Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3970, Conflict


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“Who is this person that’s barking here?” Yang Kai turned to look at Luo Hai Yi.


Luo Hai Yi secretly spoke to him via Divine Sense, “I don’t know where this Young Master Hai is from, but it seems that his background is powerful. It’s the first time he’s visited the Star City, so he hired me as a local guide.”


Yang Kai grunted in acknowledgement. He thought that this Young Master Hai was close to Luo Hai Yi, but it turned out that he was just her client. It was just like what he had done previously. He wasn’t familiar with the city, so he looked for a local guide to take him around.


It was no wonder Young Master Hai claimed that Luo Hai Yi had dumped him. It seemed that it was Yang Kai who should be blamed instead. He sent her a message to say that he had something to tell her, so she must have decided to return home in a hurry. That was why the displeased Young Master Hai raced after her to find out what was going on.


Certainly, Yang Kai could see that this Young Master Hai came from a wealthy family. That was why he had two Third-Order cultivators as his bodyguards.


Not in the mood to argue, Yang Kai said, “Young Master Hai, right? She has something else to do now, so she can’t continue to be your local guide. Please look for someone else.”


Hearing that, Young Master Hai sneered, “Do you think you can turn down this job for her as you please? Have you even asked for my permission?”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “What do you want, then?”


In a grim voice, Young Master Hai said, “She has taken this Young Master’s money, so how can she run away without satisfying me first? There’s no free lunch in this world.”


“How much money has he given you?” Yang Kai turned to look at her.


Luo Hai Yi hung her head low and replied, “Three pills.”


After a nod, Yang Kai tossed three pills at them, “Young Master Hai, here are three Open Heaven Pills. She has returned your money, so she has nothing to do with you anymore.”


Be it Young Master Hai or the two Third-Order Masters, they didn’t take the pills, nor did they bother to shoot them a glance as they let the pills drop on the ground.


Young Master Hai grinned, “Open Heaven Pills? This Young Master can have as many of them as he wants. Even my dog eats more than three pills a day. Do you think I even care about that?”


With a frown, Yang Kai said, “There are countless guides in this city, and you can easily look for them. Why are you forcing her to serve you?”


“So what if I want to force her?” Young Master Hai looked arrogantly at him, “Fuck off if you want to live. It has nothing to do with you. If you want to die, this Young Master doesn’t mind sending you to Hell.”


“What can we do so that you can let her off?” Yang Kai was displeased with this arrogant Young Master’s haughty behaviour, but with two Third-Order bodyguards, Young Master Hai indeed had the capital to be arrogant.


“She only needs to spend the night with me, and I’ll forget what has happened today; otherwise, you’ll bear the consequences.” Young Master Hai pointed at her.


Hearing that, Luo Hai Yi shuddered as his intention was very obvious now. At that instant, her face turned ashen.


The reason she hurriedly went home upon receiving Yang Kai’s message was that when she was introducing the city to Young Master Hai, he kept giving her implicit hints with his words, which was why she didn’t feel secure.


Therefore, right after she saw Yang Kai’s message, she apologised to Young Master Hai and returned his pills before heading back to her home. However, she hadn’t expected that this bastard would relentlessly stalk her.


Yang Kai’s expression turned cold as well.


Young Master Hai was pleased to see the expression on his face. [How dare two pieces of trash go against me? I’ll show them the consequences of offending this Young Master!]


Apparently, Luo Hai Yi was someone who came from the bottom of the social hierarchy. She didn’t have anyone’s support, nor was she personally very strong. No one would stand up for her even if she was killed. The young man beside her didn’t look like he was from a powerful background either. Judging from his clothes, it was obvious that he was just a shop boy at an inn or a restaurant.


Although Young Master Hai was interested in Luo Hai Yi, he didn’t necessarily have to get her. He was from a wealthy family, so if he wanted, even Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm women would be willing to climb into his bed and take off their clothes to get some benefits from him, not to mention that Luo Hai Yi was just an Emperor Realm cultivator who had only recently condensed her Dao Seal.


Therefore, even though he was just a Dao Source Realm cultivator, he had bedded more than ten women in the Open Heaven Realm. 


He was used to everyone bowing to his demands and catering to his whims. Now that some people had disobeyed him, he was naturally furious.


Seeing as Yang Kai had hung his head low with a dark expression, he mistakenly thought that Yang Kai was afraid of him, so he snorted, “Brat, scram if you don’t want to die. This Young Master can’t be bothered to talk to a piece of trash like you.”


Following that, he pointed at Luo Hai Yi, “Capture this cheap slut now!”


Right after he finished speaking, the middle-aged man from his left stepped forward, which caused Luo Hai Yi to shudder and turn pale. Just when she was hesitating between fleeing and begging for mercy, a figure flashed across her eyes and stood in front of her.


Yang Kai lifted his head and yelled, “Who dares make a move on her?”


“Capture her!” Young Master Hai bellowed.


Ignoring Yang Kai, the middle-aged man extended his hand towards Luo Hai Yi. Although Yang Kai was standing in front of her, she still felt her vision turning dark as though all the light had been shaded from her.


