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Martial Peak – Chapter 3987, Breaking Through the Siege

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Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Yang Kai’s brave and heroic figure was akin to a mountain or a harbour that could block all violent storms. It brought everyone an inexplicable sense of security in this chaotic land of exotic beasts.


Yue He, who was held in Chen Yue’s arms, had her mouth agape, gawking at the back that was defending her in a daze. Slowly, Yang Kai’s figure overlapped with the figure of a person in her memory, who once stood before her in a similar fashion, blocking all the oncoming dangers for her. The memories etched in the deep recess of her mind started rearing their heads, making Yue He’s soft and tender figure tremble.


Chen Yue was also dumbfounded, murmuring, “Senior Brother Yang is this strong?”


Just an attack from the Roaring Thunder Beast had forced the old man surnamed Kang to dodge, and seriously injured Yue He. Yet the same attack had been blocked by Yang Kai, and quite easily at that. The massive difference between both sides had given everyone a huge shock.


Meng Hong slowly shook his head, dumbstruck. He had no idea whether Yang Kai was strong or not, all he knew was that Yang Kai was extremely bold. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have robbed the Golden Crow carcass right in front of dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Golden Crow Divine Palace back then, and miraculously escaped back to First Inn.


[That’s right, if he didn’t have such skill, how could he escape with so many Open Heaven Realm Masters chasing him down? I heard from Martial Uncle Wei that Yang Kai’s ability to escape is unparalleled, but now it seems that not only is he proficient in escaping, his strength is also exceptional.]


While all kinds of thoughts were running through Meng Hong’s mind, a thunderous roar reverberated across the sky. It was none other than the Roaring Thunder Beast, who, after seeing Yang Kai block its attack, was completely provoked.


Lightning arcs started to crackle on the horn of its forehead, forming a terrifying bolt. By the looks of it, it was about to fire its attack again.


“Brother Yang, be careful!” Meng Hong shouted.


Just as he exhorted, a figure suddenly flickered ahead. Yang Kai had appeared before the Roaring Thunder Beast like a ghost, his small figure before the Roaring Thunder Beast’s enormous one forming a sharp contrast; however, the auras of the two were in no way inferior to the other.


Right before everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai punched again as Space Principles flared.




An enormous black abyss rapidly expanded, engulfing the enormous head of the Roaring Thunder Beast before Space Principles started wreaking havoc as the blackness fiercely shrank back.


The Roaring Thunder Beast reeled in pain. Meanwhile, the black hole was flickering with lightning arcs as if lightning dragons were wandering inside it, competing with the Space Principles that seemed capable of annihilating all creation.


The black abyss collapsed, forcing the Roaring Thunder Beast to retreat. Its eyes, which were originally gleaming with a fierce glow, were completely red at this moment. When everyone looked at it, they couldn’t help but gasp in shock. Much to everyone’s surprise, the horn on the Roaring Thunder Beast’s forehead was nowhere to be found. Not only that, its enormous head was covered in cuts and bruises that continuously bled.


Exotic beasts tempered their bodies like artifacts, and the physical strength they could exert was not much worse than that of an artifact. The horn was the hardest part of the Roaring Thunder Beast, but it had disappeared into thin air at this instant, which made everyone understand how terrifying Yang Kai’s attack was.


No one below the Open Heaven Realm would be able to withstand such a punch.


Yue He was dumbfounded and finally understood how terrifyingly strong this young man was.


Chen Yue’s beautiful eyes also lit up as her gaze was completely glued onto Yang Kai, staring at his every action.


On the other hand, the old man surnamed Kang, who had been killing the surrounding exotic beasts and had been paying attention to the situation here, had a complicated expression on his face, wondering which great force had given birth to this little monster. He had been struggling all his life and finally became a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but he still couldn’t fathom how a mere Emperor Realm Junior could bring out so much power.




After the Roaring Thunder Beast staggered back, it started wheezing loudly, but not only did the destruction of its horn not make it flinch, it instead made it fiercer.


