Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3992, True Fire’s Might


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Infuriated, Yue He turned around and started kicking and punching Yang Kai, though she wasn’t using any real power; so, it looked like a lovers’ spat to others.


Ding Yi’s face turned ashen, “You dare to lie to me?” 


He waved his hand, roaring, “Kill the man, capture the woman!”


Just as the order was issued, the burly bald man slashed his broadsword down. The broadsword was surrounded by a faint golden glow, giving everyone the feeling that it was extremely sharp and could cut through any obstacle like a hot knife through butter.


Yang Kai hadn’t paid attention to it before, but at this moment, when he took a closer look, he knew that the burly bald man was using the Metal Element Power in his Dao Seal.


Yang Kai promptly pulled Yue He behind him before raising his hand and pressing it forward. His hand was radiating a scorching heat as he drew on his Fire Element Power.


Yang Kai also wanted to give this combat style a try.


Yang Kai’s palm passed by the sharp broadsword, pressing straight towards the burly bald man’s chest. The burly man was also ruthless and vicious so he didn’t try to dodge or block the oncoming palm; rather, the golden glow around the broadsword grew brighter. Surprisingly, he wanted to trade injury with injury as his lips rose into a hideous smile.


With a clang, Yang Kai’s figure staggered backwards a little as the broadsword slashed at his chest. In an instant, his clothes were slashed through while the burly man was sent flying by the palm.


No one seemed to seize the advantage in this exchange.


Yue He was greatly taken aback and quickly rushed over and checked Yang Kai’s chest, “Are… are you alright?”


When she lifted up his damaged clothes, she just saw a white scratch on Yang Kai’s skin. The broadsword had only managed to scratch him a little, not even drawing a drop of blood.


Yue He was dumbfounded.


The burly bald man might not have used his entire strength just now, but that still wasn’t something an Emperor Realm cultivator would be able to block with just his body alone. However, Yang Kai was completely alright even after taking that blow.


[Is this boy even Human?]


Yang Kai sneered as flicked his chest, “A waste like you wants to injure this King? In your dreams! Go back and cultivate for a few more centuries.”


Yue He stared at him in a daze, her pretty eyes flashing fiercely. The nearby Chen Yue, on the other hand, stared at Yang Kai with a look of admiration on her face. She too was an Emperor Realm cultivator, but she didn’t dare to take such an attack head-on.


“Interesting!” The burly bald man, after regaining his footing, pointed his broadsword at Yang Kai, smiling wickedly, “Brat, I hope you can remain so bull-headed until the end, don’t…” 


Mid-sentence, the burly bald man’s face suddenly turned red, and before he could finish his words, he spurted a mouthful of blood. The blood he spurted seemed to be boiling as it was radiating scorching heat.


Ding Yi exclaimed, “What’s wrong?”


The burly bald man didn’t even have the time to answer his question as his entire body quickly turned red as boiling blood bubbled out of his mouth.


In just ten breaths, the burly bald man let out a miserable scream before he collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing.


Much to everyone’s surprise, he died just like that.


The entire field sunk into pin-drop silence!


The surrounding cultivators looked aghast at Yang Kai, as if they were looking at a ghost; after all, Yang Kai had only swung his palm once, but that was enough to take the life of the burly bald man. Everyone present knew they weren’t any stronger than the burly bald man, which meant that if they were in his situation, they too would not have survived.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, looked at the burly bald man as if it had nothing to do with him, a thoughtful expression on his face.


The way this man died reminded him of what happened back on the Sun Star. Back then, when a number of Low-Rank Open Heaven Masters were burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, they died similar deaths.


The Golden Crow’s True Fire was extremely fearsome. When even those Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t hold on for too long after having been burned by the True Fire, what could an insignificant Emperor Realm Master do? The bald man had no way to deal with the Golden Crow’s True Fire invading his body, dooming him from the start.


[Fortunately, I refined my Wood Element from the Immortal Tree’s essence; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to suppress the Golden Crow’s True Fire in my Dao Seal.]


[So this is the might of the Seventh-Order Fire Element!] Yue He’s pretty eyes looked at Yang Kai as a complicated look appeared on her face. With this Seventh-Order Fire Power, how could anyone in the Emperor Realm be his opponent if it was a one-on-one match?


