Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3989, Unrequited Love


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Old Kang’s head hung low, standing completely still and staring at the longsword in his hand.


Suddenly, a dismal voice passed into everyone’s ears amid the howling winds and the dark and dreary world, “Little Brother, please spare me!”


Everyone’s face turned pale once they heard this.


[Old Kang actually lost?] Watching the battle, Yang Kai did appear to have the advantage, but when they heard Old Kang really beg for mercy, they still found it hard to believe.


Much to their shock and dismay, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had lost at the hands of an Emperor Realm cultivator. Even if it was inside the Grand Ancient Ruins, where Small Universes were suppressed and sealed, it was still unbelievable.


Furthermore, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was forced to lower his head and beg for mercy, which clearly meant that Old Kang had no confidence in even escaping alive from Yang Kai’s grasp.


Yue He’s pretty eyes quivered as if she was recalling something, looking at Yang Kai. Who knew what she was thinking, but there was a complex look on her face. Chen Yue, who was holding her, had a stranger gleam in her beautiful eyes as well.


Meng Hong let out a sigh as he murmured, “A real man should be like this!” He was yearning to be like Yang Kai, wondering when he could reach Yang Kai’s level in his life, thinking it might be more than a little difficult. And when he accidentally noticed Chen Yue’s expression, sadness struck him.


“When this King declared he would kill you, it wasn’t a joke!” Yang Kai thrust his spear as he arrived before Old Kang in the blink of an eye.


Horrified, Old Kang instantly summoned a shield-type artifact and quickly retreated, holding it before him. But that shield couldn’t even block the Azure Dragon Spear for a breath before shattering to pieces. Under the shocked gaze of Old Kang, the long spear penetrated through his chest and came out through the back, directly pinning him in place.


The world seemed to have frozen as all were shocking beyond belief.


Yang Kai’s arm shook as a violent burst of energy started wreaking havoc in Old Kang’s body, crushing his five viscera and six organs.


“Ke…” Old Kang coughed, coughing pieces of his internal organs. His face turned hideous as he looked at Yang Kai, “Junior, you are truly bold to use a Dragon Artifact. The Dragon Clan will not spare you. This Old Master will be going first, but he will see you soon in Hell!”


“Keep waiting!” Yang Kai pulled his spear back before sweeping it out, smashing Old Kang’s head and sending a blood rain down from the sky.


Yang Kai’s heart was pounding. After a bloody battle, he had finally vented the suffocating feeling that had bogged down his Martial Heart for a long time. He felt elated. Had he not been thrust into this mysterious Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he wouldn’t have been able to experience this feeling of freedom again for a much longer time.


Everyone looked at him with focused gazes, wearing all kinds of expressions on their faces.


Much of their attention was on the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, as what Old Kang had said before his death had caught their attention.


A Dragon Artifact, meaning that it was an artifact forged from a Dragon’s Body. Naturally, it was extremely powerful. Although they felt that the Azure Dragon Spear was extraordinary when Yang Kai fought with Old Kang, they didn’t pay that much attention to it.


But when Old Kang said this, they finally learned the truth!


The long spear was radiating a faint Dragon Pressure, so if it wasn’t a Dragon Artifact, what was it? No wonder when they were breaking through the Beast Tide, many exotic beasts backed away on their own initiative. Initially, they thought that it was because of Yang Kai’s overbearing strength, but now it became apparent that it was because of this Dragon Artifact.


For a moment, a trace of greed flashed in many people’s eyes.


Dragon Artifacts were taboo in every part of the 3,000 Worlds. As Old Kang had said before his death, if the Dragon Clan came to know about it, Yang Kai would be doomed.


But then again, a Dragon Artifact was an extremely rare treasure. In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, the Ancient Exotic Beasts were just about everywhere, so if they had this Dragon Artifact in their possession, it could act as a deterrent in many cases, helping them avoid some unnecessary troubles.


But Yang Kai was strong enough to overwhelm and kill a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master all by himself, so even though some people were having malicious thoughts at the moment, they didn’t dare to attack him. After witnessing him fight Old Kang, who could say that they would be his opponent? The chance of failure and the price to be paid were simply too high.


After a long time, Yang Kai finally calmed down his emotions and put away the Azure Dragon Spear. He then approached Old Kang’s corpse and searched him before taking his Space Ring away. He then beckoned Meng Hong and the others, “Let’s go.”


It wasn’t suitable to stay here for a long time as doing so would attract trouble. Who knows if the nearby exotic beasts would suddenly start attacking them?


Why would the members of Great Moon Province have any objections? Having witnessed Yang Kai’s combat power, they naturally felt more secure accompanying him. 


But after taking just a few steps, Yang Kai looked back and asked, “What are you guys doing?”


He had only asked the people of Great Moon Province to come with him, but he had not expected the dozens of other cultivators, who had escaped together with him, to follow suit.


A fat young man stepped out and explained, cupping his fists and wearing a smile on his face, “Senior Brother, regardless of the circumstances, we all fought side by side. You could say that we have shared life and death. Furthermore, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary is fraught with crises. It would be better if we stick together. After having witnessed Senior Brother’s invincible might, I would like to follow Senior Brother, heading your every order. Our only request is to safely leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.”


Everyone behind him nodded in agreement.


Yang Kai glanced at him and indifferently replied, “No need. You can go wherever you want, just don’t follow me!”


Having finished his piece, he ignored them and continued ahead.


“Senior Brother… Senior Brother, please wait a moment…” The young fatty shouted aloud, chasing after him.


