Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3978, Trump Card


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As Old Yu spoke, he reached a spot that was only three kilometres away from the lake. With a dispassionate gaze, he took a look at the mist around the lake and said, “If I’m not mistaken, the person inside the lake is Bai Qi, right?”


His voice wasn’t loud, but the Proprietress, who was locked in an intense battle, could still clearly hear him. Since they were able to find out that Bai Qi needed to absorb a Yang Element to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, it wasn’t so difficult for him to realise who the person inside the array was.


“This Old Master will kill Bai Qi now. Lan You Ruo, let’s see what decision you’ll make!” Old Yu bellowed.


“Shameless!” Yang Kai cursed through clenched teeth, his eyes turning bloodshot.


Apparently, Old Yu could see that the Proprietress was restrained as she wouldn’t want to escalate the battle lest Bai Qi be disturbed, but he still said such a thing to incite her. Certainly, the Proprietress would be agitated upon hearing that; moreover, if Old Yu really made a move, no one else could protect Bai Qi except for the Proprietress. Once she lost focus, she would fall into a worse situation than it already was.


“The winner takes all in any life-and-death battle. Shamelessness is irrelevant.” Old Yu shot Yang Kai a cold glance as he used a hand seal to gather his World Force.


He seemed set to destroy the Spirit Array around the lake.


Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t allow him to do that as Bai Qi was the key to winning this battle. If Bai Qi could successfully break through, the Proprietress would be able to break free from the restraints on her and use her full strength to battle against these people. By then, Bai Qi could also join the battle. Even if he couldn’t defeat them, he could protect himself at the very least; therefore, Yang Kai couldn’t allow Old Yu to harm Bai Qi.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai charged towards Old Yu like he was a wild beast.


On the other hand, Old Yu remained in the same spot with a calm expression. There was a tinge of mockery behind his gaze as he watched Yang Kai pouncing on him, “You court death by coming to me.”


After he finished speaking, he pushed out a palm. The speed at which he extended his palm was extremely slow, but following his movement, it seemed like two worlds had smashed together. As his hand extended further, the space in front of him shredded.


Yang Kai, who was charging forward at full speed, seemed to have crashed into an invisible wall as he became unmoving. After a loud boom was heard, his five viscera and six organs shifted greatly in his body, and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.


However, he didn’t seem to have any intention of retreating as he extended his hand into the void and grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear. Upon surging all his strength, he forcefully pushed his spear forward.


An abstruse Martial Truth seemed to be whirling around the tip of the spear as a fist-sized black hole manifested at the point of his weapon.


“Hm?” Old Yu arched his brow in surprise. He thought that given Yang Kai’s cultivation, the latter would’ve turned into dust upon impact; however, Yang Kai had only suffered some minor injuries. Moreover, the force that had been released through his spear wasn’t something a mere Emperor Realm Junior should possess.


Given Old Yu’s acute vision, he immediately realised that the spear in Yang Kai’s hands was an extremely rare treasure, causing his gaze to become fiery.


The Azure Dragon Spear was given to Yang Kai by the Giant Spirit God, Ah Da. He had no idea who made the spear, but through his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai could clearly feel that this spear was refined from the spine of an adult Dragon.


As Yang Kai pushed the spear forward, an Azure Dragon manifested and its roar shook the entire world.


Such a spear could be considered one of the best artifacts in the entire Outer Universe; however, Yang Kai was clearly too weak to fully draw out its power.


As Dragon Pressure permeated the air, the Azure Dragon swam through the sky. A stunned Old Yu widened his eyes and said in a shaking voice, “A Dragon artifact?”


He wasn’t astounded by Yang Kai’s attack, but rather by how this brat possessed such a Heaven-defying weapon. If those from the Dragon Clan found out about it though, they would never let him off.


At that instant, the greed in his heart vanished. Even if the spear was given to him for free, he wouldn’t dare to take it. Unless he never let its existence become public knowledge, the Dragon Clan would certainly come looking for him one day. When that happened, even Wind and Cloud Paradise wouldn’t be able to protect him.


“Those who are ignorant are truly fearless!” Old Yu tutted. Any experienced person in the 3,000 Worlds would never choose to use such an artifact, but an Emperor Realm Junior like Yang Kai had the guts to openly display it; the only explanation was that he was completely ignorant.


As Old Yu was shocked, the power of his palm also diminished a little.


Yang Kai directly charged forward for more than a thousand metres and reached a spot that was just several dozen metres away from Old Yu.


However, that was as far as he could go. Old Yu used a different hand seal again, which forced him to stop in his tracks as he was bound in place by an immense force. Regardless of how hard he tried, Yang Kai was unable to move forward at all.


“Since you court death, this Old Master will grant it to you!” Old Yu snorted. With a gaze filled with mockery, he stared at Yang Kai and raised his hand in an attempt to land a palm on his head. Following his movement, a green hand that was made from World Force appeared above Yang Kai’s head.


At this life-or-death moment, Yang Kai flashed a grin all of a sudden.


Seeing that, Old Yu suddenly had a bad premonition. Although he had no idea where this feeling was coming from, he was extremely alarmed as though something terrible was about to happen.


Right then, Yang Kai pushed out a beam of golden light. There seemed to be a large feather hidden in the golden light as a ferocious aura burst forth.


