Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3976, Trap


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This Sealing Yang Domain wasn’t expansive as it was only the size of two Star Cities. Tracing the source of the Yang Qi, they soon reached a lake that was shimmering. Despite the fact that the lake was clear, it was filled with Yang Qi. Apparently, it was where Yang Sprites gathered together.


The Proprietress released her Divine Sense to scan the place for a moment before nodding gently, “These are indeed Fifth-Order Yang Sprites.”


Hearing that, Bai Qi became energised and cupped his fists, “Proprietress, I’m going now.”


“Be careful,” she urged.


Yang Kai also cupped his fists, “Old Bai, I wish you success.”


Bai Qi flashed a smile at him, “I’ll definitely bring back some good news.” Then, he plunged into the lake, but there wasn’t even a ripple that could be seen on the surface. Yang Kai and the Proprietress watched as Bai Qi swam to the deepest part of the lake where a very pure power from the Yang Sprites had gathered together. Bai Qi shot into it and sat down with his legs crossed. Following that, he activated his power with a never-before-seen solemn expression.


He had been cultivating a thousand years for this moment, so there was no holding back for him.


Soon, he was seen attentively absorbing a Yang Sprite to condense the last Yang Element Power. The Proprietress and Yang Kai walked around the lake as she performed a hand seal and shot a flag into the void.


Although this place was hidden, they had to be extra careful. The fact that Bai Qi was breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm was immensely important, and there mustn’t be any accidents. Despite the fact that the Proprietress was personally standing guard for him, she still had to set up an array here to prevent anyone from disturbing him.


After an hour, she had planted sixteen flags around the lake. When she was done with the last one, she spread her slender hands and yelled, “Rise!”


In complete silence, a mist expanded and engulfed the entire lake. Nothing else could be seen again.


Yang Kai had been following her and watching what she was doing. Although he had no idea what kind of attacks this Spirit Array could fend off, there was no way the Proprietress’ work was second-rate. Moreover, she was a Sixth-Order Master who was famous throughout the 3,000 Worlds. With her standing guard here and the help of this Spirit Array, even if someone accidentally barged into this place, that person wouldn’t dare to disturb Bai Qi.


After the Proprietress was done with all this, she took a look at Bai Qi’s location and said in a small voice, “He’ll have to rely on himself now.”


In order to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, one first needed to condense the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements into their Dao Seal. A cultivator would then split Heaven and Earth apart inside their own body. Once they succeeded, a Small Universe would be formed inside of them. At that point, they would be infused with World Strength and become capable of wielding World Force. That was the most distinct characteristic of an Open Heaven Realm Master.


Great Emperors had to rely on a particular Universe World to use World Force. However, Open Heaven Realm Masters didn’t have such restrictions as they had a World within themselves. Also, different from Great Emperors, the power an Open Heaven Realm Master was able to use could grow. Their power was directly correlated to the strength of his or her own Small Universe.


No one else could help Bai Qi at this point. The reason the Proprietress had come to this place was to protect him so that no one would disturb him.


Upon reaching the top of a mound that was three kilometres away, the Proprietress fished out a table and two chairs. There were some tools for making tea as well.


Without the need for her to say anything, Yang Kai started making tea for her. In the past, he would never be willing to do such a thing; however, after getting her help several times, he realised that his impression of this woman had changed. He no longer felt hostile towards her.


Nevertheless, the change also brought with it some doubts that got stuck in his heart.


Soon, the tea was ready. While the Proprietress elegantly sipped the tea, she had a small talk with Yang Kai and chuckled from time to time. On the other hand, Yang Kai learned the stories of many famous people in the Outer Universe from her. 


Time passed by very quickly.


Three days later, the lake inside the array still remained serene. Yang Kai knew that this process couldn’t be rushed. Bai Qi had to condense his own Yang Element first before attempting to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, a feat that couldn’t be achieved in just a few days.


After five more days, there came a moment when the Proprietress, who was having a chat with Yang Kai, straightened her face and shifted her attention to the array. Her gemstone-like eyes seemed able to see through the void and look deep into the array; then, she exclaimed, “It’s starting!”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai became solemn and turned his head to look in that direction. Unfortunately, his vision wasn’t as sharp as that of the Proprietress. Besides the weltering mist around the array, he could see nothing else.


With that said, he could feel that something was a little different on this day. Previously, the array around the lake was mostly still; however, today, the mist was roiling about. Apparently, Bai Qi had started.


A worried Yang Kai asked, “Proprietress, what are Old Bai’s chances of success?”


The Proprietress slowly shook her head, “No one can say for certain. Even a gifted person may fail. It really depends on his fate.”


She had only said the obvious, but that was the truth for any cultivator pursuing the greater Dao.


While Yang Kai was anxiously watching the lake, the Proprietress suddenly frowned and grunted before looking in a different direction; specifically, the entrance of the Sealing Yang Domain.


Soon enough, Yang Kai realised that something was off because clear Space Principles fluctuations could be felt coming from over there.


