Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3986, Roaring Thunder Beast


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The old man surnamed Kang also wanted to see Yang Kai’s skills. So, even if he could intercept all the exotic beasts, he ignored some of them and let them rush at Yang Kai. 


In response, Yang Kai just flicked his fingers, shooting out Moon Blades one after another. The oncoming exotic beasts were split asunder before they could get closer, the cuts on the corpses as flat as mirrors.


“Space Secret Technique!” The old man surnamed Kang shrunk his eyes as he confirmed to himself that this young man was really the Young Master of some great force. Even in the Outer Universe, there weren’t many people who were proficient in the Dao of Space, let alone form their Dao Seal with it.


After all, the Dao of Space was more profound and esoteric than most other Daos.


[Without abundant resources and the guidance of renowned Masters, how could this young man become so proficient in the Dao of Space?]


Considering all this, the old man surnamed Kai couldn’t help but see Yang Kai in a new light. He secretly felt that this youth was probably from a very extraordinary background; otherwise, Yue He, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, would not be addressing him as Young Master.


Now, he completely set his mind at ease. The strength Yang Kai had displayed was no less than Yue He’s or his own. If the three worked together, the hope of pushing their way out had greatly increased.


Owing to this, the old man surnamed Kang changed his mind, while Yang Kai was none the wiser about the whole ordeal. Whereas Yue He somehow managed to find the time to check on Yang Kai, and upon finding him still comfortable and at ease, she was relieved as well.


The three kept forging ahead, paving their way over mountains of corpses and rivers of blood. But the exotic beasts were never-ending so the killing never ceased.


The old man surnamed Kang and Yue He had switched positions several times in succession. Both of them were quite exhausted and had solemn looks on their faces by now. Compared to the Monster Beasts found outside, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary’s exotic beasts of the same realm were a lot stronger. Whether it was due to the environment of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary or something else was unclear.


There was no Open Heaven Realm in the Grand Ancient Ruins. Not only was it true for the cultivators, but it was true for these Ancient Exotic Beasts as well. So, having been in one realm for so many millennia, polishing and consolidating their strength, it was quite natural for them to exert greater might than average.


Slowly, many others started to gather around the trio. At this point, everyone knew that it was better to stick together unless they were really a fool. Yang Kai’s team had been pushing their way through without any resistance so far; so naturally, others nearby had been paying close attention to them. And in order to survive, they started gathering around, one by one.


Neither Yue He nor the old man surnamed Kang objected. At this moment, the more people gathered around them, the better it would be for them. So, they acquiesced to this behaviour.


After a cup of tea’s worth of time, about a hundred people had already gathered together, and as time passed by, more and more people were moving towards them.


Suddenly, someone shouted, “Brother Yang? Is that really you, Brother Yang?”


The voice sounded a little familiar to Yang Kai, so he promptly looked towards the source in surprise. The next moment, he saw a man covered in blood all over, killing his way through with a sharp sword in his hand, leading a few people behind him. But there were many exotic beasts in between the two groups. They would not be able to get close any sooner.


When both sides saw each other, Yang Kai was taken aback and called out, “Brother Meng?”


Surprisingly, it was none other than Meng Hong of Great Moon Province! Yang Kai hadn’t expected to meet an acquaintance here.


He wasn’t that close to Meng Hong, but at the very least, both had adventured together for a while, no matter how short the experience was. In the past, when Yang Kai was looking for Ah Sun’s relatives, he found Wei Que, who belonged to Great Moon Province.


At that time, it was none other than Meng Hong who had arranged the rooms for them, and after he came to know that Yang Kai had just entered the Outer Universe and had very little knowledge about it, Meng Hong even gifted a jade slip which contained introductory information about the 3,000 Worlds to him.


However, after the incident at the Golden Crow Divine Palace, when Yang Kai had snatched the Golden Crow carcass and fled to First Inn, Great Moon Province alone was powerless to ensure Yang Kai’s safety. Wei Que and Great Moon Province’s Leader gave him some compensation and left. Before leaving, they were entrusted by Yang Kai to take Old Fang and Die You to Great Moon Province.


