Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3982, Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog


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Upon hearing that, Yang Kai abruptly stopped. Despite knowing that it might be a trap, he still couldn’t move his feet away. Gnashing his teeth together, he turned around and waited in silence.


Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, unless he made use of Space Beacons, just like how he had done after leaving the Golden Crow Divine Palace previously, he would never be able to shake her off. However, even if he used Space Beacons, he might not succeed. The reasons he was able to get rid of the Proprietress and the others at that time were that he was lucky, and that all their attention was on the Golden Crow carcass, which was why he had the chance to distract them and flee, he wasn’t confident of achieving the same result this time.


Since it was just a matter of time before he was caught, Yang Kai decided to simply stop fleeing.


More importantly, he didn’t detect any murderous intent from Yue He, which was why he had the guts to take a risk.


Soon, Yue He appeared in his sight, and the next moment, she was already just ten kilometres away from him.


Yang Kai lifted his hand and shouted, “Don’t come any closer! Otherwise, I’ll make a move against you!” As he spoke, he performed a hand seal with a solemn expression.


Hearing that, Yue He stopped in her tracks and sized him up in silence.


It was then Yang Kai realised that this woman was severely injured, which made him feel gleeful as he knew that the Proprietress must have wounded her; however, he was still apprehensive because he had no idea what the outcome of the battle was.


There was a strange light in Yue He’s eyes as she flashed a smile at him, “Do you want to know whether Lan You Ruo is dead or alive?”


“Yes,” Yang Kai said resolutely.


After a sigh, Yue He replied, “Don’t worry. She’s not dead yet.”


Yang Kai snorted, “Do you think scum like you all could kill her? Dream on!”


Yue He asked, “Since you’re so confident in her, why did you stop fleeing? Wasn’t it because you were worried?”


“So what if I stopped? I just wanted to confirm my speculation.” Yang Kai shot her a glare, “All of you should be the ones who are worried now. Since the Proprietress is not dead, your days are numbered.”


“You’re right.” Yue He nodded lightly before letting out a cough, “Our days are indeed numbered. That’s why I’ve been looking for you.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “What’s the point of looking for me? Do you think I’ll persuade the Proprietress not to kill you?”


Yue He said, “As long as you’re in my hands, I believe that Big Sister Lan will not make things difficult for me. At the very least, she’ll talk to me peacefully.”


“Nonsense. I’m just a shop hand from First Inn. All of you failed in your attempt to kill Proprietress. After she recovers, she’ll settle the score with you all.”


Yue He’s expression changed as though she could already imagine that scene, but she still forced a smile, “Don’t underestimate yourself. Although you’re weak, you’re fairly important to Big Sister Lan.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai knitted his brows. Previously, Bai Qi had told him that the Proprietress treasured him, and now this Yue He had also said something similar, which puzzled him.


It had only been a short time since he and the Proprietress met. The only reason that brought them together was the destruction of First Inn. After giving it a thought, he realised that the Proprietress had indeed been taking good care of him since the beginning. Besides giving him Seven Faces and a Territory Shuttle, she had also gotten his Shadowless Veil refined by a Grandmaster. After his conflict with Young Master Hai, she even killed the latter outside the Star City.


In light of that, the Proprietress really had been treating him well.


“Big Sister Lan is severely injured, and she’s recuperating in a Universe Temple. It will take her six months to a year to recover.” Then, Yue He changed her tune, “Before she comes knocking on my door, I want you to follow me around.”


“What makes you think I’ll obey your order?”


With her mouth covered, Yue He giggled, “Although I’m wounded, I can still easily capture you.”


Yang Kai immediately used a different hand seal and bellowed, “I dare you to make a move! The same fate that befell the guy surnamed Yu will also happen to you!”


Yue He’s expression turned solemn as she recalled the sight of Old Yu getting killed by Mie Meng. Faced with that golden rooster, a Fourth-Order cultivator was completely powerless to resist and had his Soul separated from his body and gulped down. Although she was a Fifth-Order cultivator, she was heavily injured right now and was probably not any stronger than Old Yu was at that time.


As their gazes met, Yue He narrowed her eyes while Yang Kai looked provocatively at her.


A long time later, Yue He snorted, “How dare you bluff with me!”


Following that, she extended her hand towards him.


There was a bitter expression on Yang Kai’s face as he didn’t even put up any resistance as he let her grab his collar. Once a bluff was seen through, it became completely meaningless. He had no Mie Meng golden tail feathers left, so faced with a Master like Yue He, any resistance would only increase his suffering. Given their close proximity, he wouldn’t even have a chance to use Instantaneous Movement.


“You really were lying!” Yue He snorted and landed a knock that was neither gentle nor forceful on his head.


With his head covered, Yang Kai glared at her. No woman had ever knocked his head before, which was immensely humiliating; however, since he was weaker, he could only choke down the grievance.


“How dare you glare at me!” Yue He gave him another knock.


