Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3997, Alchemy


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Suddenly, deafening rumbles started coming from deep below the Crouching Dragon Mountains before they began collapsing. It looked as if the world was coming to an end. The disciples of Great Moon Province promptly flew into the air, watching in amazement.


Right before their eyes, the ground below them sank as the entire mountain range collapsed. They had no idea what just happened.


The dust took a long while to settle, but before it could, a figure flew out from the underground. The figure’s face was pale and was panting for breath. It was none other than Yang Kai who had disappeared twenty days ago.


Yue He, who had been searching for Yang Kai, rushed over immediately and supported him as she asked, “Are you alright?”


Yang Kai glanced at her before shaking his head, “I’m fine!”


Taking a 10,000-metre-long Dragon carcass into the Sealed World Bead was very exhausting for him. Fortunately, the Great Dragon had been dead for many years and had lost much of its natural energies; otherwise, his consumption would have been even greater. He was already on his last leg now, feeling as if his entire strength had been drained.


“Where did you go and for what? Why hasn’t anyone seen you these days?” Yue He asked angrily, carrying him back.


Yang Kai just grinned and didn’t answer, causing Yue He to snort in anger.


Even though she had no idea what Yang Kai had been doing these days, the moment she glanced at him, she had a vague feeling that he was a lot stronger than before.


[He shouldn’t have been sitting idle these days. He should have run into some kind of opportunity.]


Having returned to the camp, Yang Kai stuffed some pills into his mouth and slowly recovered.


When he opened his eyes again, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon were prostrating on the ground, eagerly looking at him.


Yue He was rendered speechless at this sight, “Are these two staring at you for Dragon Blood Flowers?”


Yang Kai stated in an annoyed voice, “You two gluttons. Just wait a moment!”


Saying so, he immediately took out an Alchemy Furnace.


The Dragon Blood Flower must be refined into Dragon Blood Pills in order to maximize its medical efficacy. It would be a waste to just swallow the flowers raw, especially when the Dragon Blood Flowers harvested this time were so extraordinary. Most of them had reached Peak-Rank, with quite a number of them even having surpassed that grade. How could Yang Kai see them simply wasted?


Each Dragon Blood Flower was extremely rare and precious. Who knows when he would find another one?


“You also know Alchemy?” Yue He sceptically looked at him.


Yang Kai replied without even lifting his head, “This King can do many things.”


Yue He couldn’t help but scoff and ignored him.


While speaking, Yang Kai had already taken out a bunch of herbs, all of which were the auxiliary ingredients for the Dragon Blood Pill he had picked from the medicine garden.


When he checked what he had obtained from the Thunder Light, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel elated.


Previously, he was anxious to explore the depths of the Crouching Dragon Mountains, so he didn’t check his gains carefully. But after inspecting them now, Yang Kai found that he had gained hundreds of Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers while those that had surpassed Peak-Rank were even more numerous. Each of these flowers either had a three, five, or seven-coloured halo. Yang Kai had no idea how to differentiate their grades, but there were at least a thousand of them.


Just from this, he could imagine how strong the Great Dragon that died beneath the Crouching Dragon Mountains was. Only the blood of a Great Dragon could cultivate Dragon Blood Flowers of this level.


Yang Kai took out two Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers and two Dragon Blood Flowers surrounded by three coloured lights.


To maximize the efficacy, he put the herbs into the pill furnace and refined them one by one.


When he was on Dragon Island, Yang Kai refined many Dragon Blood Pills. Although he hadn’t refined them for many years, he had not forgotten the process.


His every action and every movement was smooth and practised. Yue He was amazed. She found out that Yang Kai really knew Alchemy; furthermore, he was quite proficient in it.


Gradually, a tempting fragrance spread from the furnace.


Xiao He and Xiao Hong started to become more and more eager. Especially Xiao Hei, whose sticky saliva was dripping from its mouth like a river. For exotic beasts like them who carried Dragon Clan bloodlines, the Dragon Blood Pill’s fragrance could make them go crazy. They might have rushed over and snatched it right away had Yang Kai not been sitting there.


After half a day, the first batch of the Dragon Blood Pills was refined. When the pills were condensed, a faint Dragon Roar resounded from the Alchemy Furnace, surprising Yue He.


The first batch resulted in a total of nine pills. Yang Kai casually threw one into his mouth to check its efficacy and found it to be satisfactory. Although he hadn’t performed any Alchemy in many years, his skills had not degraded. The medicinal efficacy of the Dragon Blood Flower and many auxiliary ingredients had been completely concentrated.


Right then, two obscure Divine Senses reached him, expressing desire. The Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon were growing impatient and were restlessly fidgeting.


Yang Kai chuckled before throwing a pill at each of them, which immediately made the two exotic beasts calm down.


For the next ten days, Yang Kai focused on refining Dragon Blood Pills. He had obtained far too many Dragon Blood Flowers though, so by his estimate, he believed that even if he continued performing Alchemy for an entire year non-stop, he still wouldn’t be able to refine all of them.


