Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3988, Overbearing Might


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Along the way, the speculation in Yang Kai’s mind was confirmed; the Dragon Pressure emanated by the Azure Dragon Spear really had a deterrent effect on these exotic beasts. He met with no obstruction along the way. The few enormous exotic beasts with fearsome auras he encountered also had fear in the depths of their eyes and showed no intention of bothering him as long as he hefted his spear.


After the time it takes for an entire incense to burn, a team of several dozen people finally broke out of the range of the Beast Tide. Looking back, they saw beasts charging inward along with occasional glows of artifacts and Secret Techniques. Cultivators were dying at almost every breath as their blood splashed all over.


Everyone’s heart was rapidly beating after having escaped their crisis. At the same time, they found it inconceivable that they could escape from such a disaster.


Just as everyone was reeling from the happiness of escaping the crisis, a deafening explosion and a powerful blast of Qi startled everyone.


When they looked toward the source, they found Yang Kai holding the spear with one arm, staring at the old man surnamed Kang; murderous intent clearly oozing from his figure.


The old man surnamed Kang’s face was a little pale at the moment. He wasn’t weak and he also seized the chance to get out following Yang Kai’s lead, but he didn’t expect that just after escaping one crisis, Yang Kai would make a move on him before he could even take a breath of respite.


“Junior, what is the meaning of this?” The old man surnamed Kang asked with an annoyed look, staring at Yang Kai.


“What do you think? Of course, this is your death!” Yang Kai grimly smiled, “Why else do you think I brought you out?”


“You want to kill me?” The old man surnamed Kang furrowed his brow, feeling that Yang Kai was being a little unreasonable; after all, there wasn’t any deep grudge between them, so there was no reason for them to fight to the death. All he did was abandon everyone at a crucial moment, but anyone would have made the same choice if they were in his shoes.


[The Heavens help those who help themselves. It has been that way since the beginning of time, so there is no reason to fight. Is there something wrong with this young man?]


Although this thought crossed his mind, the old man surnamed Kang still asked, “Your Excellency, why do you want to kill me?”


“I don’t like your face, is that reason enough?” Yang Kai looked like he had made up his mind.


“Bold Junior!” The old man surnamed Kang was extremely indignant, “This Old Master was polite to you on account of you bringing him out this time, but do you really think that this Old Master is afraid of you?”


Even though he saw Yang Kai slay the Roaring Thunder Beast like a dog, at the end of the day, the Roaring Thunder Beast was just a beast, unintelligent and incapable of flexible thinking like a Human.


He was a Third-Order Open Heaven Master, and although his Small Universe was suppressed and sealed by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, his foundation was still intact. It remained to be seen whether Yang Kai could kill him or not.


But after having fallen into the current predicament, the old man didn’t want to have a conflict if he could avoid it; after all, the last fight with Ding Yi ended very badly for him.


“Enough nonsense, let’s fight!” Just after speaking this, Yang Kai pushed his strength and thrust out his spear!


A ferocious look flashed on the old man surnamed Kang’s face as he promptly retreated, avoiding Yang Kai’s attack. He then turned around and fled into the distance like a bolt of lightning.


His voice then echoed from the distance, “Junior, this Old Master is injured today and doesn’t want to quarrel with you. The next time we meet, I will take your dog life!”


He had been injured by the Roaring Thunder Beast and half of his body was scorched by lightning. He was also wounded a few times while they were breaking out of the Beast Tide, so at this moment, he didn’t have the will to fight with Yang Kai. Naturally, he wanted to quickly flee and find a place to heal. So, although Yang Kai was being aggressive, he decided to temporarily withdraw.


“You want to leave?” Yang Kai sneered, “Like I’d let you.”


While speaking, he stretched his hand ahead and grabbed in the air. The next moment, Space Principles fluctuated and the surrounding space became rigid.


The old man surnamed Kang, who was quickly escaping, suddenly froze, feeling as though the space around him becoming extremely heavy and viscous. He immediately cried in horror, “Space Principles!”


Although he had seen Yang Kai using Space Secret Techniques and knew that he was extremely proficient in the Dao of Space, he hadn’t personally faced such methods. Only now did he understand how terrifying the strength of this young man was.


The old man surnamed Kang’s face slightly changed as he madly shouted, “Break!”


His thin and lean body doubled in size all of a sudden as a fearsome burst of energy swept outwards, smashing apart the frozen space and allowing him to regain his freedom!


However, before he could escape any further, he felt a burst of hair-raising Qi behind him. The old man surnamed Kang was horrified and had no choice but to summon his long sword and swing it backwards. The next moment, an enormous wave split space, flying straight at Yang Kai.


At the sight of this, Yang Kai showed no surprise or shock; instead, he broke into laughter and stated, “My spear has been dry for a long time; it thirsts!”


Since young, Yang Kai had fought countless battles, both big and small. He had also grown a little weary and tired of bloodshed. He had even been asking himself whether the essence of the Martial Dao was slaughter and death, but ever since he had arrived at the Outer Universe, he had very few chances to fight with others. He had run into quite a few Open Heaven Realm Masters, and whether it was in terms of methods or cultivation, he was too far below them to even think of challenging them.


After having not fought for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that combat instincts had already been branded into every inch of his body. He felt incomparable pleasure when he was locked in a fierce battle.


The only real battle he had fought was when he was ordered to hunt down Fang Tai, but even then, there were two Open Heaven Realm Masters guarding him. Wounded and distracted, Fang Tai simply couldn’t bring out his full strength.


