Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3994, You Can Go, But Leave the Treasures Behind


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The surroundings zoomed past everyone as Yang Kai and his team, atop the Earth Dragon, advanced into the Crouching Dragon Mountains.


Yue He glanced back before elbowing Yang Kai, “Those guys are following us.”


Yang Kai let out a snort but there was no change in his expression. He just stared deep into the depths of the Crouching Dragon Mountain. After having arrived here, he became certain that the Dragon Aura didn’t belong to a mere Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon. The aura was too pure to be coming from a Flood Dragon-type exotic beast. And this Dragon Aura was distributed over a wide range, even extending beyond the entire Crouching Dragon Mountain Range. More importantly, it was hidden very deeply, so apart from other Dragonkin, no one could detect it.


The Earth Dragon became even more excited as it moved forward. Impressively, its emotions gave the impression of a wanderer returning home.


As the Earth Dragon got closer, a sinister and fearsome aura surged from the depths of the Crouching Dragon Mountain. Somehow, it felt as if a pair of invisible eyes filled with malice and rejection were staring in this direction.


It was none other than the Scarlet Flood Dragon residing deep in the Crouching Dragon Mountains.


The Earth Dragon wasn’t afraid though and its 300 metres long body twisted as its speed became faster. Its mouth began to squirm, spewing puddles of corrosive mucus, leaving huge potholes in its wake.


The next moment, a roar that resembled a Dragon’s roar yet wasn’t one echoed from up ahead. It was filled with warning and even the air became scorching hot.


The Earth Dragon momentarily paused as if it was afraid, but under Yang Kai’s prodding, it soon continued forward.


This move completely angered the Scarlet Flood Dragon and the next moment, a cloud of fire emerged from the Crouching Dragon Mountains together with deafening rumbles as a colossal figure approached.


From the distance, the exact appearance of the Scarlet Flood Dragon couldn’t be seen, but its fearsome aura could be felt. The Great Moon Province disciples turned pale in fright, stricken with panic. Even Yue He got a little nervous.


She couldn’t display her full strength in this place. If she encountered any danger, she could only protect herself and couldn’t spare any energy to take care of others.


She turned to look at Yang Kai, but seeing him so calm and even a bit distracted, thinking about something else, she couldn’t help but get angry.


“Hmm?” Suddenly, Yang Kai looked in a certain direction as if he noticed something. The next moment, his expression changed as he cried out in surprise, “Dragon Blood Flowers?”


While speaking, his figure flickered. After just a moment, his figure reappeared again, but there was a red flower in his hand.


The red flower was big, delicate, and fragrant. It gave the impression that it was watered with blood. Although it was just a flower, it gave everyone a sacrosanct feeling.


“Peak-Rank!” Yang Kai was greatly surprised.


“A Dragon Blood Flower?” Yue He also came over and muttered in surprise, “There are actually Dragon Blood Flowers here?” As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she naturally recognized the Dragon Blood Flower. Her cultivation might be higher than Yang Kai’s, but when it came to knowledge of Dragon Blood Flowers, it naturally wasn’t as thorough as Yang Kai’s.


Yang Kai remained silent. He had once pillaged all the Dragon Blood Flowers on Dragon Island in the Star Boundary, but most of the Dragon Blood Flowers he had obtained back then were either Mid-Rank or Low-Rank. Even High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers weren’t numerous. As for Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers, there were only two, that’s all. But in this Crouching Dragon Mountain Range, the very first Dragon Blood Flower he came across happened to be Peak-Rank…


“Brother Yang, there’s more over there!” Meng Hong suddenly pointed in a certain direction.


As Yang Kai gazed along his finger, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink.


There was indeed a Dragon Blood Flower blooming on the slope in that direction, but that Dragon Blood Flower was even more delicate and beautiful than the one in his hand. Furthermore, there was a three-coloured halo over it.


[What’s the grade of this Dragon Blood Flower?] Yang Kai was confused.


He had never seen such a Dragon Blood Flower on Dragon Island.


“Wow, so many Dragon Blood Flowers!” Chen Yue screamed in surprise. At this moment, they were already deep within the Crouching Dragon Mountains, so wherever they looked, they found Dragon Blood Flowers growing.


As the Earth Dragon moved forward, it opened its mouth and swallowed Dragon Blood Flowers into its belly, one by one. After a while when it had eaten three or four flowers, it shook its head and waved its tail as if it was very satisfied.


Right then, a scorching heat wave blew in everyone’s faces as an enormous figure rushed out of the forest. The figure had two horns, was covered in red scales, and radiated a fearsome aura. It was none other than the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon that sent over a hundred members of Thunder Light packing.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon was furious. It opened its mouth and breathed a jet of scorching hot flames straight at the Earth Dragon.


Chen Yue screamed in horror, feeling the terrifying aura.


Yue He glanced at Yang Kai, who wrapped everyone in his energy, and flew off the Earth Dragon, hovering in the air.


When everyone looked below, the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon were already locked in a battle. These two colossal exotic beasts were rampaging through the forest with amazing momentum. Scorching flames and highly corrosive acid were continuously breathed and spewed. From time to time, they would bite a chunk of each other’s flesh. It was an earth-shattering battle.


In terms of size and momentum, these two exotic beasts were on par with each other, but judging through Yue He’s eyes, the Earth Dragon should not be the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s opponent. If things went on like this, the Earth Dragon would definitely lose.


In the air, Yang Kai gazed around with a profound look on his face.


When he picked the first Dragon Blood Flower, he had a bad premonition, and now, his premonition had come true.


