Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3966, I Want to Eat


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Proprietress had kept the Shadowless Veil for a month. With the veil in his hand, Yang Kai arched his brow and said, “Proprietress, this…”


He had a feeling that the veil had become different, but he was unable to figure out how.


The Proprietress replied in a laid-back manner, “I found someone to refine and upgrade it for you; however, this artifact is quite well made, so there was little room for improvement.”


“You found someone to upgrade it?” Yang Kai was surprised. He had experienced the abstrusity of the Shadowless Veil before, and it was truly an amazing artifact. The person who further refined it must have been a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner. Although the Proprietress had a powerful background, she must have paid a hefty price for this.


[Why does this woman treat me so well?] Yang Kai was puzzled. She stood up for Bai Qi and him a few days ago because she had to protect the inn’s reputation; however, he couldn’t explain why she would help him upgrade this veil.


With the veil in his hand, Yang Kai carefully asked, “How much is it?”


She had demanded 5 million from him by just lending him Seven Faces, while it must have cost a fortune to refine the Shadowless Veil. Would she make him pay for it? In that case, he wasn’t even certain how long it would take him to repay all his debts.


Upon hearing that, the Proprietress slightly opened her eyes to stare at him for a moment before she closed her eyes again.


[What does that mean?] Yang Kai was perplexed. Since she didn’t say how much it cost, he would just refrain from asking about it again and regard it as he didn’t have to pay for it. With an elated expression, he asked, “Can it avoid the inspection of Mid-Rank cultivators now?”


“In your dreams!” The Proprietress scoffed.


“Could it even be considered an upgrade, then?” Yang Kai was startled. In the past, the Shadowless Veil was unable to conceal him from the sense of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators who were actively searching for him, but it could keep him hidden if they weren’t careful enough in their probing. That was what had happened in the Golden Crow Divine Palace. Yuan Xiao Man and the other Fourth-Order Masters were focused on exploring the palace, so they didn’t realise that he was hiding nearby.


The Proprietress replied impassively, “I told you that there was little room for improvement. Given the same conditions, if there was a 70% chance that a Mid-Rank cultivator could see through the veil in the past, it’s now just 30 or 40%.”


Yang Kai grunted and put on a smile. It was indeed an upgrade to have the chance of seeing through the veil lowered. At the most critical moment, it might save his life.


“Many thanks, Proprietress!” Yang Kai thanked her from the bottom of his heart, “Is there anything you need me to do?”


The Proprietress lay on her stomach and rested her chin on her hands, highlighting her long legs and rather plump bottom. There was also an amazing arch on her waist. In an indolent manner, she said, “My shoulders feel sore.”


[Is she trying to make me give her a massage?] Yang Kai batted his eyes.


After taking a glance, he realised that the sight before him was quite seductive. He felt his throat turning dry as he scratched his face, “I don’t think it’s appropriate…”


It was already awkward enough that a man and a woman were in a room alone. Others might misunderstand them if they saw him giving her a massage.


While the Proprietress remained silent, Yang Kai stayed in the same spot and hesitated for a moment; then, he directly walked over and took a seat on the bed before grabbing her shoulders.


Why should he care if she clearly didn’t? He would just regard it as a gesture of gratitude.


With this thought in mind, Yang Kai became at ease and stopped restraining himself as he gently massaged her shoulders. With a layer of clothes on her skin, he couldn’t feel anything anyways. Presently, her eyes were closed, but judging from her expression, he reckoned that she was completely relaxed.


Time slowly went by in silence.


“I want to eat some Heavenly Snow Fruits…” The Proprietress suddenly muttered.


“What?” Yang Kai was in a dazed state when she said that, but when he came to his senses, his expression changed drastically, “Heavenly Snow Fruits?”


He still remembered vividly what had happened in the past. After he brought back the Heavenly Snow Fruits from the Nine Nether Continent for her, he was forced to drink ridiculously potent wine with her in her room. In the end, both of them became inebriated and after he awakened, he was lectured by Bai Qi and the others. The chef had even almost cut him into quarters using his kitchen knife.


The images of the incident flashed across his mind as though it had just happened, which was why he instinctively felt repulsed by the mention of Heavenly Snow Fruits.


According to Bai Qi and the others, every time the Proprietress ate Heavenly Snow Fruits, she would become crestfallen for a long time and drink heavily. Yang Kai had no idea why she wanted to eat those sour fruits at this point.


The corner of his mouth twitched as he forced a smile, “What are you talking about? We don’t have Heavenly Snow Fruits here.”


“I want to eat them…” The Proprietress turned her head and stared fixedly at him.


Yang Kai chuckled, “Well, we don’t have the fruits here. It’s a local product of Nine Nether Continent, so it’s not sold anywhere else.”


Without saying a word, she continued staring at him with her alluring eyes.


Ignoring her, Yang Kai continued with the massage, then he suddenly frowned, “Are you… asking me to go to Nine Nether Continent?” That Universe World was located in the Great Territory where the original First Inn was, so it was very far away from this place. Previously, it took them half a year to travel all the way here to this Star City. Although Yang Kai could use the Universe Transference Law now to shorten the trip, it would still take him at least two months to make a round trip.


The Proprietress batted her eyes to mean yes.


“In your dreams!” Yang Kai bellowed. Just because she suddenly had the urge to eat some fruits, she wanted him to go to such a faraway place to pick them for her, which was outrageous.


“Are you going or not?” The Proprietress glared at him.