Hurriedly, Yang Kai took a few steps back and yelled, “I’m warning you! If you dare make a move on me again, don’t blame me for being rude!”


“Oh?” Yue He narrowed her eyes, “How are you going to be rude to me? Tell me about it.”


Yang Kai glowered at her, his chest heaving in fury.


All of a sudden, Yue He started laughing, “Alright. Why don’t we make a deal? I’m not really in the best of condition now, so I don’t want to waste any energy to restrict you, so as long as you don’t try to flee, I won’t make a move against you. It saves both of us the trouble.”


“That’s more like it,” Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction. Since this woman intended to use him as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the Proprietress, she probably wouldn’t harm him. Since his life wasn’t at risk, he could rest assured.


Yue He slowly shook her head as she wasn’t in the mood to bicker with him. After identifying the direction, she said, “It’s decided, then. Come with me.”


After she finished speaking, she indeed left the place first to lead the way.


Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before giving up on the idea of fleeing. Yue He was facing away from him, but he believed that as soon as he attempted to run away, she would immediately make a move.


Faced with a Fifth-Order Open Heaven cultivator, he didn’t have the confidence to escape. He secretly swore that when the Proprietress came over to fetch him, he would retaliate against this woman. [Proprietress will come fetch me, right?]


They didn’t speak to one another on the road as Yue He had to recuperate, and Yang Kai wasn’t interested in talking to her. Just like this, they travelled across the void and passed through a series of Territory Gates.


The way they got along with one another was rather odd. Although Yang Kai was supposedly her captive, she didn’t really make things difficult for him. Instead, she would deliberately slow her pace so that he could keep up.


After six or seven days, she finally recovered to a point where her strength wasn’t impeded. In fact, three days ago, she had started becoming talkative as she asked Yang Kai all sorts of questions.


When Yang Kai was in a good mood, he would briefly reply to her, but when he was in a bad mood, he would ignore her. Instead of getting mad though, she always sported a smile on her face, which made Yang Kai suspect that she might have something wrong with her head. The way she kept gazing at him was especially strange.


“After passing through this Territory Gate, we’ll have two more to go before we arrive at our destination.” Yue He pointed at the Territory Gate in front of them as she was flying.


“Your home is pretty far away,” Yang Kai followed her from a short distance in a calm manner. After a few days of getting along with her, he no longer felt as hostile towards her.


“It’s not that far away. We’ll have to visit the Star City over there as I’m going to buy something.”


Yang Kai didn’t say a word as he didn’t have a say in any matter. Yue He could go wherever she wanted to. However, how did this woman have the gall to bring him to a Star City? Wasn’t she worried that he’d simply walk off?


As though she had seen through his thoughts, Yue He turned her head and smiled, “That Star City is ownerless, so fighting is not forbidden there. You can try running away if you’d like.”


Yang Kai pressed his lips together. It was no wonder that she had the guts to do such a thing. They had passed by many Star Cities on the road, but she only wanted to visit this one. This must be the reason behind it.


After moving through the Territory Gate, Yue He indeed brought him to a Star City, which gave off a different vibe from the one First Inn was currently located in. Upon entering the city, Yang Kai realised that there were many small scuffles on the streets, and everywhere looked chaotic.


Many ill-intentioned people eyed them, and some men openly lusted after Yue He’s curvy figure.


However, her majestic aura made sure that no one dared find trouble with them.


Instead of a Star City, this place looked more like a black market to Yang Kai. This was like a gathering place for people who lived in the gutters of society.


This Star City was actually a few times larger than the one managed by Great Battle Heaven, and the streets were crammed with people. Yang Kai estimated that there were probably several hundred thousand people living here.


Next, he followed Yue He into several shops. Seeing as she spent money like water, he was astounded, thinking that a Fifth-Order cultivator was indeed wealthy.


Yue He bought all sorts of things, which were either for cultivating or treating her wounds. It was apparent that she was a regular in this Star City as she was familiar with some of the shopkeepers here.


After half a day, she was finally done with her shopping and without further delay, they prepared to leave. 


Right then, the crowd broke into a commotion as they looked up at the sky. Certainly, Yang Kai and Yue He were aware of the unusual noise, so they stopped in their tracks and followed the crowd’s gazes as well.


Upon seeing what was happening, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown. Presently, the sky was covered in a large region of pink fog. The fog was so expansive that no one could see anything else, stunning many. Furthermore, this fog seemed to be descending from the sky rapidly towards them.


When Yang Kai first saw the pink fog, it was still very far away, but in the blink of an eye, it was already hovering above the Star City and getting closer.


“What is that?” A shocked Yang Kai instinctively had a bad premonition.


Before Yue He could reply to him though, some on the street exclaimed in horror, “Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog!”


Yue He’s expression changed drastically as she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and yelled, “Run!”


In the next instant, Yang Kai felt his body becoming as light as a feather, and the view around him was moving backwards rapidly. Apparently, Yue He was trying her best to flee in an attempt to escape the pink fog.




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