Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3985, Beast Tide Attacks


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Yue He silently ground her teeth in anger. She couldn’t wait to slap Ding Yi to death, but she also knew that she was basically unable to do so in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Judging by the battle between Ding Yi and the old man surnamed Kang, Ding Yi wasn’t weak within the Emperor Realm. With the strength she could currently display, it was completely impractical to take down Ding Yi’s group.


Ding Yi, pointed his blade at her, aggressively stating, “Whether you will be fleeing or fighting, Madame just needs to speak!”


Yue He hatefully glared at him, then she turned to look at Yang Kai as a sliver of pleading flashed across her eyes.


Yang Kai only smilingly looked at her, remaining unmoved. As far as he was concerned, Yue He was an enemy rather than a friend. It was already a kindness on his part that he wasn’t adding insult to injury, so why would he care whether she lived or died?


“Take care of yourself!” A sliver of disappointment flashed across Yue He’s eyes before she rapidly flew off.


Ding Yi coldly glanced at her but showed no intention of pursuing her. They couldn’t prevent a Third-Order Master like the old man surnamed Kang from escaping, so trying to stop a Fifth-Order Master such as Yue He was naturally impossible; therefore, he didn’t bother to waste his energy.


He then turned his gaze at Yang Kai, deeply staring at him.


Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “I have a grudge with her!”


“That better be so!” Ding Yi snorted before turning around and proclaiming to the crowd of cultivators aloud, “Here, today, I, Ding Yi, found Emperor Heaven, where Emperors will be like the Heavens themselves. This ruined Star City will be the Headquarters in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary of my Emperor Heaven. Anyone who wants to join me can choose to stay. We will live and die together, sharing the weal and woe, but if you don’t want to join me, I request you quickly leave this place. If there are still people idling here by tomorrow, don’t blame this Ding for being merciless!”


While speaking, he swung the sabre down, splitting the ground in front of him into two.


Yang Kai knit his brows. [This Ding Yi might look like an ordinary guy, but he actually managed to seize this opportunity to gather allies and establish himself. I have to say that it was a smart move.] 


This time, the opening of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was completely different from before; too many people had entered this time. It was extremely difficult to fight alone in such an environment, but if one could gather some allies, it would be much more convenient to act.


But judging by his words, it was apparent that Ding Yi wanted to occupy this ruined section of Star City. This definitely aroused the ire of many, especially the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were still hiding nearby. Then again, if Emperor Heaven could be really founded today, and if it remained standing after a few difficulties, then the public would slowly side with him.


“Emperor Heaven! Emperor Heaven!”


“Share weal and woe!”


Much to Yang Kai’s surprise, when Ding Yi was finished, dozens of people started shouting and the number quickly continued to rise.


Yang Kai was astounded.


He hadn’t been in the Outer Universe for long, and apart from the unpleasant experience of being a Worker in Seven Wonders Land, his life in First Inn was relatively comfortable; therefore, he had no idea about the troubles Emperor Realm cultivators faced in the 3,000 Worlds. 


[However, if Luo Hai Yi was here, I’m afraid she too would have been attracted by the notion of Emperor Heaven.] Thinking this way, Yang Kai relaxed.


It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand up and be the masters of their own destiny, so how would these Emperor Realm cultivators not grab hold of it tightly?


People joined in shouting in waves; tens turned to hundreds, and hundreds to thousands…


Ding Yi, who stood in the limelight, flushed with energy as he lifted his sabre into the air. He was in high and vigorous spirits, gazing down at the familiar and unfamiliar faces.


As the popular adage goes, when the seas are in turmoil, heroes rise to the surface!


At that moment, two figures suddenly approached from afar.


Yang Kai turned to look and found that it was none other than the old man surnamed Kang and Yue He, who had left just before. He couldn’t fathom what they were thinking by coming back; furthermore, their faces were grim, as if something big had happened.