Old Yu widened his eyes as all his bodily hair was standing on end. There was a chill that shot up from the soles of his feet to the tip of his head and without hesitating, he surged his power to form a protective barrier around himself. Simultaneously, he dashed back to widen his gap with Yang Kai.


As the golden light expanded, a gigantic golden rooster abruptly appeared. It was so enormous that it was as though it could prop up the Heavens themselves. Upon its appearance, the entire Sealed World shook violently, as though it was unable to bear the rooster’s might.


Old Yu’s eyeballs seemed to be shaking as he stared fixedly at the golden rooster. Right then, a name that could stir up a primordial sense of fear flashed across his mind as he exclaimed, “Mie Meng!”


Even Qin Ji and the others, who were battling against the Proprietress, were stunned. The elderly man, Ling Chun Qiu even had the urge to turn around and flee.


Mie Meng was an infamous and horrifying beast in the 3,000 Worlds. An adult Mie Meng was as powerful as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Although it was ranked lower than Dragons or Phoenixes, Mid-Rank cultivators like them were completely powerless before a Mie Meng. If the beast became enraged, it could easily kill them all with its pressure alone.


None of them understood why a Mie Meng would appear in this place all of a sudden; however, they soon saw through the beast and realised that it wasn’t a real Mie Meng. It was just Mie Meng’s Divine Ability! Upon that realization, Qin Ji and the others heaved a sigh of relief.


However, Old Yu’s Soul almost left his body. He was just a Fourth-Order cultivator, so how was he able to go against this Mie Meng’s Divine Ability? Although he had escaped as soon as he detected danger, he still didn’t feel safe.


Mie Meng’s gaze appeared dispassionate, as though it had seen through all the mysteries of the world. After shooting a cold glance at Old Yu, it extended its neck and landed a peck on him like a chicken trying to pick up a worm. The beast was completely at ease.


Old Yu, who was running away at full speed, was really nothing more than a worm to Mie Meng.


Faced with imminent death, Old Yu exclaimed in horror, “Save me!”


No one could save him though as they hadn’t expected that even though Old Yu was just going to deal with Bai Qi and Yang Kai, he would still fall into danger. Moreover, all of their attention was focused on the Proprietress, so no one could lend him a hand. More importantly, it was too late to do anything.


Following Mie Meng’s peck, Old Yu suddenly froze on the spot and hung his head low. Like a rubber ball that was punctured and deflated, his Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm aura was rapidly leaving his body.


Right then, a huge hole appeared in his chest, one that went clean from front to back, exposing what was left of his organs inside.


It could be said that he had suffered a fatal injury. Nevertheless, a Mid-Rank cultivator had incredibly high vitality. Given the right conditions, he could still stand a chance to heal his wound.


Nevertheless, even though his physical body still remained, there wasn’t a Soul left in his battered figure. Right then, a shriek was heard coming from the other side. It was Old Yu’s voice.


Yang Kai lifted his head, whereupon his pupils contracted. At the moment, Mie Meng was widening its mouth in an attempt to gobble up a vague figure.


He could clearly see that the vague figure was actually Old Yu’s Soul. The sight horrified Yang Kai, but at the same time, he was gleeful. 


Following the beast’s peck, not only had it destroyed Old Yu’s body, but it had also pulled out his Soul, which would go into the beast’s stomach soon.


Ignoring Old Yu’s plea, Mie Meng directly gulped down his Soul and then looked down at Yang Kai. The next instant, its gigantic figure fell apart and turned into wisps of golden light before leaving with the wind.


Yang Kai grit his teeth as he was reluctant to part with his last golden tail feather. He had intended to use it to deal with Ling Chun Qiu or Yue He to ease the Proprietress’ burden, but in the end, he had wasted it on Old Yu instead.


In fact, it couldn’t be said that the golden tail feather had been wasted. If he hadn’t used it on Old Yu, Bai Qi would’ve fallen into danger. Now, he had nothing else that could be used to help the Proprietress, so he could only hope that Bai Qi could break through as quickly as possible.


On the other hand, he realised that he had underestimated the Proprietress’ strength. A Fourth-Order cultivator wasn’t even able to endure a Mie Meng’s strike, so could a Fifth-Order cultivator survive? That person would probably end up in the same state.


The Proprietress, who had only suffered a minor injury after getting struck by Mie Meng’s Divine Ability in the past, surely possessed an above-average power for her Order.


Turning his head, Yang Kai realised that the Proprietress had actually turned the situation around as neither party had gotten the upper hand. Moreover, while these people were fighting against the Proprietress, they now had to pay some attention to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he knew that they must have been horrified by Mie Meng’s fatal attack earlier, which was why they now had to branch out some attention to him. Nevertheless, they were not aware that it was the last golden tail feather he had. 


His gaze darted around as his lips curved into a wicked smile, whereupon he shuffled towards the battlefield. As expected, when he got closer to them, Ling Chun Qiu and Yue He trembled. Only Qin Ji was able to remain unfazed.


“What’s there to be afraid of?” Qin Ji yelled at the most critical moment, “This brat is weak. So what if he’s still able to summon Mie Meng? As long as he can’t come close to the battlefield, he will never be a threat to us!”




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