“We work for Madam Lan of First Inn. I dare you to try making a move against us!” Yang Kai shouted.


The middle-aged man froze as his impassive expression changed abruptly. With a horrified look on his face, he asked, “First Inn? Madam Lan?”


Before he could speak any further, Yang Kai suddenly grabbed Luo Hai Yi’s wrist, after which they disappeared in an instant.


“What a cunning brat!” The middle-aged man snarled, knowing that he had been tricked. The reason Yang Kai said such things was just to distract him so that they could flee.


“Come out!” Right then, the elderly man, who was standing beside Young Master Hai, pushed out his fist towards the Void with a ferocious force.


Up in the air, two figures abruptly appeared. They were none other than Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi, who had just disappeared. Upon being struck, they sprayed out a mouthful of blood each and fell to the ground.


A horrified Yang Kai couldn’t believe that this old man dared make a move inside the Star City. The city was governed by Great Battle Heaven, and fighting was strictly prohibited. Bai Qi had told him about it when they arrived at the city.


The reason those from Great Battle Heaven were not aware of the fact that the Proprietress had made a move in Wind and Cloud Auction House was that there was a barrier around the building, and the battle lasted for only a breath, so the fallout didn’t spread far away. Furthermore, those from the auction house felt humiliated by the incident, so they wouldn’t spread word of it.


However, there were no barriers in this place. If those from Great Battle Heaven came over, all of them would suffer.


It wasn’t until this moment that Young Master Hai came to his senses. He stomped his foot on the ground and barked, “How dare you try to flee from this Young Master!? Break his legs for me now!”


The middle-aged man appeared gloomy as he was infuriated by the fact that he had been tricked by Yang Kai; therefore, he directly stepped forward and attempted to land a kick on his thigh, not holding back his strength at all. Given his power as a Third-Order Master, Yang Kai would have his leg crippled even though he had a Half-Dragon Body.


Just when Yang Kai was hesitating whether he should use the last Mie Meng golden tail feather to kill these three, a voice was suddenly heard shouting from the distance, “Who dares cause trouble here!”


As the sounds of something breaking through the air were heard, 8 figures whooshed towards this place. In the blink of an eye, they had surrounded Yang Kai and the others.


Seeing these people, Yang Kai heaved a sigh of relief. Each of these men were clad in armour, so it was apparent they were from Great Battle Heaven. In the light of that, he didn’t have to use the golden tail feather anymore. This thing could even be used to fend off the Proprietress, so it would be wasteful if he used it on this trash.


The person leading the new group of soldiers was clad in silver armour, and although he didn’t seem to be more powerful than the Third-Order Masters beside Young Master Hai, he was obviously more ruthless. Moreover, his aura seemed to be tinged with blood, making it apparent he had gone through countless life-or-death battles.


Yang Kai gave it a thought and recalled that when they were passing through the dock in front of the city, Bai Qi told him some of the things about Great Battle Heaven.


Just like an army, there were strict rules in their great force. They were divided into different military ranks as well. The one guarding the dock was a High General.


A General was actually a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in Great Battle Heaven. A Fourth-Order cultivator was a General, and a Fifth-Order cultivator was a High General. As for a Sixth-Order cultivator, he was a Great General. There were Marshals and Grand Marshals above them, and below them were soldiers in silver armour.


The lead soldier in silver armour was a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master while the people who came with him were all Open Heaven Realm cultivators as well, but they were apparently weaker than he was. However, Yang Kai could feel that all of their auras were connected, which suggested that they were using some kind of Formation.


A group like them would even be able to counter a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


While Yang Kai was shocked by Great Battle Heaven’s heritage, he also admired their swiftness. Not long after the fluctuation of the battle was spread, this soldier in silver armour rushed over with a group of people. They were truly efficient.


Finally, he was able to set his mind at ease as he looked at Young Master Hai and his bodyguards with glee. Since those from Great Battle Heaven had arrived, these three would undoubtedly suffer.


With his hands behind his back, the soldier in silver armour swept a formidable glance over the people at the scene and eventually stared fixedly at Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi. Then, he snorted, “Who did this?” Apparently, he was asking who hurt them.


The middle-aged man and the elderly man fell silent as there was no way they would admit it at this point.


On the other hand, Young Master Hai said arrogantly, “They accidentally fell to the ground.”


Hearing that, the soldier in silver armour shot him a glance.


Young Master Hai went on to say, “You can ask them about it.”


In response, the soldier in silver armour directly landed a loud slap on his face. Upon impact, Young Master Hai flew backwards, tumbling through the air several times before smashing into the ground.


“Young Master!” The middle-aged man and the elderly man were shocked upon seeing that. Just when they were preparing to rush over to help, they felt many ferocious auras locking them down. If they dared to move a muscle, they would be faced with a storm of attacks, so they remained on the spot with dark expressions.




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  1. He bedded OH women with his low Cultivation. Why didn’t he advance in realm? Wasn’t it mentiones before banging someone higher with higher cultv can somehow increase their power or lvl as well?

  2. He bedded OH women with his low Cultivation. Why didn’t he advance in realm? Wasn’t it mentioned before banging someone higher with higher cultv can somehow increase their power or lvl as well?

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