Meng Hong’s disposition was quite good, and he could be considered as the leader of the younger generation of Great Moon Province. Overall, a generous and honest fellow.


Since it was an acquaintance, Yang Kai naturally won’t be standing idly by. He promptly rushed in their direction as Moon Blades flew from his fingertips, slaying exotic beasts left and right. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived by Meng Hong.


“It really is you, Brother Yang!” Meng Hong was shocked and delighted, “I thought I was mistaken.”


Yang Kai smiled in return, “I too hadn’t expected to meet Brother Meng here. Follow me.”


Meng Hong nodded, “Many thanks, Brother Yang.” He then turned around and called his companions over, “Let’s go!”


When Yang Kai rushed to pick them up, Yue He, who was leading the charge, immediately stopped, waiting for Yang Kai. She only continued moving ahead when Yang Kai returned with Meng Hong and his companions.


The old man surnamed Kang frowned at this act, slightly displeased, but since nothing major happened and very little time was spent, he was too lazy to make a fuss.


There were over a hundred people in their group now, and although they were powerless to overturn things in the face of the overwhelming Beast Tide, they at least had some strength to protect themselves. They might not know each other, but their wills had united like a fortress to survive. Everyone’s strength wound into a sturdy spear that acted like a sharp arrow, cutting its way toward the outside.


“Brother Meng, why are you here?” Yang Kai asked while attacking.


Meng Hong explained, bitterly smiling, “Our Great Moon Province has a property in this Star City. I was here to check the accounts.”


Yang Kai failed to hold his laughter after hearing this, “You are really unlucky.”


Meng Hong asked, “Brother Yang, what about you? How did you end up here as well?”


“By some chance and coincidence,” Yang Kai casually replied, not bothering to explain. He couldn’t very well say that he was kidnapped as it would be too embarrassing.


“Oh, I forgot to introduce them to Brother Yang. These are my Junior Brothers and Sisters. And this is Junior Sister Chen Yue of Hundred Spirits Province,” Meng Hong introduced to Yang Kai, pointing at his companions one by one. When he was introducing his Junior Brothers and Sisters, Meng Hong looked quite carefree and natural, but when he introduced Hundred Spirits Province’s Chen Yue, his voice carried a little warmth and sweet feelings of affection.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but glance at Chen Yue and found her appearance to be quite pleasing to the eyes and her demeanour quite elegant, causing him to raise his brow slightly.


[Meng Hong must be interested in her.]


And among the disciples of Great Moon Disciples, Yang Kai found two of them to be familiar. Obviously, he had met them before.


Everyone greeted each other; after all, Yang Kai had shown them kindness by saving them. Chen Yue even sweetly smiled and thanked him, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Yang, for saving us from trouble.”


Her voice was sweet, yet filled with innocence, quite pleasing to the ear.


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement, “Junior Sister Chen is too polite, it wasn’t any trouble at all. Let’s find a way to get through this first before we speak further.”


Chen Yue generously stated, “We will listen to Senior Brother Yang’s command.”


While they were chatting, the ground suddenly started quaking as an extremely fierce aura assailed them. The old man surnamed Kang, who was leading the way at the time, shouted in shock, “Roaring Thunder Beast!”


Everyone looked up and saw an enormous figure surrounded by lightning arcs up ahead. It resembled a rhino and was charging straight at them, and even though its figure was incomparably huge, it wasn’t slow in any way. As it got closer, lightning arcs appeared in the air, spreading around and numbing anyone that came in contact with them.


Everyone started screaming in shock and horror, panic-stricken.


Yang Kai’s pupils also shrank. The Roaring Thunder Beast was also a notorious Ominous Beast in the 3,000 Worlds, and judging by the might of this Roaring Thunder Beast, its cultivation might have already reached the utmost peak of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Who would dare to take such a fierce beast head-on?


