Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3980, Perhaps You Can Still Be Saved


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At this moment, Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu couldn’t help wondering whether they had done the right thing by ruining Bai Qi’s breakthrough. If they had just allowed him to ascend, they could have made use of him to restrict the Proprietress and ensure that she couldn’t fully use her power.


However, now, Bai Qi had lost hope of ascension, and he was bound to perish. Presently, the Proprietress was infuriated, and there was nothing left to restrain her.


Then, she wielded her whip, which was surrounded by lightning and wind, at Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu. Although she was injured, she had become even more imposing than earlier. The whip brought with it a horrifying force, which caused the brows of Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu to twitch.


Faced with such a violent strike, neither of them had the guts to directly take it; therefore, they hurriedly dodged to the side.


With a loud boom, the whip landed on the ground, which caused it to collapse. It was as though two worlds had collided with one another. A hideous burn mark appeared in the void that seemed impossible to be repaired.


Nonetheless, before Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu could take a breather, the whip that was engulfed in lightning and strong wind broke though the void and came at them again. 


Qin Ji felt his heart clench. It wasn’t until this moment that he realised the Proprietress possessed such a terrifying power. He was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he thought that even though the Proprietress was stronger than he was, there wasn’t a huge gap between them; however, from the two strikes she had just launched, he came to the realisation that she was significantly stronger than he was.


The soft whip danced in the air and brought with it lightning and wind. Even though Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu had joined forces, they could only resist her attack but not counterattack. Presently, they looked completely battered. Cracks had been formed on the ground upon impact as both the Sealed World and the void were trembling violently.


With no one else to hold her back, the Proprietress didn’t have to worry about anything again. The Sealed World was unable to contain her world-destroying fury, so it was just a matter of time before it collapsed.


“Quickly help us!” Qin Ji bellowed.


Upon hearing that, Yue He finally came to her senses and took a longing glance at Yang Kai before striding towards the battlefield.


The next instant, rumbling sounds were continuously heard as fallout swept across the entire world. As World Force undulated, four figures engaged in a life-and-death melee.


In the end, a Sealing Yang Domain was just a type of Sealed World, so it was unable to withstand the impact of the battle between four Mid-Rank cultivators. Furthermore, the Proprietress was determined to kill all of them, so she no longer held back any of her power. In just a short moment, the Sealing Yang Domain started showing signs of collapse as chaotic Space Principles began flooding the world.


Yang Kai was unable to interfere in such a battle. Although he was worried about the Proprietress, there was nothing much he could do at the moment. After stuffing some pills into his mouth, he rushed towards Bai Qi and stared at him. He parted his lips for a moment, but he wasn’t sure what to say.


It had only been a short time since they got to know each other, but they got along well, so Bai Qi could be considered his first proper friend since he arrived in the Outer Universe.


Yang Kai thought that Bai Qi would achieve a massive breakthrough today and make a name for himself in the Outer Universe, but the latter was pushed into an abyss at the most critical moment.


“Everyone’s fate is different, so I guess it’s the end for me now,” Bai Qi put on a sorrowful smile. Although he was still trying his best to maintain the balance of power in his body, it wasn’t easy to bring order to the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements that had fallen into chaos. Presently, they were rampaging around in his body and clashing with one another. Blood was streaming out from his pores, which made him look quite pitiful.


Yang Kai licked his dry lips and asked, “What’s going to happen to you?”


“If I’m lucky, my Martial Dao will be destroyed. However, if I’m unlucky, my Soul will perish.” Bai Qi forced a smile, “Whatever the outcome, I’ll never be able to serve the Proprietress again.”


“Don’t overthink it…”


In a bitter voice, Bai Qi replied, “I’m fully aware of the situation I’m in…”


While they were speaking, rumbling sounds were heard as the entire ground shook. Finally, the Sealed World was unable to bear the fallout from the battle between these four Mid-Rank cultivators anymore and began to break apart.


When the Seal World disintegrated, the disarrayed Space Principles came at them from all directions. The average Emperor Realm Master could do nothing but be swept away by this flow and be dragged into the Void Crack.


Fortunately, Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, so he hurriedly manipulated Space Principles to protect Bai Qi and himself before fleeing the chaotic Void.


Raising his head, he realised that the Proprietress and her opponents had also left the Sealed World. The Proprietress looked worriedly in their direction, but upon seeing that Yang Kai and Bai Qi were safe, she became at ease.


On the other hand, Qin Ji sported a dark expression as he was heartbroken.


This Sealing Yang Domain was a secret place that belonged to Golden Rainbow Province. In this place, the Power of Yang was basically inexhaustible. With this Domain in possession, Golden Rainbow Province might be able to become one of the top great forces in the future. Now that it was destroyed in this battle, he was expected to be mournful.


However, it wasn’t the time to cry over what had already come to pass. Dealing with Lan You Ruo’s limitless fury was his most pressing issue. Fortunately, they weren’t the only people who had come here to get their revenge; otherwise, things would’ve gotten out of hand. After letting out a breath, Qin Ji bellowed, “Elder Hai, what are you waiting for? Make your move now!”


After he finished speaking, a sword light shot towards them from a distance. The sword light appeared so sharp that it was as though it could cut apart the stars themselves.


No one could have expected that Qin Ji and the others still had another helper. Moreover, judging from the person’s strike, he must be stronger than Qin Ji.


The unsuspecting Proprietress hadn’t expected this as well, so it was already too late when she came to her senses. Although she had wielded her whip to parry the blow, the sword light still pierced through the whip shadows and slashed at her tender figure.