“No!” Yang Kai replied resolutely.


“Are you really not going?” She propped up her head with one hand and straightened up a little.


“You’ll have to beat me to death first!” He scoffed.


As soon as he finished his words, he felt an immense force on his waist, whereupon he was kicked to the ground.


“Lan You Ruo!” Yang Kai got to his feet and glowered at her, “Don’t go too far!” Besides making him give her a massage, she also wanted him to head all the way to Nine Nether Continent. Did she really want to boss him around like he was just another shop hand?


The Proprietress batted her eyes, “How do you know my name?” She had never revealed her true name to him, and Bai Qi and the others were not loose-tongued. Soon though, she came to the realization that one of the shopkeepers in the Star City must have told him about it.


“What’s wrong? Can’t I know your name?” Yang Kai patted his backside and grinned, “I’ll take my leave now. If you want to eat those fruits, go to Nine Nether Continent yourself!”


Following that, he shuffled out of the room and slammed the door shut.


As the night breeze whisked across Yang Kai as he slowly calmed down and realised that he had reacted too fiercely earlier. Then, he recalled that when he and Bai Qi were confined in Wind and Cloud Auction House, it was the Proprietress who came to rescue them in an imposing manner. Her peerless pressure caused the two Fourth-Order cultivators to suffocate and concede defeat in the end. Although he had no idea what price she had to pay, he knew that her actions were not without consequences.


Looking up at the stars, Yang Kai cursed before flying off.


Inside the room, the Proprietress said through clenched teeth, “What an ungrateful brat!”


One hour later, Yang Kai appeared outside the Spirit Province of the Star City.


There was no one else in the expansive void around him as he kept using different hand seals to activate the Universe Transference Seal. Soon, he could feel a faint connection being established. That was his connection with the Universe Temple in this Great Territory.


Just then, a Spirit Array appeared beneath his feet and swirled around. Space Principles could be felt expanding from the array.


Following Yang Kai’s move, the speed at which the array whirled around increasingly quickened. Over ten breaths later, a buzzing sound was heard, and a light engulfed him.


After the light faded, Yang Kai had also disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in a hall that was unfamiliar to him. There were about twenty Arrays in the hall, and they looked identical to one another. The Arrays looked similar to the Spirit Array that appeared beneath his feet earlier and presently, he was standing in the centre of one of them.


A glow would radiate from another array from time to time, and every time that happened, a person would appear.


Universe Temple! 


It was the first time Yang Kai used the Universe Transference Law, so he found it quite novel. He had always wanted to experience the abstrusity of this technique, but he hadn’t had a chance in the past.


Now, it seemed that although the Universe Transference Law was wondrous, it also had a huge downside. Given his current strength, it took him over ten breaths to get transported to this place. In a life-or-death battle, ten breaths was long enough for his opponent to cut him down over a thousand times.


Furthermore, Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, so other cultivators in the same realm who couldn’t use Space Principles would undoubtedly require even longer to execute this technique and would likely suffer other serious drawbacks.


Presently, Yang Kai felt slightly dizzy; after all, the distance he had to pass through was too great, so it was difficult for him to bear.


The other cultivators who emerged from the Arrays were in a worse state. They were standing there with their eyes firmly closed, their faces pale and their foreheads drenched in sweat. It was especially serious for the weaker cultivators.


Although there was a downside, the Universe Transference Law had other hugely beneficial points, such as its universality. As long as one had cultivated the Secret Technique, he or she could leave a mark in any of the Universe Temples in the 3,000 Worlds and shuttle back and forth between them to save time when travelling great distances.


Yang Kai decided to take a quick rest to adjust his state, and when the time was right, he left the array.


Without staying in the Universe Temple, he fished out his Universe Chart to identify his location and route before leaving.


Half a day after he left the Universe Temple, he arrived at a Territory Gate that led to a different Great Territory.


Staring at the gigantic Territory Gate in the void, he fell into a dilemma.


One had to endure immense pressure to pass through a Territory Gate. If he wasn’t powerful enough, he would be torn apart by the force of the Void. Bai Qi had said that Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators could rely on their own strength to pass through these gates without having to worry about any injuries, but those below the Mid-Rank had to purchase a flight-type artifact to resist the tearing force.


Just now, Yang Kai had forgotten about this particular problem and left the inn on a whim. It wasn’t until he reached this place that he remembered it.


[What should I do? Go back? Or should I wait here and see if anyone with the same destination could give me a lift?]


It wouldn’t matter if he went back to the inn now as the Proprietress wasn’t aware that he had left, so it wouldn’t be embarrassing. On the other hand, if he waited here, he might not even come across anyone with the same destination.




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  1. YK and his silly pride, flaring up in the most trivial situations. In the authors words he might be considered a woman in this world by how emotional he reacts xD

  2. now i wonder, how did he cross the first gate? before he got capture by 7 wonder land fire venerable, he did cross a territory gate. or i miss something?

    1. I’m guessing the author decided to retcon that. I’m assuming at first he wanted these gates to be just like the ones in the demon realm, but I guess he changed his mind and he decided to put a restriction on them for some narrative purposes. For Instance Yang kai wouldn’t have any reason to stay in the first Inn and go through all the events that he did if he could freely go through the gates. He would have gone straight to bright moon province. So either the author retconned it, or the first gate Yang kai went through was different from the rest. As in while the other gates teleported you to different territories, that first teleported him somewhere else in the same territory, so it wasn’t as dangerous. I think its far likelier that it was retconned though.

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