Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3995, True Dragon Remains


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Because of these two.” Yang Kai’s voice echoed, “Are they enough?”


The Thunder Light members broke out into cold sweats. They took a defensive stance as if they were facing their nemesis. Bie Jian turned livid as disbelief filled his being and his face madly twitched.


Even Yue He could not help but cover her luscious red lips. Meng Hong was mouth agape as well, staring blankly at the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon that was several hundred metres long. 


Although he had witnessed the Earth Dragon surrendering to Yang Kai with his own eyes, how could he have ever expected the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon to be obedient as well? Just a moment ago, it was fighting a life-and-death battle with the Earth Dragon, but the next moment, it was doing Yang Kai’s bidding.


Not to mention, Yang Kai hadn’t done anything since he arrived here. [Could it be that this Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon is a prior acquaintance of Yang Kai’s? But this is the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, that makes no sense.]


Meng Hong was confused and unable to find any explanation.


Bie Jian looked at Earth Dragon and then looked at the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, grinding his teeth hard. Previously, just the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon had utterly routed their hundred-member team, and now, with the Earth Dragon, which was no less inferior to the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, joining the mix, they would be lucky if half of their Thunder Light group could escape alive.


[How did it turn out like this? How can this brat make two exotic beasts obey him?]


Although things had taken a turn for the worse, he was still a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Master and had his own sense of dignity. It was impossible for him to bow just like that, so he instead praised with a sullen face, “Little Brother, your Beast Taming methods are superb. It’s truly admirable!”


He thought that Yang Kai was proficient in some kind of beast-taming technique; otherwise, he was unable to explain the situation before him. Bie Jian couldn’t help but grow jealous and envious. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was full of Ancient Exotic Beasts, and since Yang Kai could ride the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, controlling other exotic beasts should be a snap for him. With such unique skills, this boy wouldn’t have to fear anyone in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary at all. All he needed to do was call forth an army of exotic beasts and command them to trample his enemies while he sat back and reaped the rewards.


“This time, I admit it is my Thunder Light’s loss.” Bie Jian cupped his fists, “Little Brother, how about we leave half?”


Yang Kai loudly shouted, “Enough with the nonsense. Everything on this mountain is mine. Don’t even think about taking even a blade of grass from here!”


Yang Kai might have compromised had it been other types of precious treasures, but everything on this mountain was related to the Dragon Clan, so how could he let it go?  Especially these Dragon Blood Flowers which were very useful to him.


Bie Jian’s face sank, “Little Brother, if you show proper respect, it will be helpful for you in the future. Why do something like this?”


Yang Kai gazed at him from the corner of his eyes, “If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll keep your Space Rings too.”


The Thunder Light members were immediately incensed and many people’s faces turned dark. Bie Jian was also fuming with anger and could not wait to rush out and fight Yang Kai to death to maintain his face. But as soon as his gaze fell upon the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, forming an impenetrable wall around them, all he could do was choke down his anger.


Clashing under these conditions would be disadvantageous for Thunder Light.


As their gazes met, Bie Jian found impatience filling Yang Kai’s eyes, so after a brief hesitation, Bie Jian finally heaved a sigh, “Leave everything. Let’s go!”


Yang Kai warned in a calm and composed manner, “Don’t think about hiding anything. When you were collecting things, I made note of every item that you gathered. The consequences of concealing things from me are not something you can withstand.”


Bie Jian was so incensed he broke out into laughter, “Little Brother, the rivers of the mountain eventually meet! We will see each other again!”


Thunder Light was a great force in the Star City and they had far more than the hundred members who were currently here. So, although they had suffered a loss this time, as long as he could gather the full strength of Thunder Light, they wouldn’t need to fear Yang Kai.


Yang Kai kept nodding, “I too hope that we can meet again.”


A shadow of a smile appeared on Bie Jian’s face, “We will. Definitely.”


After deeply staring at Yang Kai, he turned and left. The Thunder Light members put down the precious treasures they had collected in the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range as well and hurriedly followed.


In just a few dozen breaths, the hundred Thunder Light cultivators had completely departed.


Yang Kai finally stepped forward and put the Dragon Blood Flowers and other precious treasures away. During the entire process, the Earth Dragon’s wriggling mouth was constantly dripping as if it was greedy for them. Chen Yue and Yue He’s skin crawled at the sight of this; they were afraid that this brainless beast couldn’t take it and would devour Yang Kai.


On the other hand, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s eyes flickered with almost human-like distress.


Judging by this, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s sentience was far more developed than the Earth Dragon’s.


“Don’t feel bad, I’ll give you something better later,” Yang Kai raised his hand and patted the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s head. Whereupon, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s head slumped in dejection.


“What just happened?” Yue He stepped forward and asked, frowning.


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai didn’t even look up.


“Don’t play dumb.” Yue He glared at him, “What’s going on with the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon?”


Yang Kai gave an arbitrary reply, “I must have conquered it with my awesome charisma again.”


Yue He ground her teeth in anger, “Do you know that sometimes I just want to punch your face?”


Yang Kai ignored her and exhorted, “I will be venturing deep into the mountains. You all stay here. Don’t run around. I might be gone for a few days, so while I’m not here, Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei will protect you.”


“Xiao Hong? Xiao Hei?” Yue He was stunned for a moment before she understood. Yang Kai was referring to the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Dragon, which left her speechless.


Much to her surprise, these two majestic exotic beasts had been given such simple and childish names…


Yang Kai was decisive, however, and started rushing towards the depths of the mountains immediately, disappearing in the blink of an eye while leaving Yue He glaring in his direction.