“Hmm?” Yang Kai was also taken aback. Much to his surprise, Rupture had failed to take the Roaring Thunder Beast’s life. [I guess that the exotic beasts of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary really cannot be judged by common sense.]


Right then, the ground started quaking as the Roaring Thunder Beast started charging, heading straight at Yang Kai. Lightning arcs started cracking around its enormous body and as it started galloping, tiny little lightning arcs enveloped a radius of a thousand meters as bolts came down from the sky one after another, painting an extremely dangerous picture.


A wicked grin appeared on Yang Kai’s lips as he cracked his neck and tightened his fists before suddenly assuming a horse stance.


“What is he doing?” Chen Yue was stunned.


Meng Hong turned pale, “He’s… he’s planning to wrestle with the Roaring Thunder Beast?”


“Crazy, he’s crazy!” The old man surnamed Kang, who had been paying attention to the situation, also shook his head wildly. He felt that there was something wrong with Yang Kai’s head, or else why would he want to engage in a contest of strength with such an enormous exotic beast? Yang Kai’s previous performance might be pretty eye-catching, blocking the lightning bolt with one punch and injuring the Roaring Thunder Beast with another, but with such an inflated ego, this young man was simply courting death! 


No matter how great the physical strength of a cultivator was, how could it be stronger than a beast’s? Monster Beasts were generally innately gifted with great physical prowess, not to mention that the Roaring Thunder Beast was an Ancient Exotic Beast.


*Dong dong dong…*


Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the Roaring Thunder Beast arrived before Yang Kai in an instant. It lowered its head as if it was about to crash into a huge mountain. If there was a star before it, even that might shatter into pieces from this attack.


Chen Yue turned her head; she couldn’t bear to watch. Meng Hong too shut his eyes.


Only Yue He’s pretty eyes were staring at Yang Kai without batting a lash; her gaze was filled with worry and anxiety.




A reverberating crash resounded, along with the Roaring Thunder Beast’s growl.


Following which, everyone’s cries of shock filled with disbelief rang one after another.


“Ah?” Yue He cried out in shock and amazement, covering her cherry red lips with her hands as her pretty eyes quivered.


The old man surnamed Kang visibly shivered at what he saw. In his momentary shock, he had made a mistake and was injured by an exotic beast at his waist, nearly losing his life. He was so terrified that he quickly focused his attention on dealing with the matters at hand, but he still paid close attention to Yang Kai from the corner of his eye.


As if she had noticed that something wasn’t right, Chen Yue slowly turned her head back, and what entered her sight next shocked her to her core.


She saw Yang Kai with his hands propped up, pushing against the Roaring Thunder Beast hard, the ground under him cracking into a vast, spider web-like series of gullies.


“How is that possible?” Chen Yue murmured.


Meng Hong, having noticed the shock in her voice, quickly opened his eyes as well. The next moment, he was similarly dumbfounded, his whole body quivering.


[How can a Human block an exotic beast’s head-on charge? An attack with so much terrifying force behind it?] Yang Kai’s clothes were flapping hard, and although he was being pushed back by the Roaring Thunder Beast, he had really halted its charge.


After three breaths, Yang Kai’s retreating figure finally stopped, and in the next moment, he was the one pushing forward while the Roaring Thunder Beast was being forced backwards.


This scene was unbelievable to all who witnessed it.


And the next moment, something even more shocking occurred as Yang Kai angrily bellowed, “Fly!”


Holding the Roaring Thunder Beast’s enormous head with his hands, he fiercely lifted, throwing the enormous beast into the air, dumbfounding all those who were watching. The sight of the Roaring Thunder Beast baring its fangs and claws in the air looked ridiculous, but no one laughed at it. They all felt their cognition completely subverted.


With a loud bang, Yang Kai flew into the sky, heading straight at the Roaring Thunder Beast.


In the air, he reached out and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear.


