Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3984, There Are No Open Heaven Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins


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“Human greed…” Yue He let out a burst of cold, sardonic laughter, but she had no intention of stepping in. From the start, this Star City was already a place of turmoil, not to mention the fact that it had been devoured by the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, even if they were outside, people would often start fighting to death on the streets.


Yang Kai looked around and found quite a few similar scenes taking place. All the shops in the Star City were swallowed into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, not even the merchandise in the shops were spared. And now, when everyone had landed here and was completely cut off from the outside world, the goods in those stores had naturally become much sought-after. Especially stores like Spring Meadows Hall that sold pills, which were most cherished by the cultivators. Although the shopkeepers and the assistants tried everything to block the crowds, how could they stop these packs of wolves and tigers; they were swept away one after another, and the goods were swept clean thereafter.


“Stop! Whoever dares to touch anything belonging to my Spring Meadows Hall will die!” A fierce shout rang out as a nearby elderly man came flying over. He landed right before the ruins of the Spring Meadows Hall with a loud thump before his sharp gaze swept about condescendingly.


The assistants of the Spring Meadows Hall rejoiced after seeing this old man and gathered around him. One of the assistants immediately shouted, “Sir, you have to stand up for us. Not only did he rob us of our pills, but also killed the shopkeeper!”


The elderly man glanced at the shopkeeper lying on the ground before looking up at the burly man, “Were you the one who killed him?”


The burly man with the sabre furrowed his brow as a sliver of fear flashed past his eyes, but very soon, that trace amount of fear vanished as he arrogantly put his blade on his shoulder and stated, sneering, “Senior Kang, long time no see.”


The old man surnamed Kang rebuffed, coldly snorting, “Ding Yi, where did you get the courage to attack him even after clearly seeing that he was one of my men. I guess you have grown tired of living. If you obediently kneel down and cripple your cultivation yourself, this Old Master will let you live. If you dare to remain impenetrably thick-headed, then don’t blame this Old Master for being ruthless!”


The burly man named Ding Yi stated after hearing this, “Senior Kang is truly strong and awe-inspiring.”


He then shook his head before a grin appeared on his lips, “If we were outside, this Ding would not dare confront Senior Kang, who is a Third-Order Open Heaven Master. I would have obediently kneeled down and licked your feet, but Senior Kang, you are forgetting something. We aren’t outside anymore, but rather inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. The Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog suppresses and seals all universes. Senior Kang, I wonder how much of your Third-Order Open Heaven strength you can bring out?”


The old man surnamed Kang furiously shouted, “More than enough to kill you!”


Ding Yi swung his sabre as he squinted, “Then this Ding would like to see what Senior Kang is capable of!”


“You court death!” The old man surnamed Kang blew his top. How could he take someone who had always been respectful and subservient to him blatantly provoking him? Just as he shouted this, he jumped at Ding Yi in a flash and thrust out a palm at him.


When Ding Yi saw this, he didn’t look afraid, rather his eyes lit up, “Old dog, you have been riding on my head for over a century, today this Ding will surely take back a little bit of interest!”


Judging by his words, he had some grudges against the old man surnamed Kang; otherwise, he wouldn’t be aiming at Spring Meadows Hall specifically.


The next moment, the sabre aura skyrocketed as Ding Yi hacked down. The long blade surrounded by violent energy cut right into the palm the old man surnamed Kang pressed forward.


The old man surnamed Kang consecutively smacked his palm a few times, creating deafening explosions one after another. The two figures separated as soon as they came in contact. Subsequently, Ding Yi was pushed back tens of metres, crashing into a collapsed shop while the old man surnamed Kang stabilized himself after backing away three steps.


In a single clash, Ding Yi came out at a disadvantage.


But at the sight of this, the eyes of the countless cultivators in the vicinity started burning.


This wasn’t surprising. The old man surnamed Kang was a Third-Order Open Heaven Master, so if they were outside, Ding Yi wouldn’t be able to resist at all. But in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, although Ding Yi was still not this old man’s opponent, he at least had the qualifications to fight against him.


[So the rumour of the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog suppressing and sealing all universes is true!] Realization suddenly dawned upon everyone.


*Hong long long…* Thunderous rumbles spread far and wide as Ding Yi wielded his sabre and rushed out of the collapsed store. Although he was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were gleaming. He swung his blade and stated, “Brothers and sisters, there are no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins! This old dog has been bullying us for so many years, come and join me, let’s take our revenge today!”


As soon as he said that, all the cultivators who were following Ding Yi looked inspired. They summoned their respective artifacts, one by one, before they launched their attacks on the old man surnamed Kang along with Ding Yi.


The old man surnamed Kang’s face drastically changed. Even though he had the help of the shop hands of Spring Meadows Hall, the difference in numbers between the two sides was still massive. Miserable screams rang as the few assistants from Spring Meadows Hall fell one after another. Even the old man surnamed Kang was struck by several artifact attacks and coughed up blood.


Realizing he was outmatched, the old man surnamed Kang ground his teeth and roared, “Ding Yi, this Old Master will make you pay a hundred times for today in the future, mark my words!”


After shouting this threat, he turned around and flew off. Although Ding Yi desperately tried to stop him together with the crowd, they were completely powerless to do so; after all, the old man surnamed Kang still had his foundation as a Third-Order Open Heaven Master. Although he was unable to bring out all his strength in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Ding Yi and the others were unable to stop him after he was determined to escape.


Looking at the distantly departing figure of the old man surnamed Kang, Ding Yi spat on the ground in frustration, seemingly unwilling.


In the ruins of the Star City, the countless onlookers had all kinds of thoughts running through their minds at the sight of this scene; some were sad while others rejoiced.


