Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3975, Sealing Yang Domain


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There was a proud smile on Bai Qi’s face as he declared, “I’m going to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.”


A surprised Yang Kai asked, “Really?” This was indeed some extremely good news for a cultivator who spent his entire life pursuing the Martial Dao. In the Outer Universe, the Open Heaven Realm was like a dividing point. Those who were Open Heaven Realm Masters and those who were not could be considered entirely different beings.


A cultivator, who relentlessly pursued the Martial Dao, would transform into an entirely new person after reaching the Open Heaven Realm!


Then, Yang Kai recalled that when Bai Qi made a move in Wind and Cloud Auction House some time ago, he had seen traces of the Five Elements swirling around him. Apparently, he was already a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master. Now, it seemed that he was just a short distance away from the Open Heaven Realm. He must have condensed six Elements, and just needed the last one to achieve his goal.


“Congratulations!” Yang Kai cupped his fists at Bai Qi as he was truly happy for him. At the same time, he was envious that Bai Qi was going to make a name for himself soon. On the other hand, he wasn’t even sure when he would be able to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.


A high-spirited Bai Qi guffawed and landed a gentle pat on Yang Kai’s shoulder, “When we go out together in the future, people like Yun Zhen Hua will never dare to find fault with us again.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai arched his brow, “What Order are you going to promote to?”


Bai Qi’s words suggested that he wouldn’t have to be afraid of Yun Zhen Hua anymore. Yun Zhen Hua was a Fourth-Order cultivator, so since Bai Qi was confident of defeating him, he must be going to achieve an Order that was above the Fourth Order.


With a grin, Bai Qi raised his hand and showed his palm.


“Fifth-Order!” Yang Kai said.


To the side, the Proprietress snorted, “You’re not even close to achieving the Open Heaven Realm. If you keep bragging now, aren’t you worried that you’ll fail?”


Bai Qi pulled a long face and said, “Proprietress, please don’t give me such a curse. I’ve been cultivating diligently for the past thousand years, so there shouldn’t be any problem.”


A solemn Proprietress replied, “On the Martial Dao, the slightest negligence can result in all your previous efforts going to waste. If you’re going to deal with the ascension with this kind of attitude, you’d better wait another 100 years first.”


Upon hearing that, Bai Qi sported a serious expression and bent his back, “Many thanks for your guidance, I will sincerely remember it. When the time comes, I shall put forth my best, and the Heavens will decide whether I succeed.”


The Proprietress stared fixedly at him and spoke in a softer tone, “I’ve personally trained you, and you’ve built a solid foundation. Just remain calm and focused, and I’m sure there will be no problem with your breakthrough.”


“Yes,” Bai Qi replied respectfully.


“Get ready now. We’ll leave in three days.” The Proprietress waved her hand.


After a nod, Bai Qi bowed and left the room.


There was an envious look on Yang Kai’s face as he watched Bai Qi leave when all of a sudden, the Proprietress said, “You get ready as well. We’ll leave together in three days.”


“Me?” Yang Kai was stunned, but he soon realised her intention. It was rare for a cultivator to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, and most people wouldn’t be able to witness such a magnificent scene. She intended to bring him with her to observe the process. With such an experience, the process would be much smoother for him if he ever had the chance to attain the Open Heaven Realm in the future.


An elated Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “Many thanks, Proprietress. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me, and will definitely repay your favour one day!”


“All you know is how to flatter me. Get out now.” The Proprietress snorted and swept him out of the room with her sleeve.


Three days had passed in the blink of an eye.


In the morning, the Proprietress was standing outside First Inn as she told the accountant and chef to take care of the inn. Then, she led Bai Qi and Yang Kai to shoot into the sky. After they passed the dock, she summoned her ship and sailed it towards the void.


Unlike how excited he was three days ago, Bai Qi had calmed down considerably. In fact, he had never been calmer before in his life.


The Proprietress was standing on the dock as she rested her hands on the gunwale and watched the splendid view. Yang Kai and Bai Qi stood just behind her as the ship moved forward.


Half a day later, the Proprietress didn’t seem to have the intention of stopping the ship, so a curious Yang Kai asked, “Proprietress, where are we going?”


Presently, the Proprietress’ hair flapped in the wind, and without turning her head, she replied, “We’re looking for the last Open Heaven material.”


A stunned Yang Kai said, “Old Bai hasn’t obtained the last material?”


When he saw Bai Qi appearing so excited a few days ago, he thought that the latter had collected all the necessary materials, so he couldn’t believe that they were only looking for the last one now.


Bai Qi explained, “Fifth-Order Yang Sprites are very rare. Once they appear, countless people will come to snatch them up. We have informants everywhere in the Outer Universe, and one of them has found out that Fifth-Order Yang Sprites have appeared in Golden Rainbow Territory. That’s why we’ve embarked on such a long journey.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai finally realised what was going on. He thought that they were going somewhere quiet so that Bai Qi could achieve his breakthrough without worrying about being disturbed, but it turned out that they were instead going to acquire the last material he needed. Furthermore, judging from what Bai Qi had said, he lacked a Yang Element material.


With a frown, Yang Kai asked, “In that case, won’t we have to compete against others for the treasure?”


Bai Qi grinned, “We’re heading to a very hidden place, one most people don’t know about and fewer can find. So, I’m sure there won’t be any competition. I’ll just have to go there and absorb it.”


In response, Yang Kai nodded.


All of a sudden, the Proprietress asked, “What Order do you want to achieve?”


Yang Kai replied, “The higher, the better.”


