Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3969, Young Master Hai


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“That’s very sweet of you. I’m flattered,” With a delightful smile, the Proprietress shuffled towards the inner court. After she was gone, the atmosphere in the lobby became lively again.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai stared at the accountant, who appeared clueless as well. It was said that every time the Proprietress ate Heavenly Snow Fruits, she would become crestfallen for at least three days. Why was it so different this time?


“Did you see that? The Proprietress was wearing ‘that’ hairpin,” Bai Qi couldn’t bother to clean the floor as he approached them and spoke in a hushed voice. His expression had been transformed by terror as though he had recalled some horrible memories.


How could they not have seen it? The Proprietress had intentionally touched her Gilded Phoenix Hairpin and asked Yang Kai and the accountant what they thought of it.


“What’s wrong with that hairpin?” It had only been a short time since Yang Kai joined the inn, so he didn’t understand them.


“That hairpin…” The accountant frowned, “Was given to her by a very important person. She hasn’t worn it for a long time.”


“Moreover, there’s something off about her attitude as well,” Bai Qi looked in the direction of the rear court.


“Something fishy must be going on.” The accountant conjectured.


“So, should I go over?” Yang Kai asked. Earlier, the Proprietress told him to look for her later as there was something she needed to tell him. Initially, he had decided that he wouldn’t meet her for the next 3 days, but now, he had fallen into a dilemma.


“Of course, you have to go.” Bai Qi grabbed his arm and lugged him towards the rear court, “Can you even refuse?”


“Will anything happen?” Yang Kai was worried that the Proprietress would get him drunk again. He wouldn’t want that embarrassing incident to happen again.


“Cut the crap and go now!” Bai Qi yelled impatiently.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai shuffled towards the rear court. 


After he was gone, Bai Qi returned to the counter and stared in the direction Yang Kai had left. Following a sigh, he said, “So many years have passed. It’s time she left the past behind.”


The accountant lowered his gaze, “It’s a blood feud for her, so it’s not easy for her to leave the past behind; however, it’d be good if there’s someone who can cheer her up. By the way, have you carefully checked Yang Kai’s background? There’d better not be any problem in the end.”


Bai Qi replied, “I’ve personally investigated his background, so there won’t be any problem. It has only been a short time since he arrived in the 3,000 Worlds, so there’s nothing much to find out. Moreover, I really appreciate his temperament. He doesn’t look like he’s from that place.”


“That’s good, then.” The accountant let out a breath, “If that incident were to be repeated, she wouldn’t be able to get back up again.”


They traded glances and sighed.


Inside her room, the Proprietress was seen seated on a chair. Upon entering, Yang Kai felt as though he was on pins and needles. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any wine bottles or fruit pits on the ground. It appeared that she didn’t drink the previous night.


“I’ll give it to you. Be sure to diligently refine it.” Without engaging in any small talk, the Proprietress directly gave him a shuttle-shaped object.


After taking it, Yang Kai arched his brow and asked, “Is this a Territory Shuttle?”


He had seen similar artifacts before. When he visited the shops in the Star City to demand repayments, he had seen many things that were on sale. Territory Shuttles were among those items.


Just like what its name suggested, this thing was an artifact that was used specifically for passing through Territory Gates. Yang Kai saw such items in Hundred Refining’s Hall before. Like most artifacts, they came in different qualities and ranks.


The lowest rank and quality one sold for 100,000 Open Heaven Pills, while the higher rank ones could cost from several hundred thousand up to a few million. The better the quality, the more expensive it was, and the more durable.


The lowest rank Territory Shuttles could only bear three to five transits through the Territory Gates. When its limit was reached, the artifact wouldn’t be able to bear the pressure when going through the Territory Gates again, and it would be crushed if it was forcefully used.


The highest rank Territory Shuttle could be used infinitely without suffering any damage. Naturally, the price for such a shuttle was exorbitant.


Yang Kai had no idea what rank this shuttle was, but he believed that the Proprietress wouldn’t give him a cheap one.


“It’s good that you can recognise it.” The Proprietress smiled, “In fact, previously… Forget it. Don’t forcefully cross a Territory Gate again. You’re not an Open Heaven Realm Master yet, so it’s dangerous for you to do so. Refine this thing and use it when you have to pass across Territory Gates in the future.”


That was indeed something Yang Kai needed, so he didn’t turn her down as he nodded, “Many thanks, Proprietress.”


The Proprietress laughed, “You don’t have to thank me. You’re a shop hand from my inn, so I have to ensure your safety. Good, you can get back to work now.”


Then, she waved her hand.


Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned around. After only taking a few steps forward, he suddenly recalled something and whirled around, “Proprietress, do we still need more employees for the inn?”


The Proprietress gave him a look and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“If we still need another employee, I’d like to recommend someone. She’s helped me a lot; however, she has been struggling in the city because she’s weak and lacks a strong background.”


After giving it a thought, the Proprietress asked, “You mean the one who came to the inn to pass me the rings previously?”


“En, her.” Yang Kai nodded his head, “Her name is Luo Hai Yi, and she was born in this city. She has never joined any great force before. If you’re still worried, you can investigate her background first.”


