Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3993, Crouching Dragon Mountain


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Just a single snort made the Earth Dragon terrified! 


It was an amazing feat, but how did he do it? Meng Hong and the others’ eyes couldn’t help but widen as a look of incredulity blanketed their faces.


Even Yue He couldn’t figure out what was going on. If Yang Kai had repelled or killed it in a straight-up battle, Yue He and the others would not have found it too hard to accept, but what they saw confused them greatly.


[What is this Earth Dragon afraid of exactly? Or is there something on Yang Kai that is making the Earth Dragon afraid?]


In front of everyone’s eyes, the Earth Dragon remained frozen in its place for a while before it slowly prostrated before Yang Kai’s feet. Even its squirming mouth was tightly shut.


It might not have said anything, but everyone understood.


Much to their surprise, the Earth Dragon was surrendering to Yang Kai!


Everyone was shocked!


Yang Kai raised his foot and stepped on the Earth Dragon’s enormous snout, laughing, “Seems you’re a tactful fellow!”


If it was any other exotic beast, Yang Kai would have no choice but to fight it out, but this Earth Dragon possessed a weak Dragon Clan bloodline. It might be very impure and in trace amounts, but as long as one possessed the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, they would be subjected to bloodline suppression.


Others couldn’t feel the Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength in Yang Kai’s body, but how could the Earth Dragon fail to notice it? How could the Earth Dragon presumptuously act before such a mighty bloodline?


“Considering it wasn’t easy for you to cultivate your current realm, I won’t kill you today. You can go!” Yang Kai shouted.


The Earth Dragon seemed to have understood, or perhaps it could feel the meaning behind Yang Kai’s words, so it slowly stood up before turning around and slowly ambling off in a different direction, leaving large patches of mucus wherever it passed by. It looked extremely disgusting.


However, after moving off a short distance, it suddenly turned around and returned to Yang Kai, sending some vague Divine Sense fluctuations to him.


Yue He curiously asked, “What does it want?”


Yang Kai listened for a long time, frowning, before a weird expression came over his face, “I think it wants to take me somewhere.”


Just as he said this, the Earth Dragon arched its head down and carried Yang Kai up. Afterwards, it ignored everything else and turned around, slithering toward another direction. Its 300 metres long body slid along the ground, making deafening rumbles.


“Where is it taking you?” Yue He flashed over, standing beside Yang Kai.


Yang Kai shook his head in response, “No idea.”


Although the Earth Dragon had some sentience, it was still quite vague and chaotic, so it couldn’t express itself clearly. Its Divine Sense transmissions were also obscure and confusing, leaving Yang Kai baffled. All he knew was that the place it was taking him to was very important.


*Shua shua shua…”


Those from Great Moon Province also flew over and landed on the Earth Dragon’s back. Its back wasn’t too wide but it was very long, so it wasn’t a problem for a few people to stand on it. The only negative for the women was the strange smell coming from the Earth Dragon’s body. Furthermore, almost its entire body was covered in mucus. If they weren’t careful, they might get it smeared on their clothes or bodies, which was something they couldn’t possibly bear.


“Since we have nothing to do, we might as well check it out. Maybe we will find some kind of treasure,” suggested Yang Kai.


Meng Hong agreed with a nod, “We will obey Brother Yang’s decision.”


Since Yang Kai somehow subdued an exotic beast, it would give anyone an extra sense of security. It was natural for them to follow anywhere Yang Kai went.


Yue He lightly poked Yang Kai in the waist as she curiously asked, “What exactly did you do? Why is this big guy so obedient to you? It’s even taking you to some amazing location?”


Yang Kai calmly replied, “Maybe I subdued it with my awesome charisma.”


Yue He pouted her lips, “Shameless!”


Along the way, they caught up with the scattered troops of Emperor Heaven. Under Ding Yi’s astonished and horrified gaze, Yang Kai and his group slithered towards the distance right before their eyes.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai and his team had disappeared from his sight that Ding Yi finally ordered his men with a solemn look on his face, “Pass on my order, if you ever meet that guy in the future, stay clear from him. Never have any conflict with him.”


The previous battle had really scared him. Several dozen people had died at Yang Kai’s hands while they couldn’t even touch the corner of Yang Kai’s shirt.  And now, when they saw him having subdued such a powerful exotic beast, how could they still muster the courage to fight him?


The dead were dead, nothing could be done for them, and numbers could always be filled. But if morale was destroyed, it would undermine Ding Yi’s leadership.


The Earth Dragon wasn’t slow, and Yang Kai and his team ran into some cultivators along the way every now and then. But after sensing the Earth Dragon’s fearsome aura, everyone distanced themselves right away.


After travelling for three days and three nights, Yang Kai’s closed eyes finally opened as he declared, “We are here.”


Yue He looked at him, “How do you know?”


Yang Kai tapped his foot, “He told me.”


Judging by the Divine Sense transmitted by the Earth Dragon, it was obvious that it had become excited and eager. Obviously, it was approaching a special place. Yang Kai couldn’t help but be a little curious as he wondered what could make this big guy so enthusiastic.


After travelling another few hundred kilometres, Yang Kai suddenly raised his brow as he stared straight ahead. He faintly felt an unusual aura radiating from that direction.


[Dragon Aura!]


Although it was very weak and almost imperceptible, the Dragon Aura was extremely pure. This kind of aura was imperceptible to outsiders. Only those with a Dragon Source could sense it a little.


Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. [There is actually a member of the Dragon Clan in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary? Did the Earth Dragon bring me here to look for this Dragon? Just why did it come to find this Dragon?]


After another hundred kilometres, the Dragon Aura became more and more obvious.