Even if he was protected by the Proprietress of First Inn, even if 99% of the Emperor Realm Masters longed for the life he now had, Yang Kai felt as if something was missing. He felt as though his body had gone soft, and his firm and indomitable Dao Heart was weakening.


Finally, the moment he had been waiting for was here!


Finally, he could fight to his heart’s content!


Finally, he could fight to the death against a strong enemy using all his skill and strength without any external assistance.


Yang Kai finally felt at ease and happy from the bottom of his heart! When he looked at the old man surnamed Kang’s face, not only did he not find it disgusting or revolting, but rather he found it quite pleasant.


As he thrust his spear, the wind and cloud changed their colour, and so did the expression of the old man surnamed Kang.


The sword wave shattered while the long spear kept moving forward. When the old man surnamed Kang stared at it, it was as if a great Dragon was charging at him, shaking its head and waving its tail, trying to swallow him whole.


The old man surnamed Kang screamed in horror as he promptly formed a hand seal while the long sword in hand shook, instantly transforming into countless sword flashes that filled the entire sky. The sword flashes were a mix of real and illusionary phantoms, making it hard to discern real from false. Each and every long sword image was vibrating slightly and emanating soaring Sword Intent, pointing straight at Yang Kai.


“Go!” The old man surnamed Kang shouted.


*Sou sou sou…*


The sword flashes cut through the air, raining down at Yang Kai, covering the entire area in the blink of an eye, blinding all others from seeing what was going on inside.


Everyone’s faces couldn’t help but pale at the sight of this move. Yue He involuntarily clenched her fist, staring ahead without batting an eye. She asked herself what she would do in the face of this terrifying move and quickly concluded that in her current state, she couldn’t do anything apart from dodging.


What would happen to Yang Kai, who was bearing the full brunt of the countless swords?


Blood drained from Meng Hong’s face turning white as paper.


“Sigh, that Little Brother is too arrogant. In any case, Old Kang is a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. How can he not have any trump cards up his sleeve?” Someone on the sideline sighed.


“When I saw his fearsome strength, I thought that a genius had been born, but by the looks of it, the Heavens must be jealous.”


Someone sneered, “Genius? Only those who can grow into something are real geniuses! Haven’t quite a few promising geniuses fallen in the 3,000 Worlds before? In the past, wasn’t Lan Ting Yu amazing and brilliant? He could have become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, known by all across the 3,000 Worlds, but in the end, he died, didn’t he?”


“You are right…” Someone agreed with him.


Suddenly, Murderous Intent started filling the air. Yue He, who had been paying close attention to Yang Kai all the while, coldly turned her head and stared at the people who were gossiping as she growled, “Shut up if you don’t want to die!”


Sensing the cold murderous intent, everyone immediately fell silent.


“Ke ke…” The old man surnamed Kang coughed lightly as he bled from the corner of his mouth. The last attack had exhausted a lot of his energy, and a trace of regret flashed across his eyes, looking at the rioting Sword Intent, he muttered, “You might be outstanding, but you have no reverence for your Elders. Even if you don’t die today, you won’t live much longer. Be sure to remember this lesson in your next life!”


“Really?” A figure walked out from the rioting Sword Intent and instantly arrived before the Old Kang, coldly staring at him, “Do you only know how to fight with your mouth? In any case, you are a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, don’t disappoint me.”


Old Kang turned pale in horror and involuntarily stepped back. When he focused his gaze to see who it was, he found that it was none other than Yang Kai. What shocked him was apart from some minor injuries, Yang Kai wasn’t wounded at all.


[Impossible!] The sword barrage was the most potent attack he could unleash. He knew that Yang Kai was strong, so he didn’t dare to hold back. He thought that Yang Kai would be left seriously injured if not dead, but now it was apparent he only had some flesh wounds.


Horrified, the old man instinctively raised his hand and thrust the sword he was holding out.


With a clang, two artifacts collided as Yang Kai made a sweep with his spear. Old Kang suddenly felt a fearsome and uncontrollable force assailing him along the long sword in his hand.


His eyes instantly widened in disbelief.


[Too strong! No wonder he could wrestle with that Roaring Thunder Beast.]


Just as this thought flashed across his mind, the old man’s body flew out uncontrollably.


Old Kang didn’t panic though, rather he used this opportunity to distance himself. At the same time, he quickly formed hand seals as the longsword flew out, slashing down at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai followed like a shadow, the long spear in his hand shaking as spear shadows blotted the entire sky, shrouding Old Kang.


Deafening rumbles rang out to no end as two figures flew back and forth, colliding from time to time, causing the entire world to go pale.


Everyone was watching the battle without batting an eye. They found the entire situation unbelievable. Even if Old Kang’s Small Universe was suppressed and sealed, it wasn’t like he could be beaten by a random Emperor Realm cultivator. But the facts proved otherwise. Much to their surprise, Old Kang was completely suppressed and could only defend himself without the ability to fight back.


[Is he really just an Emperor Realm Junior?]


After thirty breaths, two figures clashed in the air once more before separating and standing face to face a thousand metres apart.


Yang Kai’s imposing manner and fighting spirit soared as he pointed his spear forward. On the other hand, Old Kang’s aura was waning. He seemed to have grown a few hundred years older over the past few breaths and the long sword artifact in his hand had become somewhat dull.




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