Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3999, Zhao Xing Chen


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“What’s the matter? Yang Kai asked in a low voice.


Yue He replied, “Lovesick!”


Yang Kai finally seemed to understand. He looked around but was unable to find Chen Yue! Meng Hong was interested in Chen Yue, an obvious fact, and now, when Yue He told him that Meng Hong was lovesick, he immediately understood that Meng Hong must be acting like this because of Chen Yue.


Yang Kai may not have been with Meng Hong for a long time, but he could tell that Meng Hong was a bright and generous guy, but he was a little conservative when it came to matters of men and women. As for Chen Yue… Yang Kai couldn’t find anything worth noting about her, all he felt was that she was a little eager. Her character wasn’t that bad, but he hadn’t had in-depth contact with her so he didn’t dare to jump to an early conclusion about what kind of person she was.


After all, it was impossible to judge a person’s heart from their face. More often than not, the people who seem the most trustworthy turn out to be devious.


Knowing that it was because of Chen Yue, Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter, “Brother Meng, since you are interested in her, just pursue her frankly and openly. Why are you condemning yourself?”


“He can’t.” Yue He looked as if she wanted to stir up trouble. She clucked her tongue and continued, “She has been taken away by someone.”


As soon as Yue He said so, Meng Hong, who was sitting in a daze, had his expression twist in pain as he grabbed the nearest bottle of wine and started guzzling it down.


“Senior Brother, stop drinking.” A Great Moon Province disciple couldn’t take it any longer and reached out to snatch the bottle as he angrily rebuked, “Since that woman is so fickle, she is not worthy of Senior Brother’s time! There are so many better girls out there, Senior Brother, you shouldn’t be like this.”


The Great Moon Province disciple wasn’t as strong as Meng Hong; thus, even after trying a few times, he failed to snatch the bottle, allowing Meng Hong to drain it as his eyes turned red.


“What happened, exactly?” Yang Kai was confused. Yue He was saying Chen Yue was taken away by someone, and this disciple was saying she was a fickle woman. It seemed something had happened while he was refining pills for a few months in seclusion.


Yue He lightly sighed and explained, “While you were in seclusion, they met someone, who seemed to have some influence in Scarlet Star. He helped them a lot and they slowly grew closer. They originally thought that he was someone righteous and warm-hearted but never expected him to have ulterior motives. From the start, he was interested in that girl. And that girl… hehe, she had aspirations. If one could find a backer in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, one wouldn’t have to worry about anything in the future.”


Although she had only said a little, Yang Kai got the gist of it. Furthermore, she judged everything in a very objective manner.


If Yue He was right, then Chen Yue was just holding this newcomer’s thigh.


It was human nature. As Yue He said, if one could find a backer in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, they would have it easy and could also have an extra sense of security.


Scarlet Star was a powerful great force that had occupied this Star City and was using it as a base to take in more disciples. Even if it was still just a small gathering, many people still lined up to flatter them.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think back on how Chen Yue had once expressed her interest towards him…


No one could intervene in matters between a man and a woman. Although Yang Kai sympathized with Meng Hong a little, he couldn’t say much. All he could do was persuade, “Brother Meng, if you can’t let her go, it’s not too late to rise up and pursue her, but if you can let it go, don’t think too much. Go back and take a good rest. We will leave this place tomorrow.”


Meng Hong’s knuckles, grabbing the bottle, turned white as his lips moved, but he didn’t speak a word in the end.


Yang Kai could see that he really loved Chen Yue. He may be reluctant to leave just like that, but if Meng Hon remained here, it would only add to his troubles.


Yang Kai gave the two Great Moon Province disciples a wink, signalling them to take Meng Hong back to rest.


But before they could act, Meng Hong suddenly lifted his head, looking towards the door with excitement.


Yang Kai turned his head and found Chen Yue standing at the door, looking at Meng Hong with a slightly embarrassed look on her face. She couldn’t look straight into his eyes. 


Meng Hong excitedly got up, his lips parted, but before he could shout ‘Junior Sister Chen’, another person entered through the door.


He was handsome and wearing a blue robe. He was fair and had a bright smile on his lips. After entering the store, he put his arm around Chen Yue’s slender waist without any hesitation and asked, looking at her, “Go on in, why are you standing here?”


Chen Yue became a little more embarrassed and started fidgeting.


The young man seemed to have noticed something and looked up to see Meng Hong’s red eyes, immediately causing him to smile. His arm around Chen Yue’s waist tightened as he brought her over, whether Chen Yue liked it or not.


Yue He elbowed Yang Kai a little as she explained via transmission, “That’s him. His name is Zhao Xing Chen and I’ve talked to him before. He is very impudent and far from being anything good!”


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement with a slight frown.


When he heard that Meng Hong’s crush had been taken by someone, he didn’t care that much about it. It was a matter of love, so although he was a little biased toward Meng Hong, since Chen Yue wasn’t interested, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything about it.


To win the heart of a woman like Chen Yue, who lacked a sense of security, only strength mattered.


But by the looks of it, no matter what Chen Yue was like, Zhao Xing Chen left a very bad impression on Yang Kai. Since he had won her heart, he should just be concerned with love and romance. He didn’t need to come over and rub salt into Meng Hong’s wounded heart. He deliberately assumed this behaviour to set up his prestige.