“Old dog, you dare return?!” Ding Yi, noticing that it was the old man surnamed Kang, laughed out aloud and declared, “You will be the perfect sacrifice to raise my Emperor Heaven’s banner!”


To everyone’s surprise, the old man surnamed Kang completely ignored this provocation and rushed straight past their heads before continuing fleeing, leaving Ding Yi dumbfounded.


Yue He, on the other hand, rushed to Yang Kai’s side, grabbed his arm, and shouted, “Run!”


Yang Kai frowned, but just as he was about to speak up, he felt the ground tremble beneath his feat. The trembling wasn’t severe at first, but very soon, deafening rumbles rang in his ears, as if thunderbolts were charging over towards them.


Yang Kai’s expression changed as a vague speculation flashed across his mind. He looked up and saw a wave of pitch-black things stampeding across the wilderness, and they weren’t much slower than the old man surnamed Kang and Yue He.


The pitch-black mass stretched across the entire horizon, seemingly without end, and blotted out the sky and ground alike. Surprisingly, it consisted of various exotics beasts of all shapes and sizes.


Who knows whether Yue He and the old man surnamed Kang were chased back or they simply lured them here?


The leading exotic beasts were exceptionally massive and were radiating fearsome auras. Even Yang Kai’s face changed slightly at the sight of this.


He didn’t have the luxury to hesitate, so he followed Yue He’s figure and fled into the distance.


In an instant, the Star City fell into turmoil.


Ding Yi’s eyes also widened as a chill gripped his heart. He thought that it was the perfect time for him to rise up, but who would have thought that, just as he hoisted his flag, disaster would strike. He wasn’t even confident that he could leave this place alive now.


But he soon steeled his heart and came to a prompt decision. Ding Yi raised his arm up high and shouted, “A Beast Tide is approaching, and the only way we can survive is if we stick together! If you don’t want to die, follow me!” 


While shouting, his figure started glowing as his body surged with energy. The next moment, he flew in the opposite direction of the Beast Tide.


Just as he flew up, quite a few people joined him. By a rough count, there were at least a thousand of them.


There were a few hundred thousand people in the Star City engulfed in the fog, and although all of them had been dispersed when they were swallowed by the Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, there were still tens of thousands of people gathered here.


If everyone worked together, it might not be impossible to defend this place, but each and everyone had their own thoughts and ideas, so why would they follow a unified command? Therefore, before the Beast Tide even reached them, everyone dispersed in different directions.


The disturbance caused by the Beast Tide was too great, and very soon, everyone in the ruins of the Star City knew about it and fled one after another.


Yang Kai and Yue He made a beeline towards the opposite end of Star City. They thought that they would have plenty of room to escape, but they hadn’t expected for the cultivators in that direction to flee towards them. Many people even crashed into each other in the air and fell on the ground, one after another.


Yang Kai suddenly had a bad premonition!


As he looked up, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink.


Yue He also called out in alarm, “They’re coming from this side too!”


No wonder the people on that side were also rushing in this direction. It turned out that there was a Beast Tide coming from the opposite direction as well.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow. He promptly flew straight up into the sky, and looking left and right, he couldn’t help but grind his teeth, hard. Not only was the Beast Tide attacking from the front and rear, but also from the left, right, and every other direction possible. In short, the Beast Tide completely surrounded them.


If they wanted to escape, they would have to carve open a bloody path to do so.


When he returned to the ground, Yue He asked, “How is it?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


Yue He immediately understood, but she failed to notice how nervous he was. She then looked at him and stated, “Don’t stray too far from me or I won’t be able to take care of you.”


A weird look appeared on Yang Kai’s face upon hearing this. He pondered for a while before quashing the notion of using Space Principles to escape.


Right then, a figure approached the duo. It was none other than the old man surnamed Kang who had returned with Yue He, “Madame, how about we kill our way out together?”


Yue He agreed, smiling, “I guess that’s the only way.”