Even in this overwhelming Beast Tide, an exotic beast like this Roaring Thunder Beast might be the strongest, and judging by how all the other beasts retreated seeing it charging over, only further proved its power.


When it was a thousand meters away, the Roaring Thunder Beast suddenly let out a deafening roar and lowered its head as a bolt of lightning shot straight at the old man surnamed Kang. The blazing white bolt of lightning carrying earth-shattering might traversed a thousand meters in a blink, ignoring all barriers of space.


What made everyone’s expression distort was that the old man surnamed Kang flickered aside right away in the face of this terrifying blow without giving it a thought. Even when he reacted this quickly though, he was a moment too slow. The lightning bolt brushed past his body as a nauseating smell of burned flesh filled the air.


He was in the lead, so when he stepped aside like that, everyone behind him was immediately exposed. Fortunately, even though Yue He, who was right behind him, could also dodge the blow, she didn’t. The chakram in her hand spun up and turned into a red defensive shield, blocking the front.


A deafening crash immediately reverberated as a glaring white flash of light blinded everyone.


The blood-red shield only lasted a breath before it shattered and the blazing white lightning bolt struck Yue He. She was immediately sent flying through the air like a rag sack, bleeding profusely.


Yang Kai was sharp enough to timely catch her and take a good look at her. Yue He was pale and continuously bleeding from the corner of her mouth. Her soft and tender body was uncontrollably shaking; obviously, she was seriously injured.


*Dong dong dong…*


The ground quaked as the Roaring Thunder Beast came stampeding after its successful attack.


From the start, the hundred or so people of this group had come together because their interests were aligned, so they were no better than a handful of sand. Seeing the two Open Heaven Realm Masters either escape or become seriously injured, how could they dare continue to stick together? They all fled in the blink of an eye.


Only Meng Hong and his companions remained in their spot; after all, Yang Kai had come to save them, and it would not look good to leave him and flee at this juncture. Meng Hong still anxiously shouted, “Brother Yang, quickly run!”


Yang Kai ignored him, however, and stared at Yue He in his arms with a bewildered look on his face as he asked, “Why didn’t you dodge?”


Yue He forced a laugh, “You were still behind me. What would happen to you if I dodged?” An Open Heaven Realm Master like her ended up like this, so wouldn’t Yang Kai immediately die if he was struck by the bolt.


“You and I are just strangers, so why?” Yang Kai speechlessly looked at her.


Yue He pursed her lips before keeping them stubbornly shut.


“Ha…” Yang Kai heaved a slight sigh before he turned around and said to Chen Yue, handing Yue He to her, “Help me take care of her.”


“What are you doing?” Yue He asked in surprise.


Meng Hong and the others also looked bewildered. The next moment, they saw Yang Kai walking ahead, step by step. His clothes flapped and his hair danced along the oncoming wind, painting his straight and tall figure like a brave and heroic mountain. His figure was deeply etched in everyone’s mind.


Another blazing white bolt shot out from the single horn on the Roaring Thunder Beast’s forehead at that moment, zooming straight at Yang Kai like the Flood Dragon going out to sea.


“Dodge!” Yue He screamed in shock and horror.


Meng Hong couldn’t help but cry out as well, “Brother Yang, be careful!”


Just as they spoke though, Yang Kai threw a punch as his reverberating voice echoed in everyone’s hearts.




Space shattered at the point of impact, instantly forming an enormous black hole. The next moment, an aura of nihility and chaos from the black hole filled the air. As for the blazing white bolt that was strong enough to injure an Open Heaven Realm, it shot into the black hole and disappeared from everyone’s sight.


The black hole disappeared in a flash as Yang Kai withdrew his fist, leaving him completely unscathed and causing everyone to sink into complete silence.




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  1. The first time since Can Ye that Yang Kai is among the strongest again, before that there was always at least one Open Heaven Realm (that can use World Force) nearby.
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