Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3981, Enemies Meet On The Narrow Road


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“I have a way that might be able to save you. If it fails, you must not blame me, but if it works, you have to buy me a few drinks!” After Yang Kai finished speaking, he took out a jade bottle and opened the lid. Then, he pried open Bai Qi’s mouth and poured the liquid into it.


An unsuspecting Bai Qi directly gulped it down, but before he could ask anything, he suddenly straightened and stared at him with widened eyes, his face transformed by disbelief.


“How is it?” Yang Kai looked nervously at him.


After a long time, Bai Qi’s eyes brightened. As though he finally realised something, he exclaimed, “World Source Liquid?”


“Will it work or not!?” Yang Kai had the urge to land a kick on him. He couldn’t believe that all Bai Qi was more concerned about what the liquid was than whether it would help him or not.


“Do you have more?” Bai Qi smacked his lips as seemed to develop a craving.


“En,” Yang Kai directly fished out another bottle of World Source Liquid and poured it into Bai Qi’s mouth.


After chugging it down, Bai Qi took a deep breath and, unlike how dejected he was a moment ago, he had a look of determination and joy as he declared, “Stay back. Today, this Old Bai will ascend to the Open Heaven Realm and comprehend the Grand Dao!”


Decisively, Yang Kai flew 100 kilometres away before stopping in his tracks.


Looking from afar, he could see that Bai Qi had sat down in the void with his legs crossed while performing a set of hand seals. Although he was 100 kilometres away, Yang Kai could still clearly feel that the violent force around Bai Qi had rapidly calmed down as an abstruse aura undulated.


[It works!] Seeing that, Yang Kai was finally able to be at ease.


The idea of letting Bai Qi consume World Source Liquid suddenly crossed his mind at that time, but he wasn’t sure whether it would work.


He had obtained a large quantity of World Source Liquid from the Profound Heavens Temple Sealed World back in the Star Boundary. It was a kind of liquid that was formed alongside the birth of a world. Since he collected it though, Yang Kai had not found a use for it at all.


In the past, he had heard someone mention that the reason Iron Blood Great Emperor was stronger than the other Great Emperors was that he had consumed a cup of World Source Liquid before in the Profound Heavens Temple.


Yang Kai had also drunk the liquid, and as it entered his stomach, he seemed to experience Heaven and Earth splitting apart in his body, sending him into a deep state of enlightenment, one he still remembered vividly. Now, the problem with Bai Qi was that the Powers of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements he had condensed were thrown into chaos, destabilizing the new Small Universe inside his body. Therefore, Yang Kai guessed that World Source Liquid might be useful to him.


Now, it seemed that the liquid wasn’t just useful, it was actually the perfect cure.


As time passed, Bai Qi’s aura stopped undulating chaotically as the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements started smoothly blending in his body. A hint of World Force exuded from his body, as if a new world had just been born.


An excited Yang Kai stared fixedly at him. It would take a long time before he could ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, but after observing what Bai Qi had been going through, he would be better prepared to deal with any issues in the future.




A muffled sound spread from 100 kilometres away. The chiming sound of a bell was heard coming from Bai Qi’s body, and following the sound, with his body as the centre, a great shockwave spread out.


Several more shockwaves erupted soon after, each time causing his aura to become more solidified.


*Hong! Hong! Hong!* 


The shockwaves continuously reverberated as Bai Qi’s aura became increasingly more powerful. There wasn’t a tinge of chaos anymore while a vague illusory phantom began appearing behind his back.


Initially, the illusory phantom was unclear, but as time passed, it slowly materialised.


After taking a glance, Yang Kai was amazed as the illusory phantom took the form of First Inn. As he looked at the illusory phantom, it was as though he had returned to the inn.


[This must be Old Bai’s Small Universe!] Yang Kai thought.


Prior to this, he had only seen the Small Universe of a single Open Heaven Realm Master, which was the one that belonged to the Protector Venerable of Fire Spirit Island in Seven Wonders Land, Duan Hai. After Yang Kai was swallowed by a Myriad Facets Insect, which separated him from Zhang Ruo Xi, he was then brought to that world by Duan Hai. It was an expansive ocean where there was a lonely island.


It seemed that the Small Universe World of every cultivator was different. Bai Qi was a shop hand of First Inn, so the inn was profoundly meaningful to him; therefore, his Small Universe after he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm was modelled after First Inn.


That realisation made Yang Kai fall into deep contemplation.


Bai Qi’s condition had stabilised, so it was just a matter of time before he could achieve his ascension. On the other hand, Yang Kai was severely injured, so he decided to sit down and adjust his breathing to recuperate.


As time passed, the aura coming from Bai Qi became richer, and slowly, the initially vague Small Universe World became solidified. All of a sudden, an awe-inspiring power exuded from him.


While in the void, Bai Qi opened his bright eyes and lifted his head to unleash a howl, shaking the world around him.


The Small Universe flashed and disappeared into Bai Qi’s body in the next moment.


Following that, Yang Kai saw a figure appearing in front of him all of a sudden. Bai Qi had crossed the distance of 100 kilometres and flashed a smile at him, “You don’t have to congratulate me, and I’ll be sure to buy you those drinks later. How many days have passed so far?”


“About seven or eight,” Yang Kai replied.


It was difficult to keep track of the time in this void, but supposedly, it had been seven to eight days since Bai Qi took World Source Liquid.


Yang Kai felt fortunate that no top cultivator had passed by this place during this period of time; otherwise, they would’ve been alerted.


