Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3965, This Matter Is Not Over Yet


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[She’s even demanding compensation from them…] It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai realised how difficult it was to deal with the Proprietress, leaving him speechless. However, he couldn’t weaken her authority at this point, so he stepped forward and rummaged through the items before picking up ten bottles.


He had only taken the ten bottles of Grand Dao Pills. His rationale was that since Luo Hai Yi had helped him out, and she needed these pills to condense her Dao Seal, he could give them to her.


Just when he was ready to get up, the Proprietress declared impassively, “As a member of First Inn, you need to be more ambitious.”


The corner of Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he understood the hidden message behind her words. She was basically saying that he was a good-for-nothing for only taking worthless items. Gritting his teeth, he picked up the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire.


Seeing that, Yun Zhen Hua felt extremely heartbroken. This was one of the finale’s items that was up for auction and was worth nearly 2 million Open Heaven Pills. [This crazy woman has gone too far!] 


Nevertheless, he was no match for her, and he had witnessed how insane she could be, so he remained silent despite his fury.


Since the Proprietress hadn’t spoken, Yang Kai couldn’t stop what he was doing. After picking up the Sun’s True Fire, he went on to take the other two finale items.


“Just take what we deserve, don’t cross the line,” The Proprietress finally spoke.


Yang Kai secretly heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly stood beside her. Across from them, Yun Zhen Hua almost spat blood.


[Hasn’t she crossed the line by taking the three most valuable items from this time’s auction!? Although there are only three such items, their combined value is half of all the items that were up for auction. Why doesn’t she just take everything away with her?]


“Manager Yun, you seem unresigned,” The Proprietress shot him a dispassionate glance.


Yun Zhen Hua said through clenched teeth, “We’ll definitely meet again, Madam Lan. This Yun will remember what you’ve done to Wind and Cloud Paradise. When we next meet, I hope you’ll still be so aloof!”


“Hmph!” The Proprietress snorted, “You have no right to represent Wind and Cloud Paradise.”


Then, she swung her sleeve and yelled, “We’re leaving!”


Hurriedly, Yang Kai went over and hoisted the unconscious Bai Qi over his shoulder. Upon straightening up, he followed the Proprietress and strode out of the room. Two pairs of fiery eyes were staring at him from behind like leeches biting on him.


Only after the Proprietress was long gone did Old Yu spray out another mouthful of blood.


“Brother Yu!” Yun Zhen Hua’s expression changed as he quickly made him sit, “How are you?”


Old Yu waved his hand with a crestfallen expression, as though he had aged by several hundred years. Sitting there, he chuckled and said in a grim voice, “She’s really something.”


Then, his expression suddenly turned hideous as he yelled, “This matter is not over yet!”


Yun Zhen Hua nodded his head, “Of course, it’s not over yet. We’ll have to make that woman pay! I’ll inform the headquarters about this incident in detail. By then, they’ll send someone to deal with her.”


After a nod, Old Yu asked with a frown, “Brother Yun, why is that woman so strong? I’ve seen High-Rank cultivators make a move before, and while not on that level, she’s definitely stronger than a Sixth-Order Master should be.”


Following a sigh, Yun Zhen Hua replied, “Brother Yu has only advanced recently so you’re not aware of her story yet. In the past, she had actually had a chance to ascend directly to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, but because of a certain incident, she ended up having to settle for the Sixth Order. Although the Sixth-Order is still within the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, her foundation was still there; therefore, no one below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm is a match for her.”


“What was it that made her give up the chance to become a High-Rank Master?” Old Yun was stunned. Although a Sixth-Order cultivator was just one step away from the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, the gap was akin to the distance between the Heavens and Earth. If one wasn’t left with no other choice, they wouldn’t have given up such a bright future. That woman still had a chance to ascend directly to the High-Rank, yet something made her abandon that ambition. Achieving the High-Rank all at once wasn’t just about having greater immediate strength, but also about having greater room for improvement.


Yun Zhen Hua shook his head, “I’m not sure about it, but I’ve heard that it was because of a man.”


“Hmph!” Hearing that, Old Yu snorted, “Love can cause a person to turn blind and make irrational decisions.” As though he had recalled something in the next moment though, his expression turned dejected.


Seeing that, Yun Zhen Hua realised that Old Yu must have recalled a sorrowful memory. It was such a coincidence. In the past, Old Yu had a chance to ascend to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but because of a certain woman, he ended up becoming a Fourth-Order cultivator instead. In a certain sense, his experience was similar to that of Madam Lan’s.




With Bai Qi on his back, Yang Kai followed the Proprietress in silence, the people on the street staring at them as they passed.


Since she remained silent, he didn’t have the nerve to say anything as he felt guilty. It was the first time he had witnessed how overbearing the Proprietress was; however, he hadn’t expected that things would become so serious, so he felt guilty and wondered whether he had invited any trouble to her.


Just then, a figure approached them. It was none other than Luo Hai Yi. Seeing as Yang Kai appeared battered, and Bai Qi had become unconscious, she exclaimed with her mouth covered, “Sir Yang, are you alright?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m fine. Many thanks for your help today.” If Luo Hai Yi hadn’t gone so quickly to First Inn, the Proprietress wouldn’t have arrived at the auction house so promptly.


