Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3990, Yue He’s Sorrow


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For an Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He, a century was indeed like a snap of one’s fingers, but it was completely different for Yang Kai.


The Star Boundary was in a precarious situation. It was in danger and its World Principles were collapsing. If Yang Kai couldn’t find the World Tree to repair the Star Boundary soon, the entire Universe World would die sooner or later.


[A century? Can the Star Boundary hold on till then?]


“Young Master, what are you thinking?” Yue He couldn’t help but ask, looking at the change in Yang Kai’s expression.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, looking at her; he was rendered speechless, “In any case, you are an Open Heaven Realm Master, and a Fifth-Order one at that. Why are you humiliating yourself?”


Yue He asked, surprised, “How am I humiliating myself?”


Yang Kai continued, shaking his head, “I am just a trivial Emperor Realm Junior. How can you allow yourself to address me as Young Master?” She had said the same before the old man surnamed Kang as well.


Yue He pursed her lips into a sweet smile, “Oh, that’s what you are referring to. I’m happy to do it, so what?”


“Do as you wish!” Yang Kai didn’t want to dwell on this topic. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can I ask you a question?”


Yue He turned serious, “Ask ahead.”


“Will frequent use of the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in one’s Dao Seal affect it in any way?”


Yue He was astounded, “Why would it affect one’s Dao Seal? Since it’s your power, it will always be yours.” She suddenly furrowed her brow, “Why don’t you even know this? Lan You Ruo didn’t tell you?”


Yang Kai explained, “I’ve only been in the Outer Universe for about a year. I don’t know much about many things. Usually, Proprietress didn’t pay attention to my cultivation.”


Thinking about it though, since it was the Power within his own Dao Seal, why would it matter if he used it? In the Seven Wonders Land, he had once used his Wood Element to assist the growth of the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees after all.


After giving it a thought, he realized that he had made a wrong assumption.


Yue He was mouth agape in shock, “You only entered the Outer Universe a year ago?”


“What’s the problem?”


Yue He slowly shook her head, “I thought that you had been with Lan You Ruo for a long time. So it’s like that. How many Elements have you gathered?”


Yang Kai naturally had nothing to hide; furthermore, since he was the one asking for advice, he would obviously speak the truth, “Two, Wood and Fire.”


Yue He continued, “The Yin, Yang, and Five Elements have their own characteristics. Wood is filled with vitality and is best for healing and cultivation. Fire is hot and explosive, suitable for attacking. Metal is sharp and aggressive. If it’s applied to an artifact, it boosts the offensive power of that artifact. Earth is thick and heavy, so its defence is outstanding. Water is formless, making it suitable for all roles from healing to offence to defence. As for Yin and Yang, they both have their own effects. The battle between the Masters below the Open Heaven Realm Masters is basically a competition of quality and control over the Powers of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements.”


Yang Kai appeared to be pondering it deeply, but soon nodded before requesting, “Please enlighten me!”


Yue He stated, “Attack me!”


Saying so, a yellowish-brown aura suddenly covered her entire body. A tremendous Earth Element was congealed in that aura. Obviously, Yue He had mobilized the Power in her Dao Seal for defence.


Yang Kai casually launched a palm attack at her. He had wanted to try this combat style, so he held nothing back. The moment he swung his palm, a reddish aura suddenly surged around it, radiating tremendous heat.


A deafening bang immediately followed. Yue He’s figure shook as a ripple visible to the naked eye spread over the yellowish-brown aura covering her body before it fiercely caved in. Not only that, Yang Kai’s palm also sank in. The consolidated defence around her body seemed to be on the verge of shattering.


Fortunately, Yang Kai timely withdrew his palm.


Yue He’s beautiful eyes widened in shock, looking at Yang Kai, “What Order of Fire Element did you condense?”


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai looked at her in confusion.


Yue He murmured, “As I just said, the battle between cultivators below the Open Heaven Realm is a competition between the quality and control of their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. The Earth Element I have condensed is Fifth-Order, so any Power below Fifth-Order would not put a dent in the defence created using it, unless one struck multiple times. But you nearly broke my defence in just one palm… Did you refine a Sixth-Order Fire Element material? No… that’s not right either. It’s impossible for a Sixth-Order Fire Element Power to have such tremendous power… Could it be of Seventh-Order!?”


