Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3971, Take All of Them Away


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Although the soldier in silver armour had sent Young Master Hai flying away with a slap, he still acted as if nothing had happened. In an impassive manner, he said, “Do I look like a fool to you?”


The soldier in silver armour didn’t exert much force with his hand, but Young Master Hai was only in the Dao Source Realm, so he was unable to bear such an attack, which had broken half of his teeth and caused his face to swell.


After getting to his feet with difficulty, he covered his face with his hand and stared at the soldier in silver armour in disbelief. In an unclear voice, he stuttered, “Y-You dare hit me?”


Since he was a child, no one had ever reprimanded him before, let alone laid a hand on him; however, on this day, half of his teeth had been knocked from his mouth, which greatly humiliated him. At that instant, he was trembling in fury as he stomped his foot on the ground and bellowed, “Why are you standing there like two fools? Kill them now!”


After he finished speaking, the expressions of the two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters changed drastically as they motioned for him to calm down with their gazes. Both of them might not even be a match for these people, and even if they could defeat them, they wouldn’t dare to make a move here. The Star City was governed directly by Great Battle Heaven, and these soldiers were disciples from that great force. If they were killed here, the great force behind them wouldn’t let the murderers off. Even though Young Master Hai had a powerful backer, they couldn’t afford to bear the consequences of such actions.


However, Young Master Hai was oblivious to their hints as he kept throwing a tantrum.


The soldier in silver armour eventually shot him a cold glance, “If you dare to say another word, it won’t be just another slap you get.” A faint murderous intent exuded from his gaze.


Young Master Hai couldn’t help but shudder. As though he had finally realised that he was in a perilous situation, he didn’t dare to open his mouth again.


Seeing that, Yang Kai was extremely gleeful. It was the first time he saw those from Great Battle Heaven at work. He couldn’t help but admire them as these soldiers were indeed steadfast and ruthless.


Knowing that he was safe, he stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Sir, many thanks for coming to our rescue; otherwise, my companion and I would’ve suffered terribly. These guys drooled over my companion’s beauty and threatened her in broad daylight. She wasn’t willing to accept their demands, so they tried to force us. Please punish them accordingly.”


The soldier in silver armour shot him a dispassionate glance and snorted. Without responding to him, he waved his hand and ordered, “Take all of them away.”


“Sir?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded. What was going on? It was understandable that the soldier in silver armour wanted to take Young Master Hai and his subordinates away, but why did he attempt to capture Luo Hai Yi and him as well?


While Yang Kai was still confused, those from Great Battle Heaven made a move by tossing artifacts that looked like ropes at them. Just like very agile snakes, the ropes soon firmly tied all of them up.


A flustered Yang Kai exclaimed, “Sir, we’re the victims!”


“We’ll find out the truth ourselves, your testimony is irrelevant.” The soldier in silver armour didn’t even turn his head.


“Sir, we’re from First Inn,” Yang Kai hurriedly said. He was trying to threaten them by mentioning the Proprietress.


The soldier in silver armour stopped in his tracks and turned his head, “You’re from First Inn?”


Hurriedly, Yang Kai nodded his head, but before he could say anything, the soldier in silver armour directly landed a fist on his belly. In an instant, his five viscera and six organs shifted as he curled up in pain.


“If Madam Lan were here, I might have given her some face, but you’re just a shop hand, so how dare you threaten me here?”


As Yang Kai listened to the cold voice of the soldier in silver armour, he clenched his teeth, knowing that he had to admit defeat as it wasn’t useful at all to mention First Inn. Those from Great Battle Heaven were more stalwart than he had imagined.


“Take them away!” The soldier in silver armour demanded again and led the way. Behind him, the other soldiers escorted Yang Kai, Luo Hai Yi, Young Master Hai, and his subordinates.


“Big Brother Yang, are you alright?” Luo Hai Yi was on the brink of tearing up as she blamed herself for dragging Yang Kai into this mess, which caused him to be injured. She hadn’t expected that Young Master Hai was such an oppressive person. In fact, she had returned his money to him, but he still chased after her and even attracted the attention of those from Great Battle Heaven, which caused all of them to be captured.


If she knew this would be the outcome, she wouldn’t have returned home in a hurry. When she received Yang Kai’s message, she thought that he had an urgent matter, and as she was disgusted by Young Master Hai’s conduct, she left in a rush.


“I’m fine,” Yang Kai shook his head. The soldier in silver armour didn’t exert much force with his fist, so he wasn’t injured; he had only endured a short moment of pain.


“It’s all because of me…” Luo Hai Yi’s eyes turned bloodshot.


Yang Kai replied, “Don’t say that. Blame it on those pieces of trash.”


Turning his head, he saw Young Master Hai and his subordinates shooting him hostile glares. They came from a powerful great force, so despite the fact that they were captured by those from Great Battle Heaven, they were not worried. They just needed to pay some fines before they would be released. However, it was a different cause for Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi. They didn’t seem to have any Open Heaven Pills, so they would certainly get punished.


Yang Master Hai secretly swore that he would retaliate against Yang Kai and let the latter know the consequences of offending him.


Luo Hai Yi lived on the outskirts of Star City. It was a dirty area with lots of disarrayed buildings, and only the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy lived there; therefore, there were not many people on the streets as they moved forward. However, as they got closer to the downtown, countless people on the streets stopped in their tracks and pointed fingers at them. They wondered what these guys had done that prompted those from Great Battle Heaven to detain them.