There were who knows how many Dragon Blood Flowers growing in the Crouching Dragon Mountains. Furthermore, there weren’t any Low-Rank, Mid-Rank, or even High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers at all. Most were Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flower while the grade of the remaining ones Yang Kai couldn’t make out at all.


Apart from the Dragon Blood Flowers, there were Dragon Ambergris Grasses, Dragon Blood Trees…


The entire Crouching Dragon Mountain was an enormous treasure trove, but the treasures here were all related to the Dragon Clan, which was extremely rare.


The Dragon Blood Flowers needed to be nurtured with the Dragon Blood for them to be able to grow. The same was true for the Dragon Blood Trees.


In other words, a member of the Dragon Clan might have fallen in this Crouching Dragon Mountain, spilling its blood over it; otherwise, so many Dragon Blood Flowers shouldn’t have grown here.


Whether it was the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon or the Earth Dragon, both of them possessed a faint Dragon Clan bloodline. Naturally, they were zealous about this place. Obviously, the Earth Dragon should have benefited from this place before and had never forgotten about it, but the Scarlet Flood Dragon was guarding this place, so it led Yang Kai here. Although its sentience was low, the Earth Dragon had made an instinctive choice.


“So many spirit flowers and grasses!” Suddenly, a pleasantly surprised cry rang as the Thunder Light members rushed over. Their Manager, Bie Jian’s eyes couldn’t help but beam with joy at the bountiful sight within the Crouching Dragon Mountains.


The Thunder Light group also looked excited. Many of them even shot a sarcastic look at Yang Kai.


Just now, Bie Jian had invited Yang Kai to team up with him to hunt the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, but he was rejected. Now, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon was preoccupied with the Earth Dragon, so they didn’t have to worry about anything at all.


“Spread out. Don’t miss a single thing. Pick them all!” Bie Jian waved his hand as the hundred or so Thunder Light members scattered.


Looking at Yang Kai with a smile, Bie Jian stated, “Many thanks, Little Brother. If you didn’t bring this exotic beast here, things would have been really difficult for us.”


Arrogance and ridicule were perfectly visible in his smile.


Yang Kai glanced at him as he put away the Dragon Blood Flower in his hand into his Sealed World Bead. Next, he flicked his sleeve and indifferently stated, “It’s a little early to thank me.”


Bie Jian furrowed his brow. Although he could make out some hidden meaning in Yang Kai’s words, he didn’t care about it; after all, there were over a hundred Thunder Light members with him. Why would he be afraid of Yang Kai and his small group?


The Great Moon Province disciples were a little vexed; after all, it was really frustrating to have been taken advantage of by others in such a blatant manner. They wanted to pick some Dragon Blood Flowers, but seeing Yang Kai and Yue He not making any moves, they didn’t dare to take action.


The Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flood Dragon were still locked in a heated battle. These two should have fought with each other before as they were quite familiar with each other’s fighting style. This battle was simply phenomenal. Every time they attacked each other, it created an earth-shaking momentum.


Yang Kai didn’t intervene. So, Yue He and the others could only watch the battle from the sideline. Even Bie Jian was watching with great interest. At the same time, he was a little curious about how Yang Kai subdued the Earth Dragon.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, subduing such an exotic beast would be quite advantageous. Although its appearance was ugly, it could at least guarantee some extra safety.


Time ticked by, and after an hour, the members of Thunder Light returned one after another. They were all beaming with joy. Obviously, their harvest was excellent. Bie Jian, after chatting with the elderly man from before, even started laughing very happily.


After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, everyone had returned.


Bie Jian glanced at the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon who were still fighting, then bid goodbye to Yang Kai with a smile, “Little Brother, this King will be taking his leave. Until next time!”


This time, they had hit it big thanks to Yang Kai, so in his opinion, Yang Kai was not only stupid but his lucky charm as well.


“What’s the hurry!” Yang Kai finally turned to look at him.


Bie Jian asked with a smile, “Little Brother, do you need anything?”


“You can go, but leave the treasures behind!” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Just as he said this, Bie Jian’s expression became extremely strange. Even Yue He speechlessly looked at Yang Kai, wondering what he was doing.


The Thunder Light cultivators all looked at him like he was a lunatic.


Bie Jian held his smile back and pretended to ask, “Little Brother, what did you just say? This King didn’t hear it clearly!”


Yang Kai repeated, “I said you guys can go, but you must leave everything you collected behind. Everything on these mountains belongs to me!”


After a long silence, an eruption of laughter echoed across the mountains.


Many of the Thunder Light cultivators broke into laughter, holding their stomachs, like they had heard the world’s funniest joke.


Bie Jian had the biggest smile on his face as he quipped, “Little Brother, you really know how to joke.”


“You think I’m joking with you?” Yang Kai indifferently looked at him.


Bie Jian’s face slowly turned colder, “I don’t care if you are joking or not, but some things are better not said or they might bring trouble to you.” After a pause, he sarcastically smiled, “Besides, why would my Thunder Light members leave their things behind? Just because you said so?”


“Of course not…” Yang Kai raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The next moment, the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, who had been locked in a fierce battle, suddenly separated as if they had received an absolute command. Then, they rushed straight towards the Thunder Light group and sandwiched them.


The enormous mouth of the Earth Dragon was squirming continuously, dripping corrosive acid. Its head was hung below as if it was picking whom to devour. As for the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, it stood arrogantly, breathing scorching flames through its snout.


Instantly, everyone fell silent.




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