Blood spurted out of the Proprietress’ wounds as she was sent flying backwards for three kilometres before she was able to stabilise herself. Looking up, she saw a person striding forward through the void, an azure blue sword in his hand as Sword Intent surged around him.


“Hai Ping Le!” The Proprietress narrowed her eyes and stared fixedly at that person.


On the other hand, Bai Qi’s expression changed drastically, “Damn it! He’s also here!”


Yang Kai had no idea who Hai Ping Le was, but he was aware that the latter was a Sixth-Order Master. At that instant, he was shocked as he wondered what the Proprietress had done in the past that so many people wanted to retaliate against her.


Bai Qi forced a smile, “The Young Master Hai you came across some time ago was Hai Ping Le’s Grandson.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai was stunned as he hadn’t expected that this had something to do with that wastrel Young Master Hai. It was also only now that Yang Kai understood why Young Master Hai was so arrogant and aloof. That was because the latter had a powerful backer. However, even though they had gotten into a conflict in the Star City some time ago, there were no real grudges between them. After Young Master Hai was punished by those from Great Battle Heaven, they should be considered even. So, why was Hai Ping Le adding insult to injury at this point?


Bai Qi seemed to have seen through Yang Kai’s doubts, so he said grimly, “The Proprietress killed that Young Master Hai.”


“What?” Yang Kai was flabbergasted.


Bai Qi went on to say, “Proprietress is extremely protective of her subordinates. That guy oppressed you and made you suffer two whips; hence, there was no way Proprietress would let him off. She killed him outside of the Star City.”


Upon that realisation, Yang Kai fell into a dazed state. He indeed hated Young Master Hai, who made him suffer two strokes from the Dragon Fang Whip. He still felt his back aching by just recalling that incident; however, that was just a trivial conflict between them, not a blood feud. It had been quite some time since the incident happened, and Yang Kai had almost forgotten about it. Nevertheless, it never crossed his mind that the Proprietress had actually killed the other party.


With a grin, Bai Qi said, “If any one of us in First Inn came across such an incident, the Proprietress might not have made such a big fuss; however, you’re different.”


“Me? How am I different?”


Bai Qi stared fixedly at him for a long time before letting out a long breath, “Anyway, you just have to remember that the Proprietress treasures you. You’re important to her.”


A puzzled Yang Kai gazed at him.


Lowering his head, Bai Qi put on a helpless smile. He couldn’t really explain it to Yang Kai as the incident happened ages ago.


While they were having a chat, the war in the void reignited. Hai Ping Le stormed into the battlefield as sword lights flashed from his weapon. The Proprietress was already injured earlier. She could still manage to deal with Qin Ji and the others, but upon Hai Ping Le’s arrival, things were becoming more difficult for her.


With that said, given her strength, even though she was facing so many opponents on her own, she wouldn’t fall into fatal danger anytime soon.


At this moment, Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to keep chatting with Bai Qi. With a worried expression, he stared attentively at the battlefield. In such a situation, he wondered if the Proprietress could still turn things around. 


While the Proprietress was locked in an intense battle, she turned to look in their direction. As their eyes met, Yang Kai could clearly see that her gaze appeared apologetic and longing. Then, she whirled around and wielded her whip. As she was battling, she pushed her opponents further away from this place.


Apparently, she didn’t want the fallout of the battle to affect Yang Kai and Bai Qi; however, by forcefully drawing her opponents away to a different place, it would exacerbate the perilous situation she was already in.


Like a group of sharks that had tasted blood, Qin Ji and the others would never let the Proprietress off while they directly ignored Yang Kai and Bai Qi.


After all, to them, Bai Qi had failed in his attempt to break through, so he would either perish or become a cripple soon; therefore, they didn’t have to pay any attention to him. As for Yang Kai, he was just an Emperor Realm Junior, so it was unlikely that he could raise a fuss. As long as they could kill the Proprietress, they’d be the winners.


In just over ten breaths’ time, the battle had moved far enough away to no longer be visible.


Bai Qi sprayed out a mouthful of blood and grabbed Yang Kai’s arms, “Leave! Go back to First Inn in the Star City and tell the chef to inform the Owner about this. Otherwise, the Proprietress will end up in a terrible state.”


In fact, Yang Kai had met the Owner of First Inn before. He was a High-Rank Master. At that time, the Golden Crow corpse had fallen into his hands in the end. If he could stand up for the Proprietress, things would become easier.


Balling up his fists, Yang Kai said, “What about you?”


If he escaped now, Bai Qi would be left alone here to perish. Nevertheless, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to touch Bai Qi at this moment. Moreover, this place was extremely far away from First Inn. By the time he managed to return to the inn, it would be too late as the outcome would have become irreversible by then.


“Forget about me! Just go!” Bai Qi forcefully pushed him away, which irritated his aura and caused him to spray out a mouthful of blood again.


An astounded Yang Kai rushed over and clumsily fished out some pills from his Space Ring before stuffing them into Bai Qi’s mouth.


“It’s useless…” Bai Qi put on a bitter smile, “No pills will be useful if they can’t bring order to the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in my body.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai became stunned and widened his eyes as though he had discovered something amazing. Seeing that, Bai Qi bellowed, “Do you understand that Proprietress is in mortal danger or not!? Stop dilly-dallying and get back to First Inn now!”


If it weren’t because he was weak, he would’ve kicked Yang Kai away.


However, Yang Kai stared at him with a pair of bright eyes and declared, “Old Bai, perhaps you can still be saved!”


“Nonsense!” Bai Qi yelled. Given his condition, even a High-Rank Master would be unable to save him, let alone a mere Emperor Realm cultivator like Yang Kai.




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