Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3972, Release Him


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Bai Qi said, “Proprietress, what should we do? Those Great Battle Heaven people are all crazy. There’s no way Yang Kai will be treated well in their captivity.”


The Proprietress replied, “I’ll go have a look.” Then, she dashed out of the room and disappeared.


After trading glances, Bai Qi and the chef sighed. It hadn’t been a long time since Yang Kai came to the Outer Universe, so he wasn’t familiar with Great Battle Heaven; however, the two of them knew how ruthless this great force was, so they knew that even though the Proprietress went over to negotiate with them, Yang Kai would still have to suffer. It wasn’t certain whether he would be able to bear the punishment.


A moment later, in a hall of the Governor’s Mansion, a middle-aged man was seen going through some documents on his desk. He was seated there with a posture that was as straight as a spear, and he appeared majestic despite his calm expression. There was a golden crown on his hair, and his eyes looked as bright as stars. Although he was just sitting there, a ferocious aura seemed to be swirling around him. It was as though he had just emerged from a sea of corpses.


He was none other than the Governor from Great Battle Heaven who ruled over this Star City, Ye Tian Xiong.


Just then, a soldier in silver armour dashed into the hall and bent his back, “Governor, Madam Lan from First Inn requests to meet you.”


The Governor raised his head, whereupon a flash of light seemed to have crossed his eyes. His hand, which was holding a pen, froze in the air as he narrowed his eyes, “Madam Lan? What does she want?”


The soldier in silver armour replied, “I believe it’s because of what happened to a shop hand from her First Inn.” Then, he briefly reported to the Governor about the fact that they had captured some people making trouble earlier. It had been a long time since they last captured anyone as no one had the guts to make a scene in the city; therefore, the incident earlier was soon spread among everyone in the Governor’s Mansion.


Hearing that, Ye Tian Xiong put down his pen, “Tell her to come in.”


“Yes,” the soldier in silver armour replied and turned around to leave.


Just a while later, a white shadow dashed into the room. The Proprietress brought with her the cold wind from outside as she approached the Governor and landed a palm on the table. Then, she bellowed through clenched teeth, “Ye Tian Xiong, release my shop hand!”


Upon impact, countless cracks appeared on this solid table, and the documents all flew into the air.


Following that, armours were heard clanging as a group of disciples from Great Battle Heaven streamed into the hall. They surged their auras and summoned their artifacts as they stared fiercely at the curvy figure in front of the table.


At that instant, the atmosphere became intense as the hall was filled with murderous intent.


Despite that, the Proprietress was oblivious to them as she stared fixedly at Ye Tian Xiong, who only slightly moved his body, whereupon the documents fell back on the table and landed on the exact same spots. Then, he waved his hand at his subordinates.


The disciples, who had rushed into the hall after seeing this, left the place in an instant. They were truly swift and disciplined.


It was then that Ye Tian Xiong slowly lifted his head and took a glance at the Proprietress, “Madam Lan, we haven’t met for 300 years, but you’re still as charming as ever. I’ve heard that you’ve opened a shop in this Star City. Initially, I thought that it was just a rumour, but now, it seems to be true.”


The Proprietress ignored his small talk and demanded, “I’m not here to reminisce about the past with you. Release my subordinate now!”


Ye Tian Xiong asked, “Who are you talking about?”


“Don’t give me that!” The Proprietress landed another palm on the table, “My subordinate was captured by your people. Don’t tell me you’re not aware of it.”


“I haven’t heard of it,” Ye Tian Xiong replied dispassionately, then he pointed out something, “However, my subordinates will never capture innocent people. If your subordinate didn’t commit any crime, he wouldn’t have been detained.”


The Proprietress refuted, “I don’t care whether he has committed any crime. He’s in your captivity now, and I want you to release him.”


Ye Tian Xiong narrowed his eyes, “Madam, where do you think this place is? Do you think he can leave this place as he pleases?”


“Are you going to release him or not?” The Proprietress looked straight into his eyes and questioned.


With his lips curving into a smile, Ye Tian Xiong lowered his head and continued going through his documents.


Turning around, the Proprietress said, “Good, then I’ll tell the public what happened in the bamboo forest of Purple Jade Cave Heaven 800 years ago.” As soon as she finished speaking, a figure abruptly appeared in front of her. It was Ye Tian Xiong who had blocked her way.


As their eyes met, the Proprietress raised her chin with a smug smile on her face. On the other hand, Ye Tian Xiong’s face twitched slightly.


A long time later, he said, “You’re still as shameless as before. I’ve never seen a woman as peculiar as you.”


There was a faint smile on the Proprietress’ face, “If you don’t want others to find out what happened, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. What do you say now?”


Ye Tian Xiong replied, “Before we find out the truth, no one can break the rules of this city. Otherwise, our authority will be damaged.”


“So, you’re not going to release him?” The Proprietress slowly narrowed her eyes.


To which Ye Tian Xiong said, “If this incident really has nothing to do with your subordinate, I’ll handle it in an impartial manner.”


After giving it a thought, the Proprietress nodded her head, “Good, I’ll wait here and see how you’re going to handle it impartially.” Then, she took a seat on a chair beside her and directly landed a palm on the table, “Why has no one served me tea yet? Is this how the people from Great Battle Heaven treat your guests?”


A tinge of helplessness flashed across Ye Tian Xiong’s eyes. After he clapped his hands, someone sprinted into the hall and cupped his fists, “Yes, Governor?”


Ye Tian Xiong pointed at the Proprietress, “Get her some tea.”


That person turned to look at Madam Lan in disbelief, but he still replied, “Yes.” Following that, he turned around and left.


After that, Ye Tian Xiong released his Divine Sense and talked to someone else.