Luo Hai Yi replied, “You don’t have to thank me. It was the least I could do.”


As they spoke, the Proprietress had gone further away. Seeing as she didn’t have the intention of stopping, Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Take these. I’ll look for you at a later time.”


Then, he stuffed three bottles in Luo Hai Yi’s hands and dashed towards the Proprietress.


After he was gone, Luo Hai Yi took a look at the jade bottles and opened their caps, whereupon she exclaimed. That was because these bottles contained the Grand Dao Pills she had always craved. There were two pills in a bottle, so there were six pills in total. These were the things that were put up for auction earlier.


With a grateful look, she gazed in the direction Yang Kai had left and cupped her fist. She swore that she would always remember his favour, and would surely repay him in the future.


When they arrived at First Inn, the accountant and the chef came over to check on them. Upon seeing that Yang Kai and Bai Qi appeared beaten and bruised, they became infuriated and said that they would help them retaliate against those from the auction house.


Yang Kai was worried that they would really do that, so he hurriedly waved them off. The Proprietress had just made a fuss in the auction house, and not only did they get the 10 million debt they were owed, but they had also taken some stuff as interest. In fact, it was those from the auction house who had suffered losses today, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to let these two aggravate the situation.


“Are you two blind? Take Old Bai to rest, now!” The Proprietress glared at the accountant and the chef.


The accountant shuddered and hurriedly took the unconscious Bai Qi over from Yang Kai.


Then, the Proprietress turned her head and said to Yang Kai, “Take a rest to recuperate. Your health is the most important.”


It was the first time she spoke to him in such an amicable manner, so Yang Kai wasn’t used to it. Despite that, he still hurriedly promised her that he would quickly treat his wounds.


“I’m tired,” The Proprietress yawned and shuffled towards the rear court while swaying her hips gently, mesmerising the customers in the hall with her charm.


It was then that Yang Kai realised that she hadn’t even tied up her hair as it hung loosely over her shoulders. After she was gone, the silence in the lobby was replaced by much hustle and bustle.


Yang Kai grimaced in pain and said, “I’ll take a rest now.”


After this farce, he was exhausted as well.


For the following days, Yang Kai finally had a taste of what it felt like to be treated well in the Outer Universe. Every day, the chef would personally send him some dishes that could replenish his vitality; moreover, the chef was excellent at his craft, so Yang Kai would always gobble everything up.


According to the chef, it was as though the dishes had been devoured by a starving dog.


After a few days of eating these nourishing dishes, Yang Kai felt his blood boiling slightly, so he didn’t eat anymore. However, the chef rejected his request and told him that it was the Proprietress’ order, so he had to watch him finish everything. It was the same case for Bai Qi as well.


Left with no other choice, Yang Kai finished all the food he was served. With these nourishing dishes and his own restorative abilities, it took him only a few days to recover to his peak. Although Bai Qi’s condition was worse, he would also get well in no time.


Since they were injured, they didn’t have to serve the customers in the lobby. They practically had nothing to do every day. After going through an ordeal together, they had become closer to each other, so when they were free, they would come together and chat.


However, Bai Qi was apprehensive because, over the years, he had never seen the Proprietress treat any shop hand so well. He kept suspecting that the Proprietress might have given them carrots first before revealing her stick, which was why he had been on pins and needles over the past few days. Even the food sent to him by the chef tasted bland to him.


Initially, Yang Kai was completely at ease, but after hearing what Bai Qi had said, he became worried as well. 


They had collected all the debts from the lists of shops, and although the incident in Wind and Cloud Auction House was kept a secret, word still got out in the end. No one knew how the news was leaked, but most of the shopkeepers in the Star City had found out that the Proprietress from First Inn had gone over to Wind and Cloud Auction House to demand repayment. While there, not only had she injured the Shopkeeper Yun, but she had also taken many things from them as additional compensation.


All of them became anxious in an instant. The shopkeepers of the remaining shops that still owed First Inn money hurriedly came to the inn and presented 10 million pills to her. They were worried that the Proprietress would visit their shops when she was in a bad mood on any given day.


Including the shops Yang Kai and Bai Qi had demanded repayments from, the great forces that were involved in First Inn’s destruction had respectively repaid 10 million Open Heaven Pills.


Therefore, Yang Kai had been relieved of 10 million of his debt, leaving just 6.2 million.


One day, when Yang Kai was going through the Universe Chart in his room, he suddenly heard the Proprietress calling out to him. Gritting his teeth, he got off the bed and left the room.


Upon knocking on the door of the Proprietress’ room, he heard a languid voice coming from inside, “Come in.”


Yang Kai pushed the door open, whereupon his face twitched. Presently, the Proprietress was lying on her side on her bed. With her head resting on her palm, she appeared languid. It wasn’t certain what kind of incense it was, but the scent was able to soothe one’s mind.


“Proprietress,” Yang Kai walked up to her and hung his head low.


Without looking at him, the Proprietress tossed something at him.


After taking it, Yang Kai became elated because it was his Shadowless Veil. Not long after he joined the inn, the veil was taken away by her. One month later, he finally got it back.


When the Proprietress took it away from him in the past, she only said that she would keep it for some time. Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t dare to reject her.




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