The old man surnamed Kang then glanced at Yang Kai before asking, furrowing his brow, “Do you want to carry this burden?” 


The reason why he came looking for Yue He was because he knew she was an Open Heaven Realm Master. The Small Universe inside her body might have been sealed by the Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, but the strength an Open Heaven Realm Master could display was still better than an ordinary Emperor Realm cultivator. In his opinion, an Emperor like Yang Kai couldn’t play any role against the Beast Tide and would only be dragging the two of them down.


“This is my Young Master, of course I must safeguard him!” Yue He’s smile immediately faded away, “If you think my Young Master will drag you down, then there’s no need for us to join forces.”


The old man surnamed Kang was shocked after hearing this.


He had lived in the Star City for quite a while, so he had met Yue He more than once and knew she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. As such, he couldn’t help but wonder about Yang Kai’s background for her to address him as ‘Young Master’.


Yang Kai’s expression also became strange, wondering if Yue He really was sick in the head or something. [Do I look like a Young Master from some great force?]


[Though, she did run back to take me with her before the Beast Tide came.] Yang Kai couldn’t understand what was going on in her mind.


Without any hesitation, the old man surnamed Kang stated, “Then I will follow Madame’s wishes, but this Old Master can only take care of himself. If Madame falls into trouble, please don’t blame me.”


Yue He assured, “Rest assured, we won’t drag you down.”


“Let’s go!” The old man surnamed Kang shouted before continuing ahead.


“Follow me!” Yue He exhorted Yang Kai before following the old man.


In the blink of an eye, the trio had rushed out of the Star City. At this moment, many people were already pushing their way out. Obviously, everyone knew that if they stayed here, the only thing waiting for them was death. The only way to survive was to force their way out.


The overwhelming exotic beast tide very soon clashed with many cultivators. In an instant, the brilliance of Secret Techniques and artifacts lit up the sky, splitting these exotic beasts in their wake one after another.


There were a lot of exotic beasts, and what was even more terrifying was that they were all quite strong. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary’s environment was quite expansive and abundant. And added to the fact that it hadn’t been touched by humans for thousands of years, the exotic beasts here had plenty of room to grow and mature. So naturally, their strength was exceptional. When the two sides clashed, many Star City cultivators were killed or injured. Although more exotic beasts were killed, it was a drop in a bucket compared to the immense Beast Tide.


The old man surnamed Kang was pretty strong. The reason why he was beaten and forced to flee earlier was really just because two palms couldn’t block four fists. At this moment, his long sword was opening the way, sending out sword waves to forcefully clear a path through the Beast Tide for everyone to follow.


Yue He wielded a red chakram that spun rapidly and reduced oncoming exotic beasts to paste as they approached.


Yang Kai was walking behind the two Open Heaven Realm Masters as if he was strolling in his own backyard. Yue He was taking very good care of him, so no exotic beast could reach him.


After a while, the old man surnamed Kang shouted, “Switch!”


Just as he said this, he promptly stepped back and Yue He took the opportunity to step forward. Although the two hadn’t discussed this beforehand, they switched positions in perfect coordination.


After all, the old man surnamed Kang would also grow a little tired after leading the way for a time. Once he was completely exhausted, only death awaited him. How could he put himself in such a disadvantageous position?


This time, things weren’t as easy for Yang Kai. The old man surnamed Kang would not look out for Yang Kai like Yue He did, so although he was killing a lot of oncoming exotic beasts, some fish would eventually slip through the net.




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    1. How I understand it, Yue He still needs Yang Kai later so that she can negotiate with Madam Lan, so that’s why she brings him with her. And since those circumstances are hard to explain, she just tells that Kang guy that Yang Kai is her young master and she has to protect him.
      After all, nothing really happened from Yang Kai being captured by her to now that could make her truly see Yang Kai as her young master, and she didn’t treat him like her young master when she captured him

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