[Someone is entering this place!] A shocked Yang Kai hurriedly shifted his attention, only to see a crack hanging in the void. As Space Principles undulated, a figure emerged from the crack.


Despite the fact that there was a distance of several dozen kilometres between them, Yang Kai could still recognise this person at first glance, and with a frown, he said, “Him?”


He didn’t know many people in the Outer Universe, so he hadn’t expected the person who had arrived at this place to be someone he knew. Furthermore, there were some grudges between them.


The person who had broken through the void and come to this place was none other than Old Yu from Wind and Cloud Auction House. Previously, Yang Kai and Bai Qi were injured by this guy. Upon learning that they had been captured, the Proprietress stormed into the auction house and fought a quick battle with Old Yu, breaking a few of the latter’s bones and causing him to cough up blood.


After just a few months though, Old Yu’s wounds had healed. Upon entering this place, he looked around and soon targeted the Proprietress, a coldness flooding his turbid eyes which were filled with hatred.


Following that, more figures broke through the Void and arrived.


In the blink of an eye, four people had streamed into this small Sealing Yang Domain. This group consisted of men and women as well as young and old people. Old Yu had the weakest aura among them as he was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. The other three people were much stronger than he was. Yang Kai could even detect an aura that was as powerful as that of the Proprietress from one of them.


[This guy is a Sixth-Order Master! What is going on?] Yang Kai’s brow twitched as so many top cultivators had gathered together in this Sealing Yang Domain all of a sudden. Furthermore, all of them were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


What made Yang Kai feel uneasy was that these people were staring fixedly at the Proprietress presently. Some of them appeared solemn, and some of them were seen with their eyes filled with resentment. There was also someone who revealed a murderous intent.


Although Yang Kai had no idea what was going on, he realised that they were in a perilous situation.


“I see.” The Proprietress nodded slightly and swept a glance over them, “So, this was all a trap.”


“That’s right. This is a trap that has been specifically set up for you. Lan You Ruo, when you made a scene in my auction house a few months ago, did the idea of ending up in this miserable state ever cross your mind?” Old Yu snorted with a gleeful smile in his wrinkled face.


“A trap?” Yang Kai was flabbergasted as all his bodily hair was standing on end. After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t difficult to set up this trap. The only requirement was this Sealing Yang Domain.


Bai Qi was a shop hand in First Inn, so it wasn’t hard for people to dig up his information. As long as the news of Fifth-Order Yang Sprites appearing was spread, the Proprietress would certainly bring Bai Qi over to have a look, thus falling into this trap.


Things were looking terrible. The Proprietress was a Sixth-Order cultivator, but apart from Old Yu, who was relatively weaker, the others were all-powerful. There were two Fifth-Order cultivators and one Sixth-Order Master. Furthermore, they were stuck inside this Sealing Yang Domain, and it wasn’t possible for the Proprietress to simply defeat them.


It could basically be considered a death trap.


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai secretly spoke to her in her mind, “Proprietress, look for a chance and flee from this place. Just leave Old Bai and me here. As long as you’re alive, we’ll be safe.” After all, Bai Qi and he were just shop hands of First Inn. As long as the Proprietress could leave this place, these people might not harm them as they would have to remain wary of the Proprietress. Nevertheless, if the Proprietress was killed, there was no hope for Bai Qi and him to survive.


The Proprietress shook her head and replied, “Since they’ve set up this trap for me, they won’t let me flee so easily. I guess they’ve already sealed off the space around here. Unless we can kill all of them, we will never be able to leave.”


Yang Kai’s heart sank when he heard that as he knew that she was right; however, he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator who had only condensed his Wood and Fire Element, so he wasn’t useful in a battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters. A sense of helplessness came over him as he balled up his fists.


“Old fart, you’re pretty popular if you’re able to gather so many people to help you,” The Proprietress stared at Old Yu and sneered.


Old Yu scoffed, “It isn’t that this Old Master is popular; it’s just that you’ve offended too many people! In the past, you stirred up trouble everywhere in the 3,000 Worlds just because you had a backer. Do you even remember all the people you have offended?”


After he finished speaking, a majestic-looking man beside him placed his hands behind his back and said, “Madam Lan, we haven’t met for ages. Do you remember me?”


“Golden Rainbow Province’s Province Master, Qin Ji.” The Proprietress put on a faint smile, “What’s wrong? This Queen spared your life in the past, yet you are courting death now? Just tell me if you’re sick of living. I don’t mind sending you to Hell.” 


A tinge of ferocity flashed across Qin Ji’s eyes when he heard that and he snapped, “Madam Lan, you’re as arrogant as ever.”


“No, you’re just weak,” the Proprietress scoffed, then she stared at him and pondered on it for a moment, “So, this Sealing Yang Domain is not without an owner. Does it belong to Golden Rainbow Province?” After all, they were in Golden Rainbow Territory, which was why she had this speculation.


Qin Ji said, “We discovered this place 3,000 years ago. Normally, it’s hidden with a Spirit Array. If it weren’t because we wanted to lure you into this trap, we wouldn’t have exposed it.”




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