her sight. A pleasant scent permeated the air, and turning her head, Luo Hai Yi saw a curvy woman who was seated by a dressing table. Her jet-black hair hung loose on her shoulders, and the mirror reflected her breathtakingly alluring face.


As their eyes met, the Proprietress asked, “Where’s that brat?”


[That brat…] Luo Hai Yi slightly stuck out her tongue as she knew that the Proprietress was talking about Yang Kai, then she said, “When we parted ways, he was still in Wind and Cloud Auction House.”


With a frown, the Proprietress combed her hair and asked, “Why was he there?” Then, she recalled that the auction house also owed them money, so he must have gone over to demand repayment.


Then, she remembered that not long after they arrived in the Star City, Yang Kai didn’t return to the inn for the entire night. When she questioned him about it later, he said that he had stayed over at a woman’s house.


The Proprietress sized Luo Hai Yi up more carefully and furrowed her brow. Although this woman could be considered pretty, she was obviously weak and destitute. Moreover, she appeared timid and inexperienced. Did that brat really stay over at her house that night?


“Why did he tell you to look for me?” The Proprietress asked.


Hurriedly, Luo Hai Yi stepped forward and revealed the things she had firmly held in her hands, “He told me to pass these things to you.”


The Proprietress turned her head and saw three Space Rings. One of them exuded Yang Kai’s aura, and the other had Bai Qi’s aura on it. These were apparently their rings. The last one seemed to have no owner.


After taking the rings, the Proprietress activated her Divine Sense and inspected Yang Kai’s ring first. Then, she arched her brow and said, “Hmph!”


There were countless Open Heaven Pills in the ring. These were obviously the money he had collected recently. Instead of handing the money to her right away though, that brat had told an outsider to pass the ring to her.


Then, she scanned Bai Qi’s ring and realised that there were just as many pills inside it.


[Those little bastards! I’ll teach them a lesson when they come back!] The Proprietress secretly cursed at them, then she took a glance at Luo Hai Yi, “Do you know what’s inside these rings?” 


These two rings contained nearly 400 million Open Heaven Pills, so how could Yang Kai trust a mere Emperor Realm cultivator, one who hadn’t even condensed her Dao Seal, to send them to the inn? Wasn’t he worried that something would happen? Although no one dared to steal in this Star City, Accidents still occur.


Luo Hai Yi shook her head, “I never looked inside of them.”


It was then the Proprietress’ gaze softened. Regardless of whether Luo Hai Yi had looked into the rings, the fact that she had delivered them to the inn suggested that she was a trustworthy person.


The Proprietress didn’t explain anything to her as there was a huge gap between their powers and statuses, so it was pointless to do so. Then, she took a look at the third ring, which contained all sorts of random items. There were many precious things inside, but that only puzzled the Proprietress as she passed the ring to Luo Hai Yi and asked, “Where did he get all these things?”


After taking the ring, Luo Hai Yi scanned it and pressed her lips together, “These are the things he bid for during the auction.”


Luo Hai Yi had no idea why these things were inside this ring. Upon receiving Yang Kai’s order, she left the auction house and waited in a quiet, secluded place nearby. Before leaving, Yang Kai passed her a bead and told her that some items would be sent to her shortly, and that after she received them, she had to pass them to the Proprietress of First Inn as quickly as possible.


And so, not long ago, with a glow from the bead, three Space Rings appeared out of thin air before her.


“He took part in the auction?” The Proprietress was startled.


After a nod, Luo Hai Yi replied, “Sir Yang basically purchased all the items.”


“That little bas…” The Proprietress stood up straight. Just when she wanted to call him a wastrel, she suddenly realised something.


As a myriad of expressions came over her before she exclaimed, “Damn it!”


After taking back the ring from Luo Hai Yi, she dashed out of the room. She didn’t even have the time to tidy up her hair first.


Luo Hai Yi became rooted to the spot, but she soon raced after her; however, the Proprietress was already nowhere to be seen. An amazed accountant stuck out his head from the counter and asked a shop hand, “Proprietress seemed to be in a rush. Where is she going?”


The shop hand shook his head to indicate that he had no idea.


Seeing Luo Hai Yi, the accountant hurriedly called out to her and asked some questions. As his expression changed repeatedly, he had a feeling that a thorny issue had come up.



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