The next moment, a majestic mountain range entered Yang Kai’s eyes. It was continuous and undulating, looking like a Great Dragon crawling on the ground; its head and tail quite vivid and distinct.


Yang Kai slightly furrowed his brow at the sight of this mountain range.


Suddenly, a streak of light shot into the air ahead as a man hovered in the mid-air, blocking the road ahead. When everyone arrived, he raised his hand and shouted, “Little Brother, please wait a moment!”


The Earth Dragon immediately came to a halt as Yang Kai ordered it via Divine Sense. Upon looking closer, Yang Kai found that the person blocking the way ahead appeared to be a young man. He was wearing a golden blue robe and carried himself with grace. On top of it all, he was extremely handsome as well. Yang Kai couldn’t get a clear picture of his cultivation for the time being, but he could tell this man should be an Open Heaven Realm Master.


Meng Hong’s face slightly changed as he stepped forward and whispered in Yang Kai’s ears, “He is Thunder Light’s Bie Jian.”


“Who?” Yang Kai glanced at him.


Meng Hong explained, “Even though the Star City was under no one’s jurisdiction, there were three great forces who lorded over it. Thunder Light is one of them. Bie Jian is a Manager of Thunder Light and rumour has it that he is a Fourth-Order Master.”


Meng Hong had been residing in the Star City for some time, so he knew a fair bit more about it than Yang Kai. As such, he immediately recognized the young man blocking the road at a glance.


Yang Kai turned and glanced at Yue He, who gently nodded. This gave him the confirmation that Meng Hong’s information was accurate.


Apart from Bie Jian, who was blocking the road, there were over a hundred Masters nearby who were staring in their direction with all kinds of looks on their faces. When their gazes fell on the Earth Dragon, many people looked quite curious.


Obviously, all these people were from Thunder Light.


However, who knew what they had encountered as quite a few of them were injured. They seemed to have just fought a hard battle.


“What is it?” Yang Kai gently nodded.


The young man cordially smiled, “This King is Bie Jian of Thunder Light. I wonder how I should address Little Brother?”


Yang Kai remained silent for a moment before introducing himself.


Bie Jian continued, smiling, “So it is Little Brother Yang… Little Brother Yang, are you going to enter Crouching Dragon Mountains?” He was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so had it not been for the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary strange suppression, he would never have even spared Yang Kai a glance. Now, he was addressing him as Little Brother Yang to be cordial with him though.


“Crouching Dragon Mountains?” Yang Kai glanced at the distant mountains.


Bie Jian explained, “Since these mountains look like a Great Dragon crawling on the ground, we called it the Crouching Dragon Mountains.”


“En, I’m planning to enter this place.” Yang Kai nodded, “What can I do for Your Excellency?”


Bie Jian replied, “I won’t hide it from Little Brother Yang. We just returned from Crouching Dragon Mountains.” While speaking, he sighed and looked deeply ashamed.


Yang Kai curiously asked, “Oh? How dangerous is it?”


“There is a Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon on the verge of becoming an actual Dragon inside. It’s extremely ferocious!”


Bie Jian’s face turned solemn as he pointed to his side and added, “Although we had over a hundred men, our formation was destroyed by that Scarlet Flood Dragon and we suffered serious casualties. So, we had to make a temporary retreat.”


“A Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon?” Yang Kai raised his brow before looking in the Crouching Dragon Mountains’ direction. [The Dragon Aura I sensed before couldn’t possibly be this Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s, could it?]


[That’s not possible. The Dragon Aura I’m sensing is very pure. A Flood Dragon can’t project such an aura. But if there really is a member of the Dragon Clan there, how could it allow a Scarlet Flood Dragon to settle in its domain?]


[That’s not right. It doesn’t make any sense!]


While he was contemplating, Bie Jian continued, “Little Brother Yang, I can see that the Earth Dragon below you is quite extraordinary. If we team up, we might be able to defeat that Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon. As for the loot we will get, we can negotiate on its distribution.”


“How are we going to divide it?”


“How about based on the number of people?” Bie Jian suggested with a smile.


Yang Kai was amused after hearing this, “You want to divide the loot according to the number of people?”


Bie Jian earnestly added, “Little Brother Yang, there is not just the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon in the Crouching Dragon Mountains. There are many other precious treasures. As long as we can take down the Scarlet Flood Dragon, the entire Crouching Dragon Mountain Range will be ours for the taking. Why bother about petty profits?”


Yang Kai denied, shaking his head, “No need, I’m not interested in your proposal. Goodbye!”


Bie Jian’s face turned slightly cold.


An elderly man flew over from the crowd and coldly shouted, “The Crouching Dragon Mountains belong to our Thunder Light. Any who dare to trespass it without our Thunder Light’s permission will be considered our enemy and killed without mercy!”


“Are you sure?” Yang Kai turned his gaze at the elderly man as his narrowed eyes flickered with a cold gleam.


A disciple of Great Moon Province also shouted, “Why? Everything in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary belongs to no one. Why do you say we can’t enter without your permission?”


Just as the elderly man was about to speak, Bie Jian stopped him with a raise of his hand and stated with a smile, “You can go, nobody is going to stop you. The Crouching Dragon Mountains indeed belong to no one. And naturally, you can enter if you want. Our Thunder Light will not stop you.”


Yang Kai meaningfully glanced at him before chuckling and tapping his foot. The next moment, the Earth Dragon stretched its body before slithering towards the Crouching Dragons Mountains.


Bie Jian kept an eye on their disappearing backs. The moment he confirmed that Yang Kai and the others had entered the Crouching Dragon Mountains, he raised his hand and issued an order, “Follow them!”




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