Just as she spoke of this, Yue He covered her red lips with her hand as her pretty eyes quivered in shock.


Yang Kai was also astounded. He hadn’t expected Yue He to draw such a conclusion from just a casual attack, and her inference was not wrong. The Golden Crow Fire was absolutely not just Seventh Order!


“Damn!” Yue He’s face turned ashen, “Lan You Ruo, you’ve gone mad! You actually dare to do this!?”


Who knows why, but Yue He’s face turned as pale as paper and she abruptly stood up while speaking, clenching her fists so tightly her knuckles had turned white.


“What does this have to do with Proprietress?” Yang Kai frowned.


Yue He ground her teeth as she replied, “Didn’t she assist you in condensing your Fire Element?” Yang Kai had told her himself that he had been in the Outer Universe for just about a year, so how could he have strength and resources to find such a High-Order Open Heaven material?


It must be known that a Seventh-Order material was worth over a hundred million Open Heaven Pills! She didn’t believe that Yang Kai possessed such wealth; furthermore, it wasn’t something he could buy unless Lan You Ruo helped him.


It was quite natural for her to make such an assumption as she had no idea that Yang Kai had his own opportunities.


Yang Kai didn’t want to explain, but he was a little curious so he instead asked, “So what? Doesn’t condensing higher Order materials just mean breaking through to a higher Order Open Heaven Realm?”


“You don’t understand at all!” Yue He shook her head. Suddenly, she asked another question, “What about your Wood Element? It couldn’t also be Seventh-Order, right?”


Yang Kai himself was wondering about its Order, only figuring that the essence of the Immortal Tree should be very high.


Yue He’s face, seeing his reaction, turned even paler. She crouched down and solemnly looked at him, “Never, ever let anyone know that you have condensed Seventh-Order Elements, promise me!”


There was a pleading look on her face as if she was requesting something very important.


A confused look appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he wondered, [Has she gone insane? We don’t have that deep a relationship.] Had it not been for Yue He’s previous conduct, he would have parted ways with her already. Still, Yang Kai felt really uncomfortable when she was talking to him in this tone.


His reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Yue He and her face turned slightly red as she tucked her hair behind her ear, stating, “I know that there are some misunderstandings between us, and you don’t trust me much, but please believe me when I say I will never try to harm you…”


She hesitated for a while before continuing, “There was once a man who was monstrously talented, overwhelming all other geniuses in his generation. Just like you, he condensed Seventh-Order Elements, and throughout the entire 3,000s World, no one below the Open Heaven Realm was his opponent. He had even fought a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master to draw. But in the end, he died.”


“How did he die?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


Yue He’s eyes flickered with a sliver of sadness, “The tallest tree in the forest always faces the strongest winds. Do you know that Lan You Ruo herself had a chance to break through directly to the Seventh Order?”


“I heard something about it.”


“Then do you know why she’s stuck in the Sixth Order?” Yue He lightly sneered.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve never heard the reason.”


“Because if she tried to break through to the Seventh Order, she would be dead! Therefore, she only advanced to the Sixth-Order. She did so just to safeguard her dog life!” Yue He’s tone was solemn.


Yang Kai unhappily rebuked, “Proprietress has done me many big favours, don’t speak ill of her.”


Yue He added in a cold voice, “If she was really thinking of your own good, she wouldn’t have let you condense Seventh-Order Elements! She is only harming you just like back then… back then when…” While speaking, Yue He’s eyes turned wet as she choked with sobs.


Yang Kai, seeing this, didn’t know what to say. He could clearly tell that there was some kind of deep grievance between the Proprietress and Yue He. They should have some past grudges between them, as well as a complicated story.


After a while, Yue He wiped the corner of her eyes before exhorting in a lonesome voice, “In any case, you must remember this. You should never let anyone know about your secrets. And as for the Dragon Artifact, it would be better if you never used it again; otherwise, you would be in big trouble after you leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.”


After advising him so, Yue He turned around and left, her figure looking bleak and lonely.


Yang Kai, watching her departing back, sunk into his own thoughts. In fact, he didn’t need Yue He to specifically tell him to hide his secrets. Only, judging by how seriously Yue He had warned him, he realized he needed to be extra careful in the future. As for the Dragon Artifact, the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai actually couldn’t wait for the Dragon Clan to come looking for him. He was alone and had no one to rely on in the Outer Universe, so it would be great if he could get in touch with the Dragon Clan.