“It’s been seven to eight days… I wonder whether the Proprietress is still alright,” Bai Qi frowned with a worried expression. Previously, he and Yang Kai saw the Proprietress battling against four Mid-Rank cultivators, two Sixth-Order and two Fifth-Order. They went further away until they disappeared, and although the Proprietress was strong, she was injured. Moreover, she was dealing with four people on her own, so how was she supposed to be a match for them?


Yang Kai replied in a grim voice, “The Proprietress isn’t a fool. Knowing that she wasn’t a match for them, there was no way she’d keep fighting against them. If I were her, I would’ve snuck into a Universe Temple or Star City in Golden Rainbow Territory.”


Hearing that, Bai Qi nodded his head, “You’re right. In that case, it’s more likely that she had gone to the nearest Universe Temple.”


It wasn’t certain who managed the Star City in Golden Rainbow Territory, but if it wasn’t a force like Great Battle Heaven, fights might be allowed in the city, which made it useless for the Proprietress to go there. On the other hand, conflict was strictly forbidden inside all Universe Temples; otherwise, the troublemakers would have to go up against all the Cave Heavens and Paradises. No one in the 3,000 Worlds had the guts to do such a thing.


“Let’s go to the Universe Temple,” Bai Qi made the decision.


“Do you need to consolidate your breakthrough first?” Yang Kai asked. Bai Qi had just achieved a massive increase in strength, so he wasn’t familiar with his power as an Open Heaven Realm Master yet. Although he was now a Fifth-Order cultivator, it was hard to tell how much power he could unleash when in combat.


“We have no time. I’ll familiarise myself with it slowly.” After Bai Qi finished speaking, he started using the Universe Transference Law.


When he turned his head and saw Yang Kai looking helplessly at him, he smacked his own head, “Ah! I forgot you haven’t left an Imprint in the Universe Temple in Golden Rainbow Territory.”


Without leaving an Imprint, one couldn’t use the Universe Transference Law to head to that specific Universe Temple.


“Go. I’ll just slowly fly over,” Yang Kai spoke as he fished out his Universe Chart and ascertained the location, “It’s not far in any case. It’ll only take me four to five days to reach there.”


A hesitant Bai Qi said, “But, if you’re on your own…”


Yang Kai replied in a solemn voice, “I’ll be alright. You should immediately look for Proprietress,” Recalling the expression on the Proprietress’ face before she left, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. If it weren’t because she wanted to ensure their safety, she wouldn’t have moved the battlefield forcefully, giving her opponents an even bigger advantage.


Bai Qi knew that they had no time to waste. It had taken him seven to eight days to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, so the Proprietress might have fallen into an even more perilous situation by now. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Alright. You must be careful.”


In response, Yang Kai gave a nod.


A light engulfed Bai Qi as he activated the Universe Transference Law without any hesitation. After a bright Array started glowing beneath his feet, he disappeared from the spot the next moment.


Seeing that he was gone, Yang Kai shot off towards the Universe Temple.


Based on what he had seen in his Universe Chart, it would take him four to five days to reach the Universe Temple. Even if he charged forward at full speed, it would still take him about three days.


At that moment, he was extremely worried about the Proprietress. While he wondered if she had gotten out of the woods, he also hated Qin Ji and the others for being so devious and shameless. They had made use of a Sealing Yang Domain to lure the Proprietress into their trap.

It was a lonely journey to travel across the void as, unless by coincidence, it was difficult to come across anyone in this expansive universe.

Two days later, while Yang Kai was still heading to his destination though, he felt a Divine Sense scanning him from the front, which prompted him to straighten his face and lift his head.


There was no one within his range of sight, and after releasing his Divine Sense, he still couldn’t detect anything.


At that instant, he was aware that the owner of the Divine Sense was much stronger than he was, which was why he was unable to detect the other person’s presence. While he was lost in his thoughts, his expression changed suddenly. That was because the person’s Divine Sense had locked onto him instead of moving away.


Without even giving it a thought, Yang Kai manipulated Space Principles to flee from this place, and when he reappeared, he was already several hundred kilometres away.


Whoever the owner of the Divine Sense was, the person must have had ill intentions to be targeting him; therefore, he had to flee immediately. He felt sorrowful as he was too weak now. When he was in the Star Boundary, he was one of the strongest Masters, but upon coming to the Outer Universe, any random Open Heaven Master could force him to flee like a timid rabbit. It seemed that he could only gain a footing in this place by breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm, just like what Bai Qi had done.


However, the Divine Sense was still glued to him, and its intensity was growing stronger by the breath. Regardless of how many times Yang Kai used Instantaneous Movement, he was unable to shake off his pursuer. If anything, the gap between them was continuously shortening.


Half a day later, Yang Kai could finally sense the other person’s aura.


Upon scanning this person, Yang Kai was both shocked and enraged; then, he secretly cursed at her, [It’s that bitch!]


The person chasing after him was none other than Yue He, who had been battling against the Proprietress some time ago.


Since Yue He was here, it suggested that their battle had ended. Yang Kai felt his heart sinking as he instinctively felt that the Proprietress must have fallen into danger.


However, why was this woman chasing after a mere Emperor Realm cultivator like him? Judging from the direction she was approaching from, she must be coming from the Universe Temple; otherwise, they wouldn’t have bumped into one another.


While he was doubtful, he suddenly heard Yue He’s voice in his head, “Don’t you want to know whether Lan You Ruo is dead or alive?”




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