While performing Alchemy, Yang Kai was constantly taking the Dragon Blood Pills to purify his Dragon Clan bloodline. Yang Kai could clearly feel his bloodline improving, but as he hadn’t utilized the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, he couldn’t tell the difference for the time being.


At the same time, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon became more and more submissive. Taking the Dragon Blood Pills was more efficient than directly eating the Dragon Blood Flowers raw, and these two exotic beasts were especially keen about this.


Even Yue He and Great Moon Province disciples had gotten a few Dragon Blood Pills, though they didn’t dare to swallow them directly. Rather under Yang Kai’s advice, they dissolved them in water and consumed one pill over several days.


Dragon Blood Pills could be used to purify a Dragon Clan bloodline, but they could also strengthen a normal person’s physique. However, the Dragon Blood Pill’s efficacy was too overbearing, so ordinary people couldn’t stand it. So, they could only use it in a diluted form.


Yang Kai finally stopped after about ten days.


It wasn’t that he was tired from refining, but rather that he had run out of auxiliary ingredients.


Even though there were many herbs in his medicine garden, made nearly inexhaustible thanks to the two Wood Spirits managing the garden, the growth of herbs still required time.


After more than ten days of continuous refining, all the mature auxiliary ingredients needed for the Dragon Blood Pill had been picked clean. So naturally, Yang Kai couldn’t continue.


Regarding his stay in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had been planning to just go with the flow, not desiring anything in particular.


But now, not only he had found a lot of Dragon Blood Flowers whose grade had surpassed Peak-Rank, and even obtained a precious Earth Element, he realized that this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was a huge treasure trove.


If he could find a suitable Earth Element here, he might also find suitable Metal, Water, and even Yin and Yang materials here!


If he could gather all the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, he could break through to the Open Heaven Realm Master after leaving this place! At that time, he might be able to stand tall in the Outer Universe and have the strength to protect himself.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but be filled with anticipation for what the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary held for him.


But no matter what, the opportunities would not come to him if he remained here. Not to mention, he also needed to search for the auxiliary ingredients for refining Dragon Blood Pills. He had been staying here in this Crouching Dragon Mountain for over a month, so without any hesitation, he called everyone over and set out right away.


When he arrived here, Yang Kai had used the Earth Dragon as a mount, but now, it had been replaced by the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon.


Compared to the Earth Dragon, the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon was undoubtedly more imposing and far more suitable for riding. At least it wasn’t covered in sticky mucus or smelled bad.


Xiao Hei was obviously a little disappointed…


The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was indeed filled with resources. Yang Kai had gathered many precious treasures along the way, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to Yang Kai’s needs.


Today, Yang Kai and his group were crossing a foggy forest, searching for various herbs. It had been seven or eight days since everyone had entered the forest, but because they had no destination, they weren’t in a hurry to leave.


Suddenly, Yue He came over and asked, “Did you notice that we have been running into more and more people these days?”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “En.”


When they had first entered the forest, they hadn’t run into anyone, but over the last two days, they had frequently encountered small groups of cultivators.


Some people were startled by the appearance of the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon and immediately attacked them. Fortunately, Yang Kai stopped them in time and avoided some unnecessary troubles.


“What do you want to say?” Yang Kai looked at Yue He.


Yue He’s pretty eyes gleamed as she replied, “It means that either these people were drawn here by some treasure, or there are a lot of people gathered nearby.”


“So, which one is the most likely possibility?” Yang Kai asked.


“What do you think?”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before answering, “The latter. The people we met didn’t show any signs of being in a hurry; on the contrary, they were moving in an orderly manner, like they just came out from somewhere, which indicates that somewhere in this forest, there should be a gathering place for cultivators.”


Yue He agreed with a nod, “I think so too.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Then let’s go and take a look.”


Compared to searching for the herbs required for the Dragon Blood Pill themselves, it was easier and faster to trade for them with others. If cultivators were indeed camped somewhere in this forest, it was also a piece of good news for Yang Kai.


After searching in the direction where the cultivators were coming from, they came across a settlement.


Somewhere in the forest, there was a large open space. The travel-worn Yang Kai’s team were slightly lost when they caught sight of buildings before them.


Yang Kai failed to hold his laughter as he asked, “This is a part of Star City, right?”


The Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog had swallowed the entire Star City, but the Star City where Yang Kai and the others had landed first was just a small ruin. There were only 10,000 or so cultivators there at the time, which meant that when the Star City was sucked into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, it was broken apart under some mysterious force and scattered about.


Immediately after, a Beast Tide appeared where Yang Kai and the others landed, forcing everyone to flee for their lives and naturally, lose their shelter.


From one glance, it was clear that this part of the Star City was well preserved. What’s more, the cultivators living here had built many new buildings with the original Star City buildings as the core, occupying a large swath of land and forming a small city in this foggy forest. They had even built city walls around it.


There was a city gate from the direction the cultivators were coming from, one that was guarded and through which many people were entering and exiting.


After scanning with his Divine Sense, the life auras Yang Kai sensed in the city were as many as stars in the sky. There were at least 20,000 people residing here.


After suddenly finding a city filled with cultivators in this chaotic Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, everyone beamed with joy, no matter whether it was Yang Kai or the Great Moon Province disciples.




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