They had no idea about the rules in other Star Cities, but in this Star City, Great Battle Heaven ruled over everything. Anyone who dared to make a fuss here, regardless of how powerful they were, would end up miserable. Once, there was a Fourth-Order cultivator who got into a scuffle in this city, only to be quickly besieged and killed by those from Great Battle Heaven. The Fourth-Order cultivator was an Elder from a Second Class great force, but not a word was said from that great force after the incident.


Since then, no one had the guts to make a scene in the city anymore. If there were any blood feuds, they could sign a contract and hack each other to death in the Asura Arena, but they absolutely couldn’t get into a fight in the city proper.


Young Master Hai and his subordinates were humiliated as it felt terrible to be paraded through the streets in front of so many people. They wished they could get a piece of cloth to cover their faces. On the other hand, Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi felt embarrassed as well. Yang Kai was in a better mental state as they were not in the wrong. It was the arrogant Young Master Hai who caused all this trouble; however, Luo Hai Yi was a woman after all. Faced with the stares and the gossip about her that was mingled with much foul language and disdain, she couldn’t help but hang her head low.


Nevertheless, those from Great Battle Heaven seemed determined to establish their authority as they led the captives through the most populated streets. Moreover, they walked in a slow and calm manner. Soon, they almost roamed around half of the city.


When the soldier in silver armour lectured Young Master Hai earlier, Yang Kai secretly cheered for him and started admiring Great Battle Heaven; however, now, all he felt was nothing but hatred towards these guys.


About an hour later, they finally reached a gigantic building that looked like a palace. It was the Governor’s Mansion that was located in the centre of the city.


It had been quite some time since Yang Kai arrived in this city, so he knew a thing or two about the Governor’s Mansion. This place was established by those from Great Battle Heaven to oversee this city. An extremely powerful Governor was in charge of this place. Normally, no one would visit this mansion as only the disciples from Great Battle Heaven would move in and out.


Following that, the soldier in silver armour led them into the building. After going through a checkpoint, they kept walking downwards until they reached a prison.


The place was dim and damp. What was worse was that a rancid smell permeated the place.


“One cell for each of them. Throw them in!” The soldier in silver armour waved his hand, whereupon the captives were separated and respectively pushed into their cells.


Luo Hai Yi had never experienced such a thing before, so the colour immediately drained from her face. Although Yang Kai kept consoling her, she was still emotionally unstable.


After the door was shut with a loud clang, Yang Kai stood in his cell with an awkward expression.


They had really put him behind bars! It wasn’t the first time he had been imprisoned, and fortunately, his cultivation wasn’t sealed, so upon scanning the surroundings with his Divine Sense, he realised that the jail wasn’t even very sturdy. One could easily break free from it. Nevertheless, it was futile to do so as he wouldn’t be able to flee, and it would only make things worse.


Now, he could only hope that those from Great Battle Heaven would really be impartial and quickly release Luo Hai Yi and him.


Across from them, Young Master Hai and the two Third-Order cultivators shot them cold glances. Young Master Hai kept cursing at Yang Kai and threatened that he would make him pay for this. Yang Kai just ignored him.


Soon enough, someone from Great Battle Heaven came over and landed a whip on Young Master Hai through the gap of the bars, which caused him to cry in pain and stop making a fuss.


After putting the whip away, that person glared at Young Master Hai and snorted. Then, he looked around before striding towards Yang Kai. After opening the door, he demanded, “Get out! The Chief Disciplinary Officer will question you now.”


Yang Kai took a look at him and calmly walked out of his cell.


“Big Brother Yang…” Luo Hai Yi looked worriedly at him through the gaps of the door.


Shaking his head, Yang Kai motioned for her to calm down.


After leaving the prison with the disciple from Great Battle Heaven, Yang Kai reached a hall and saw the so-called Chief Disciplinary Officer. He was an elderly man with a grim expression. Presently, he was seated behind a table with his hands kept inside his sleeves.


Yang Kai cupped his fists and started answering his questions. The questions were nothing special as the elderly man just wanted to find out the cause of the conflict and what had happened. Yang Kai honestly told him the details, neither exaggerating nor embellishing the truth.


After the session was over, the elderly man told someone to take Yang Kai away and bring Luo Hai Yi to see him. She didn’t know what awaited her, so she looked inquisitively at Yang Kai, who in return just told her to speak the truth.


Hearing that, Luo Hai Yi gave a nod.


Meanwhile, someone was knocking on the door of a room in the rear court of First Inn in an anxious manner. After the door was opened, the Proprietress stared at Bai Qi and the chef with a frown, “Why do you look so flustered?”


With a solemn expression, Bai Qi explained, “Yang Kai was captured by one of Great Battle Heaven’s patrol teams.”


The Proprietress’ expression changed, “When did that happen?”


“Just now! Chef saw it when he left the inn.”


To the side, the chef nodded repeatedly, “I saw it with my own eyes.”


“Did you see it clearly?” The Proprietress asked.


The chef replied, “Besides him, the woman who came to the inn to pass on his words some time ago was also captured. There were also three more guys that I didn’t know. I have no idea what happened.”




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