Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3991, I’ll Obey You


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“Junior Sister Chen is a good girl, and quite talented as well,” Meng Hong stated, looking at the departing Chen Yue. He seemed to be talking more to himself than Yang Kai.


Yang Kai smiled, “Brother Meng, if you are interested in her, you might as well boldly pursue her.”


Meng Hong shook his head with a wry smile, “I’m interested in her, but I’m afraid she is not interested in me.”


Yang Kai added with a stern look on his face, “Absolute sincerity can move even the hardest of hearts. As long as Brother Meng shows his sincerity, how can Sister Chen not feel it?”


Meng Hong, lowering his head, pondered for a while before he nodded, “Brother Yang is right. I was wrong.” He then switched the topic, “Brother Yang, you are not seriously injured, are you?”


Yang Kai had brought them out of the Beast Tide and then fought with Old Kang; naturally, he wouldn’t have come out unscathed.


“I’m fine, it’s just some minor injuries.” Yang Kai shook his head.


Meng Hong was filled with great admiration, “Today, I have learned how great Brother Yang is. You even killed a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and a Roaring Thunder Beast. This Meng was really a frog in the well, thinking that the sky was just this big.” 


He was truly shocked this time. He too was an Emperor Realm cultivator, but he had never thought that a cultivator of his realm could display such fearsome combat power. Every sweep of Yang Kai’s spear blew away the Ancient Exotic Beasts into a bloody mist, even a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could only retreat in defeat before dying. Meng Hong couldn’t help but yearn for such power.


“It was just a fluke,” Yang Kai modestly stated, “By the way, how are Old Fang and the others doing in Great Moon Province?”


Meng Hong replied with a smile, “Junior Brother Fang and Junior Sister Dié You are doing well. Ah Sun’s cultivation is back on track too. I too have been receiving personal training from Martial Aunt Tao. They all miss Brother Yang though. I don’t know how they are doing right now, but before I left, all of them asked me to inquire about you while I was out. Unfortunately, before I could carefully check up on Brother Yang, we came here. Fortunately, we encountered the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog; otherwise, I would have never met Brother Yang so quickly.”


Hearing that Old Fang and the others were doing fine, Yang Kai’s heart was put at ease; after all, Old Fang and Dié You were the first friends he had made after arriving in the Outer Universe. They had also taken good care of him in Seven Wonders Land. When he escaped from Seven Wonders Land, they followed him, blazing their way through all obstacles together, sharing life and death.


The world was so vast though, so who knows when he would meet them again? Thinking of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be struck with a little melancholy.


[But as long as we are living, we will have a chance to meet sooner or later!]


“What does Brother Yang plan to do next?” Meng Hong solemnly asked.


In their group, Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and Yang Kai had shown overwhelming combat prowess, the remaining few people were fellow brothers and sisters of Great Moon Province, and Chen Yue, so their group wasn’t that big, seven in total. They couldn’t really do much in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary on their own.


“What does Brother Meng think we should do?” If Meng Hong hadn’t asked, Yang Kai himself would have asked the very same question.


Meng Hong pondered for a moment before replying, “Self-preservation! We should seek self-preservation first before thinking about doing anything else!”


He eloquently continued, “The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary this time is completely different from the past. Even if the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary opened in the past, not many people would be swept into it. But this time, an entire Star City has been swallowed up, dragging in a couple hundred thousand cultivators. Anyone with a little brains could tell that we should stick together. Even that Ding Yi did the same. He raised his own banner and gathered together a group of followers. Although Brother Yang has strength and courage that not even ten thousand men can match, you are just one person in the end. Whatever conflict arises, if you remain alone, you will be the one to suffer, always.”


“Furthermore, the Beast Tide attacked the ruins of the Star City the moment we arrived, so who knows what other crises are lurking inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Many Masters have lost their lives in this place over the millennia. If we aren’t careful, I’m afraid we will be following their footsteps.”


Yang Kai lightly nodded. Although Meng Hong’s idea was a little conservative, it was also in line with his thoughts.


What Yang Kai saw and heard today gave him much to think about, and he needed some time to digest all of it, especially about the Power within his Dao Seal. He had experienced too few real battles after entering the Outer Universe and had yet to discover the effectiveness of his Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. No one had even told him about this until today.


But since he had come to know about it today, Yang Kai naturally wanted to carefully study it.


“Haa…” Meng Hong heaved a sigh, “Speaking of which, we are the ones causing trouble for Brother Yang. If Brother Yang was on his own, he would be able to accomplish great deeds in the Grand Ancient Ruins.”


Yang Kai couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “Brother Meng, you are taking this all too seriously. Just as you said, the Grand Ancient Ruins is fraught with unknown crises. I am just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so what can I even accomplish on my own?”


While the two were talking, Yang Kai suddenly raised his head, looking in a certain direction and slightly frowned.


Very soon, Meng Hong also sensed something. He looked in the same direction, frowning and beckoning his nearby Junior Brothers at the same time.


Chen Yue came closer at that time and asked, “Senior Brothers, what’s the matter?” Although she was an Emperor Realm cultivator as well, it was evident that her Divine Sense wasn’t as powerful as Meng Hong’s, otherwise, how could she have failed to notice the disturbance?


The nearby Yue He softly sneered, “A large number of people are approaching. If I’m right, they are those who have made their way out of the Star City.”


Chen Yue’s face slightly changed after hearing this; after all, the Star City wasn’t that far away from here, just a thousand kilometres at most. It was natural for some to flee in their direction.