It could be seen that Zhao Xing Chen had some status in this Star City as, when he entered the store, many cultivators got up and cupped their fists, “Commander Zhao!”


Everyone started greeting him one after another. Zhao Xing Chen’s lips rose as a restrained smile appeared on his lips, but his eyes were filled with pride. He ignored others and went straight to Yang Kai’s table. He looked at Meng Hong with a smile and continued, “Brother Meng, you are all here.”


Meng Hong clenched his fist, staring straight at Chen Yue. The latter didn’t dare to look him in the eye and just kept her head lowered.


“Brother Meng?” Zhao Xing Chen called out again, his voice slightly colder.


Only then did Meng Hong return to his senses. He turned his gaze and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying as he weakly replied, “Brother Zhao, what are you doing here?”


Zhao Xing Chen continued, “I brought Yue’er here to thank Brother Meng for taking care of her until now. Yue’er said that if it wasn’t for Brother Meng, she might have already lost her life when she entered the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. If that’s the case, then this Zhao would never have met Yue’er.”


He kept shouting Yue’er and Yue’er with extreme affection, but that only caused Meng Hong’s face to grow uglier and uglier.


Zhao Xing Chen seemed to have failed to notice it and gently nudged Chen Yue, “Yue’er, didn’t you say that you wanted to thank Brother Meng? Brother Meng is here.”


Being pushed forward, Chen Yue silently lowered her head.


Meng Hong kept staring at her. His mouth opened and closed several times but he couldn’t speak a word. The nearby Great Moon Province disciples glared at Chen Yue in anger. It looked like they couldn’t wait to cut Chen Yue into a thousand pieces.


Zhao Xing Chen’s eyes brightly gleamed as he smilingly kept watching like an outsider.


“Senior Brother Meng…” After a long time, Chen Yue softly muttered.


Meng Hong hurriedly greeted, “Junior Sister Chen.”


Chen Yue finally looked up at him, “Many thanks, Senior Brother, for taking care of me all the while. Yue’er will keep it in my heart forever. I am forever grateful to you!”


Meng Hong replied, “It was my pleasure. You and I have known each other for so many years, I couldn’t do anything for you, just these small things. But I’m afraid… I won’t be able to take care of you in the future. Junior Sister, you have to take care of yourself.” Meng Hong was slightly trembling when he spoke.


Chen Yue lightly nodded. She looked rather obedient.


Zhao Xing Chen added with a smile, “Brother Meng, don’t you worry. This Zhao will never let Yue’er feel wronged. En, I have found a place for her in the city where she will not be in any danger.”


Meng Hong forced a smile, “Then I will be able to rest assured.”


Zhao Xing Chen added, “Brother Meng, why don’t you come and work under me? Scarlet Star is currently expanding and is short on manpower. If Brother Meng can join us, I can’t guarantee other things but within three years, you will definitely become a Team Leader.”


As soon as he offered this, many cultivators in the lobby looked over with envy.


Scarlet Star was very popular right now and many people wanted to join it but not everyone could find the opportunity to. Now, Zhao Xing Chen guaranteed that he could make Meng Hong a Team Leader within three years, exciting the crowd. They secretly envied Meng Hong for receiving Commander Zhao’s favour.


“We don’t want your help, you hypocrite!” A Great Moon Province disciple couldn’t stand it any longer and angrily shouted.


Meng Hong was their Senior Brother. Seeing the woman their Senior Brother liked get snatched by an unscrupulous man who then deliberately came over with that fickle woman to show off was bad enough. Now, he actually wanted Meng Hong to work under him? Clearly, this Zhao Xing Chen was trying to humiliate Meng Hong. How could they take it anymore?


As soon as he said this, Zhao Xing Chen’s smile instantly became cold as he looked at the person who had just spoken, “What did you say?”


The Great Moon Province disciple couldn’t help but turn pale. He lost his mind in anger just now, but when he met this reaction, he was naturally a little scared. No matter how evil Zhao Xing Chen was, no matter how much they hated Chen Yue for harming Meng Hong, Zhao Xing Chen was a member of Scarlet Star. Furthermore, he was a Commander-level character. How could they offend him?


Being questioned by Zhao Xing Chen, the disciple didn’t dare say anything.


Meng Hong was also taken aback. Zhao Xing Chen may be addressing him as ‘Brother’, but they weren’t that close. Now that his Junior Brother couldn’t say anything, he had no choice but to apologize, “Brother Zhao, please calm yourself. This bastard is just drunk. Don’t take his ramblings to heart.”


Zhao Xing Chen sneered, “Brother Meng, rice may be eaten at will, but words may not be spoken indiscriminately. Speaking thoughtlessly may sometimes lead to death.”


Seeing him still pressing the issue, Meng Hong cupped his fists and added, “Brother Zhao, please don’t be angry. This Meng has failed to discipline him but will give him a good lesson later so that he will learn what to say and what not to.”




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    1. The worst case scenario at this point is if YK ends up bitchslapping his way out of this joint “resqueing” this little gold digger and she goes back to trying to worship him. ‘though I suspect MoMo will find an excuse for her to switch to Tong boy through some self sacrificial imbecility >_<

  1. “Brother Meng, rice may be eaten at will, but words may not be spoken indiscriminately. Speaking thoughtlessly may sometimes lead to death.”

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