Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3973, Two Whips


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Soon, the space in front of the Governor’s Mansion was crammed with people and countless stares focused on Yang Kai and Luo Hai Yi.


The disciplinary officer stepped forward with the Dragon Fang Whip in his hand. After looking around, he yelled, “These two people have caused trouble in the Star City and broken our rules. The Governor has given the order that they will each receive one whip to serve as a warning to others.”


Just when Yang Kai was about to refute him, he heard a whoosh coming at him. Following that, he felt an excruciating pain in his back that almost prompted him to scream.


The pain was indescribable as he felt his very Soul trembling. The words he was about to say were replaced by a howl. He could clearly feel that as the whip struck him, the clothes on his back tore apart. His flesh must have been torn as well as he felt blood flowing out of his body.


The Dragon Fang Whip must have been made using a special technique, which could make the person getting struck feel ten times more pain. If it weren’t because Yang Kai had strong willpower, he would’ve passed out.


Since he started cultivating, he had gone through countless life-or-death battles and suffered numerous serious injuries, but he had never felt as much pain as he did this time.


He widened his eyes as his eyeballs seemed to be trembling in his eye sockets. While his vision had turned blurry, he heard the Proprietress speaking in an anxious voice, “It’s done. Release him quickly!”


“W-Wait!” Yang Kai clenched his teeth and yelled.


A worried Proprietress asked, “What’s wrong?”


“I’ll take the whip for her,” Yang Kai turned to look at the disciplinary officer.


Hearing that, the Chief Disciplinary Officer sported an awkward expression, “Are you sure?”


No one had ever dared to take another strike after having a taste of the Dragon Fang Whip. Yang Kai’s willpower was truly admirable.


The Proprietress couldn’t believe what she had heard, “Are you insane!?”


Yang Kai forced an ugly smile, “Proprietress, Sister Luo is a woman after all. How is she going to lift her head again if she’s whipped in public?”


After getting struck, his clothes became tattered and his back was bloodied. If Luo Hai Yi was whipped, regardless of whether she could take it, her body would be exposed to the public. Any woman would feel greatly humiliated if such a thing happened to her.


The Proprietress was torn between laughter and exasperation, “I can’t believe you’re still concerned about someone else at this point.”


Yang Kai grimaced in pain, “All this happened because of me.” If he hadn’t messaged Luo Hai Yi in a rush, all this wouldn’t have happened.


Then, he turned to look at the disciplinary officer, “Do it now.”


Without saying a word, the disciplinary officer shot him an impassive glance and lashed his whip at him with a whoosh.


Following a loud crack, Yang Kai straightened up as the Soul-wrenching pain came over him again. The flesh on his back seemed to have been peeled off. After holding it in for a long time, he eventually let out a howl.


The Proprietress slashed at the ropes with her fingers and untied Yang Kai. Without the restriction, he couldn’t even support his own weight as he collapsed into the Proprietress’ embrace.


“Sir Yang…” Luo Hai Yi turned to look at him as tears streamed down from her bloodshot eyes. Unfortunately, she was unable to move as she was still tied there.


“I-I’m fine!” Yang Kai gasped in pain but still gritted his teeth to endure it.


“Shut up!” The Proprietress shot him a glare and picked him up before sprinting towards First Inn.


Her speed was incredible as she managed to return to the inn in just a few breaths’ time. Bai Qi and the others, who were standing in front of the entrance, couldn’t even see it clearly when the Proprietress dashed into the building.


All of them traded glances as their chests tightened; then, they hurriedly entered the inn.


Inside the room, the Proprietress put him down on the bed and told him to lie on his stomach. Then, she tore his clothes apart and clenched his chin before throwing a pill into his mouth, “Swallow it.”


Yang Kai gasped and gulped down the pill as he was told.


The next instant, he felt a hand on his back. He wondered what she was applying on his skin, but the cooling sensation soon alleviated his pain.


As he caught a whiff of a pleasant scent, he realised that this was the Proprietress’ room. Feeling bashful, he said, “Proprietress, I’m sorry for troubling you.”


Without saying a word, she focused on applying ointment to his back.


Hearing some footsteps, he turned his head, only to see Bai Qi, the chef, and the accountant streaming into the room and watching him.


A worried Bai Qi asked, “Are you alright?”


Yang Kai forced a smile, “I’m fine.”


The chef tutted, “He took two whips… Those people are so ruthless.”


After a sigh, the accountant asked, “Why did you get into a conflict with someone else in this city? There are strict rules in this Star City that is ruled by Great Battle Heaven. No one has the guts to make a scene in their territory.”


The Proprietress snorted, “He was fighting with someone else for a woman. Men… Hmph! All of you are the same!”


“A woman?” Bai Qi was shocked.


A wronged Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Don’t listen to her. That wasn’t what happened. It was just some guys who made a scene and oppressed the weak.”


“Did I say anything wrong?” The Proprietress sneered, “You even took a strike from the Dragon Fang Whip for her, how dare you still say you were not fighting with another man for her? I think even your Soul has been taken away by that enchantress!” After finishing her words, she landed a palm on his back.


In an instant, Yang Kai turned ashen as his Soul almost left his body. Seeing that, Bai Qi and the others gulped.


At that moment, it was completely silent in the room. A long time later, the Proprietress stood up and said, “Just stay here to recuperate and don’t go anywhere. These are just flesh wounds, so you’ll be healthy again in a few days.”