As expected, a bunch of blazing auras appeared in their sight shortly after. Slowly, they could make out human figures amongst those auras, heading straight towards this mountain valley.


The aura of the figure leading the group was like a shooting star, and was drenched in blood. Surprisingly, it was none other than Ding Yi.


There were over a thousand cultivators behind him at this moment.


Soon, the streaks of light fell down on the valley one by one. Ding Yi glanced at Yang Kai from a distance as a smile appeared on his lips, “We meet again. It seems we share some destiny.”


Although he was smiling, there was no warmth behind it. Yang Kai, on the other hand, ignored him altogether.


Yang Kai’s attitude made Ding Yi coldly snort. He then looked around before his gaze landed on Yue He, wandering over her lithe figure. He smacked his lips and proposed, “Madame, what this Ding said before is still valid. Why don’t you give it another thought?”


In the Star City, Ding Yi had once offered to accept Yue He as his woman. Naturally, it was impossible for Yue He to agree. She was alone at that time and not wanting to have any conflict with Ding Yi and the others, she immediately fled. But unfortunately, she was forced to return by the Beast Tide.


With disaster knocking at the door, Ding Yi couldn’t have cared less about Yue He, he just wanted to survive. But now that he had made it out of the siege, and gathered a large number of people under him, his self-confidence was bolstered. His dark thoughts couldn’t help but rear their heads again.


After all, Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Ding Yi himself had no idea when or even if he could reach the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and he would not find such a great opportunity once he left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. If he could taste a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman here, then this trip to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary would not be in vain.


Just as Ding Yi proposed this, his minions immediately started clamouring.


“Oye, you there, you are lucky, my Emperor Heaven’s Commander has taken a liking to you. You should obediently become his wife!”


“If you obey our Commander, he will keep you safe; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to take even a single step in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary!”


“That chick isn’t bad either. Why don’t I take her with the Commander?”


“Hahaha! Since the Commander is eating the meat, naturally we will have to drink the soup. Why would the Commander be interested in that little girl when he has such a feast already?”




One by one, the men behind Ding Yi started shouting. Ding Yi, on the other hand, stood carrying his hands behind his back. His face was ruddy and filled with pride. Today, Emperor Heaven had killed their way out of the Beast Tide under his lead. Everyone admired him and it was his charisma that brought this ragtag bunch together, leading them by example and raising everyone’s morale.


Ding Yi believed that as long as he was given some time, he could surely make Emperor Heaven rise to prominence in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary! And at that time, he would be the true ruler of this place. Everyone’s life and death would be in his hands. He was drunk on this sense of superiority, which he could never have in the 3,000 Worlds.


The unique environment of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary gave all Emperor Realm cultivators a chance to be the masters of their own destiny. Ding Yi believed that this was a Heaven-sent chance, an opportunity bestowed on him by the Heavens themselves.


Chen Yue’s face turned pale after hearing their calls. She had never thought that she would suffer such an unexpected crisis and couldn’t help but lean towards Yang Kai and Meng Hong, as if she wanted to seek a sense of security.


On the other hand, Yue He smiled and her pretty and captivating eyes flickered with a bright and intelligent gleam, “Then you will have to ask my Young Master. If Young Master agrees, this maid will not complain, no matter who she is sent to do. But if Young Master refuses, then this maid must remain with her Young Master…”


Saying so, she shamelessly grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and held it between her twin peaks.


Yang Kai calmly glanced over at her as Yue He’s fragrant breath blew on his face, “Young Master, I will obey you.” Her submissive attitude and charming temperament caused many men’s breathing to turn ragged. They were secretly jealous of Yang Kai’s luck. [What great force does this bastard belong to that he actually has a maid like this serving him?]


A wry smile appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he muttered, “You’re really making me the public’s enemy!” While speaking, he reached out and pinched Yue He’s tender cheek, to the point where red marks appeared on her fair face.


Yue He’s brow twitched slightly. Who knew what was going on in her mind, but she didn’t avoid Yang Kai’s touch.


Meng Hong blushed at the sight of this while Chen Yue’s mouth fell agape. As for the disciples of Great Moon Province, they all quickly averted their gazes.


The two kept flirting in the open, causing Ding Yu to turn livid. Having come over with the might of the thousand men of Emperor Heaven behind him, he believed that Yue He would not be able to resist him. He would definitely take her to his bed tonight and make her his. But after watching this display, he immediately felt insulted.


He thus shouted in an ice-cold voice, “Brat, you court death!”


“Commander, let me kill him!” A burly bald man behind Ding Yi stepped forward. His aura was thick and head, and he was wielding a menacing broadsword. The blood on the blade was still not dry, so obviously, he had killed a lot of exotic beasts in the battle just now.


Ding Yi solemnly nodded, “Since this Little Brat has shamelessly rejected a face-shaving offer, go and teach him to show proper respect!”


The burly man rubbed his bald head, snickering, “Don’t worry Commander, I will let him know the might of our Emperor Heaven.”


He then pointed his broadsword at Yang Kai and grimly stated, “Boy, come accept your death!”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Wait a moment.”


The burly bald man sneered, “If you have any last words, speak up, or forever hold your tongue.”


Yang Kai chuckled and then stated, ignoring him and staring only at Ding Yi, “If you want, I can give this cheap slut to you, I don’t really want her anyway.” 


Saying so, he pushed Yue He away, causing the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master to stagger.


Ding Yi was startled and immediately nodded with satisfaction, “Seems like even a brat like you can be tactful!”


Yue He was even more stunned. She glared at Yang Kai, her pretty eyes burning with fury as her body shook in anger.




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