Yang Kai promptly turned around as the Azure Dragon Spear appeared in his hand all of a sudden. With his spear pressed against the young fatty’s chest, Yang Kai coldly glared at him and snarled, “If you keep chattering, don’t blame this King for pushing this spear straight through you.”


The young fatty immediately froze on the spot as a drop of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. The corner of his mouth twitched before he raised his hands and entreated, “Senior Brother, please calm yourself…”


Yang Kai stared deeply at him and let out a cold snort before putting away his spear and turning around, continuing on.


The young fatty sighed, watching Yang Kai and his group leave as if he had missed a great opportunity. Some people were indignant, feeling that Yang Kai was too arrogant, but since he didn’t want them to follow him, they weren’t shameless enough to pursue. The crowd looked around at each other for a time before dispersing.


After advancing for three hundred kilometres, Yang Kai and the people of Great Moon Province inadvertently entered a mountain valley. The valley was lush with green plants everywhere, along with various exotic and beautiful flowers. It was beautiful and refreshing like a spring day here.


As soon as they entered the valley, everyone couldn’t help but have an illusion that they had entered a paradise. The eyes of the women in the group especially lit up bright as they started looking around.


Yang Kai looked around before suggesting, “Let’s take a break here. Brother Meng, you and I will split up and scout this place to check if there is any hidden danger.”


“Good!” Meng Hong nodded in agreement.


After inspecting the valley, they found that it wasn’t very big, spanning only a few kilometres and lacking any fearsome Ominous Beasts. This put everyone’s taut heart at ease at least.


After having been swallowed by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, everyone found themselves in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and before they could catch their breath, they were attacked by a ferocious Beast Tide. There were tens of thousands of people in that part of the Star City, but who knew how many of them would survive the Beast Tide?


No wonder Yue He said that entering the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was both an opportunity and a disaster.


The last battle had left everyone mentally and physically exhausted, and after having escaped the crisis, exhaustion finally hit them. They each found someplace to take rest and heal their wounds.


Yang Kai too sat down cross-legged under a tree. He spread his palms before him, staring at them; immersed in his thoughts.


Although only a short time had passed since he entered the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, it felt like a year or two already. He had witnessed Emperor Realm cultivators fight in the Outer Universe every now and then, but not as many as he had seen today.


This led him to a discovery that he hadn’t noticed before.


The Emperor Realm Masters of the Outer Universe who had condensed their Dao Seals and were able to harness their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, could mobilize this power to wield in battle, thereby increasing their combat efficiency and prowess.


Suddenly, he recalled that Old Bai had done something similar back in Wind and Cloud Auction House, though he was quickly silenced by Old Yu. At that time, Yang Kai hadn’t paid much attention to it.


[When I was fighting that old man surnamed Kang, he did something similar.]


[It should have something to do with the power inside my Dao Seal!]


Yang Kai heard someone approaching as a sweet fragrance tickled his nostrils. The next moment, a soft and tender figure sat down next to him.


Yang Kai’s thoughts were interrupted, and when he turned his head to look, he saw Yue He looking at him with a smile on her face.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but furrow his brow, “What is it?”


She smiled slyly, like a fox who had stolen a chicken. Yang Kai immediately put his guard up, but since they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he wasn’t afraid of her.


Yue He hugged his knee and rested her cheek on it, giving the impression of a young girl who was ignorant of the world and was looking forward to the promising future ahead of her, “Why did you kill that old man?”


“What do you mean why? I killed him because I didn’t like him,” Yang Kai impatiently replied.


“Because he injured me?”


“Stop deluding yourself!” Yang Kai ignored her.


But Yue He remained persistent. She came closer as her fragrant breath trickled Yang Kai’s nose, “It’s because of that, am I right? Otherwise, why would you kill him?”


“Are you in heat or something?” Yang Kai was a little speechless.


Although that was indeed a part of the reason, Yang Kai would never admit it. When the Roaring Thunder Beast attacked, the old man surnamed Kang dodged without any hesitation, and though Yue He could have done so too, she instead chose to take the thunderbolt head-on.


She probably thought that if she were to avoid it as well, Yang Kai and the others behind her would surely die.


This caused Yang Kai to see her in a new light, feeling that she wasn’t truly a bad person.


[Be that as it may, it’s because of her that I got swept into this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; otherwise, I would have met up with Proprietress at the Universe Temple.]


Thinking of her, Yang Kai directly asked, “Is she alright?”


He had only heard that the Proprietress had suffered serious injuries and was recuperating in the Universe Temple. He hadn’t asked Yue He about the specifics as they weren’t familiar with each other. What’s more, he was a prisoner so he wasn’t entitled to ask any questions.


Yue He disdainfully spat, scoffing, “Of course she’s alright. What else?”


“Is she seriously injured?”


Yue He remained silent for a while before she shook her head, “Whether she is heavily or lightly injured is irrelevant as you have no idea about her abilities. Now that she has sought shelter in the Universe Temple, she will recover sooner or later.”


Yang Kai gently nodded his acknowledgement; it could be said that the weight on his heart was finally lifted.


“Do you think that you have the time to worry about others? Worry about yourself first.” Yue He jealously continued, “After entering the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, you can’t leave until it closes on its own. I’m afraid we will be staying here for a long time.”


When she brought this up, Yang Kai grew a little worried, “Is the period which this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary remains open really different every time?”


Yue He slowly nodded, “As far as I know, that is the case. It will remain open for between a decade to a century, but even if it remains open for a century, for cultivators like us, it’s still just a snap of the fingers.”




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  1. in the last chapter, those critters/mobs mention a name “lan ting yu”
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