“Thanks, Proprietress.” Yang Kai thanked her and hesitated for a moment, “But, this is your room. If I recuperate here, where will you stay?”


“Cut the crap and heal your wounds.”


While Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to say one more word, Bai Qi and the others were chased out of the room by the Proprietress.


“Stay right here. I’ll be right back,” she said and turned around to leave.


After a while, the door was pushed open from the outside, and rapid footsteps were heard. It didn’t sound like the Proprietress’ footsteps, so he turned his head. Seeing that person, he was surprised, “Sister Luo?”


The person was none other than Luo Hai Yi. After giving it a thought, he realised that the Proprietress must have brought her to this place. Otherwise, she couldn’t have entered the inner court of First Inn.


Presently, Luo Hai Yi’s eyes were all red. The traces of tears on her face suggested that he had cried. Approaching the man, she asked in a shaking voice, “Senior Yang, are you alright?”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “Don’t worry. These are just flesh wounds. The Proprietress has applied some ointment on me, so I’ll be healthy again in a few days.”


Her eyes were drenched in tears as she said, “If it weren’t because of me, you wouldn’t have had to endure the punishment. You even took the whip in my stead. I don’t know how I can repay your favour.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “That was the least I could do. There was no way I’d let you get whipped in public. Anyway, both of us are not in the wrong. It was Young Master Hai who had crossed the line, and those from Great Battle Heaven couldn’t tell right from wrong. We’ll remember what they’ve done to us and get even with them one day.”


Seeing as she still appeared to be blaming herself, he changed the topic by saying, “By the way, how did you come here? Did the Proprietress tell you to come over?”


Luo Hai Yi nodded her head, “Madam Lan said that you took a whip in my stead, so I have to take care of you.” She paused for a moment, “By the way, she has also agreed to let me join First Inn. From now on, I’m also a part of the inn.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I’ll have to congratulate you, then. You don’t have to go around the city looking for jobs anymore.” He thought that the Proprietress was indeed a sharp-tongued but kind-hearted person. She just called Luo Hai Yi an enchantress, but the next moment, she let her join the inn.


Luo Hai Yi went on to say, “She also told me that the reason you looked for me was to invite me to join the inn. You have saved my life and done so much for me. If there’s anything you want me to do in the future, I’ll never turn you down regardless of the tasks.”


“It’s not so serious.” Yang Kai broke into laughter, “You’ve helped me a lot as well. We’re even now.”


She slowly shook her head, “That’s different.”


It was indeed different. Previously, she led the way for Yang Kai because he had hired her to be his local guide. She passed on his message to the Proprietress after leaving Wind and Cloud Auction House as that was the least she could do. However, Yang Kai had given her Grand Dao Pills, which allowed her to condense her own Dao Seal. On this day, he had taken a whip in her stead and recommended she join First Inn so that she wouldn’t have to worry about putting food on the table again. All these were huge favours. For someone at the bottom of the social hierarchy like her, what Yang Kai had done had practically given her a new life.


While they were chatting, the Proprietress was seated on a chair in the lobby of First Inn with a dispassionate expression. The inn wasn’t open for business on this day, so there was no one else in the lobby. Presently, only the accountant and the chef were standing by her side.


A moment later, Bai Qi sprinted into the inn.


The Proprietress lifted her head and asked emotionlessly, “Have you found out everything?”


Bai Qi replied, “I have. He’s the Son of an Elder from Clear Mind Heaven.” He frowned, “Proprietress, the issue is pretty thorny. They’re from a powerful background.”


Hearing that, the Proprietress snorted, “I don’t care what background they have. Anyone who dares to harm my people will have to pay the price.”


Then, she slowly rose from the chair and said impassively, “Perhaps I’ve stayed quiet for far too long. All of them think that I wouldn’t dare to kill again.”


Bai Qi and the others traded glances. As though they had recalled a horrible memory, they couldn’t help shuddering.


“Keep an eye on them. If they ever leave Star City, inform me immediately.”


Bai Qi parted his lips in an attempt to dissuade her from doing that, but he gave up in the end. After cupping his fists, he said, “Yes.” He knew that those guys would definitely end up in a terrible state. The Proprietress hadn’t been so incensed for ages. It seemed that this matter couldn’t be resolved easily.


For the next few days, Yang Kai stayed in the room to recuperate. The Proprietress would show up sometimes and chide Luo Hai Yi. It seemed that she had a bad impression of her.


Luo Hai Yi was a timid woman, so she wouldn’t dare to say anything whenever she was reprimanded. She just kept apologising, which made it impossible for the Proprietress to vent her anger.


Seeing that, Yang Kai was terrified as he wondered what had gotten into that woman again. Recently, she had been finding fault with Luo Hai Yi.


After a few days, most of his wounds had healed. Feeling bored of being in bed, he decided to help them out in the lobby.




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  1. Yang Kai is not in the right here. He started a fight at the wind auction house when he used time principles which he never got punished for. Arguably he got off easy

      1. Nah, technically he’s got it solid. However if they really cared about justice at any cost (which this excuse would petty much devolve to) – the little rapist with his bodyguards should’ve been tied up next to YK on that échafaud, and each should’ve been served at least equal serving of whipped scream. So Yang Kai not being in the right means diddly squat at this juncture.

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