“You court death!” The tragic death of his subordinate made Ding Yi blow his top; thus, he waved his hand and shouted, “Kill him!”


The moment he issued the order, everyone charged at Yang Kai all at once. Even though everyone was afraid of Yang Kai’s methods, they had an overwhelming advantage in numbers. When even their Commander, Ding Yi, was attacking, how could they fall behind?


In the blink of an eye, the brilliance of Secret Techniques and artifacts dazzled everyone as they launched their attacks at Yang Kai.


“Take care of them!” Yang Kai sent Yue He a Divine Sense transmission before throwing himself straight into the approaching crowd.


His intrepid physique was more than enough to negate a large part of the damage from these attacks. Furthermore, using Space Principles, Yang Kai came and went like a ghost. Yang Kai didn’t resort to any other methods and instead kept attacking with the same flaming palm.


Many people were struck by his palm without even catching sight of Yang Kai’s figure. Immediately, scorching hot energy started to rampage in their bodies, burning them from the inside out. They couldn’t get rid of that scorching energy no matter how hard they tried.


Cultivators fell to the ground one by one, coughing up scorching hot blood.


Every time Yang Kai swung his palm, an Emperor Heaven member would inexplicably lose his life, striking panic into the hearts of the others.


Ding Yi’s eyes cracked wide open as his heart bled. Emperor Heaven had recruited over a thousand men, so the death of a few of them would be a drop in the bucket, but Yang Kai’s actions were extremely detrimental to their morale. If he couldn’t bring down Yang Kai today, how would he convince the public in the future?


Gritting his teeth, Ding Yi turned his head toward Yue He and the others before raising his arm and ordering, “Follow me!”


Hundreds of people immediately gathered around him before charging towards Yue He and the others. Unable to take down Yang Kai, Ding Yi focused his attention on the others. As long as he could capture them, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything.


Meng Hong’s face turned pale as he clenched the artifact in his hand tighter. Chen Yue was also shivering in fright.


In the blink of an eye, when he and his men were just within three hundred metres of Meng Hong and the others, Ding Yi raised his arm and ordered, “Capture them alive!”


Yue He remained cool-headed and just sneered at Ding Yi and the others before summoning a small flower umbrella-like artifact. The umbrella opened up and slowly started rotating; immediately afterwards, transparent filaments drooped down from the umbrella one after another.


Surprisingly, it was a defensive artifact. It might look small but it was enough to cover everyone in it.


As Yue He was unable to display her full strength in this place, the might of the artifact was naturally much lower than normal. Under the attack of over a hundred Emperor Realm cultivators, it might not last long and its defence would be broken.


At that time, apart from Yue He, who could defend herself a little, the life and death of Great Moon Province’s people would be left to the Heavens.


Yang Kai seized a moment to take a look at Yue He and the others. After checking their situation, he forced everyone around him back with a few palm attacks before teleporting to the front of Yue He and grinning at Ding Yi. Immediately after, he smacked a palm at him.


Ding Yi quivered visibly! 


Having witnessed the tragic deaths of so many of his subordinates, he was well aware of the terror of Yang Kai’s palm. As such, he immediately halted his charge and promptly kicked the ground, taking flight.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, remained like maggots on rotting bones.


Ding Yi’s mouth was filled with bitterness. His intestines had turned green in regret. He finally made it out of the Beast Tide and was able to gather a large group of followers in the process. This was a big victory for him, leaving him in high spirits. But he had never expected to run into a freak like Yang Kai the very next moment.


He secretly decided that if he could escape from this crisis, he would run in the opposite direction at the mere sight of Yang Kai in the future.


As Yang Kai’s palm came closer, Ding Yi could feel the scorching heat radiating from it and he exclaimed in his heart, [My destined end has come!]


At that moment, the ground started quaking and cracked apart, causing everyone to stagger.


The next moment, an enormous figure suddenly rushed out from the crack. The figure was several tens of metres wide and tall, and jet-black in colour. It seemed to have no eyes, ears, or nose. The only thing at its frontmost end was an enormous mouth that was constantly squirming like a rotating millstone, creating a terrifying suction.