The next moment, his Qi explosively surged as he thrust out his spear. A dragon roar resounded as the spear soared out like an Azure Dragon flying into the sky.


The red eyes of the Roaring Thunder Beast immediately flickered with terror.


The spear immediately pierced through the soft underbelly of the Roaring Thunder Beast. Yang Kai’s figure followed along with the spear before smashing through the back of the Roaring Thunder Beast, creating a bloody mist.


Yang Kai’s figure flew out like a sharp arrow, while the Roaring Thunder Beast’s enormous body exploded in the air as its blood and mangled pieces of its flesh rained down from above.


Suddenly, Yang Kai caught sight of a Monster Core surrounded by lightning arcs and emanating powerful energy fluctuations. Yang Kai promptly grabbed it before looking back, meeting the terrified eyes of the old man surnamed Kang.


Yang Kai coldly snorted before slowly flying back down. 


Meng Hong and the others stared at him in a daze, all of them completely overwhelmed by his display. Compared to Yang Kai’s majestic sight of slaying the Roaring Thunder Beast with his last attack, what shocked them even more was the fact that he had stopped the Roaring Thunder Beast head-on with his physical strength alone.


After all, his last attack had targeted the weak underbelly of the Roaring Thunder Beast. Even though he had slain such a fearsome beast with just a spear thrust, at the end of the day, he had resorted to tactics to do so. How could that compare to winning a contest of strength with an Ancient Exotic Beast?


Yue He heaved a sigh of relief, while Chen Yue’s eyes flickered with a strange glow, whereas Meng Hong’s face was filled with admiration.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai didn’t say anything more as he beckoned everyone before taking the lead.


Originally, the two Open Heaven Realm Masters were leading the group, but the old man surnamed Kang had abandoned everyone at a critical moment, whereas Yue He was seriously injured. Now, Yang Kai had assumed the responsibility of leader.


Surprisingly, the exotic beasts coming straight at them parted to either side as Yang Kai moved forward, ignoring him while attacking the cultivators in the rear.


Meng Hong excitedly shouted, “Even these lowly beasts know to bully the weak but fear the strong. It seems that they are afraid of Brother Yang after watching him slay the Roaring Thunder Beast.”


The truth of the matter though was that the Azure Dragon Spear was radiating a noble Dragon Pressure. How could these exotic beasts dare to challenge the majesty of a Dragon?


In any case, it saved Yang Kai a lot of trouble.


And seeing their team strolling across the battlefield where thousands of beasts were charging straight at them like they were taking a walk in the park, pushing their way through, the cultivators who had fled before started regretting their actions.


Had they known, they wouldn’t have fled no matter what. It would have been great if they could follow Yang Kai’s team, but at this moment, they didn’t even have the time to think about it. Ominous Beasts were swarming at them from every possible direction, leaving them no choice but to slaughter their way out.


“Senior Brother, help me! This Little Brother is willing to give his entire fortune as a reward,” someone nearby shouted.


“Sir, please save me! If I survive, I will be at Sir’s beck and call in the future.”


“I don’t want to die. Senior Brother, please save us. We will do anything!”



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  1. This reminded me of a classic saying: ” In the land of the blind, the one eye man is the king”. So in this place, the only Emperor realm with special powers becomes the leader or king.

    1. Reminds me of another line. In the sherlock TV series with benedict cumberbatch, moriarty said in a world of locked doors, the one with the key is king. Back when Yang kai was in the demon realm I feel like this line suited him perfectly. He was capable of freely opening and closing the territory gates, which meant he could completely control everyone’s movements and whereabouts. He even managed to send 2 demon saints into the void, and it took them years to come back. In the demon realm he had the capability to be king. Though I suppose that was because the demon god didn’t do anything to him, or maybe he couldn’t. If he showed up Yang kai would have been destroyed, so I guess its a good thing Yang kai left halfway through devouring the demon realm and came back for the rest later.

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