Chen Yue straightened her clothes and approached, “Big Sister Yue He… with Senior Brother Yang gone, they wouldn’t become aggressive and eat us, would they?” While speaking, she glanced at the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon in worry.


Yue He rebuked angrily, “You are so soft and tender, so if they are going to eat us, you will definitely be first!”


Chen Yue’s face turned pale.


In the depths of the Crouching Dragon Mountains, Yang Kai had a serious look on his face. When the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon were fighting, he was communicating with the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon via Divine Sense. The Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon was highly sentient, a step or two above the Earth Dragon. It might not have reached the point of having normal conversation, but it could communicate little details like a young child.


And through these little conversations and slight release of his Dragon Pressure, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon recognized its situation and surrendered just like the Earth Dragon.


According to the information from the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, the Crouching Dragon Mountains was originally Xiao Hei’s home. It had arrived afterwards, but as it was stronger than Xiao Hei, it snatched this treasure land.


That was the reason Xiao Hei was obsessed with the Crouching Dragon Mountains. It was to the point that Xiao Hei immediately brought Yang Kai here after sensing the pure Dragon Aura inside him, expecting Yang Kai to stand up against the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon for it.


The Dragon Blood Flowers grown in the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range were beneficial for both of these beasts’ growth.


In addition, Yang Kai had also inquired about other things from the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon.


On the Crouching Dragon Mountains, the Dragon Aura was stronger the deeper one went. Whether it was the Earth Dragon or the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon, neither of them had ventured more than a few hundred kilometres deep as they couldn’t bear the Pureblood Dragon Aura after that. The overwhelming Dragon Pressure would immobilize them once they passed a certain region.


This information caught Yang Kai’s attention.


Various signs indicated a high possibility of a True Dragon’s remains lying deep inside the Crouching Dragon Mountains.


Furthermore, these remains didn’t belong to any ordinary Dragon, otherwise, it would be impossible for the mountain to be full of Dragon Blood Flowers and Trees, and for the Dragon Blood Flowers to reach at least the Peak Rank.


Although Yang Kai was Human, he possessed the Golden Divine Dragon Source since he was but a novice in cultivation. Over the years, he kept on cultivating the Dragon Transformation Secret Art and now Dragon Blood flowed through his veins, making him essentially a Dragonkin. In truth, Yang Kai saw himself as part of the Dragon Clan.


It would have been fine if he wasn’t aware of it before, but now that he knew about this priceless treasure, he couldn’t let these True Dragon’s remains keep lying here unprotected. He had to collect them on behalf of the Dragon Clan.


Otherwise, if other people got their hands on these Dragon remains, it might cause trouble.


Yang Kai kept venturing deeper into the mountain range, carefully sensing the intensity of the Dragon Aura.


At some point, Yang Kai abruptly came to a halt and stared at his feet.


He could feel that the Dragon Aura was the strongest here, so it was likely the True Dragon’s remains were right below him.


Yang Kai heaved a deep breath before squatting down and then jumping into the air. The next moment, he flipped and fell straight towards the ground with his head down and feet up.


Mid-air, he reached out and clasped, summoning the Azure Dragon Spear into his hand. Immediately afterwards, his figure started rotating like a top.


Without any noise or commotion, a hole appeared on the ground out of nowhere while Yang Kai was found nowhere to be seen. He was now drilling several dozen metres each breath.


The further he drilled, the stronger the Dragon Aura grew.


After three hundred metres or so the Dragon Aura’s intensity rose to another level. The Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon would really not be able to bear this kind of bloodline suppression with their current bloodline purity.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had drilled another thousand metres, whereupon the Dragon Aura jumped to another level.


The Azure Dragon Spear became excited as a faint Dragon Aura resounded from it.


The Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon up above shivered as they slumped on the ground the next moment.


Yang Kai kept drilling into the ground without joy or sadness.


After some time, he couldn’t feel any resistance from his spear and suddenly felt that he had fallen into an empty space.


He immediately put away his spear and flipped right-side-up. It was pitch-black all around him, so he couldn’t see anything, but he did scan the area with his Divine Sense, and the next moment, a look of surprise filled his face.


Yang Kai discovered that he was actually inside an enormous body, but one that lacked all vitality. Furthermore, there was a huge tear from the direction he came from. Apparently, before this Dragon’s death, this enormous figure had fought against a very powerful enemy.


[It really is the remains of a True Dragon!]


Yang Kai’s face turned solemn as he slowly closed his eyes and released his Divine Sense to check the condition of the Dragon’s remains.


This investigation gave him quite a bit of shock. Only after an incense stick worth of time did he finally open his eyes, astonishment filling his face.


This True Dragon was over 10,000 metres long, essentially spanning the entire length of the Crouching Dragon Mountains’ core region. It could even be said that the Crouching Dragon Mountain’s geography was the result of this corpse.


A 10,000-metre-long Great Dragon!


Yang Kai was dumbfounded. When he took his own Half-Dragon form, he stood some 2,000 metres tall or so, which could already be considered quite impressive, but compared to this Great Dragon, it was like the difference between a grandfather and his grandkid. It was ten times bigger than him.


Who knew how long ago this Great Dragon had died? Who knows what kind of fierce battle it fought before its death? From what Yang Kai could tell, its entire body was covered in wounds, many of which were extremely terrifying and pierced straight through it. If not for this fact, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to enter its belly with such ease.


Silavin: Another lazy name lol. 

Xiao Hong – Little Red

Xiao Hei – Little Black




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