To which she replied, “We all want to achieve a higher Order, but you need to have a clear assessment of your capabilities. Everyone’s limit is different. Just because a person has absorbed high-quality materials doesn’t necessarily mean they can achieve a higher Order. You have to work within your ability.”


“I’ll remember.”


Bai Qi took a glance at him and asked, “By the way, what are the Orders of the materials you’ve absorbed so far? How many Elements have you condensed?”


At that, Yang Kai was lost for words. If he was asked this question a few months ago, he would have lied without batting an eye; however, now, he wasn’t willing to deceive these people, but he also didn’t want to reveal his secrets just yet. Besides, if he told them that he had absorbed materials from the Eighth Order and even the Ninth Order, they wouldn’t believe him.


Seeing as he remained silent, the Proprietress suddenly turned to look at him and smiled, “You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to. All of us have secrets anyway.”


“Many thanks for your understanding, Proprietress.”


With an awkward expression, Bai Qi examined Yang Kai and said in a hushed voice, “If possible, I suggest that you tell the Proprietress about it. With her help, it won’t be difficult for you to achieve the Fifth Order. Besides me, the chef and the accountant are also going to ascend to the Fifth Order in the future. Only by attaining the Fifth Order would we stand a chance to reach the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in the future. In the Outer Universe, we’ll always be inferior if we can’t ascend to the High Rank.”


The cultivation of a cultivator wasn’t fixed after their initial breakthrough into the Open Heaven Realm. By consuming Open Heaven Pills, they would still be able to improve their Order by up to two Orders. That was the reason Bai Qi had said so.


“I know,” Yang Kai flashed a smile at him.


Seeing as he wasn’t willing to reveal anything, Bai Qi stopped forcing him. After apologising to the Proprietress, Bai Qi returned to the cabin to have a rest.


As they moved forward at full speed, they would leave the ship from time to time to utilize the Universe Transference Law to shuttle between Universe Temples.


Ten days later, the trio arrived at Golden Rainbow Territory.


The Second Class great force Golden Rainbow Province ruled over this territory, hence its name.


Upon reaching their destination, the Proprietress fished out something that looked like a compass as she scanned the surroundings before adjusting their heading. Obviously, the compass could lead them to where the Yang Sprites were located.


Three days later, a cloud of white mist suddenly appeared in the void. The mist looked elusive and translucent. One would have neglected it if they didn’t search for it carefully.


Seeing the mist, the Proprietress straightened her face and said, “We’ve arrived at our destination.”


Hurriedly, Bai Qi lifted his head and looked in that direction. Although he had suppressed his emotions, he could still barely contain his excitement. This couldn’t be helped, as he had been waiting for this moment for a hundred years now. Compared to the Five Elements, it was much harder to find Yin and Yang Element materials. As such, within the same Order, Yin Yang materials were always more expensive than Five Elements materials. Moreover, at higher Orders, they couldn’t even be purchased for Open Heaven Pills.


First Inn could be considered a powerful great force, but over the years, they hadn’t managed to help Bai Qi find a suitable Yang Element, which went to show how scarce such materials were. If it weren’t because of this special opportunity, Bai Qi would have had to wait for even longer.


In the blink of an eye, the ship reached the white mist.


Upon closer inspection, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t a mist at all, but he couldn’t make out what it was either. It looked like a pile of cotton, but a clear aura of spatial fluctuations could be felt coming from it.


It was then he came to the realisation that this thing that looked like a mist or a pile of cotton was actually the entrance to a Sealed World, and the Yang Sprites must exist inside.


It was no wonder that Bai Qi said rarely anyone could find this place. Yang Kai was thinking that if Fifth-Order Yang Sprites had appeared, there was no way no one else could detect them; after all, many people would hack each other to death to get their hands on such treasures.


Now, it seemed that he was mistaken.


Standing in front of the mist, the Proprietress examined it for a brief moment before forming a hand seal. Following that, she stuck out a finger. As though the mist had received her order, it separated to the sides and revealed a passageway.


“Let’s go,” she ordered as she engulfed the others in her World Force and dashed towards the passageway. After they entered, the mist closed again.


At that instant, space seemed to be spinning around Yang Kai, and when he came to his senses, he realised that he had reached a different world. Before he could even scan the surroundings, he could clearly feel that this place was filled with very potent Yang Element Power.


“It’s a Sealing Yang Domain.” The Proprietress arched her brow as she was evidently surprised, “It’s no wonder Fifth-Order Yang Sprites could be born here. This place is incredible.”


A puzzled Yang Kai asked, “Proprietress, what’s a Sealing Yang Domain?”


To which she explained patiently, “A Sealing Yang Domain is a very special type of Sealed World where Yang Qi gathers and does not leak out, growing richer and denser over time, which gives rise to Yang Sprites. As time passes, the Order of the Yang Sprites will become greater as well. Even if you take all of them away at once, new Yang Sprites will be born again after eight hundred to a thousand years. It could be said that the Yang Sprites here were inexhaustible. There were other Sealing Yang Domains in the 3,000 Worlds, but all the known ones were controlled by powerful great forces. The Yang Sprites were either used by their own disciples or traded for other resources with other great forces.”


An agitated Bai Qi said, “Proprietress, we’re rich! If we can control this place, we don’t have to worry about finding Fifth-Order Yang Element materials again!”


In response, the Proprietress nodded her head, “I’ll look around after we’re done. If this place is truly valuable, I’ll come up with a way to control it.”




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  1. If yin yang materials are really that hard to come by, maybe he can make use of his gold dragon source and su yan’s ancestral phoenix source. I don’t mean he should use them up completely, but maybe he can take some energy from them. And then su yan could do the same.

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