The few Emperor Heaven cultivators who were caught off guard were directly swallowed by that mouth and disappeared!


“Earth Dragon?” Yang Kai raised his brow, looking at the exotic beast that had suddenly risen out of the ground. Surprise was clearly written on his face.


Yang Kai had carefully checked this valley when they arrived here, but he hadn’t discovered anything unusual. Who knew where this Earth Dragon had been hiding that Yang Kai had failed to discover it. Perhaps it had been disturbed by the battle; otherwise, it would not have rushed out at this moment.


Furthermore, judging by the aura of the Earth Dragon, it was in no way inferior to the Roaring Thunder Beast in terms of strength.


Amid the deafening rumbles, the Earth Dragon’s entire body was displayed before everyone. Impressively, it was 300 metres long and every time it snapped its jaw, it would swallow a few cultivators.


On the other hand, the attacks of the cultivators couldn’t even scratch the creature’s skin. Yang Kai personally witnessed several cultivators attacking it with their respective artifacts, only for them to simply slide off the Earth Dragon’s body.


Emperor Heaven had suffered a complete defeat at the hands of Yang Kai, and now, a strange exotic beast had suddenly appeared. How could they still have the will to remain? Everyone fled. Witnessing this, Ding Yi could only clench his teeth and glare at Yang Kai in rage before pulling back from the valley.


It had only been thirty breaths since the Earth Dragon had made an appearance, but in this short period, all of the surviving Emperor Heaven Masters had fled from the valley. If they were given ample time, they might be able to kill the Earth Dragon, but Yang Kai was still lurking about. He would not give them any opportunity to cooperate and hunt down the Earth Dragon.


The Earth Dragon leapt out and chomped down yet again, devouring a few cultivators who were slightly slower in escaping.


Once the Emperor Heaven Masters had escaped, the Earth Dragon turned around and charged straight at Yang Kai. As it was approaching, its enormous mouth began to squirm, making Chen Yue feel nauseated and almost causing her to empty her stomach.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, remained where he was, calm and composed, not showing any intention of dodging.


Seeing the Earth Dragon getting closer and closer, Meng Hong and the others’ hearts jumped to their throats and even Yue He furiously shouted, “Do you want to die? Why are you still not running away!?”


Just as she shouted, the Earth Dragon was already upon Yang Kai, its enormous mouth open right above him.


Yue He clutched her flower umbrella and prepared to defend.


“Hmph!” Yang Kai let out a cold snort.


The next thing that happened blew Yue He and the others’ minds away. The moment Yang Kai snorted, the Earth Dragon froze on the spot. Its squirming mouth was just a metre away from Yang Kai and it could swallow him up if it just pushed forward slightly. Slowly, drops of its saliva dripped from its mouth, creating enormous potholes in the ground the next moment. Obviously, its saliva was highly corrosive. But in the end, the Earth Dragon didn’t move.




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  1. Earth Dragon remind me of the Giant Sand Worm of planet Arrakis in the novel “Dune”. I saw the actual model used in the filming of the 1984 movie. The latest movie uses CGI.

    1. Nah, feels like it’s quality is way too low to me.

      I mean the immortal tree was one of a kind and was rumored to be able to grant anyone who refined it an immortal and indestructible body. Although that turned out to not be true, it was still capable of recreating a destroyed body at least a few times, and just it’s leaves and the dew that formed on it was capable of bringing people back from death’s door.

      The golden crow was a legendary being(even irl myths not just in this novel) that lived in the center of the fucking sun. It was born with sun and died with the sun and it was the source of the sun’s fire. It was capable of easily killing high rank open heaven realm masters and even in its last moments it managed to fight against like a hundred low and mid rank open heaven realm masters, though admittedly there was only 5 mid rank ones. But still, imagine a dying old man laying in his death bed moments away from breathing his last, only for him to jump out of his bed and straight up murdering hundreds of people before finally passing away, just to send a message.

      And what about this earth dragon? It’s not even open heaven realm. It’s just a peak emperor realm. It just took one look from yang kai and it can’t even move anymore. How could it possibly be worthy of being Yang kai’s earth element. Unless you meant this dragon would lead the way to a high rank(preferably 8th order) earth material. In which case I apologise for misunderstanding.

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