Ding Yi opportunely raised his arm and shouted aloud, “Brothers and sisters, we Emperor Realm Masters have lived humbly and experienced all kinds of hardships in the Outer Universe, and it’s all thanks to those condescending Open Heaven Realm Masters! The Heavens have bestowed us a chance to enter the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary today, so do you want to allow those high and mighty Open Heaven Realm bastards to keep riding atop our heads? Join this Ding now and flip the Heavens! Let’s see whether any of those old dogs dare to look down on us again!”


His words were extremely instigating, furthermore, they reached the hearts of many; especially those Emperor Realm cultivators who had been suppressed by Open Heaven Realm Masters. One after another, others empathized with Ding Yi, looking eager to rise up against their former oppressors. All of them looked at Ding Yi with heated gazes.


In an instant, many people had gathered around Ding Yi, having decided to follow his lead.


Yang Kai suddenly looked at Yue He, “Does the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog suppress and seal all universes? So there are no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins?”


He might not have a real idea about the real cultivation of the old man surnamed Kang, but since Ding Yi said that he was in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm, it shouldn’t be wrong. But in the recent battle, the strength displayed by the old man surnamed Kang was just at the peak of the Emperor Realm. It was not even close to the might of an Open Heaven Realm Master. Thinking back on what Ding Yi said, Yang Kai made an educated guess.


Yue He hesitated for a while before heaving a sigh and replying, “En! The Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog might not be lethal, but it has extremely mysterious powers. If it invades one’s body, it suppresses and seals all Small Universes. In other words, the Open Heaven Realm Masters here are unable to bring out their full strength. That’s why he said that there were no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins.”


Yang Kai deeply stared at her for a while before stating with a grin, “Then you’re in big trouble!”


He couldn’t help but have the urge to throw his head back and laugh at the sky. At first, when he ended up here all of a sudden, Yang Kai was a little unhappy. He felt that if Yue He hadn’t kept a hold of him, he might have been able to escape; but now, he felt like thanking her for what she did.


Surprisingly, the Small Universes of Open Heaven Realm Masters were sealed inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, limiting the strength they could exert to the peak of the Emperor Realm. If not so, how could a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like the old man surnamed Kang be beaten and forced to escape away in embarrassment by the likes of Ding Yi and his rabble?


And in the Emperor Realm, did Yang Kai need to fear anyone? He had never expected that he could run amok after arriving in the Outer Universe.


Yue He lightly snorted after hearing this, “So what if my Small Universe is sealed? An Open Heaven Realm Master is still an Open Heaven Realm Master! They still have their foundation. It’s impossible for an ordinary Emperor Realm Master to be their opponent.”


Yang Kai calmly added, carrying his hands behind his back, “You have no idea what I’m capable of.” 


He paused for a moment before continuing, “Speaking of which, there are over a hundred times the Emperors in the Star City compared to Open Heaven Realm Masters. If one is not their opponent, could it be that not even ten would be their opponent either?”


Yue He angrily rebuked, “What are you planning to do to me?”


Yang Kai smilingly looked at her, “I don’t need to do anything, someone will do something to you. After all… you’re a high and mighty Open Heaven Realm Master!”


Yue He’s face changed slightly after hearing this. When she turned to look, she saw Ding Yi staring straight at her with a greedy and fiery look in his eyes. His gaze was constantly wandering over her beautiful face and shapely figure. He then pointed his sabre at her and shouted aloud, “Brothers, I remember that she is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! What do you say we should do?”


“A Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?” The crowd of cultivators shouted in shock.


An Open-Heaven Realm Master was already a high and mighty figure for most cultivators. Even someone like the old man surnamed Kang was a great figure in their eyes, not to mention a Fifth-Order Master. Many people might not even have the chance to lay their eyes on such a strong Master in their entire life.


Especially someone as charming as Yue He. Her eyes were so enchanting that anyone would be seduced with just a glance. In an instant, many people were tempted as greed and lust filled their hearts.


“Let’s take her down! A Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might be amazing outside, but not here in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary!”


“Tsk tsk, this Old Master has never played around with a Fifth-Order woman before. If this Old Master can spend a steamy night with her, I won’t regret it even if I die the next day!”


“She doesn’t appear to be a stuffy woman. She must be amazing in bed!”




Verbal abuses came pouring in from all sides, making Yue He’s face suddenly turn cold and grim and drawing murderous intent from her body. Ordinarily, these Emperor Realm cultivators wouldn’t even dare lift their heads before her, but in this special environment, and coupled with Ding Yi’s instigation, everyone’s dark side had reared its head. It seemed as if they found a lot of pleasure in spewing filth from their mouths, and every word they spoke was completely unbearable.


Yue He trembled in anger and lashed out, “Courting death!”


Ding Yi deviously smiled, “The last guy who said such words has already fled. Madame, if you have any self-awareness, surrender without a fight. This Ding promises to take good care of you. If you choose to remain ignorant of your current situation, you will be forcing us to make a move. Don’t blame me and my fellow brothers for not showing compassion to a woman at that time!”


While speaking, he spat out some blood from his mouth onto his sabre, making him look even more hideous.




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  1. I’m really curious, do they have the power meter device like in dbz that they can accurately tell the level of other people? Or do people have label on top of their heads showing their levels? It was mentioned many times the difference in each great Cultivation levels are big so how a GE realm can gauge a lvl 5 OH powerhouse-a midrank OH? Not only in this chapter but many other chapters were like this. Besides you don’t just openly exert full power anytime, just enough to scare someone to shut em up.

  2. LOL, it’s amazing how YK keeps finding himself in situations where powerful masters either aren’t allowed to enter special areas or have their cultivation suppressed.

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