“No need. Just tell her that if she wants, she can come work for me. I don’t mind having one more person to help out around here.”


Yang Kai hadn’t expected that she would agree to it straight away, so he thanked her and walked off.


After he returned to the lobby, Bai Qi approached him and looked worriedly at him, “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine. Anyway, I have to go out now,” He stuffed a white towel, which was on his shoulder earlier, into Bai Qi’s hands and strode out of the inn.


He had stayed over at Luo Hai Yi’s house before, so he still remembered where it was. Upon reaching the outskirts of the Star City, Yang Kai took some time to find her home that was hidden among the disarrayed buildings; however, Luo Hai Yi wasn’t home at the moment.


Fortunately, he still had a means of communicating with her, so he fished out a communication artifact and sent her a message.


A moment later, Luo Hai Yi replied and told him to wait for a bit as she would be back soon.


After an hour or so, Luo Hai Yi returned to her home in a hurry. Seeing Yang Kai, she appeared amazed, “Sir Yang, why are you here?”


Since the incident at Wind and Cloud Auction House, she hadn’t seen Yang Kai again, nor did he contact her. She thought that he had forgotten about her, so it had never crossed her mind that he would look for her one month later.


With a smile, Yang Kai asked, “What’s wrong? Can’t I come see you?”


Luo Hai Yi quickly waved her hands, “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that when I looked for you some time ago, those from First Inn said that you were missing.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai broke into laughter, “It’s just a misunderstanding…” Then, his expression turned solemn as he asked with some surprise, “You’ve condensed your Dao Seal?”


Just like the last time they met, she was still an Emperor Realm cultivator, but there was now a different kind of aura about her body, which suggested that she had successfully condensed her Dao Seal. She could now hope to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.


Luo Hai Yi replied, “It’s all thanks to the Grand Dao Pills Sir Yang gave me; otherwise, I wouldn’t know how much longer it would have taken me to condense my Dao Seal.” Some time ago, she visited First Inn to look for Yang Kai in order to thank him; however, she was told that Yang Kai had gone missing, and because of that, the Proprietress had become infuriated, which was why she hurriedly left the place. Recently, she had been trying to find out Yang Kai’s whereabouts as well, but she hadn’t gotten any leads.


“It was the least I could do.” Yang Kai waved his hand. He had taken the pills from the auction house as personal compensation, and they were useless to him, so he had intended to give them to her anyway, “Also, stop calling me Sir Yang. If you see me as a friend, just call me Big Brother Yang.”


Since they were going to work together, it would be better for her to change the way she addressed him; otherwise, it’d be very awkward.


“No, no…” Luo Hai Yi waved her hands.


Just when Yang Kai was ready to say something more, he heard an eccentric voice coming from a nearby spot, “I was wondering why a cheap slut like you dumped this Young Master all of a sudden. So, you’ve come here to meet your little lover! It seems you have no regard for this Young Master at all!”


When Luo Hai Yi heard those words, her expression changed.


Yang Kai frowned and looked at the source of the voice, only to see three people approaching them from a nearby spot. The person walking in front was a young man clad in expensive robes. His demeanour suggested that he was from a wealthy family. He was followed by a middle-aged man and an elderly man, who seemed to be his bodyguards.


In fact, Yang Kai had detected them when they first appeared, but he hadn’t expected that they were looking for Luo Hai Yi.


After examining them, Yang Kai was slightly surprised as the young man at the front was only a Dao Source Realm cultivator. It was inconceivable that this young man wasn’t even an Emperor. How weak must his aptitude be to have only ascended to the Dao Source Realm in the Outer Universe?


However, the auras of the middle-aged and elderly man behind him were profound. They were apparently Open Heaven Realm Masters. Judging from their auras, Yang Kai could tell that they were just as powerful as Wei Que from Great Moon Province.


In other words, they were Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


[What is this guy’s background?] As a Dao Source Realm Junior, he actually had two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters as bodyguards. Moreover, he seemed to know Luo Hai Yi, which puzzled Yang Kai.


“Cheap slut, this Young Master paid you to serve him, not to let you have fun with your lover. How do you want to settle accounts now?”


Although the young man appeared elegant and good-looking, all he said were malicious words. Without even sparing Yang Kai a glance, he stared fixedly at Luo Hai Yi and berated her.


Luo Hai Yi shuddered and hurriedly explained, “Young Master Hai, you’ve misunderstood me. Sir Yang and I are old acquaintances. He’s here to look for me, and I didn’t mean to leave you behind. I’ll apologise to you now. Please forgive me.”


The person called Young Master Hai shot a look at Yang Kai and snorted, “Sir Yang? How dare a piece of trash like him call himself Sir in front of this Young Master? Ridiculous!”


A displeased Yang Kai thought that he hadn’t offended anyone, and it was the first time he had met this Young Master Hai, but the latter directly called him a piece of trash. His face fell as he retorted, “Little friend, can you behave yourself? If you can’t, I don’t mind disciplining you on your parents’ behalf.”


Yong Master Hai scoffed, “Friend? I’m not your friend. How dare a piece of trash like you act impudent in front of this Young Master?” The Third-Order cultivators behind him stared coldly at Yang Kai as well. Following that, they released their pressure to threaten him.




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