Just a moment later, an elderly man stepped into the hall and saluted the Governor. He was the Chief Disciplinary Officer who had questioned Yang Kai and the others earlier.


Ye Tian Xiong asked, “Have you interrogated the ones we recently detained?”


The disciplinary officer cupped his fists, “I have.”


“What exactly happened?”


Although the disciplinary officer wondered why the Governor would even care about such a trivial matter, he wouldn’t dare to ignore his question, so he narrated the incident to him. He had questioned each of those involved, so he had figured out what had happened.


While Ye Tian Xiong remained unfazed, the Proprietress started blowing her top, “Did you hear that!? It was those three who ignored the rules of Great Battle Heaven and created trouble in the city. My shop hand just decided to lend the victim a hand, so how could you capture him without a valid reason? I won’t let you off if you can’t give me an explanation.”


The disciplinary officer couldn’t help but take a glance at the Proprietress as he was shocked to see that someone had the guts to be so brazen in front of the Governor. What was stranger was that the Governor didn’t seem to be mad at her.


Ye Tian Xiong gently tapped on the table and waited for her to finish speaking before saying impassively, “In this world, there is never just one party involved in trouble.”


Hearing that, the Proprietress coldly asked, “What do you mean by that?”


He replied, “Whatever the reason, your shop hand has caused some trouble in my territory, and he shouldn’t dream about getting off without paying a price.”


She sneered, “Ye Tian Xiong, do you insist on doing this?”


He said, “Don’t worry. It’s just a small punishment.”


“Nonsense!” The Proprietress rejected him resolutely. She knew how horrible the punishments from Great Battle Heaven were. Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm Junior. Whatever the punishment, he would end up in a terrible state.


“No one can tell me what to do in my territory!” Ye Tian Xiong snorted as he was running out of patience. Then, he shifted his attention to the disciplinary officer, “The man and the woman will each receive a strike from the Dragon Fang Whip.”


“You dare?!” The Proprietress said through clenched teeth.


Ye Tian Xiong shot her a glare, “Lan You Ruo, do you think I’m not aware of what happened in the Wind and Cloud Auction House? I only chose to ignore it to avoid causing a scene with you!”


Although there was a barrier around the auction house, the fact that the Proprietress had made a move there couldn’t be hidden from powerful cultivators like Ye Tian Xiong.


At that instant, the Proprietress was lost for words. After glaring at him for a long time, she stomped her foot on the ground, “I’ll remember what you’ve done here today!”




After Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi were interrogated, they were sent back to their cells again. Just a while later, someone came over and took them away.


A puzzled Yang Kai asked the disciple from Great Battle Heaven what was going on, but that person directly ignored him.


As they moved forward, they eventually left the Governor’s Mansion.


An elated Yang Kai thought that the matter was finally over; after all, he and Luo Hai Yi were the victims, and they didn’t have the intention to cause trouble in the city. It was Young Master Hai and his subordinates who had made a move on them.


Just when he was ready to thank the disciple, he saw a familiar figure and became pleasantly surprised, “Proprietress, what are you doing here?”


With a conflicted gaze, the Proprietress sighed, “Just try to endure it, and this matter will be over.”


“What do you mean by that?” A perplexed Yang Kai asked, but before he could figure out what was going on, two disciples came over and grabbed his arms before stringing him up to a cross-bar.


A shocked Yang Kai instinctively tried to resist, but the Proprietress dissuaded him from doing so; therefore, he gave up and let the disciples do whatever they wanted. A moment later, he was firmly shackled.


Presently, countless people had surrounded the entrance of the Governor’s Mansion. Some people had even flown into the air to get a clearer look. 


At the same time, discussions about him were heard coming from the crowd.


“What has this guy done? It seems that they’re going to punish him.”


“My goodness. No one has had the guts to create trouble in the city for years. He is truly brazen.”


“The Dragon Fang Whip from the Governor’s Mansion can even kill! Thirteen years ago, a Second-Order cultivator was tied here and died on the spot after just ten whips. I wonder how many whips this brat will have to endure today.”


“Judging from his aura, he’s only an Emperor Realm Junior. He can take three whips at most. Any more than that will cause him to lose his life.”




As Yang Kai listened to their discussions, he couldn’t help but turn ashen as he finally realised why he was tied here. Turning his head, he saw the disciplinary officer he had met earlier coming over slowly with a whip in his hand. There were barbs around the whip, and its tip looks like two Dragon teeth.


A horrified Yang Kai thought that if he was struck by such a whip, he would end up in a miserable state.


Then, he looked to the side and saw Luo Hai Yi tied to another cross-bar. She must have heard the discussions around her as well, so the colour already drained from her face.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but plead with the Proprietress with his gaze, only to see her shaking her head slowly. Realising that even the Proprietress was unable to help him, he became incensed.


He and Luo Hai Yi were the victims. If it weren’t because of Young Master Hai and his subordinates who threatened them, they wouldn’t have been dragged into this mess; however, they were now the ones who had to be tied here and were being punished in public. Were those from Great Battle Heaven idiots?




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  1. This really is incredibly stupid. What are victims, especially ones that are orders of magnitude weaker than their attackers supposed to do? How does punishing the victims help in any way? If anything it just shows the incompetence of this Great Force.

    I do hope YK gets to kill a bunch of them sometime down the line. Especially that Governor.

    1. They are supposed to be soldiers in an army and remember how stupid the punishment during the demon war was? (E.g. using 10% of your army, mostly elites, to punish your own soldiers)
      So seems to me like soldiers are expected to follow rules without thinking themself, and it is true that Yang Kai was involved in the trouble.
      Still stupid, but thats’s just how soldiers are in this world apparently

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