After Yue He left, Yang Kai tried to manipulate Space Principles to see if he could tear space and leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


According to Yue He, they would be here for at least a decade and possibly up to a century, but if he could shatter the Void and leave this place, he wouldn’t need to stay.


Furthermore, he had faced this kind of situation many times before, so Yang Kai wasn’t unfamiliar with it.


But after a few tries, he discovered that the World Principles of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were extremely firm. He couldn’t break through the World Barrier with his current mastery of the Dao of Space.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but be a little frustrated. It seemed that he would have to find some other way or wait for the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary to close by itself.


“Senior Brother Yang!” A sweet voice suddenly rang in Yang Kai’s ears, interrupting his thoughts.


He looked up and saw Chen Yue standing right before him. Her eyes were completely glued on him, and when their eyes met, a slightly red hue embellished her pretty face.


Yang Kai asked, nodding, “What’s wrong?”


Chen Yue replied, “Nothing’s wrong. Yue’er just wanted to thank Senior Brother Yang. Had it not been for Senior Brother Yang, I would have been dead.”


Yang Kai humbly stated, “It was nothing. Don’t worry about it.”


Chen Yue continued, “It might be nothing for Senior Brother, but it was a life-saving grace for me. This Junior Sister is unable to repay your kindness right now, but if Senior Brother needs anything from me in the future, please just say it. Yue’er will do everything to fulfil it.”


Yang Kai raised his hand, stating, “You don’t have to be so serious. Brother Meng and I are old acquaintances. Since you are his friend, then you are also my friend. It’s only right and proper to help each other out.”


Chen Yue asked, “How did Senior Brother and Senior Brother Meng become acquaintances? Why haven’t I heard Senior Brother Meng mention it before?” Her eyes were brightly shining, as if she was looking at some rare treasure.


“If Junior Sister wants to know about it, why not ask Brother Meng? He can tell you all about it,” Yang Kai pointed in a certain direction.


Chen Yue turned to look and saw Meng Hong approaching. Her expression immediately turned a little unnatural, but she still put on a smiling face when Meng Hong arrived by her side, “I came to thank Senior Brother Yang.”


Meng Hong nodded his acknowledgement, “That’s alright, but Junior Sister, you are injured. You shouldn’t move around too much. You should focus on recovering first.”


Chen Yue obediently agreed, “Then I will be on my way. Please continue.”




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  1. I can understand why she doesn’t want him to condense 7th Order materials and immediately break through to the 7th Order (she’s afraid that he will die like the monstrously talented man, who is likely the one YK looks like), but why does she not want him to tell others about what he has consensed? Wasn’t it said that the condensed elements can only be stolen if one has refined only one element so far?
    On the other side, I thought that if YK got in (small) trouble with somebody far stronger, he could tell them that he has already refined two high-order materials. Then they would probably try to take him as a disciple or so since they can then create a strong Open Heaven Master with 2 high order materials fewer

    1. Maybe it was impossible for those specific people to steal multiple elements, but possible for others? Maybe it’s impossible to steal, but possible to drain for whatever reasons like using up a battery?
      Maybe there’s some sort of Inquisitorius hunting talented Emperors with high level elements?
      I could come up with a dozen more reasons not to expose one’s huge potential that came from consumption of invaluable resources. Especially if you might need to steal a crap load more of the invaluable resources before you are any good at dealing with hostiles.

    2. I think it’s probably to prevent others from killing him to snuff out a future threat early. While some forces might try to recruit him if they knew, others might want to not have to deal with the potential threat to them. Since YK has not grown up in any force of the outer universe, it would be inviting an outsider that could turn on them easily.

    1. I disagree. There were many moments in the past where sects tried to make promising people join them (e.g. sects of the star boundary with people from star field).
      And if it was for example a low rank sect (i.e. at best low rank open heaven master), then having Yang Kai join them and helping Yang Kai reach the Mid rank open heaven realm would turn them into a mid rank sect.
      And the danger from a new, stronger cultivator being created doesn’t really matter, since there are already hundreds of masters like that (e.g. 1000 strong masters vs 1001 strong masters of which one has a good relationship with your sect because it helped him)

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